Our nails go through a lot. We get dirt under them in the garden, paint them with polishes or gel formulas, and even bite them when we’re nervous (oops). Nails protect our fingertips and can be part of our self-expression, so keeping them strong and healthy is good for you physically and mentally.

Nail strengtheners can offer beneficial ingredients to make the nails feel harder and look healthier. Learn how to use them for best results and when to give your nails a little extra care.

What’s nail strengthener?

Just like skin lotions and serums deliver hydration and beneficial ingredients to your skin, nail strengtheners deliver vitamins, minerals, and other health-boosting ingredients to your nails. Nail strengtheners are topical products that stimulate nail growth and prevent breakage. 

Some ingredients to look for in a nail strengthener include:

  • Hyaluronic acid. Your body naturally produces this hydration magnet, and it’s a common ingredient in skincare and some nail treatments. Hyaluronic acid is an effective solution for brittle nails.
  • Calcium. Your nails contain small amounts of calcium, and calcium deficiency is linked to some nail disorders. While you should get the calcium you need through your diet, there’s some evidence that nail polish can also deliver calcium to your nails.
  • Vitamins. Vitamins A, C, and E are important for nail health, and topical application may help fix brittle nails or discoloration.
  • Keratin. Your nails are made of a protein called keratin. The keratin in a nail-strengthening solution can bond to your nails’ natural keratin to help them feel firmer.

Does nail strengthener work?

Can a swipe of nail strengthener really make a difference to damaged nails? In some cases, yes. Some nail strengtheners boast a 77% increase in nail strength. Reviews on various products also suggest you can boost the look and feel of your nails with a little extra care. 

Nail strengtheners may work best if your nails are damaged because of external factors (like picking off gel polish even though you knew you shouldn’t). If there’s a deeper health concern, like nail fungus or a vitamin deficiency that causes brittle nails, a nail strengthener might not be enough to fix the underlying issue.

You can also get the best results using nail strengthener correctly. Some work more like a polish or base coat. You may need to put it on, remove it after several days as the ingredients wear off, and apply a fresh coat to allow your nails to continue getting the benefits. Other nail strengtheners come formulated as creams or serums for daily use. Check the instructions to see how often you should use your nail strengthener and whether it’s recommended for use over or under polish.

Can you use nail strengtheners on manicured nails?

manicured nails - what are nail strengtheners

A fresh mani can be a fun way to express yourself, but if you’re struggling with brittle nails, it can be helpful to go bare, at least for a little while. Giving your nails a break for a few days between manicures can help prevent discoloration and improve nail strength.

Most nail strengtheners work best when applied to clean, unpolished nails. Nail polish is a barrier between the strengthening formula and your nail, so you may get the ultimate effects by keeping the nail treatment as close to the nail as possible. Many nail strengtheners do work effectively under nail polish, so you can still get a cute new color while your nails soak in the stuff you need.

If you prefer gel manicures, check the nail strengthener instructions. Some work well under gel as well as classic manicures. There are even gel nail strengtheners that can work when applied on top of a gel mani.

When to see a doctor

Taking nail care into your own hands is a great place to start. But sometimes, your nails need more help than what your go-to strengthener can provide. Here are a few signs that you should call a dermatologist to keep your nails in tip-top shape:

  • Your nails appear discolored. Sometimes, discoloration can happen after a few dark-toned mani-pedis. But yellowed nails can also signify a fungal issue that needs medical attention. Greenish discoloration can mean you have a bacterial infection. And a dark streak under the nail could even be a warning sign to check for melanoma. Generally, if a nail’s changing color has nothing to do with OPI, call your doctor.
  • Your nails lift up. A nail that’s starting to detach from the nail bed can show white, blobby discoloration. Nails can lift from the bed because of infection, skin issues like psoriasis, or a manicure injury. A dermatologist can treat the infection or advise you on how to help the nail grow out smoothly.
  • Your nails have pits. Little dents or dimples like an orange skin can signal disease that goes past the tips of your fingers and could affect your whole body. A dermatologist can diagnose and treat health conditions like dermatitis or psoriasis.
  • Your nails get spoon-shaped. Nails that dip in the middle and feel thin can signal that you’re low on iron. Adjusting your diet may be more important for nail health (and feeling healthy overall) than a topical strengthening product.
  • Your nails thicken or stop growing. Some people are blessed with faster-growing nails than others, but if your nails seem to be growing slower than you’re used to, it can be a sign that something might be off internally. Thick nails can be a cue to get some medical attention to keep yourself healthy.

Strong nails start with healthy habits. See your doc, eat a nutritious diet, and swipe on a nail strengthener if your nails could use a vitamin boost to help keep them shiny and strong.

