You’ve been looking forward to this day since you were a small kid. When you fall in love with the guy of your dreams, there is only one thing left to do: marry him. Wedding prep and planning is never simple. The countdown to your wedding has begun, and your big day has finally been scheduled. Now is the time to book your makeup and hair trials, visit your colorist, and whiten your teeth, among a million other things to make sure you look your best. Too many brides-to-be are concerned about having everything run well on their wedding day, particularly the wedding photos. With these useful tips, you will not need to spend money on personal trainers and stylists to look good.

Take Care Of Your Skin

You have done everything from your wedding dress, save the date invites, venue and everything else and now is the time to look for yourself. The last thing you want to do is cover up pimples and problematic acne with foundation. Begin taking excellent care of your skin at least six weeks before your wedding. Even the sturdiest skin tones can be tested by the stress of a wedding. Fish oil supplements can help your skin seem more vibrant and lovely. There is no limit to the number of beauty blunders linked with mismanaged stress, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Diet And Exercise

Just make sure to avoid classes like yoga and Pilates. As beneficial as these activities might be, they will not provide the same return on investment as typical cardio and weight-lifting routines. When snacking, avoid high-fat and high-calorie foods. If you want to reduce weight and tone your body, keep in mind that it is a science as well as a numbers game. You must expend more calories than you consume in order to lose weight. Decrease your carbohydrate intake while increasing your vegetable and protein intake. Eating correctly and exercising frequently will protect you from going on a crash diet a month or two before your wedding. This combination will make your physique seem great while also keeping your skin shining and your hair lustrous.

Schedule Your Makeup And Hair Trial

Schedule your makeup and hair trial according to the dates on your wedding cards so you can check what will suit you on your big day. You should know who will be handling your hair and cosmetics for your wedding by now, so schedule a time to experiment on several looks. Bring inspirational photos of haircuts and cosmetics trends, and don’t be hesitant to say anything you don’t like. That is the purpose of the trial: to try on as many various appearances as possible until you are satisfied with your appearance! After all, photographs are timeless. The greatest thing to do is to emphasize your particular style and appearance. Rather of searching the internet for someone else’s aesthetic, attempt to develop the finest version of your own distinct appearance and style. You don’t want your spouse to feel as if he’s staring at a stranger when you walk in.

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Are you planning your dream wedding? You’re going to have a blast if that’s the case! But it’s important to remember that there is a lot more to planning a wedding than just picking out the dress and sending out invitations. There are a lot of little details that go into making sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. This blog post will discuss some of our top tips for having the wedding of your dreams!

Make Sure You Have The Perfect Tuxedo

One of the most important aspects of any wedding is ensuring that the groom looks his best. An important part of achieving this goal is making sure he has the perfect tuxedo. Whether you go for a classic, timeless look or something modern and unique, it’s essential to find a tuxedo that fits your groom perfectly and reflects his personality and style. Whether you opt for a traditional black tux or something more daring, make sure it reflects both of your tastes in fashion and is tailored to fit him perfectly. Doing so will ensure he looks like a million bucks walking down the aisle!

Shop For Rings Together

When it comes to finding the perfect rings for your wedding, shopping together is a must. This will ensure you both find something you love and feel good about spending money on. When trying on rings, take pictures so you can compare them later or show friends and family their opinion. Ask if the jewelry store offers customization options to make sure you find something truly unique. Shopping together is a great way to start off the planning of your wedding and finding the perfect rings for each other can be an exciting experience.

Be sure to set a budget ahead of time so you don’t get distracted by more expensive pieces. With so many options out there, it can be easy to get carried away. Don’t forget to keep the other wedding expenses in mind when setting your budget so you don’t overspend on just one item. With the right planning, shopping together can be both enjoyable and practical – helping you find the perfect rings for your dream wedding.

Balance Fun And Function

Finding the right balance between fun and function is an important step in achieving the wedding of your dreams. Make sure to plan for fun elements such as music, decorations, and activities, but also take into consideration practical aspects like catering and seating arrangements.

Additionally, consider guests’ comfort levels and think about how you can meet their needs while still making the day enjoyable for everyone. Remember, a little bit of planning and thoughtfulness can go a long way in making your wedding memorable and special. With the right balance between fun and function, you can have a beautiful, meaningful wedding that you’ll never forget!

