10 Hair Detox Tips from Fashion Week Pros


You may think that Fashion Week models are living the life. But consider what all that hair color, styling products and heat styling does to your hair throughout the six-week fashion week runway season. See 10 secrets from the New York Fashion Week pros that keep runway models from permanently damaging their shiny, runway-ready hair. These hair detox tricks are clutch to help recover NYFW models’ and even real-life women’s hair health. You can read the original article on www.popsugar.com.

1. Hair Supplements

Holli Smith, Creatures of the Wind at NYFW (Image Source: IMAXTREE/Matteo Valle)

Image Source: IMAXTREE/Matteo Valle

Holli Smith, lead NYFW hairstylist for Creatures of the Wind, says that while hair masks and deep conditioners are a must, there’s another important approach to healthy hair that not many seem to know about. “The one thing that all these models do for their hair but don’t necessarily talk much about is their use of the supplement Viviscal,” Smith says. “It strengthens the hair so that it’s not prone to breakage, and it helps the new hair grow back in stronger and healthier.” Nourish follicles with a complete hair growth supplement with marine extracts, biotin, vitamin C and iron.

2. Mix Avocado Oil Into Your Conditioner

Image Source: IMAXTREE / Matteo Valle

Image Source: IMAXTREE / Matteo Valle

“I put avocado oil into my conditioner every day to add extra moisture into my hair to give it an unbelievable shine,” explained one hairstylist backstage at Jason Wu. Not only is avocado oil ultra-moisturizing for your hair, a few Pinterest users swear by its makeup removing powers as well (yes, even in mascara).

3. Do a Dish Soap Rinse

https://blog.viviscal.com/10-hair-detox-fashion-week-pop-sugar/Image Source: IMAXTREE / @IvanLattuada

Image Source: IMAXTREE / @IvanLattuada

This may sound crazy and we certainly don’t recommend you make a habit out of it (especially for color-treated hair), but one hairstylist backstage at the Tommy Hilfiger show swears by this trick. “Some models get super-greasy hair after fashion week because of all the thick products we use, so I tell them to squirt a nickel-sized amount of dish soap into their hair for a quick, 30-second rinse,” she explained. “It brings the natural oils in your hair back into balance.” Disclaimer: Dish soap will certainly make your hair squeaky clean, but just remember to rinse with your regular shampoo afterwards (and stick to doing this only in emergencies).

4. Only Detangle Hair in the Shower

Image Source: IMAXTREE / MatteoScarpellini/almaphotos.net

Image Source: IMAXTREE / MatteoScarpellini/almaphotos.net

Lead hairstylist Jeanie Syfu said backstage at Marissa Webb that every model must detangle her hair with extra care. “Take all the elastics and bobby pins out of your hair and hop in the shower without brushing first. Wet your hair, put a deep conditioner on it and wait until the hair is soft enough to run your fingers through — this means the products have disintegrated from your hair. Then, do a full shampoo and a second set of conditioning to fully detox the hair.” This tip works best for girls who use a ton of hair products, especially in those tight, super hair-sprayed hairdos (think wedding hair). Keep in mind that brushing your styled hair before showering can cause major breakage since the hair is dried out and tangled, so simply jumping in the shower first is your best bet.

5. Cleanse With Apple Cider Vinegar

Image Source: IMAXTREE / MatteoScarpellini/almaphotos.net

Image Source: IMAXTREE / MatteoScarpellini/almaphotos.net

When asked about repairing hair post-NYFW, most hairstylists were focused on re-hydrating damaged strands. However, one hairstylist backstage at Nicole Miller had another issue she wanted to address: “There’s typically a ton of buildup in the models’ hair after all the products they’ve used for each show. So, I always recommend rinsing their hair with apple cider vinegar after the week is finished to remove gunky product residue and restore the hair to its natural pH level.” As a bonus, apple cider vinegar seems to have acne-clearing abilities too, so it’s a skin and hair win-win.