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How do Self-Tanners Work? (Answered)


Now that everyone is aware that tanning in the sun and tanning beds can increase your risk of skin cancer and wrinkles, self-tanning products have become really popular. These products can be applied in various ways, but they are used to make your skin appear like you have been getting a lot of sun lately or have been on vacation recently.

Self-tanning might be confusing to you if you think about it. After all, you aren’t getting out into the sun or getting into the tanning bed, but suddenly you look tan. Why do these products work? Understanding how these products tan the skin can help you to know if you want to use these products or not.

Why do Self-Tanners Work?

Self-tanners work through the active ingredient that is most common to these products, DHA. This ingredient is a coloring agent that combines with amino acids in the skin. This leads to the browning effect in the skin that is caused by UV rays as well. This effect impacts the outermost layer of the skin only.

This is the ingredient that causes tanning in spray tans as well, but there are added risks to spray tanning due to the likelihood that you will breathe in the spray as you are being given your service. Self-tanners are much safer to use for this reason.

Self-tanners are considered to be much safer than other tanning methods due to the nature of the application process and the minimal damage that is being done to the skin. However, there is a chance that these products are still causing skin damage, and there is research being done to see if this is the case. You should be aware of this potential risk if you are using these products and consider using them carefully.

Can I Get a Great Tan With a Self-Tanner?

Self-tanning products have improved greatly over the years, and they are much less likely to be streaky or cause stains on your hands and face. However, you do still need to be cautious about trying out new products and start out with the smallest recommended amount of product when you first apply them. Some people’s skin can take on much more color than expected or end up blotchy. 

Some products recommend that they be mixed into a daily moisturizer to make them easier to apply and less likely to be blotchy or streaky. This is becoming a more common application option as this tends to work best for most people. You should consider the self-tanning process to be a slow buildup of color in the skin that takes place over a few weeks. Trying to get really tan in one sitting is not likely with these products and might instead make you appear orange or spotty.

Self-Tanning Can be a Safe Way to Get Some Color

If you have been missing your tanning bedtime and wish that you looked more sun-kissed in winter, you should try a self-tanner. Make sure that you always try a test patch of skin somewhere that is not obvious, just in case the product that you have selected does not work well for your skin. You might have to try various products before you find one that works well for your needs and if you’re looking to go one step further in the safety of your products try an organic self-tanner.

This article was last updated on December 4, 2022 .

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It can be difficult to find the right beauty products, whether you want to look after your hair, skin, or other parts of your body that combine to create an excellent self-care routine. While there are plenty of self-care products available, it almost feels like there are too many. There is so much choice that picking the perfect product often means trawling through a variety of unsuitable creams, mousses, and more.

And not only is this expensive, but it’s also frustrating. Even when you find what you think is the perfect product, it may turn out that your skin or hair reacts badly, regardless of excellent reviews from friends and strangers online.

Everyone deserves to look their best, whether at work, enjoying a night out with friends, or simply unwinding after a stressful week. So, how can you find the perfect self-care products? Here are ten ideas to consider.

1. Consider Your Skin 

You’ll never find the perfect skincare and self-care product if you don’t know what type of skin you have. From sensitive to dry to normal (whatever that means), there are plenty of contrasting products to benefit you, but only if you know what you’re looking for.

Before aligning yourself with any particular product, think carefully about your skin and how it reacts in different scenarios. Do you wake up every day feeling a little drained or itchy? Do your cheeks feel sore when you wipe your makeup off before going to bed? These issues point to a specific type of skincare product that can improve your skin and make up for any problems, which gives you more confidence and helps you develop a skincare routine that works better than any other.

2. Consider Your Hair

Similarly, look at your hair and ask yourself how that is every day. Some people are blessed with low-maintenance hair. Whatever they do, it always looks cared for, and no amount of blustery conditions around town can shift it from its template-like style.

If only that were the same for you, right? Unfortunately, not everyone has such a privilege. Like skincare, hundreds of products claim to solve all your hair’s problems, yet that isn’t always the case.

Consider how you prefer your hair and identify products that will make it easier to manage whatever you do. You will find plenty of products to choose from, including shampoos and conditioners and texturizing spray after curling your hair to give it lift and volume.

Blonde woman with curly beautiful hair smiling on gray background.

3. Think About Your Budget 

Cost and budget are two major problems that arise from finding the best beauty products. Unless you’re a celebrity who doesn’t have any problem dropping hundreds on a new product, you don’t want to spend upwards of £50 (and sometimes much more) on beauty products that might not even solve your problems.

When looking at beauty brands, you need to find the balance and consider if expensive products are worth the money compared to cheaper products. Although all beauty products must pass safety standards, there are risks that products could react badly to your skin or hair.