Don’t Let Others Dictate What You Do

In order to have the wedding of your dreams, it is important to remember that other people do not dictate what you do. It is easy to get caught up in the opinions of friends and family, but ultimately your wedding should be a reflection of what you want. Creating a vision board or Pinterest page with ideas will help remind you of what you love and make sure that nobody else’s expectations are dictating the outcome of your wedding.

Remember, it is your big day and it should be special to you and your partner! Focus on what will make the two of you happy and not worry about pleasing everyone else. When making decisions for your wedding, trust yourself and your partner’s judgment. You know what you both want and should follow through on it without worrying about what others think.

Ask For Help If You Need It

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task, and often it’s hard to know where to start. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Friends and family are usually more than happy to offer advice or assistance with tasks such as creating a guest list, finding vendors, budgeting, and more.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of their help and utilize it to plan the perfect wedding. Additionally, you can also look into hiring a wedding planner who can help you with all your planning needs. With a little bit of help, you’ll be well on your way to having the wedding of your dreams!

Planning the wedding of your dreams doesn’t have to be difficult. All it takes is a bit of planning, budgeting, and trust in yourself and your partner. Shopping together for rings, balancing fun and function, not letting others dictate what you do, and asking for help if needed are all great ways to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch. With the right approach, you can have the wedding of your dreams!

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20 Nail Polish Colors For Your Wedding Day


It’s your big day and you want to look as stunning as ever. You’ve finally picked out your wedding dress, chosen what makeup style you’d like, and it’s time to decide on the best bridal nail polish. Wedding nail polish colors 2022 are classic with a touch of exquisiteness. So, before you decide on your wedding day nail polish color, here are a few wedding nail polish ideas to help you visualize how beautiful your bridal nails would be.


Pink and white ombre

Via: Shutterstock – Bridal nail polish


Classic white tones wedding nail polish

Via: Paintbox – Bridal nail polish


Gold accent bridal nail polish

Via: Paintbox – Bridal nail polish


Colorful ombre bridal nails

Via: Shutterstock – Bridal nail polish


Glitter ombre nails

Via: Shutterstock – Bridal nail polish


Dusty blue and glittery silver

Via: Color Bridesmaids – Bridal nail polish


Metallic French nail polish


Platinum eclipse nail polish


Gold French nail polish


White French manicure

Via: Style Glamour – Bridal nail polish


Nude with gold accents

Via: Style Glamour – Bridal nail polish


Pastel pink nail

Via: Stay Glamour – Bridal nail polish


Matte pastel pink wedding nails

Via: Glamour – Bridal nail polish


Nude wedding nails with gold rhinestones

Via: Glamor – Bridal nail polish


Bright red wedding nails

Via: Style Glamor – Bridal nail polish


Burgundy matte nail polish with gold rhinestones

Via: InStyle – Bridal nail polish


Burgundy gold nail polish


Wedding blue nail polish

Via: society – bridal wedding nails


Kate Middleton’s wedding nail polish: Essie’s Allure

Kate Middleton’s wedding nail polish


Megan Markle’s wedding nail polish: Essie’s Ballet Slippers

Via: The SUN


Further reading:

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8 Tips For Choosing The Best Wedding Dress


A perfect wedding dress is every woman’s dream ever since they attend a wedding. It doesn’t matter if you are a tomboy or a traditional girl, before your wedding, your wedding dress matters a lot. Sure, you might not be into fashion but a wedding dress is much more than clothing. It evokes a sense of love and responsibility when you wear it.

Choosing a wedding dress is an arduous task. There will be a lot of people who will like to offer you their help and advice and while most of them mean well, it is you who has to make the final decision. That decision has to reflect the inner you; your dress must be what you want to portray as it will be like making a lifetime decision.

To help you choose the best wedding dress, we have 10 tips which will also help clarify a lot of your doubts. So let’s get started.

Start With Preliminary Research

This is true for any important decision in your life. If you want to make a decision about purchasing anything, it is necessary that you do your research correctly. This will help you find out broad patterns that appeal to you. When it comes to wedding gowns, it can be done through multiple sources.

