As you might know, we really love Amala skincare products over here. They are made with great ingredients, are natural, high-quality, and work incredibly well. 

Of course, their Youth-Renewing Powerhouse Face Cream is no different, and today, we are going to chat through all of the important details about this face cream that will help reduce the depth of wrinkles and firm up your skin in no time at all. 

The Ingredients

Amala Youth-Renewing Powerhouse Face Cream Ingredients

As far as the ingredients in this face cream go, you cannot get any purer or better quality. Their formula is gluten-free, vegan, at minimum 95% organic ingredients is pregnancy-safe, and made with absolutely no synthetic fragrances. 

What makes this product even more special is it contains something called Living Beauty Bio-Active Complex. This is a highly concentrated blend of bio-active nutrients that actively helps firm up skin, improves clarity, and smoothness. The complex is made from natural ingredients like peony, 23karat rose gold, amla, and spirulina. 

It also contains cocoa pre and probiotics that help support a youthful appearance. Other key ingredients in this face cream include the following: 

The Benefits

There are so many awesome benefits of this face cream. In fact, an independent clinical study found that after participants used this face cream for four weeks there were proven benefits that showed it helped achieve a more youthful appearance. 

They found that skin became softer, had a smoother texture and more suppleness, resilience, and was much more hydrated. They also found skin became much firmer and redness and uneven skin tone balanced out. Furthermore, the cream helped strengthen the skin’s protective barrier to preserve a youthful appearance and improve elasticity. 

How to Use

Amala Youth-Renewing Powerhouse Face Cream How To Use

As with all other Amala products, this cream is super simple to use and totally hassle-free. After you have washed and dried your face thoroughly, press a small amount of cream into your face and down your neck. You can follow with your favorite eye cream as well. 

It is always important to note that when using cream and other face products, it is best to press or tap the cream into your face and avoid dragging your skin and pulling on it by rubbing it in. the act of rubbing the skin to apply the cream an actually cause even more fine lines and wrinkles and damage your skin. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, we really love this face cream from Amala. The cream is thick, creamy, and luxurious, but it blends into your skin so well and easily so it never feels heavy or greasy on your skin. Its scent is just a slight hint it cocoa that we definitely don’t think would be bothersome to even those who aren’t a fan of scented creams. 

If you decide to try Amala’s Youth Renewing Powerhouse Face Cream, let us know in the comments below what you think and what kind of results you have gotten from it!

This article was last updated on August 5, 2021 .

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