6. Apply Hair Oil With a Hot Towel

https://blog.viviscal.com/10-hair-detox-fashion-week-pop-sugar/Image Source: IMAXTREE / @IvanLattuada

Image Source: IMAXTREE / @IvanLattuada

“After Fashion Week, a lot of models tend to have dry, damaged hair from all the hot tools we’ve been using,” said hairstylist Ale Bonilla backstage at Christian Siriano. “My best suggestion for them is to first coat your hair with a reparative hair oil, pop a damp towel into the microwave until it’s warm, and then wrap the hair up in the towel for about a half-hour.” After the treatment, Bonilla recommends shampooing the excess oil out and using conditioner as usual.

7. Treat Your Hair Like You do Your Face

https://blog.viviscal.com/10-hair-detox-fashion-week-pop-sugar/Image Source: IMAXTREE / @IvanLattuada

Image Source: IMAXTREE / @IvanLattuada

Anthony Turner, lead hairstylist at the Prabal Gurung show, is a huge advocate for treating your hair the same way you’d treat your skin. “I tell my model friends all the time that they need to get a decent haircut, a few inches at the very least, after NYFW in order to get rid of all the dead ends. Getting frequent trims is just like regularly using a good face scrub to remove all the dead skin from your face — you need a clean starting point for healthier cells to grow in.”

That’s not all — Anthony says that the outside of your hair can be pumped full of vitamins too. “Hair salons have vitamin-enriched treatments that can strengthen the hair by opening up the hair shaft and pumping proteins into the strand to rebuild it,” he says.

Don’t be turned off at the idea of opening the hair shaft of already-damaged hair. Anthony says that these ingredients will create a smooth, healthy look that will be worth it in the end. Ask your local salon for treatments that specifically boost the look of hair health and skip styling treatments like keratin, which can lead to more damage.

8. Add a Protein Treatment to Your Hair Regimen

Image Source: IMAXTREE / Matteo Valle

Image Source: IMAXTREE / Matteo Valle

When all is said and done post-fashion-week, Anthony Cole at the Christian Siriano show, advises models to set aside a few hours one night to do an entire hair revival treatment. “Always start your hair recovery night with a clarifying shampoo,” says Cole. “You want to get rid of all the residue from products that were used in the hair, then add extreme moisture via a hair mask or deep conditioning product, and then end it with a penetrative protein treatment.”

According to Anthony, the order of these steps is what people typically get wrong at home. And following the steps correctly is almost more important than the steps themselves. “The protein treatment has to be the very last step because it can be drying if the hair hasn’t been sealed with moisture beforehand.”

9. Indulge in the Ultimate DIY Hair Recipe

https://blog.viviscal.com/10-hair-detox-fashion-week-pop-sugar/Image Source: IMAXTREE / @IvanLattuada

Image Source: IMAXTREE / @IvanLattuada

Yes, there is an ultimate DIY hair recovery recipe. And Davide Marinelli, a hairstylist backstage at Jenny Packham, has shared it. “First, combine a large avocado and five drops of jojoba oil or almond oil into a bowl, mix it until you get a creamy, rich texture, and set it aside,” he explains. “Then, add a tablespoon of baking soda into a color-safe clarifying shampoo that’s sulfate-free and hop in the shower to exfoliate only the scalp — not the hair.” Afterwards, Davide recommends towel-drying your hair to where it’s only slightly damp (not wet) before applying the avocado treatment.

The drier the hair is, the more it’s going to absorb the formula, because wet hair can actually dilute it. “Take an old white t-shirt, dampen it with warm water, and wrap the avocado-covered hair with the t-shirt into a bun,” says Davide. After 15 minutes, you can rinse out the avocado and shampoo your hair as you normally would.

10. Wrap Your Hair Up in Silk

https://blog.viviscal.com/10-hair-detox-fashion-week-pop-sugar/Image Source: IMAXTREE / @IvanLattuada

Image Source: IMAXTREE / @IvanLattuada

When wearing an overnight hair mask, do not simply put a towel down on your pillow and hope the product won’t make too much of a mess on the clean sheets. According to Kenna, lead hairstylist at Libertine, this is actually one of the biggest mistakes we can make when trying to revive damaged hair.

