Amala Skin Perfecting AHA Sleep Serum Review


There are so many serums you can choose from it can be overwhelming finding the right one for you, but this AHA sleep serum might just be your ticket, and we are going to dig deep into it to see how it stacks us. 

Amala’s Skin Perfecting AHA Sleep Serum is definitely going to be on your list of must-try skin serums. Today, we are going to take a further look at the ingredients, the benefits, how to use this skin serum, and rounding it off with our final thoughts. 

The Ingredients

Their formula is gluten-free, vegan, pregnancy-safe, and made with absolutely no synthetic fragrances. They also include cold-pressed oils in this serum which means nothing is processed in high heat temperatures so the ingredients retain all of their vitamins and minerals. Absolutely nothing is stripped from it. 

Amala also uses special bio-fermented ingredients, which are naturally packed full of probiotics that can be easily absorbed into your body and your skin for maximum results and benefits. 

The three main key ingredients in this serum include: 

  • 5% AHA fruit complex: lactic and glycolic fruit acid help improve cell renewal and skin texture. It also helps brighten skin tone, reduce pore size, and smoothen fine lines.  
  • GABA amino acids: amino acids help relax the appearance of fine lines, expression lines, and deeper lines and promote optimal skin elasticity and smoothness. 
  • Licorice root extract: this is a botanical that is anti-inflammatory to help calm the effects of AHA. Licorice root also brightens the skin with its powerful component called glycyrrhizic.

How to Use

Amala Skin Perfecting AHA Sleep Serum How to Use

To use this serum, wash your face before use and then put a pearl-sized amount into your hands. Press into your skin every night but avoid the sensitive eye area. You might feel a slight tingling sensation upon application but this will go away. 

When using this product, you must wear sunscreen since it can cause some photosensitivity. The following morning, apply your favorite sunscreen and go on with your day! It is as simple as that. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, we really like this AHA sleep face serum because it is powerful and you can just apply it at night and forget about it! It works its magic as you are sleeping and you get to wake up with skin that looks fresh and youthful. 

We do suggest if you have sensitive skin that can get irritated easily, you may not want to use this product or proceed with caution. The natural acids in this formula are safe and effective but can be irritating for some people. 

In the end, this face serum is an awesome option if you are looking to smooth your skin’s texture, improve fine lines and deeper lines, and gently exfoliate your skin as you sleep. You are going t love waking up in the mornings to smoother and extra glowy skin. 

This article was last updated on August 5, 2021 .

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5 Steps to Amazing Skin While You Sleep


Every night while you’re sleeping, your body goes into reboot mode to repair the damage done during the day to your muscles, immune system, digestive system, and more—and your skin is no exception! While I’m obviously all about daytime beauty, how you treat your skin at the end of the day is major—it can make all the difference in whether your skin is surviving or thriving. Here are five of my favorite tips for treating your skin while you’re catchin’ some Z’s …

1. Always cleanse before bed

Let me preface this post by saying aging is a natural process and nothing to be ashamed of! We shouldn’t be afraid of it, but why would we want to speed it up? There’s a nugget that used to float around when I worked for Sephora: For every night you don’t remove your makeup before bed, it ages your skin by seven days. I’ve looked into this little factoid, and while there are no studies I’ve found to back up the “seven days” claim, there is plenty of evidence that not taking off your makeup pre-slumber is a detriment to your skin.

Makeup acts like a blanket over your pores, and that blanket makes it hard for your skin to get oxygen, which slows down the process of cell turnover. Cell turnover is when new skin cells make their way up to the surface of your skin and replace older cells. As you can imagine, newer skin cells are healthier and they look healthier, too! By washing away dirt and debris, makeup, and other undesirables from our skin, we’ve given it the best chance to renew itself efficiently.

If you’re someone who has a hard time remembering to cleanse (and can’t get out of bed once you’re there!), I recommend keeping some micellar water or skincare wipes at your bedside. We love these wipes from Ursa Major and these from Kaia Naturals because they don’t dry our skin out at all. Even though a cleanse with warm water is the creme de la creme to begin a PM skincare regimen, getting that makeup and top layer of grime off is better than nothing!

2. Try a heavier/richer cream or serum

Our skin works hard to heal itself and generate new cells overnight, so I like to try and give mine some extra boosts where I can. Ultra nourishing/rich products are perfect for nighttime because they’re packed with lots of nutrients, imparting extra goodness into the skin while helping it do its job. If you have products that make your skin feel great but they leave you feeling a little too “dewy” (some others may say greasy, haha) while they soak in during in the daytime, letting them work through their process overnight is probably their perfect fit.

I typically do a balm (like this one from Leahlani or ILO’s signature formula, which is billed as a body balm but it’s great for the face) or an oil overnight, and if I’m especially dry I’ll go ahead and use both.

Remember that not just your facial skin is working to repair itself overnight—I always use this lip mask from Bite Beauty and the Eu’Genia Shea tin is my go-to for the décolletage.

3. Use a satin pillowcase (and change it regularly!)

Great for skin and hair, satin pillowcases are a quick and easy way to upgrade your nightly routine. Cotton can absorb skin’s natural oils (oils that you want to stick around for skin health) and can create deep creases in your skin, leading to premature wrinkles. Satin helps keep your skin hydrated and on a smooth and soft surface through the night—eight hours is a long time for your face to be on a pillow! Satin options also reduce breakage and frizz in hair when compared to their cotton counterparts. We love Slip as a nice gift or a more long-term investment, and Amazon has some great budget options.