And the stress of a breakout or seeing your hair fall out is not something you need right now. While you’re usually better off buying more expensive products, this shouldn’t come at the expense of maintaining a strict budget.

4. Look Out For Common Problems 

No matter who you speak to, they will have a lot of products to recommend. These are products that work for them, and they swear by their almost magical properties that seem like a mystical secret only known to a select few.

But, not all products are universal, and even the supposedly best products won’t work for you if you experience common problems. As much as some lotions and potions seem to be the answer, they could make the usual issues you experience even worse.

You can look out for these problems and follow them back to see what caused these issues. If you notice certain ingredients or find you have the same problems with the same brand, it’s a good idea to look elsewhere for products that won’t cause these problems.

5. Seek Out Advice 

Sometimes, it can feel as if you’ve tried everything to no avail, and your skin or hair is no better than it was however-many-pounds ago. Rather than keep trying to get the answer, you should seek advice and get expert tips from professionals, such as dermatologists.

Even if you think you know a lot about self-care and beauty products, they will be able to identify and explain the issues you experience and recommend better products, even if these products are prescription-based rather than ones you can buy in the shop.

You can also speak to friends and relatives especially as they are more likely to have similar skin and hair to you, and they can guide you towards a product that works for them and might work for you, too.

6. Try Complementing Products 

Despite your substantial and even complicated beauty regimen, you still might not see the results you want. This is because, as much as some products have the supposed magic formula, other issues continue to impede any progress.

Because of this, you need to try complimenting beauty products. If you use a moisturiser every night, but still find that you have dry skin, a product that locks in the moisturiser could help. It’s similar to shampooing and conditioning your hair. One may work well without the other, but using them together is the recipe you need for success.

7. Make It Easier 

You might struggle to achieve the best beauty results because your whole routine is too complicated and time-consuming. Not everybody has the time to spend an hour (or more) each night taking care of their skin and treating their hair properly, so you should look for products that provide quick but effective results.

There is a fantastic six-minute skincare routine that’s perfect for the busy parent, professional, or a mix of both. With this, you don’t need to sit around waiting for the lotion to seep in before moving on to the next stage. Instead, you can get everything done when you wake up before work or treat yourself before bed.

A quicker routine also means you’ll be able to do it without thinking. It will become a routine can do with your eyes closed, making it more efficient.

8. Target Your Insecurities

While there are plenty of products for you to try, some may not be relevant to your needs. Your skin might already glow in any light or your hair is the one thing you like about yourself no matter what.

These are areas you can ignore (while still maintaining them the way you always have done), and you can instead focus on your insecurities. If any common problems usually make you want to stay inside and never speak to another human being again.

By targeting your insecurities, such as puffy or baggy eyes or blotchy skin after you’ve spent a little too long in the sun, you can avoid the rigamarole of finding general products and instead take advantage of products that are specifically designed for your needs.

9. Read The Ingredients And Instructions

When you were younger, you probably picked any product off the shelf, whether because you recognised the brand or knew it was the same as what your friends used. You may even have been sucked in by adverts that claim that this is the only product you’ll ever need.

However, skincare and beauty are much more complicated than this. It isn’t just the product or even the magic that it claims to work. It’s all about the ingredients and the method. A lot of the time, people who struggle with beauty products don’t read the instructions properly or pick products with ingredients that don’t respond well to your skin or hair.

By checking the labels, you’ll know precisely what you need to do and what you will be putting into your body, helping you avoid any problems.

10. What About Your Values?

You have seen a change in modern beauty products compared to those housed when you were younger. Nowadays, there is a significant push for eco-friendly products that are all-natural and cruelty-free.

These ingredients and manufacturing methods should align with your values. If you know that you don’t want a product with palm oil, you can check to make sure that the company has not used this. You can also use this for identifying potential allergies or reactions. There are many common allergies you might not know about, so make sure that the product does not contain something that could cause problems.

Working For You 

It’s tricky to pick the perfect product the first time and enjoy many years of luscious hair and picturesque and glowing skin. While it might feel like you have a lot of research to do, you’re better off identifying what you need and thinking carefully about what sort of products match your needs. While you may not hit the target with the first product, you can use the experience to narrow down self-care products that work for you.

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chemical-free sunscreen, powder sunscreen, SPF 30

Many people wonder if a natural sunscreen really works… and what’s the deal with this powder? Our Powder- Me SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen is chemical-free and very water resistant; it is effective immediately because it is a physical sun block, not a chemical one; kids love it because there is no icky greasy feel; it contains clay that actually calms and nourishes the skin while the Titanium Dioxide protects… I could go on and on (I love this stuff!).

