Having been a tanning bed regular in my high school years (almost every day at the tanning salon), I’ve been trying to avoid “getting sun” as much as possible as I get older to try and mitigate some of that damage. Big sunhats, rash guards, etc., are my best friends. BUT, I miss the glow and even skin tone that a tan could give.

I remember getting my first spray tan in maybe 2002? Wow, things have come a long way since then. The orange-tinted nightmare has now become, in some cases, a very convincing substitute for the real deal! So grateful for that. My favorite kind of tan is an airbrush tan where someone has the spray machine and they do it manually.

It’s usually not cheap, but proper preparation can have a major effect on how long your spray tan investment lasts. Here is the timeline I follow that’s given the best results:

Five days to 8 hours before your spray tan:

I like to start my exfoliating/hydrating routine about 3-5 days before my spray tan and carry it through until the night before—this way your skin is really optimally exfoliated and moisturized instead of a “last-ditch effort” the night before.

I absolutely love this scrub from First Aid Beauty. I have keratosis pilaris and this really helps with that as well as being a great physical exfoliant. My favorite “scrubbing” tip is to actually exfoliate in gentle circles—this works just as well as a firm touch. Scrubbing hard is only going to inflame your skin, so be sweet to it. 🙂

My custom lotion from Function Of Beauty (use that link for 20% off your first order) is my favorite for quick and easy hydration.

I’ve recently started incorporating dry brushing into my routine again after years of not doing it, and I feel like dry brushing before your shower really helps to exfoliate even further.

Twenty-four to 12 hours before your appointment:

If you wax, wax at least 24 hours before your appointment.

I shave, so I normally do that the night before my spray tan—at least 12 hours before.

Day of spray tan:

Take a shower so your skin is clean (remember, do not shave or wax!), and do not put any oil or lotion on your skin afterward. Anything on your skin could lead to the tan not developing correctly or getting streaky/blotchy. If you’re worried about certain areas being too dry and taking on too much of the tanning solution, your salon should have a special oil-free lotion that you can apply to places like your nail beds and knuckles.

Be sure to wear loose clothing! Anything that rubs against your skin right after your spray tan will disrupt the tan’s development—I even go so far as to not wear a bra because I know that will leave marks.

Avoid sweating after your appointment. I usually wait until I wash off the tan for the first time to exercise or do anything I know will make me really sweaty.

Be sure to wait the appropriate amount of time before showering. Depending on what type of spray tan you get, there will be a period of time you’ll need to wait while the tan fully develops. Your esthetician/tech will tell you this info!

After your spray tan:

Hydrating is going to be key to prolonging the life of your tan—the dryer your skin, the more it’s going to flake off and disrupt your tan. This gradual tanning lotion from Vita Liberata made a spray tan I had last for 12 days—it was incredible and I swear by it!

Obviously, you have to shower, but the more you shower or are in the pool, you are shortening the life of your tan. I find that using a gradual tan lotion like the one above helps so much if you’re on a beach vacation or something where you’re in the water a lot.

I hope this was helpful, and if you have any favorite spray tan prep/maintenance tips, please share them below! xo Keely

Credits // Author: Keely Rust. Photography: Amber Kelly.

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Transitioning from conventional chemical-filled deodorant is one of the best things you can do for your health and your body. While there are a ton of great solid and spray deodorants on the market that are natural and organic, sometimes making your own product at home is more fun, saves you heaps of money, and you can also customize it exactly to your liking.

You can also control exactly what goes into your deodorant spray so you can make the simplest and cleanest product possible. Oftentimes, if you are not careful, natural brands can sneak a lot of unwanted ingredients into their products. Even though those ingredients might be much less bad than those found in conventional deodorant, many people still want to avoid those types of additives.

Although it might seem overwhelming and difficult, making your own natural deodorant spray at home is about as simple as it can get. It requires very few ingredients, it is budget-friendly, and it is likely that you have most of the ingredients in your home already. But if making your own deodorant at home just is not your style, check out the 10 best natural and organic deodorants, here!


For the base of the spray you will need the following ingredients:

  • Organic vodka
  • Distilled water

If you do not have organic vodka, you can also use another organic high-proof alcohol as well. Gin, whiskey, bourbon, or tequila are all great options as well! You will want to use organic alcohol if at all possible to make sure you are not spraying chemicals and pesticides on your underarms.