The key to a satin pillowcase: change it at least once a week! It won’t do much good if there are built up skincare products and dead skin cells (ew, I know, but it’s the truth) against your skin all night!

4. Try a humidifier for dry skin

Humidifiers can be amazing for the hydration of your skin, especially in the winter time if you’re in a chillier climate and are heating your home. Moisture on our skin is just like any other type—when the atmosphere is dry enough, that source of moisture will evaporate. If our skin is constantly in a dry environment, you can see how it would be hard to maintain hydration. A humidifier in your bedroom is an amazing source of hydration—it doesn’t matter if you use cool or warm mist, you should notice a difference pretty quickly if you’ve been struggling with dehydrated, dull, and flaky skin (don’t forget to drink lots of fluids, too!).

Of course, these little machines are also wonderful for keeping your environment less desirable for viruses to live and thrive, and can help you breathe easier at night if you’re not feeling so great. This is the one I use and I really love it. We have one that’s big enough to cover the area of our living room, but there are many different sizes of diffusers to suit your preferences. Our plants love this little guy, too, and are always happier after they’ve gotten some humidity in the colder months. 🙂

5. Get a good night’s rest

With all our skin does for us while we sleep, it’s important to give it time to work its magic! As I’m sure you know, getting ample sleep is imperative to your entire body functioning at its best. While life sometimes has other plans like kiddos and pets that need attention in the middle of the night or noisy neighbors, there are a few easy things that can help you drift off quickly and get good quality sleep.

  • Using a satin sleep mask or eye pillow can help block out light.
  • A waves or rain noise-maker app (there are some good free ones in the App Store) can help drown out ambient noise and give you something to focus on as you drift off.
  • Diffusing a soothing oil can help send a signal to your mind that it’s time to sleep.
  • I love taking a shot of tart cherry juice before bed—it’s packed with antioxidants and is a natural source of melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone.

It’s amazing how much our body does for us while we sleep. By incorporating even a few of these tips into your nighttime routine, you’ll be left with happier and healthier skin. If you have any favorite nighttime skincare tips, let us know below! Sweet dreams, friends. 🙂

Credits//Author: Keely Rust. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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You probably already know that not getting enough sleep at night can have negative effects on your health. But can it cause hair loss? Keep reading to learn more about the link between sleep and hair loss.

Can Lack of Sleep Cause Hair Loss?

Many factors can lead to slow hair growth and hair loss. And believe it or not, sleep is one of those factors. Why? A few reasons:

  • Sleep is when your body repairs itself from the inside out. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body is forced to prioritize your most important components for repair. Unfortunately, your body considers hair to be non-essential (even if we consider it to be very essential!). So if you’re not getting enough sleep, the cells in your hair follicles won’t be able to regenerate properly.
  • Your hair follicles require an adequate amount of high-quality sleep to create new proteins for your hair. Hair is made out of protein, so without enough sleep, your hair growth may suffer. Slowed hair growth means that your follicles aren’t able to replace hair that is shed as part of the natural growth cycle. Over time, this can mean thinning hair.
  • During sleep, your body releases hormones and enzymes that are necessary for regular hair growth. A lack of sleep means that your body isn’t producing enough of these hormones and enzymes.
  • Lack of sleep can also increase stress levels, which may contribute to hair loss.

lack of sleep can cause hair loss

Fighting Sleep Deprivation Hair Loss

The solution? More sleep, of course! Here are few pointers to help you get your beauty rest:

  1. Keep your room cool. Most sleep experts recommend a temperature of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Take a melatonin supplement like Viviscal Hair Therapy Beauty Rest.
  3. Keep your room as dark as possible. Cover electronics (like an alarm clock) and use blackout curtains.
  4. Set a bedtime that allows you to get at least 7 hours of sleep.
  5. Stick to a consistent bedtime and wake time, even on the weekends.
  6. Avoid caffeine after lunchtime.
  7. Don’t nap for more than 30 minutes during the day.
  8. Keep your room quiet. If you prefer, you can use a white noise machine or a fan to drown out any outside noises.
  9. Avoid looking at your phone or other tech devices at least one hour before bedtime.
  10. Avoid large meals before bed. If you’re hungry, have a light snack.
  11. Avoid alcohol before bedtime.
  12. Exercise during the day can help you fall asleep more easily at night, but don’t exercise close to bedtime.
  13. Establish a relaxing bedtime routine to help signal to your body that it’s time to go to sleep. For example, you might meditate, journal, or listen to calm music.
  14. Additionally, eating a nutrient-rich diet can help to mitigate some of the harmful effects of sleep deprivation on your hair. To fully support your hair follicles, try Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements.

Viviscal provides a clinically proven solution for men and women suffering from fine or thinning hair to achieve, thicker, fuller, and healthier hair in 3–6 months*. Viviscal is formulated with key hair-loving ingredients like Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin C, Iron, and Niacin plus AminoMarTM, a proprietary marine complex found exclusively in Viviscal supplements.

In clinical studies, women saw a 32% increase in the number of terminal hairs and a nearly 40% decrease in hair shedding/loss in just 3 months+. When taken as part of a healthy lifestyle (including more sleep!) Viviscal may encourage healthier, thicker-looking hair.

Do you have any tips for getting more sleep that we didn’t list here? Let us know in the comment section below!

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