But as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s the proof: one day last spring, my friend went out to work in the vegetable garden. It was hot and he took off his shirt. My Powder-Me SPF was on the porch, but I had never explained to him how to use it. So he just tapped it all over his back without blending. Did I mention the clay is soothing and calms inflammation? My friend was really happy about that when he applied it (properly) that night.

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Does a Silk Pillowcase for Hair Work?


Waking up with perfect hair may be a lot easier than you think. The trick? Sleep on a silk pillowcase for hair. Swapping out your cotton pillowcase for a silk one is just one way to have stronger, healthier-looking hair. When added to a hair healthy routine that includes proper nutrition from your diet or Viviscal hair growth supplements, a silk pillowcase can leave your hair more hydrated and shinier in the morning.*

Why a Silk Pillowcase Works for Hair?

Most people sleep on cotton pillowcases. Unfortunately, cotton pillowcases are not the best for our hair. Cotton fibers are very absorbent. During the night, they pull the moisture from hair, leaving it dry, frizzy and prone to breakage.

Cotton also pulls on the hair at night, causing friction to the hair cuticle and twisting hair at the root, which can lead to damage and a bad case of bedhead in the morning. If you’ve ever woken up with your pillowcase covered in hair, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Silk, on the other hand, is naturally smoother and won’t rub against your hair at night. Since its fibers are less absorbent, silk pillowcases will also help your hair retain more moisture overnight. The result? You’ll wake up to shinier, healthier-looking hair without bedhead.

woman sleeping silk pillowcase does silk pillowcase for hair really work viviscal hair blog

Just as cotton pillowcases pull moisture from your hair, they can do the same for your face. So switching to a silk pillowcase not only has benefits for your hair, but your skin as well!

If you don’t want to give up your cotton pillowcase, you get some of the same benefits of sleeping with a silk pillowcase by wrapping your hair in a silk scarf before bed.

How to Choose the Best Silk Pillowcase for Hair

The silk pillowcase trend is growing in popularity, and manufacturers have taken notice. So there are now lots of lesser-quality silk pillowcases for hair on the market.

When shopping for a silk pillowcase, look for one that’s made of 100% mulberry silk with a momme (the unit of weight for a silk weave) between 19 and 22. A high-end silk pillowcase can cost as much as $90. If you’re on a budget, satin pillowcases offer many of the same hair care and skincare benefits of silk pillowcases, but with a lower price tag.

naturally curly hair sleeping african american woman does a silk pillowcase for hair really work viviscal hair blog

Other Hair-Smoothing Tips

While sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help keep hair smooth and hydrated, it’s best used in conjunction with some other hair-healthy practices:

  • Wash hair 2-3 times per week, and always follow shampoo with a conditioner. Washing hair too often can cause it to dry out. Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo gently cleanses hair, to help keep hair hydrated and healthy.
  • After conditioning your hair, rinse hair with cold water. Cold water seals the hair’s cuticle, leaving hair shiny by locking in moisture.
  • Your scalp produces natural oils to hydrate your hair. But too much oil can make hair look greasy. Brush your hair with a boar-bristle brush to help distribute your scalp’s natural oils from your roots to your ends. While there’s no need to brush your hair 100 strokes each day, a healthy hair brushing will make your hair look shinier and keep knots at bay.
  • Healthy hair is shinier hair. Use a daily hair growth supplement like Viviscal to strengthen hair from the inside out. With nutrients like biotin, iron, zinc and a proprietary complex called AminoMar™, Viviscal tablets feed hair follicles to promote thicker, fuller hair growth.*

combing long shiny hair mirror does a silk pillowcase for hair really work viviscal hair blog

Sleeping with a silk pillowcase is definitely a great way to improve your hair. When coupled with other hair-healthy habits (like taking Viviscal twice daily), your hair’s natural condition should improve over time.*

Existing hair growth

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I never thought I’d ever be able to say that Cardi B and I have something in common, but the events of this past week have enabled me to say otherwise.

The rapper and entertainer recently shared an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink DIY hair mask on her Instagram,  creating a huge buzz on social media. Dubbed the “Cardi B hair mask” this simple recipe was able to transform Cardi’s dry, frizzy hair into a smooth, silky dream. I knew I had to test it out. 

Cardi B’s hair mask main focus is to hydrate your hair and scalp while also bringing out your hair’s natural texture. Cardi’s hair is voluminous but doesn’t have a specific curl pattern so she used this mask to tame the volume and give it that extra dose of hydration. On the other hand, her 2 -year-old daughter Kulture’s hair has a very evident curl pattern, so Cardi used this mask to enhance her natural curls. And yes, because the mask is all-natural, it is safe to use on children. 

Cardi B Hair Mask
It was clear this mask could be used on any hair type, so off I went into my kitchen, and then my beauty cabinet, and then Spotify to collect all of the ingredients and Cardi B tunes I needed to mask up. 