Alcohol is often made from potatoes, sugar cane, and wheat, which are all crops that are either GMO or heavily sprayed with pesticides. Roundup is generally sprayed on GMO crops since the crops are resistant to this type of pesticide. Roundup is a known human carcinogen and can cause cancer, reproductive issues, and birth defects.

Ocean Vodka Organic
Popular Pesticide Free Vodka

There are many great brands that produce healthy organic spirits. Ocean Vodka makes a very high-quality organic vodka that is always a good option.

For the natural fragrance you will need any combination of the following:

  • Rose essential oil
  • Ylang ylang essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Geranium essential oil
  • Jasmine essential oil
  • Chamomile essential oil
  • Clary sage essential oil
  • Juniper essential oil
  • Or any other floral essential oil of your liking. The possibilities are endless!

Of course, you will also need a spray water bottle as well. To keep your essential oils fresh and safe, you will want to use a dark glass water bottle with a spray nozzle. You can find inexpensive dark glass bottles often at your local health food market or you can simply buy them online.

Simple Spray Bottle
Simple Spray Bottle Example

You can make multiple deodorant sprays at a time because they keep well due to the high alcohol content. But you can also make one at a time if you prefer a freshly made deodorant spray. These sprays are super flexible!

When making your fragrance for your deodorant spray, you can use any combination of the oils above or any other floral essential oils you have and love. Some lovely combinations are:

  • Rose, chamomile, lavender
  • Ylang ylang, juniper, geranium
  • Rose and lavender
  • Jasmine and clary sage
  • Chamomile and jasmine
  • Juniper, clary sage, rose
  • Geranium and chamomile


  1. Fill your spray bottle with half vodka or other spirit and fill the rest with distilled water.
  2. Add 10 drops of each essential oil per 1 oz.
  3. Shake the mixture together.
  4. Spray 1 to 2 sprays under your underarms in the morning and freshen up at any time throughout the day.
  5. Keep your floral deodorant spray in a cool, dry, and dark place to keep it fresh for as long as possible. A great place to keep your spray is in a bathroom cabinet.
  6. Each time you use your spray, make sure to give it a good shake to ensure the essential oils in the bottle distribute through the liquid adequately. Essential oils will float on the top of the water, so if you want to essential oils to spray out well, shaking vigorously in an important step!

And your DIY natural, organic, floral deodorant spray is done! This is an incredibly easy spray to whip up that will keep your pets smelling fresh and dry all day long. As with most natural deodorant options, you will still find you sweat a bit more than when you use conventional deodorant with aluminum as the main ingredient. Aluminum clogs the sweat glands in your armpits and that is why you do not sweat when using an aluminum-based antiperspirant.

However, you will still find your pits sweat less than if you used nothing at all. Over time, your armpits will adjust and detox from conventional deodorant as well, which makes you sweat less naturally. It is a win-win scenario.

This article was last updated on November 23, 2021 .

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13 Homemade Makeup Setting Spray


These homemade makeup setting spray recipes are sure to replace chemical sprays. Most of these recipes are made using natural and non-toxic ingredients!

1. Witch Hazel Makeup Setting Spray

Homemade Makeup Setting Spray1

This mildly hydrating makeup spray has Witch hazel that fights bacteria buildup from putting excess makeup and rose that rejuvenates dull skin, lending a youthful glow to it. Follow this hack by The Indian Spot

2. Homemade Makeup Setting Spray

Homemade Makeup Setting Spray2

Loaded with skin-friendly ingredients like aloe, glycerin, and Witch hazel, this multi-purpose makeup setting spray keeps makeup from melting off your face while shielding you from sunburn on summer days.  Get complete instructions here.

3. DIY Green Tea Acne Homemade Makeup Setting Spray3

If you’re sensitive to most of the ingredients that go into making a setting spray, consider using the most skin-friendly beauty product ever-green tea bags! Get the step-by-step instructions here.

4. DIY Homemade Makeup Setting Spray Homemade Makeup Setting Spray4

For a non-greasy matte finish to your everyday makeup, consider finishing up with a DIY makeup setting spray without glycerin. Make your own with this recipe here.

5. DIY Natural Aloe Vera Setting Spray

Homemade Makeup Setting Spray5

How would you like a setting spray that gives a cooling sensation with every spritz, smells heavenly and does wonders to dull skin! This aloe vera spray does all of that and more!

