During the winter months, it is easy to give way to holiday euphoria and forget about our health. And our health needs special attention in this period. Here are some tips for you to get through this winter: not only by staying healthy but also happy and beautiful.

Eat Good Food

Eating good quality food is much more than eating a lot of fish, nuts, root vegetables, taking in a lot of proteins, and drinking fresh smoothies. It also means reducing junk food, for example. Also, try to buy only seasonal food, as fruits and vegetables that don’t naturally grow in this period tend to have a lot of pesticides in them. And they are likely to have very bad or no taste.

Experimenting with raw food could be another life hack for this winter. You don’t have to be a vegan to add vegan recipes to your diet, swapping out a meal or two a week will be a good start to get more veggies.

It is a good idea to take food supplements, to help your body fight the cold and disease. Vitamins D, C, and A are crucial, as well as Zink and Iron.


I believe there is no reason to stress the importance of drinking enough water. This is especially important for the winter months, as the normal functioning of our immune and digestive systems depends on it. It is time to try some exotic teas and learn new potage recipes.

Reduce Alcohol

Too much alcohol intake can be tempting, especially when nights are long, there’s not much to do outside, and you come home tired and stressed out. But it is something you should definitely avoid during winter for several reasons. First of all, as every hungover reminds you, it severely dehydrates the body. If dehydrated, the body is weakened and prone to disease. Actually, studies have shown that alcohol directly suppresses the immune system.

Stay Active

When at home, tucked in and cozy next to a heating device, It can be hard to make yourself go out for your regular exercise routine. Although it can be easier than ever to be lazy, find ways to keep yourself active. If you don’t want to go outside, introduce some online yoga classes or dancing exercises you can do at home.

Skincare And Haircare

Skin is our largest organ, and during winter it is exposed to harsh cold weather. Therefore, it needs special care. The face and hands are especially prone to damage and become dry, rough, or itchy. It would be best to prevent damage and start with nourishing treatments in the autumn or simply put coconut oil before you go outside. However, if the skin becomes dry, use glycerin creams or whatever treatment you found best for your skin type.

Also, you need SPF for your face during winter as well.

As for the hair, to prevent it from drying out, wear a hat regularly, use a home humidifier, and give your hair some oil treatment. If you want to stay beautiful while being eco-friendly, try out some zero-waste shampoo.

Layered Clothing

Ask any skier or snowboarder, and they will tell you about the importance of layered clothing during winter. Instead of wearing a too thick sweater, it is better to have several t-shirts you can easily remove when you change from cold to heated spaces. With layered clothing, it is not only the clothes that keep you warm but also the tiny spaces of air in between. Besides, if you can easily remove layers when you’re inside, you will prevent sweating, and you know that having wet clothes in the cold can be dangerous.

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