We had the opportunity to stop by and meet beauty expert, Trini, at her private salon in Biscayne. Here is what she had to say:

How does your French background influence your work?
Being French affects my work in several different ways. Paris is not the beauty capital of the world for nothing. Most, actually the majority, of well-known creators are originally French (Chanel, Dior, Celine, Gaultier, Vuitton, Mugler, Lanvin, etc.). The French culture and our view of beauty are very different in comparison to the rest of the world and of course, hair and makeup are part of this tendency. The typical French woman is more willing to try new things and to be directed by a creative artist. A perfect example would be the tendency of this past year, short hair, seen in my past 2 collections, is a perfect reflection of what is now “in” and yet, it is seen in Miami, where the women are less willing to try new things. The techniques for cutting hair are also different from the ones taught in American beauty schools. This is why, with L’Oréal Professional collaboration where I am one of the United States Ambassadors, I opened an academy, Trini Academy, which permits whichever hairdresser to learn our techniques in Miami.

Trini Hair Salon in Brickell, Miami, Florida

Can you tell us about your mentor early in your career? Do you recommend a mentor for aspiring stylists? What was his/her best advice to you that you still apply to your work today?
There are two great names that have inspired me since the beginning of my career. The first, which does not even need an introduction, is Alexander de Paris; and the second, Bruno Pittini. I do not believe that in order to succeed in life one needs a mentor; instead, I believe that we need brands that leave their mark and visions of beauty, which will then permit inspiration and talent, take its own course. On my part, at the age of 4, I was already cutting my friends from school and my dolls’ hair (which would make some people, particularly parents, sometimes unhappy) knowing that this would be the career I will end up pursuing. Creation is a natural talent that cannot be learned, however, if through the means of the brand Trini I can influence and inspire hairdressers than that would be great because I believe that success should be shared.

What is your favorite trend in hair styling? What is the most lasting and complimentary style for women?
Particularly speaking, I do not favor one trend over another. As soon as a client comes through my studio doors, I already know what I have to do to make her look her best. I think that the makeup touch is the most lasting and complimentary style for respectable women.

Who is your favorite designer? Artist? Do the fashion industry and hair industry compliment and influence each other?
My taste verifies with each season but this year, my favorite designer is the purely classy Karl Lagerfeld. There is nothing to say or nothing to change because it is simply perfect. Fashion comes in a set (clothes, hair, makeup, accessories, etc.) and the creators come to us to get in on what is new and what is our vision of beauty. Do you see what happens in the press when a star changes her look? It is incomparable to when she changes dresses. The hairstyle is what people look out more than anything! A recent example is Beyoncé who let herself be convinced to cut her hair short, which looks sublime on her! This change of look and other changes (I can think of at least 10 from the top of my head) as such are the only thing media talks about!

Beautiful Trini, founder of Trini Hair Salon

What has been your best career achievement?
The best is yet to come. I took a big step 10 years ago by leaving Paris to come to Miami with my husband and 3 daughters creating the brand Trini in Private. The Beauty Universe is dominated by men and as a woman; I would like to create a renowned International brand based on the Excellence of Elegance. Who better than a woman to address women?

You are known as a French beauty expert. Can you give our readers advise on living with French elegance and a chic lifestyle? (I would love to give readers 5 essential tips for French living– this could include decor, lifestyle, recipes, beauty, fashion tips)
It is for this reason that I have created Trini Secrets, the magazine of the group. Twice a year, I present across this magazine 68 pages of the latest trends in hair and fashion, while exploring exciting events, entertainment, and celebrity news, and information on health and wellness, dining, popular personalities and even travel. This magazine is available in each of my salons and it is also available in digital form on my website: www.triniinprivate.com. The best way to receive my daily tips is by following me on my Facebook page TriniArtist or on twitter @Trini.

Is there a quote or motto that you live by?
For business, it will be: “Client Experience and Excellence” and Personal: “Value has value only if its value is valued”

Trini Hair Salon in Brickell, Miami, Florida

Who have been your favorite or most notable clients?
It is the constant question journalists ask and all artists say that they have had such and such people in order to show off and boost their egos; I do not believe in answering such questions. These “famous people” are just like you and me and do not merit more attention (knowing that they are famous) than any of my other clients that pass through my studio. In order to respect the privacy of my clients while playing the game with the journalists, I have decided to put forth my “famous person”, who is the most famous and well-known person in this whole world and who for generations, whatever the new tendency, does not change his look. My “famous person” is Santa Claus. He has been my most loyal client for years and contrary to other “famous people” he never wants to change his look!

How do you stay inspired to create beauty?
I have the chance of having the opportunities to travel worldwide and my inspiration comes from my walks through the streets of Paris, London, New York, or Milan. Life, in general, is my source of inspiration.

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