Instagram and Pinterest are excellent social media in this regard and because the ideas there are pretty visual, you can relate to and appreciate designs much better than textual content. Apart from that, traditional ideas like going to a store and looking for the latest designs and peering into that bridal magazine are also good ideas for basic research.

Don’t Be Rigid

The first thing that you should do after doing a preliminary research is decide that you have not decided. Yes, we are asking you to not fixate upon a particular style or design. Sure, feel free to identify what is beautiful according to you based on your research but don’t be rigid.

There are a couple of reasons behind this. First, what looks good on Pinterest may not look good in real life. Frankly, everything looks good online because of the amount spent on lighting and photography. Second, what may be in trend may not be perfect for you. Remember, bridal dresses are about the individual, not fashion trends. Third, there is always the budget to look out for.

Listen To Your Gut

Do you love colors? Have you always wondered why brides wear white? In fact, it has been seen that a small minority of brides do wear colored dresses on their wedding day.

If you feel that white will never be able to reflect you in a fair manner, don’t be afraid to listen to your gut and do what feels right.

Pay Attention To Sizing

Bridal sizing is a big deal. Make sure that you take someone along with you; someone who is always on the lookout for your best interests and whose judgment you can trust blindfolded.

Don’t plan your dress size with an intention to lose weight. It always makes sense to keep your dress a little bit bigger as that can always be corrected if you do get thinner. But what if you cannot lose that weight? The last thing you would want on your wedding day is to be and look uncomfortable.

Be Quirky

There are certain ideas whose time has come. Camouflage wedding dresses are a thing; there is no doubt about that. When it comes to camo wedding dresses david’s bridal is a no brainer.

These dresses have the perfect amount of quirk in them so as to ensure that you outshine others but at the same time are not completely off track. In fact, they come in lots of different colors which make them an ideal choice for bridesmaids.

It Should All Fit It Together

Okay, we are not talking about size again. By the phrase, we mean that your wedding dress should go with the overall theme of the wedding. Are you having a small wedding in your parents’ backyard or is there a big banquet with lots of guests?

Your wedding dress should stand out but should not look out of place. It should also go with what the groom’s wearing. Granted, the options when it comes to a guy’s wedding attire are limited but it is always helpful if you talk to the guy regarding what he is wearing to avoid any last minute surprises.

Plan Your Shopping

The act of shopping is as important as all the above steps. In fact, it can make or break your decision. There are a few things that you can do which will ensure that you remain calm and sensible on the day(s) you shop for your wedding dress.

First, do not make it a one day affair. Invest at least a couple of days to find the perfect dress. Second, make sure there are no distractions (be it work or love or family related) on those days. Third, and this is a great tip, shop on weekdays as the stores will not be crowded on those days and the staff can give you all the time you deserve.

Look At Online Shopping

Yes, we know that we are suggesting something which is not a mainstream idea yet but consider this. Not every bride may have a big budget that is required if you want to shop from the best boutiques in town. These days, even the small ones charge hefty amounts.

Shopping online enables you to save money as you can buy from China. The only thing you need to take care of is size and the return policy and you are good to go.

At the end of the day, remember that it should be a decision which makes you happy. Sometimes, going back to your mother or grandmother and taking their advice helps a lot. As they say, experience can make a huge difference.

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I am so excited to introduce you to my colleague Carri. In August Carri will marry the love of her life, Brian. As a special treat, she has offered to take us with her on her journey as a jane iredale bride. Along the way she will share some of her exciting bridal makeup milestones and explain why choosing jane iredale was so important to her, and no it’s not just because she works here ;). Please join me in welcoming Carri to our blog!

couple kissing in the carribrian

In 121 days I marry the love of my life, but who’s counting? As a bride there are many things I need to check off on my “to-do” list, but there are many things that will be out of my control: the weather that day, and the days preceding, and my skin. The last few years I’ve been battling adult acne, which has been worse than the breakouts and skin problems I battled at 13 years old. I never knew there was even such a thing as adult acne until it happened to me.

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Your wedding day beauty look may be the most important makeup of your life, and many brides don’t know where to start when searching for the right makeup artist. So, we turned to our team of Global Makeup Educators for help. Keep reading for their tips on what to ask, what to bring, and what things you should always remember.