6. DIY Glycerin Setting Spray

Homemade Makeup Setting Spray6

Refresh your makeup from time to time with the spring-like smells of this Witch Hazel setting spray which not also revives your beauty but also tightens pores, making it a staple for warm weather. Click here for the complete recipe.

7. DIY Rose Water Setting Spray

Homemade Makeup Setting Spray7

With glycerin, rose water and Witch hazel, this lightly textured setting spray has a fine balance of oils that moisturize and liven up your face at the same time. Get the details here.

8. DIY Homemade Makeup Setting Spray with Alcohol

Homemade Makeup Setting Spray8

Infused with scented oils and glycerin, this humectant-rich setting spray helps seal makeup and moisture in the skin, giving you a salon look at a frugal cost. Try creating it yourself with this DIY.

9. DIY Makeup Setting Spray With Essential Oil

Homemade Makeup Setting Spray9

This neutral pH makeup setting spray keeps excess oil production in check, giving you a smudge-free, smooth look even when you’re traveling all day. Follow the instructions here.

10. DIY Lavender Makeup Setting Spray

Homemade Makeup Setting Spray10

Enriched with lavender and Ylang Ylang oils that have proven benefits in mood elevation and skin rejuvenation, this makeup setting spray keeps you looking fresh all day. Make your own version with this recipe here.

11. Rubbing Alcohol Makeup Setting Spray

Homemade Makeup Setting Spray11

This light, rose water-based makeup fixer is easy on the skin, highlighting your makeup naturally, and adding hydration without leaving gritty residues behind. Get more details here.

12. Homemade Makeup Fixing & Finishing Spray

Homemade Makeup Setting Spray12

Using the all-powerful glycerin as the base, this two-minute makeup fixer makes your makeup last longer, giving you a dewy look. Get the tutorial here.

13. DIY Vitamin E Capsule Setting Spray

This mood and makeup enhancer spray have powerful anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that stop acne on its tracks, and hydrate skin, giving you a smooth and supple sheen that looks natural. Make your own bottle with these instructions here.

If you have any more homemade makeup setting spray recipes to share with us, comment down your suggestions below!

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DIY Makeup Setting Spray- click through for the full tutorial!

Here we are with another beauty post! Can you tell we love makeup and skincare? And though we enjoy doing our makeup every day, it can be rough on our skin. So when we can, we opt for natural products that will nourish and moisturize our skin as opposed to some harsh ingredients that dry it out.

Makeup setting spray is necessary when you want your makeup to blend together flawlessly and last all day long. It tends to be costly, and since we use setting spray every day, we go through bottle after bottle. To save some money and our skin, we decided to make our own! Since we’re into DIY skincare, we had all of the ingredients at home, which is a huge money saver!

DIY Makeup Setting Spray- click through for the full tutorial!

6 ounce spray bottle
vegetable glycerin
witch hazel
essential oil
vinyl stickers (optional)

DIY Makeup Setting Spray- click through for the full tutorial!

Step One: First, add two tablespoons of glycerin to your spray bottle using a funnel.

DIY Makeup Setting Spray- click through for the full tutorial!

Step Two: Next you’re going to add 8 tablespoons of rose water to your bottle.

DIY Makeup Setting Spray- click through for the full tutorial!

Step Three: Add two tablespoons of witch hazel to your mixture.

Step Four: Next up, add 4 tablespoons of water to your bottle.

DIY Makeup Setting Spray- click through for the full tutorial!

Step Five: Last but not least, add 4 drops of essential oil to your bottle. We used citrus oil so the spray wakes up your face, but you can use lavender or any other oil you’d like!

DIY Makeup Setting Spray- click through for the full tutorial!

Step Six: Now shake it up! Mix it all together so everything is cohesive.

DIY Makeup Setting Spray- click through for the full tutorial!

Step Seven: This step is optional, but we added some vinyl letters to our spray to jazz it up a bit!

DIY Makeup Setting Spray- click through for the full tutorial!

DIY Makeup Setting Spray- click through for the full tutorial! This setting spray smells amazing, and it will make your face feel refreshed and hydrated! Which is all we really want in the morning, right? Try making your own and you’ll never go back to store-bought makeup setting spray! Britta & Carli Garsow

Credits // Author and Photography: Britta & Carli Garsow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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