Cardi B Hair Mask

Here’s what you’ll need for the Cardi B Hair Mask: 

  1. Avocado 
  2. Banana 
  3. Castor Oil
  4. Olive Oil 
  5. Argan Oil 
  6. Mayonnaise 
  7. Egg 


I decided to try this Cardi B hair mask out on my third-day hair, which essentially is oily at the scalp and frizzy and dry at the ends. A good shampoo and condition usually last about two to two and a half days for me before the dreaded oiliness shows up. So with this mask, I was hoping to not only hydrate my dry ends but achieve fresher hair for longer. 

I was especially excited after seeing how this mask absolutely transformed Cardi’s hair. Safe to say that me and my hair were ready to Cardi it up!

Cardi B Hair Mask


Cardi eye-balled almost all of her ingredients when she was making this concoction for herself and Kulture. But since I was making it for myself, I stuck to 1 tablespoon of every ingredient. She did add an extra generous dose of castor oil, so naturally, I followed suit. 

I simply added all the ingredients to a blender and blitzed it together till I got a semi-liquid, mousse-like consistency. The avocado, mayonnaise, and banana help hold this hair mask together and give it a firm texture. If you’re like me and worried about your hair smelling of eggs and mayo after you’re done, don’t worry about it! The oils, avocado, and honey mask the other ingredients’ smells so you have nothing to worry about. 

Cardi B Hair Mask

I applied this mask to my hair with my fingers—it’s best if you use your hands, IMHO because this consistency is harder to control with a hair spatula or brush. I divided my hair into small sections and began applying the hair mask from root to tip, making sure everything was covered. 

Cardi B Hair Mask

It was amazing how cooling this mixture felt on my scalp and hair from the get-go. Although it was a little messy to apply all over my hair (so make sure to do it over your bathroom sink) it was overall a very easy experience and took me less than 10 minutes (which also consisted of a little dance break to Bodak Yellow) to drench my hair and scalp in this mask. 


I kept this hair mask on for fifteen minutes before I washed it off. I first rinsed out the mask completely and then finished off with shampoo and conditioner. I let my hair air dry to see exactly what this hair mask had made. #science

Cardi B Hair Mask

My hair definitely felt softer and shinier than usual, laying frizz-free like I had just gotten a blow out! As for the freshness, my oily scalp was still stuck to its regular schedule so two-days later, the oiliness returned and my fresh hair dreams were crushed. 

Cardi B Hair Mask

But all in all, this hair mask is super easy to make, to put on, and to wash off. I would definitely try to douse my hair in this every couple of weeks because my hair can be drier than usual and needs all the hydration it can get. 10/10 would recommend. Would you try this Cardi B hair mask? 

Looking for more hair advice and styling tips? Subscribe to our newsletter to step up your hair game. 

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So you just woke up 10 minutes before your Zoom meeting and you’re looking for an effortless yet presentable hair look. Enter the messy bun – the timeless classic hairstyle for the girl who’s booked and busy that also doubles as the perfect work from home hairstyle.

What began as a quick-fix hairstyle for days when your alarm clock went off late has also become a high-fashion staple that decorates the heads of A-list celebrities at red carpet events. A cursory Google search yields hundreds of thousands of Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube tutorials on how to achieve this seemingly effortless, yet intricate look. Celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen described the messy bun as “one of those Coachella kind of things. Kind of like no-makeup makeup.”

From top-knots to low buns and everything in between, here are our favorite messy bun looks to add to your remote work repertoire.

25 messy bun hairstyles

The Classic Top-Knot Bun

Actress and singer Zendaya donned this unforgettable messy top-knot bun at the 2016 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Sports Awards. The ‘Euphoria’ star’s ethereal baby hairs decorate the perimeter of her hairline like a halo. The most iconic bun looks are the ones that make you wonder if they took 10 minutes or 10 hours to craft.

The Face Framing Bun

Singer Ciara looked immaculate sporting this wavy messy bun look at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscars Party. The ‘Level Up’ singer’s face-framing waves contour her prominent cheekbones. We love her cushiony messy bun for sweater weather days when you’re cozied up by the fireplace with a cup of Matcha. For extra volume, clip in our seamless hair extensions when recreating this look.

The Royal & Relatable Bun

Meghan Markle’s messy low buns captured several headlines with many fawning over her relatable yet royal hair looks. Meghan’s signature messy bun compliments her everyday no-makeup makeup beauty. We love her carefully parted side swept swoosh as it highlights her beautiful side profile. 

The Festive Bun

Live out the festival season we all missed out on this year with this 10-minute braided messy bun. This Bohemian-inspired hair look gives ‘business in the front, party in the back’ vibes. The carefully pulled out flyaways and face-framing strands are the cherry on top of this messy-chic top-knot bun. 