Classing Wedding Makeup Inspiration6-12 Months before Your Wedding

Collect images of bridal makeup you love. Pictures models and celebrities are often retouched, but they are to use as inspiration and will help guide your initial makeup artist interview.

Find three images of yourself that you absolutely love.Bring these images with you, as well, and be sure to explain what you love about the pictures (e.g. I love how the eye shadow brings out the color of my eyes).

Schedule preliminary interviews with multiple makeup artists. Show them the inspiration photos of models, celebrities and yourself, and ask the below questions:

  • How long have you been doing bridal makeup?
  • What do you love about doing bridal makeup?
  • Can I see your portfolio or images of makeup you’ve done? (Look at their images and ask yourself if this is how you want to look.)
  • How do you go about choosing your look for each bride?
  • What brands of makeup do you use? (Check a brand if you’re not familiar with it to make sure it’s something you want to use.)
  • Do you have a capability of doing my entire wedding party?
  • Do you do off-site weddings? If I hire you, will you stay all day? How much will this cost me?
  • Can I see your brushes? (If their brushes are gross, chances are your skin will be too.)

3-5 Months before Your Wedding

Schedule your bridal makeup test. After you decide on a makeup artist, schedule your makeup test 3-5 months prior to your wedding. At the appointment, our educators recommend:

  • Testing multiple beauty looks (one for the ceremony and one for the reception). If your makeup artist cannot stay all day for your wedding, ask what you will need to complete your reception look without him/her.
  • Arriving with your bridal hair done or with an idea of what your wedding day hairstyle will look like.
  • Wearing a white top or one that is the same shade as your wedding dress so you can see how your makeup will appear when paired with your dress color.
  • Taking pictures with a camera that has a bright flash. This will help you determine what your makeup will look like under a professional camera flash, which tends to wash you out.

3 Things to Remember

Bridal makeup should be timeless. 20 years from now you should be able to look back at the pictures and still feel like your look is beautiful and classic.

Groom the groom.Often, the groom gets overlooked during the makeup preparations, but he wants to look good in pictures too. Ask your makeup artist to even his complexion or tone down the shine so he looks and feels great in your pictures.

Ask for what you want. Your wedding day is considered one of the most important days of your life, so don’t hesitate to ask your makeup artist for the exact look you want, and if you don’t like part of the look, make sure to speak up.

Tell us about your bridal makeup tips and share pictures of your wedding look with us on Instagram, tagging @janeiredale and #bridalbeauty.

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How To Do a Natural Wedding Makeup Look

Whether you’re a bride to be, a dedicated maid of honor, or a guest at an upcoming wedding, there is one look that is universally accepted. We’re talking about effortless glowing skin and simple makeup. That’s why natural wedding makeup is our go-to for spring and summer ceremonies. When creating a natural wedding makeup look, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • It’s all about your skin:Your skin should look glowing and hydrated. Steer clear of the overly matte look.
  • You shouldn’t feel overdone: The result should be a clean, soft makeup application.
  • The Look is timeless: As a bride, your natural wedding makeup should feel as elegant in 20 years as it does on your big day.

Pssst…hey brides-to be, if you love this look, save it to your wedding Pinterest board and share it with your makeup artist for inspiration.

Makeup Tutorial: Natural Wedding Makeup

natural wedding beauty look for bohemian bride

To learn how to create this natural wedding makeup look, we asked our Global Makeup Educator Natalie Soto-Carlisle for advice. Here is her step-by-step tutorial on how to recreate this look whether you’re a bride-to-be or a loving guest.

A Good Base is Key

Tip: Find your foundation color match using our Foundation Finder Quiz.

Go Naturally Matte

  • To create a natural brow, apply the powder and wax from the GreatShape Eyebrow Kit with the Angled Brow Brush. Keep your brows in place all day with Clear PureBrow Brow Gel.
  • Prime your eye lids with Petal Smooth Affair for Eyes; you can use your fingers or a Camouflage Brush.
  • Grab the Naturally Matte Eye Shadow Kit for a fresh eye makeup look.
    • First Apply the Hush shade from lash line to crease with Eye Shader Brush.
    • Next, line the top lash line with the Fudge shade using the Smudge Brush.
    • Then, apply the Buttercream shade to the inner corner of your eye using the Deluxe Shader Brush.
  • Apply Black/Brown Eye Pencil to your water line.
  • Finish your eyes with false lashes on the top and a light coat of Black Onyx PureLash Mascara on the bottom.