“An overnight hair mask is the best thing you can do for your hair after it’s been damaged; however, if you sleep on a towel, it’ll simply absorb the moisture right out of your hair,” Kenna explains. Instead of a towel, Kenna recommends wearing a silk scarf on your head to lock the moisture into your hair during the night. Or try Slip Silk, a silk pillowcase that was specially designed to protect hair and skin from overnight damage.

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New York Fashion Week runways are crystal balls for all things trendy, predicting the fashion future for clothing, accessory, makeup and hairstyle trends for at least the next six months.

But you know that hair and beauty trends aren’t limited to the NYFW tents. Step outside and you’ll see show-stopping street style from fashion week’s fashionista attendees. And of course, at Viviscal, we always want to know what hairstyles these It-girls are rocking.

Put away your Tarot cards because we’re about to read your hair trend future. See 15 of the best hairstyles spotted on some of the coolest women attending spring 2018 fashion week right now. All photos and hairstyles from Refinery29.com.

The Best Street-Style Hair Trends at New York Fashion Week

The Look: Natural Makeup, Bold Hair

Refinery 29 reports that the chicest women at NYFW are pairing a natural face with bold, strong hair statements. A sneak peek: cream-soda blonde hair color, perfectly unkempt air-dried waves, super-short cropped hair and one of the boldest looks, the blunt “sci-fi” bob.

1. Wind-Blown, Wavy Bangs

This look is effortless and of-the-moment. The air-dried waves and bold but not-blunt bangs make a strong statement but are super low-maintenance.

2. Textured, Bouncy Curls

These bouncy, textured curls are feminine and full of personality. Curly girls, rejoice! It’s NEVER been cooler to show off your naturally curly texture.

3. Double Trouble: Mega Twist-outs

We cannot take our eyes off of the gloriously full and loose twist-out style of these twin-sister beauty bloggers extraordinaires, Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder.

4. Super-chic Buzz Cut

From the uber-thick twistouts of Cipriana and TK to this super-short style, NYFW is where the style-setters push their look to the limit. This badass buzz cut perfectly shows off statement-making earrings.


5. Scrunchies Are Cool Again

Need we say more? Dig up your old scrunchie and rock this topknot circa 1989. Cue the warm rush of nostalgia…

6. Get Centered

This sharp center part and long locks owe Cher a shoutout. We love this hippieish ’70s look.


7. Cream-Soda Blonde Hair

This creamy blonde hair color is popping up everywhere. Equal parts warm-bright AND edgy.


8. Get to the Roots

Be brave and cancel your next colorist appointment. Exaggerated roots against bleached blonde, or pink, hair has never looked so on-point.

9. Sci-fi Bob

This straight, strong bob fits the collective mood these days. It’s time to get serious.


Alyssa Coscarelli of Refinery 29

10. Semi-blunt Bob

Less sci-fi and more chic, slightly blunt bob — no bangs. The epitome of It-girl effortless.


11. Next-level Blunt Bob

Not sci-fi blunt but not easygoing It-girl either, still this look is intentionally blunt and strong. You’ll definitely make a strong statement.


12. Effortless Shoulder-length Cut

This air-dried curly look is having a moment. See it on It-girl Victoria’s Secret model Alanna Arrington, formerly the purveyor of signature long hair. We’re getting a Jennifer Beals in Flashdance vibe from this look and we like it!


13. Naturally Short

This short crop is just long enough to show off some natural texture. Bonus: this fashionista paired her shades and hairstyle with a squint-or-you’ll-miss-it gold leaf accent on her left lens.


14. Sleek and Center-parted

This is the perfect Iook for when you’ve overslept and need to disguise that dirty hair. Pair an uber-sleek center part with a low bun and you’ll be so boss-lady sophisticated, no one will ever know you had a manic Monday morning.


15. Dip-dyed Box Braids

Inspired by the jaw-dropping hair trends at AfroPunk 2017, these lilac dip-dyed box braids are maddeningly cool!


Want more NYFW street style? Check out Refinery29‘s roundup of NYFW hairstyles plus their reports from spring 2018 NYFW including celeb attendee sightings and fashion week news.

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