The Pineapple Bun

We are obsessed with this curly pineapple messy bun look. This look is perfect for girls with Type 3A-3C hair on-the go. We especially love model Brianna Gabriela’s dark roots contrasting against her cool-toned coily locks and fluffy bangs.

The Braided Bun

One of the many things we love about braided protective styles is their versatility. These gorgeous Senagalese twists look equally as snatched pulled up into a messy bun as they do when they’re long and running down your back. 

The Bold Bun

Why play it safe when you can transform your hair into a work of art? This bold bun look donned by actress Justine Skye is perfect for those who want to rock high fashion editorial hair looks. We love everything from the thick single part leave out to the perfectly laid baby hairs in this messy bun look.

The Wispy Bun

Actress Emma Stone looks absolutely whimsical in this wispy messy bun. We are absolutely living for the tiny little pieces of hair decorating the back of Emma’s neck and how intricately pulled and crafted her bun lay upon her head.

The Barrette Bun

Dress up your messy bun by adorning it with barrettes. We love the barrette bun for lazy days when you throw your hair up and want to make it look like you tried harder than you actually did. Slip on Luxy’s Tortoiseshell Hair Clips to add that extra flare to your messy bun.

The Half Up, Half Down Bun

Actress Leigh-Ann Pinnock absolutely slayed the half up, half down messy bun at this year’s MTV European Music Awards. Not only does the half up, half down messy bun look amazing on ladies with locks, but it also looks stunning with wavy, curly and straight hairstyles. 

The Highlight Bun

If you have highlighted or balayage hair, this messy low bun is the perfect way to showcase the nuances of your hair tones. The messy bun melts all of the chocolate tones into the caramelized tones on this model’s hair.

The Bridal Bun

The bridal bun is equal parts soft, refined and messy. This bride to-be’s soft waves billow like an ocean tide.

The Space Bun

Why have one messy bun when you can have two? These Princess Leia-inspired buns are the ultimate dynamic duo of the messy bun look. In her ‘Hair in A Hurry’ Instagram post, celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin explains how you can achieve this look with just one hair tie and a few french hairpins.

The Subtle Bun

For days when you want to keep your top knot bun looking a little bit refined with a hint of messy, the subtle messy bun is exactly what you need. Actress Shay Mitchell looked absolutely breathtaking at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscars Party in this strapless Labourjoisie gown and subtle top knot bun.

The Vertical Double Bun

We love this sultry vertically stacked double messy bun Actress Katherine Langford sported to the 2018 Teen Choice Awards. If you squint, you can see the tiny bow placed in the top bun which compliments her classic lace dress. This edgy yet simple look was crafted by celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho.

The Bantu Bun

Model Chloe Hall’s Bantu Knot buns decorate her head like little crowns. From the blunt cut ends to the loosely twisted knots, to the placement of each individual bun on her head, this is yet another braided protective style we are obsessing over.

The Victorian Bun

We love this Victorian messy bun look actress Lily Collins is sporting. This minimalistic up-do makes us feel like we woke up in the 19th century. Those delicate little flyaways are the stars of this look for us.

The Chignon Bun

The chignon is a carefully knotted bun that elicits class and femininity. Celebrity hair stylist Marc Mena created this elegant yet effortless look for actress Chrissie Metz for the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The Bang Bun

There’s something about bangs with messy buns that give us retro 1960’s chic vibes. Actress Bryce Dallas Howard looks ravishing with her warm red locks and this tiny yet mighty messy bun.

The Baby Hair Bun

Rapper Saweetie came to serve at the 2020 Grammy Awards. We love when baby hairs not only accessorize, but share the spotlight with a messy bun. We love the abstract shape of this messy bun and the rainbow-coloured bobby pins that are perfectly situated at the back of her head.

The Ponytail Bun

On days when you can’t decide if you want to sport a messy bun or a ponytail, why not choose both? Scarlett Johansson’s golden tresses are absolutely to die for in this ponytail bun look at the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards. The award for most outstanding ponytail bun goes to ScarJo. 

The Kinky Bun

Actress Lupita N’Yongo’s beautiful tightly coiled Type 4C kinky hair looks absolutely breathtaking in this look. The texture, volume and shape of this messy bun scream haute couture.

The Cascading Curly Bun

The R&B sister sensations Chloe x Halle rocked this stunning set of cascading curly braided messy buns at the 2020 People’s Choice Awards. 

The Bow Tie Bun

This bow-tie bun is perfect for those with thick hair who want to throw some fun in their messy bun. Need some clip in hair extensions to zhuzh up this look?  Clip in our Volumizer Wefts upside down for an extra voluminous bow tie bun.