Add a Rosy Glow


We want to see your bridal makeup looks! Share them with us on Instagram for a chance to be featured. Tag @janeiredale and use #BeautyWithBrilliance.

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A timeless, elegant bridal look will never go out of style. Every bride-to-be wants to feel beautiful on their big day and this classic bridal look will achieve that and stay tasteful and classic in pictures for many years to come. We promise, your natural beauty will be front-and-center with the soft, romantic bridal makeup look.

classic wedding makeup, classic bridal makeup

Get Your Glow On

A Subtle, Smokey Eye

classic bridal makeup, classic wedding makeup

  • Fill in brows with the Retractable Brow Pencil in your brow shade.
  • Sweep Canvas Smooth Affair for Eyes across your lid to prime them for shadow.
  • Use the Eye Shadow Kit to create your eye look. Apply the Cappuccino shade in your crease and the outer corner of your eyes.
  • Deepen your crease by applying the Dark Suede shade on the outer corners of your eyes.
  • Use an Eye Shader Brush to press the Oyster shade into the center of your lids.
  • Add the Charcoal shade to the outer corners of your eyes, blending the color into Dark Suede.
  • Blend the crease colors lightly using a Crease brush.
  • Smudge Charcoal into the outside corner of your top lash line.
  • Run Black/Brown Eye Pencil along your bottom lash line. Then, add Dark Suede to your lash line for more intensity.
  • Finish off the eyeliner with a thin line of Black/Brown Eye Pencil along your top lash line.
  • Tie the look together with a pair of false lashes on your upper lashes. Add PureLash Mascara in Black Onyx to your lower lash line.
  • If you’d like a more intense eyeliner look, apply a bit of Black Liquid Eyeliner to the base of your top lashes. This will help blend the false lashes with your natural lashes.

Lovely Lips

Want More Inspiration?

Check out these other wedding makeup tutorials.

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For many brides, finding the right hairstyle is right up there with finding the right dress and the perfect makeup look, and we completely understand why. Most brides dream of their wedding day their whole lives! With pictures and video ensuring your memories from your special night live on forever, we’re here to help you make sure your hair is everything you want it to be (and more). 

If you have short hair and feel limited for hairstyle looks, then you’ll need top picks for wedding hairstyles for short hair. If you have medium hair then you need the best-suited wedding hairstyles for medium length hair. For you ladies with long hair, there are so many wedding hairstyles for long hair to choose from. Lastly, if you have thin hair then you’ll need to get creative with wedding hairstyles that can give your naturally thin hair some oomph. Overall, you’ll need a hairstyle tailored for your specific hair type, so you can put your best hair forward on your wedding day.

If you’re a guest at an upcoming wedding, then you’re likely also wondering what you should do with your hair for the occasion. You need the perfect hairstyle that is going to look great, without upstaging the bride.

Don’t fret. If your big day is coming up or you’re a guest at a wedding, we have you covered with easy wedding hairstyles based on your hair type. Here comes the bride!

Wedding hairstyles for thin hair

Here are our top picks for wedding hairstyles for thin hair:

Doughnut Bun

This is a classy look on any bride. Plus if you use a bun maker, this will automatically give you the full bun look you’re looking for. After you create a high ponytail, place the bun maker around the elastic of the ponytail. Then roll the bun maker down to the base of the ponytail to create a full bun. Secure it with some pins, so you can dance the night away like the Dancing Queen that you are. If you don’t have a bun maker, hair extensions work just as well. 

Sweet Braid

The mermaid braid is the envy of all, especially when its wearer has long, thick hair. For those of you with thin hair, don’t worry! You can still achieve this look by using a set of hair extensions to boost your natural hair. For a wedding look, just braid your hair and accessorize it with floral clips or a pretty barrette. This requires limited styling and so we love it for our roundup of easy wedding hairstyles.

Front Braided Updo

This unique style gives the appearance of fuller hair. Start by creating a medium braid and wrap it over the top of your head. Secure the braid with a clip. Then choose an updo of your choice to secure the rest of your hair in the back. The result is a beautiful look that makes the updo look even more romantic. What’s sweeter than a romantic hairstyle that you can fall in love with every time you look at your wedding pictures?

