For more than 20 years, Viviscal has been the hero hair product of model, actress and mother Molly Sims that she simply could not keep to herself. Now Molly is sharing her story of how Viviscal saved her signature blonde hair from serious thinning and damage, and why it’s still her go-to product even after all these years. Here, Molly shares her five must-have hair and beauty secrets for a healthy, happy summer.

My 5 Must-Have Summer Hair & Beauty Secrets

by Molly Sims

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a long summer day. A perfect day is one where I can stay in my swimsuit all day long! So I need to keep my summer routine super-simple and quick. The less time I spend getting ready, the more time I have outside in the sun.

Over the years, I’ve gotten some amazing summer hair and beauty tips that I love sharing with all my girls, so I’ve pulled together a few of my faves for the Viviscal blog. We’re talking hair and makeup secrets. I have to be real with you — I’m showing some love to Viviscal and its blog readers because Viviscal has seriously been my go-to hero product for healthy, happy hair for more than 20 years. It keeps my hair healthy all summer long. And let’s face it, with the sun, salt and chlorine, our hair needs a healthy boost right now more than ever! See five of my all-time favorite summer beauty secrets below…

1. Thick, Healthy Hair – For Real!

Of course, you already know that Viviscal is my secret to restore thin, unhealthy hair! UV rays, salt and chlorine can do a number on hair causing major damage and dryness. If you’re not careful, by September, your hair could look pretty fried. (Eek!) So I’m super-careful to stay consistent taking my two Viviscal tablets every day, especially through the summer. The supplement has a unique combo of marine proteins, vitamins and minerals that help my follicles grow my hair strong and healthy. If you haven’t tried Viviscal yet (and seriously, what are you waiting for?!) take my advice. It can take a few months to see real hair growth results but if you start taking your two Viviscal pills a day now, then healthy, thick hair can be yours by fall!*


Photo credit: Erica Hampton

2. No-Heat Easy Beach Waves

The summer sun is so drying to hair, so don’t add to the damage with your heat tools! Give the flat iron and curling wand a rest and try these air-dried, no-heat beach waves. This look actually uses the summer heat and humidity to your advantage to help enhance your waves. To achieve this look, you only need four products: styling cream, sea salt spray, dry shampoo (I just discovered Batiste™ Dry Shampoo this summer and I love it!) and a lightweight hair oil. Hint: you really can get this look with no heat. But if you can’t resist using your curling iron just a little to polish the look, keep it at a lower heat setting to minimize damage.

3. Master the Modern Pony

Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean my summer style has to suffer. I LOVE a good pony and this modern ponytail is a must for summer nights out because it’s full of non-frizzy volume. (Yes, I said non-frizzy!) It looks great even in heat and humidity and all it takes is a flexible-hold hairspray, dry shampoo, texturizing paste plus a few everyday tools (paddle brush, teasing comb and blow-dry clips). Seriously, this look takes five minutes or less! Beat the heat and look chic with this modern pony tutorial that’s oh-so-easy to do.

4. Don’t Bake! Fake a Summer Glow

We all want a healthy glow but these days I know better than to expose my skin to sun damage. Over the years, I found great makeup products and tricks to fake a healthy, sun-kissed glow without risking lines or sun spots. No, thank you! See a few of my favorite products and how to apply them here.

5. The No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial

When the weather gets warm, I cannot wait to ditch those heavy winter clothes for flowy sundresses. Just like my wardrobe, warm weather also makes me want to lighten up my makeup and let my skin breathe. If you’re like me, you’re not so ready to walk out of the house totally bare-faced, so check out this no-makeup makeup tutorial to give you a flawless au naturel look. It may look like a lot of steps, but trust me, this routine is surprisingly easy to pull off and will make you feel confident, beautiful and just the right amount of glowy, even in the heat of summer.


Photo credit: Erica Hampton

I hope you love these hassle-free summer beauty secrets. Give them a try and then get out there and enjoy your summer! xo

(Featured photo, top: Erica Hampton)

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