The Colorful Bun

Pastel colors look especially accentuated in messy top-knot buns. Model Hailey Bieber looked pretty in pastel pink in this red carpet look.

Written by Ashley Inkumsah

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How Does Dermapen Skin Needling Work?


In your quest to find the perfect treatment that will make your skin look younger and healthier, you may have come across Dermapen skin needling. This innovative procedure has gained a lot of popularity recently — and for a good reason. But what exactly is it? And is it the right treatment for you? Keep on reading to find out!

What Is Dermapen Skin Needling?

Dermapen skin needling is a type of microneedling, a popular cosmetic procedure that uses a pen-like tool to slightly injure your skin. Although the injury is minimal, it’s enough to boost the collagen production, which makes the skin firmer and smoother.

As a highly effective procedure, skin needling can enhance your skin’s appearance in many ways. Usually, though, it’s used to slow down the aging process, treat acne scars, and reduce sun damage. Even though it uses tiny needles to pierce the skin, the procedure isn’t too invasive. Thus, it’s a perfect choice for people whose skin doesn’t respond to other treatments, yet they don’t want a full-on surgery.

How Does It Work?

Now, some of you probably squirm at the very idea of needles, no matter how tiny they may be. So, let us explain what the Dermapen skin needling process looks like — that might put your mind at ease.

Before the actual treatment starts, the doctor will cleanse your skin and apply hyaluronic acid gel to it. Then they will take a pen with microneedles and go over your skin, creating micro-punctures. That will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, making your skin firmer and plumper.

Since Dermapen means using needles and causing tiny injuries, you will feel some discomfort. It’s not exactly pain — more like a prickling sensation. As the doctor goes over the same area a few times, it might get a little worse but never fully unbearable.

The whole treatment should last about twenty minutes, after which your skin may be red and feel dry and tight. Your doctor will then tell you how to care for it in the next few days and what you can and can’t do. Usually, they’ll recommend you not to put anything on your face for at least six hours and to avoid exercise for a day. On top of that, the doctor might give you a special serum or lotion to use for the next few days.

Does It Work?

Although the whole process is quick and the recovery period is short, you still want to have some kind of payoff for going through it. Luckily, we can assure you that Dermapen skin needling indeed does what it promises to do. It’s definitely not just another skincare fad.

Once your skin completely heals from the treatment, it will look firm, glowy, and the fine lines will be less visible. Your pores will be smaller too, and makeup application will go easier and smoother.

And that’s only after one treatment! For the best results, you should have around six, each four weeks apart from the other. After that, you can reduce it to two treatments a year to maintain the fresh look of your skin.

In Conclusion

Do you want your skin to look healthy and youthful for as long as possible? In that case, Dermapen skin needling might be a perfect treatment for you. It’s safe, quick, and effective, with long-lasting results that require minimal maintenance. On top of that, microneedling treatments are fairly easy to find these days, with most dermatologists and plastic surgeons performing them.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a Dermapen skin needling treatment today and watch your skin become what you always wanted it to be!

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Meet Skin Accumax®, a nutritional supplement designed for acne-prone skin and made with a patented formula of powerful skin ingredients.

When jane iredale launched Skin Accumax® in 2014, there were quite a few Iredale employees who were reluctant to embrace it. I was one of them. Perhaps it was because, historically, many skincare and vitamin supplements designed for acne have been known to deliver nominal results at best. Their potency and efficacy have often been questioned. Some skeptics have even gone so far as to compare the acne supplement industry to snake oil. When I brought these concerns up to Jane personally at our national sales meeting, she looked me square in the face and said. “Just wait.” Soon after that, the astonishing “before and after” images started rolling in and the results could no longer be debated. Skin Accumax® worked even better than anyone could have ever expected. As the first skincare supplement ever launched at Iredale Cosmetics, it paved the way to the rich portfolio of skincare solutions we now offer, and it still stands as a best seller within our brand. Let’s look at why this extraordinary product has been so successful for us.

To preface this information, it is important to know that our skincare supplements are produced through a company in the UK called Advanced Nutrition Programme. They are a world leader in digestible beauty, and they have set the global benchmark for quality through their four Ps – Potency, Purity, Production, and Packaging. This is the first product that we’ve ever sold at jane iredale that we don’t actually make. This also means that jane iredale is the exclusive distributor for ANP in the United States. We’re very proud of this relationship.

What Causes Acne?