Crown Twist  

Why not consider a crown twist for your big day? This no-fuss look gives you just the right amount of drama. The best part about twisting your hair is that it automatically gives it a fuller look. If you need some extra help with volume then consider adding a set of hair extensions. Once you have the ideal length and thickness, simply gather a few inches of hair at the front of your head and twist it to the back, securing it with a pretty barrette or bold floral clip.

Crimped Waves

If you have thin hair then styling your hair with curls lifts the hair shaft and almost always does the trick. Tease your hair at the crown to give it some extra lift as well. Lastly, add a birdcage veil for a little bit of extra drama (Carrie Bradshaw would be proud).

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Here are our top picks for wedding hairstyles for long hair. If these ideas aren’t quite your style there are plenty more hairstyles to consider. 

Brushed-out Waves  

Hello, Hollywood glam! This look exudes class and is gorgeous on all brides. We had to include this on our list of easy wedding hairstyles. The waves can be achieved with a large barrel curling iron or even velcro hair rollers, the next step is simply brushing out the curls. This creates a soft, effortless wave pattern. If you need some extra help with length or volume on your big day, use hair extensions to give your hair some oomph—like our favorite hair stylist Ruslan Nureev did with these blonde balayage clip-in extensions.  

Deep Side Part with Barrette 

Start this hairstyle with long, voluminous hair. If you don’t have this naturally use a set of hair extensions. To achieve this elegant hairstyle start by gathering your hair to one side, then use the back of your comb to create a deep side part. Clip a barrette to the opposite side of your head from where you gathered it. Barrettes are on-trend, and there’s a reason—they make almost any look a little bit prettier. Choose one that is embellished and sparkly for your big day. This hairstyle is super feminine because it highlights your collarbone and shoulders. 

Braided Chignon Bun  

The braided chignon bun is an elaborate, but gorgeous hairstyle. The best part of this look is that you won’t have to worry about the style becoming frizzy over the duration of the night, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Start by curling your hair, then twisting small sections of hair and securing each section with bobby pins. There are so many updos to experiment with before the big day. 

Half-up with Flowers

This hairstyle is perfect for the laid back bride since it doesn’t require a huge fuss (or a lot of bobby pins). This look is certainly on the list for easy wedding hairstyles because of how low maintenance it is. Firstly, use a curling iron to create some loose curls throughout your hair. Then section your hair in half and use a clip to secure the top layer. To complete the look, add a few sprigs of baby’s breath to cover the clip. Who doesn’t want to look like an ethereal forest fairy on their wedding day? To level up, this hairstyle try this.

Loose Braid

What’s more boho than a braid…especially a loose one? Start with curled hair, braid it in one large braid at the back of your head, and then tug at the braid to create an undone look. Make sure to leave a few hairs at the front to frame your face. By adding a few flowers to the base of the braid it looks even more boho-chic. 

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Here are our top picks for wedding hairstyles for short hair:


Short hair can be super elegant, especially with this swept-back look. As far as easy wedding hairstyles go, this look is definitely easy to achieve. Simply brush your hair back with a spritz of hairspray and secure it with a sparkly clip. Another benefit of this hairstyle is how low maintenance it is, you’ll barely have to worry about it throughout the night.

Finger Waves

Another one to add to our list of easy wedding hairstyles is this feminine look. For ladies with a pixie cut already, finger waves can be a fabulous hairstyle for your wedding day. To achieve this hairstyle, use a curling iron with a smaller width to curl small sections of your pixie. Add some shine serum to give it that extra boost and that’s it, you’re ready to walk down the aisle!

Crystal Headband

No matter how short your hair is, a crystal headband can elevate your look. The headband is like a halo making you look like an angel on your big day (especially in a white dress). Just place your headband on your head and tame the rest of your hair underneath. Low-key brides rejoice! This one was a no brainer for easy wedding hairstyles since hairstyling is limited for this look. It’s all about the accessories.

Flower Crown 

Short hair can still be versatile. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The perfect accessory to a short style is a flower crown! Visit a local florist to choose a beautiful flower crown to wear on your big day #flowerpower.

