Minimal Striped Foil Mani DIY


I first have to note that I purchased this striping tape on Amazon, spent $6.00 and got 20 different colors, and each roll has TWENTY yards! I don’t understand how I’ll ever use that much striping tape, but I’m in love! This was such a fun technique to try, and I love all of the different applications and designs you can do. I went for a really varied minimal look, but you can easily make this look even more minimal with just one stripe per nail or go ham and create some amazing designs. I’m really excited to try out some different looks in the future!

–curved manicure scissors (the curve makes it easier to cut a good angle on the tape)
-polish of your choice
–top coat
–striping tape

StripingNailsStep One: Paint two coats of polish on your nails and let dry.

Step Two: Select a few of your favorite striping tape colors. I was all about the coppers and blues. Start by cutting a small amount and carefully lay on your nail. Use the scissors to press down on the tape to make sure it’s secure on your nail. Once secure and in place, use the scissors to snip the remaining tape, getting as close to the nail as possible. I even cut off just a little bit extra so nothing was layering over my nails. Use different colors and angles to finish creating your designs.

MinimalNailsDIY MinimalNailsDIY MinimalNailsDIY MinimalNailsDIY MinimalNailsDIY Step Three: Apply a good top coat and don’t forget to coat the tips of your nails to make sure everything is set nicely. Let dry completely!

I love looking down and seeing such a simple shine and design. I was impressed with how easy the tape was to work with. It laid on the nails beautifully and made it easy to create fun designs!

MinimalNailsDIY MinimalNailsDIYEnjoy your next mani night. 😉 Lots of love, Sav.

Credits // Author & Photography: Savannah Wallace and Jon Wallace. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.


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