When ANP decided to create this vitamin supplement for acne and problem skin, they wanted to do it in a way that would address acne from all aspects. To explain this concept, we must first look at the four pillars of acne. These pillars are the conditions that allow acne to thrive. They are:

  • Hyperkeratinization – When skin cells cease to exfoliate, they collect on the surface of the skin creating thick layers of dead skin. This is known as disjuncture. It prevents oxygen from getting down into the skin and it traps oil underneath that mixes with the dead skin cells which in turn creates plugs that clog the skin.
  • Sebum Overproduction – When the skin produces too much sebum, it can congest the skin. Acneic sebum often becomes more viscose (thicker and stickier) due to hormonal imbalances which makes it even more likely to clog pores.
  • Acne Bacteria – When the pore or follicle is clogged and no oxygen can get in, bacteria will thrive. For acneic skin, a particular kind of bacteria we call P Acne or Propionibacterium will grow. They feed on the dead skin and sebum, multiply and secrete waste.
  • Inflammation – As P Acne bacteria multiply and secrete waste, the pore or follicle must swell to make room for them. Redness and irritation follow which we recognize as inflammation. This is your body’s response to the infection.

Once the problem has started, it becomes self-facilitating.  Because this condition is systemic, it cannot be cured through just treating the symptoms.  Squeezing blemishes or treating them with harsh drying products only seems to exacerbate the condition.  In the past there have been medical treatments which have shown results, but the side effects are often so severe that they outweigh the benefits of these solutions.  We needed something effective enough to address the causes of the infection but without all of the side effects.  This is where Skin Accumax® defined itself. 


Which Vitamins are in Skin Accumax®?

Understanding the causes of acne was an important basis for properly treating it.  Skin Accumax® combines a proprietary mixture of Vitamins A, C, E and Diindolylmethane — a powerhouse phytonutrient that our bodies produce naturally when we chew cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts.  These ingredients work synergistically to address the four pillars of acne and each ingredient has its own specific benefits.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Vitamin A comes from Retinyl Palmitate which is an excellent form of Vitamin A to use because it does not cause redness and irritation. Its benefits are immense in that it balances sebum so skin is less oily. It also increases skin cell turnover to address hyperkeratinization. As an added benefit, it stimulates blood circulation which aids in healing the skin.
  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which stimulates collagen production. It acts as a helper to the Vitamin A but most importantly, it addresses redness and inflammation.
  • Vitamin E is another antioxidant that works synergistically with vitamins A and C helping to improve circulation and repair tissue. Vitamin E is also soothing to the skin.
  • Diindolylmethane, also known as DIM, is the key to Skin Accumax®’s powerful results. DIM regulates hormone metabolism, which in turn, balances and normalizes the sebum. By normalizing sebum, it prevents follicles and pores from clogging. Without such congestion, P Acne bacteria cannot survive. Our DIM is a patented version that was created for physicians.

What Skin Types are Suitable for Skin Accumax®?

ANP’s indications for this supplement covers all forms of Acne including Adult and Hormonal Acne, Severe Oiliness, Breakouts and Enlarged Pores. This means that you don’t have to have severe acne to get the benefits of this product. If you’re more prone to breakouts at specific times of the month, or if you’ve only started to develop acne symptoms recently, you can still take Skin Accumax® and see benefits.

How to Take Skin Accumax®

A commonly asked question is “how much should I take and for how long?” Consistent, long term use of Skin Accumax® has shown promising changes to the skin.  Our recommended dosage is: 2 capsules twice a day with meals.  Most people take two with breakfast and two with dinner.  Once the skin clears up, you can drop the dosage down from four to two per day (with meals).  If the acne returns, you’ll want to increase your dosage again. 

How Soon Can You Expect to See Results?

Because our bodies tend to direct nutrients to our internal organs first, our skin has a tendency to get things last.  This means that most people who take Skin Accumax® will not see results immediately.  We urge you not to give up after a few weeks!  Skin Accumax® must be taken for an average of 14 weeks before you see optimal results.  And it is not uncommon to see a purge or severe breakout at the 10-week period right before your skin clears up completely. 

Consult Your Physician

One last important point:  We always recommend consulting a physician before giving Skin Accumax® to anyone under 16 years of age or to women who are pregnant or nursing.  This is because clinical trials for supplements on children and pregnant and nursing women are considered unethical.  This rule applies to all supplements and brands.  But you’ll be happy to know that, in our experience, doctors rarely discourage use.  We also recommend consulting a physician if you are taking prescription medication such as blood thinners as some doctors will discourage use of Vitamin A based products with certain medications. 

Start the Journey to Healthier Skin

Skin Accumax® has been a game changer for so many people and we hope you are as delighted with it as we are. If you decide you would like to try Skin Accumax®, we encourage you to take some before and after images and send them to us!

Learn more by visiting our comprehensive guide on Skin Accumax® and start your journey today. We can’t wait to see your results.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any thoughts or concerns.  At jane iredale, we’re always happy to answer your questions and to hear your feedback.  

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