Top 4 Monthly Beauty & Hair News Stories


Read the top 4 hair and beauty articles from the past month here.  Get tips on healthy hair, and looking and feeling your best, from Prevention, Glamour, Vogue and Buzzfeed in your ultimate guide to Viviscal hair news.

1. 6 Essential Tips for Younger-Looking Hair

prevention october hair newsLet’s face it. Over time our hair gets drier, thinner and duller. Six beauty bloggers aged 40+ spill their best-kept beauty secrets for restoring youthful bounce and shine to hair. One tip? Ageist Beauty blogger Jonell recommends Viviscal for thicker and healthier hair.

Read the full article on Prevention.com


2. Why Stacy Martin’s Waist-Length Mane Is a Case Study in Growing Out Your Hair

Vogue Sept cover - October hair newsVogue takes you step-by-step through how to get long, waist-length hair like French actress Stacy Martin. Find the best hair products – from deep conditioner to supplements – to have hair so long and healthy looking, you’ll be able to just brush it and forget it.

Read the full article on Vogue.com


3. Two Easy Ways to Get Longer, Stronger, Shinier Hair in Time for Your Wedding

Glamour October Hair NewsWhether it’s for a wedding or holiday party season, Glamour breaks down the 2 must-know tips for healthy looking, thick hair that can stand up to any updo or hairstyle. Hint: even if there’s no big event on your calendar, these are essential tips that will help you achieve your healthiest hair growth.

Read the full article on Glamour.com


4. Here’s What You Actually Need to Know About Growing Out Your Hair

buzzfeed october hair newsWhen you’re desperate for length, growing out your hair can feel like watching grass grow. Buzzfeed gives you all the expert tips and tricks you must know to help grow out your hair in no time, including clinically proven Viviscal, as recommended by Florence Comite, M.D.

Read the full article at Buzzfeed

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