Deep Side Part with Waves 

If you have a short bob this look is super chic for your big day. It also makes our list of easy wedding hairstyles because of how simple the look is to achieve. Use a curling iron to create loose waves then create a deep side part. Finish the look with a sparkly barrette. 

Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

Here are our top picks for wedding hairstyles for medium length hair:

Retro Flip

This throwback hairstyle is reminiscent of Jackie O. It’s bringing back all kinds of 70s vibes and we’re loving it. For a bride that isn’t afraid to go back in time, this look is nostalgic in the best way. As far as easy wedding hairstyles go, this one totally fits the bill. Just use a barrel brush and a blowdryer, pulling down and outwards. 

Curly Lob 

This look is fire! These bouncy curls are playful and voluminous just like Sandy from Grease. For the bride that isn’t afraid to look sexy on her big day, this is the hairstyle to try. Transform your predictable lob into something totally unexpected. Plus a little edge on the big day never hurt anybody!

Front Braid and Textured Waves 

This sweet look is even sweeter with baby breath. Start by using a curling iron to create soft waves through your hair. Gather a small section and braid it, clip it back and tuck a sprig of baby breath. 

Soft Slick Back

Keep the hair away from your face with this soft slick back. To achieve this look start by straightening your hair with a blow dryer. Then use a texturizing spray to add a touch of grit. Use your blow dryer to pull your hair back and raise it at the crown for extra lift. 

Sleek and Straight 

You can’t go wrong with this sleek look on your wedding day. As far as easy wedding hairstyles go, this look is high on the list.  Simply blow dry your hair straight and then use a straightening iron to complete the look. Keep your hair straight and frizz-free all night with strong holding spray and make sure your shine game is strong with a shine serum or hair oil.

Wedding guest hairstyles

Here are our top picks for wedding guest hairstyles. Remember as a guest, you’ll want to find easy wedding hairstyles with limited fuss: 

Chic Ponytail 

Look like the chicest guest at the wedding with this ponytail. Start by using a large curling iron to achieve big waves, then simply brush them out and tie your hair up in a high ponytail. Spritz some holding spray to keep the wave pattern and that’s it!

Loose Waves

You can never go wrong with thick, luxurious waves. The best part? This is one of the best easy wedding hairstyles. Use your blow dryer and a barrel brush to get extreme volume especially at the crown. Then use a curling iron to tame any flyaways and define the curl pattern a little bit more. If you need a volume and length boost then consider adding a set of hair extensions. The bigger the hair the better!

Wavy Half Up Half Down

This hairstyle is glam x100 which is why we love it. Use a curling iron to create loose waves all over your head. Then section the top layer of your hair and use a discreet hair tie to tie up the layer. Let the waves cascade on either side of your shoulders for a sweet look. Shine serum is going to be your best friend for this particular look in order to give your waves definition. 

Low Sleek Pony 

This sleek pony will help you radiate as a wedding guest. For this look, you’ll want to create a neat middle part and use gel to tame your hair at the crown. Start by curling your entire head, then use a discreet hair elastic to tie your hair low on your neck, sweep your hair to the side. 

Old Hollywood Waves

These waves will make you feel like the gorgeous guest that you are! The look starts with a simple side part, then use a curling iron to curl your hair from mid-shaft. Ensure you curl your hair inwardly near the ends. Use a setting spray to keep the look intact all night long!

On your big day, be sure to choose the best hairstyle for your hair type. For ladies with thin hair, the goal is to make your hair look thick and voluminous. Usually adding a set of hair extensions will make a big difference and give you more hairstyle options. Otherwise, there are wedding hairstyles for thin hair that will also help to boost fullness. For ladies with Rapunzel hair, our picks of wedding hairstyles for long hair will do the trick. For those with hair that is not too long or not too short, try one of our picks for wedding hairstyles for medium length hair. If you have short hair and feel you don’t have a lot of hairstyle options, we rounded up the top wedding hairstyles for short hair. For guests going to weddings, the best wedding hairstyles for guests are usually ones that are simple to achieve but still make a statement.

We hope we’ve helped you get one step closer to your perfect day with our picks for easy wedding hairstyles. And they lived happily ever after.

Written by: Amanda Desouza

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