For years and years celebrities from all over the world used wigs and hair extensions to look more beautiful. They had incredible, spectacular, almost impossible hair. They were hair extensions, even if many didn’t know it.

Today hair extensions, whether temporary or permanent, are available not only to the rich and famous, but to everyone. It is a product that, with the passage of time, has been democratized.

You have already decided to use hair extensions, but you don’t know which system is the best and most suitable for you. You are wondering what the differences are between the different types of hair extensions on the market. You’ve heard your friends talking about it, but you still don’t know what type of extension to choose for yourself. So, this informative post is for you. Learn more about hair extensions here.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Without getting too complicated we will say that they are additions to a person’s hair that can modify the length and volume of the hair.

Clarification: extensions are not only used to make hair look longer but also more voluminous. Sometimes even adding volume can make the hair look shorter.

Extensions can also change the shape of your hair – do you want to have curly hair overnight, or afro braids, dreadlocks? Hair extensions are your option to achieve the miracle.

As you probably know, there are synthetic hair extensions and natural hair extensions. Natural hair extensions are usually more expensive but also more durable and of better quality.

Permanent Hair Extensions

Permanent hair extensions can last 4 to 8 weeks before they must be removed due to deterioration or changes in the natural hair.

Permanent extensions are placed as close to the scalp as possible. This is a feature that makes them difficult to remove without the help of experts in the field.

Also, keep in mind that our hair usually grows an average of one centimeter per month. This is why permanent extensions need to be adjusted from time to time to attach them back to the hairline, near to the skull.

Installing a full set of permanent extensions can take between 2 and 4 hours. It all depends on how many extensions you decide to use and also on the skill and experience of the installer.

Temporary Hair Extensions

As the name suggests, temporary hair extensions are ideal for special occasions or for trips when you just need to have great looking hair for a limited time.

They are removable, not permanent, hair extensions. They allow you to add volume and length to your hair in a matter of minutes. You don’t need an expert to put them in.

Because of their versatility, temporary hair extensions have become a very popular and affordable option. They are easy to attach and require no prior experience.

There are two types of temporary hair extensions: clip-in and invisible thread.

The most popular temporary extensions are clip-in extensions, which are placed inconspicuously between layers of hair and secured with bobby pins or clips.

It is advisable to remove clip-in extensions before going to sleep. This is not a problem because they are easy to attach and remove. The fact that you can remove them to sleep does not affect your rest and is a very appreciated advantage for those who use this type of hair extensions.

There are also halo hair extensions, perfect for people who are short on time. They can be put in place in an instant. Invisible hair extensions, or halo hair extensions, do not damage the hair because they do not attach to the hair and do not pull out strands, making them perfect for women with fine or weak hair. Halo hair extensions are usually cheaper than clip-in hair extensions.

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