Serum is a skincare product that is typically used to target specific skin concerns, such as aging, acne, or uneven skin tone. It is applied to the skin after cleansing and toning, but before moisturizing.

Serums are usually more lightweight and penetrative than other skincare products, such as creams or lotions, and contain a higher concentration of active ingredients. They are designed to work on the deeper layers of the skin to help improve the overall appearance and health of the skin.

Some common ingredients found in face serums include antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and retinol. Serums can be used to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brighten the skin, and improve skin texture and tone.

What is a Skin Serum?

Skin serums are water or oil-based, and they are made with added ingredients that make your skin healthier and more youthful-looking. This might be retinol, vitamin C, or even essential oils that can improve skin firmness, texture, and appearance.

Skin serums are concentrated and are meant to be used after you have washed your face and before you moisturize before going to bed. Many of these products are intended to be washed off your face in the morning so that your skin can take a break from the active ingredients in the mixture. This is one of the best ways to take care of your skin at any age.

How Does Skin Serum Work?

Skin serum delivers a concentrated amount of healthy ingredients that allow your face to be moisturized, heal, and have a lovely and even tone. This is a product that is meant to be applied lightly and slept in overnight when your skin is healing itself. Skin serums often come in varying levels of care, or they might be made for skin of different ages.

Skin serum seals in moisture allow your skin access to essential nutrients, and they can also provide support for the rejuvenation of aging skin. Skin serum will help with the skin’s pH balance as well as allow it to heal and look its best.

You will want to apply a few drops of your skin serum of choice after you have washed your face and before you put on your daily moisturizer. Being able to sleep with this product on your face is a big step up from the use of short-duration mask products that have to be washed off right away. Skin serums can work all night long because they are light enough not to make a mess and comfortable enough to be slept in.

Skin Serum Can Completely Change Your Skin

If you have been struggling with breakouts, rashes, or dry and flaky skin, a skin serum product can greatly improve your skin’s well-being. These products are also made to help treat acne and to make it easier to manage skin that suffers from being oily or very dry. A skin serum will also improve the appearance of aging skin so that you can get your youthful glow back again.

This article was last updated on December 28, 2022 .

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There are various reasons that you might use vitamin C serum. This is a new er product on the skincare scene, but it has shown some really amazing results for a lot of different skincare needs. For those with wrinkles, age spots, or acne, vitamin C serum might be the perfect solution. These treatments are a little more expensive than some other skincare products that do the same thing, but vitamin C serum can be an ideal solution for these needs.

How do you Use Vitamin C Serum?

Vitamin C Serum is meant to be used to stimulate collagen production and to help clear up skin irritation and blemishes. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and it can help detoxify skin while also making it look brighter and healthier. You will also see improvements in blocked pores and blackheads when using this skincare treatment.

You will want to use vitamin C serum twice a day in most cases. You can apply after you cleanse and tone, then moisturize afterward. Many people use their vitamin C serum overnight, at least. You may or may not want to wash your face in the morning, depending upon what your skin serum brand recommends for the use of their product. Some serums products are made with different strengths, which might not be right for everyone.

Downsides of Vitamin C Serum

There are a few downsides to the use of vitamin C serum, but some people do find that their skin is too sensitive to use it. You might also need to use this product a few times a week and not daily if your skin does not respond well to daily treatments. Also, be sure that you check that you are using your serum product according to the directions from the manufacturer. User error might be the reason that you do not have good results with your product of choice.

As with any other product that helps to firm and plump your skin, be sure that you are not applying vitamin C serum to skin that is inflamed already. If you have a sunburn or some other kind of rash, you might need to take a break from the use of your skin serum until the rash or burn is gone. Allowing your skin to have a break from your vitamin C serum might be needed if you have selected the wrong strength of serum as well.

Vitamin C Serum Can Make Your Skin Look Great

If you have been struggling with wrinkles, age spots, or acne, you might want to add vitamin C serum to your skincare routine. This can be one of the most helpful products for clear, healthy, and blemish-free skin that is on the market today. Always make sure to use your serum per manufacturer instructions so that you can have great results from adding it to your routine.

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It is no secret that face serums are spendy. It can be pretty hard on your wallet to invest in all of the skincare products that you might prefer to use every day to keep your skin looking great. And what if you run out of your favorite skin serum?

Knowing what you can use to make homemade skin serums can help you replace your expensive facial care products with effective and gentle homemade products. You might actually find that you like your homemade skincare serum more than the one that you were spending so much to buy!

What is a Skin Serum?

Facial serums are usually made with oil or water as a base, and they include targeted nutrients that are intended to reduce the appearance of lines or wrinkles, give your skin a youthful glow, and provide deep moisturizing benefits.

These products might also include retinol or other collagen ingredients that are intended to help the skin to repair itself and look rejuvenated.

What to Use Instead of Face Serum

The first thing that you will need to do is pick oil to be your base. You will want to choose something like grapeseed oil, Tamanu oil, or even apricot kernel oil. You can also use hemp seed oil, rosehip seed oil, sweet almond oil, or avocado oil. For a really light moisturizing experience, Jojoba oil and sunflower oil are also really effective.

You can add aloe vera to your serum mix or glycerin, which is a natural humectant. Vitamin C, rosewater, and essential oils can all be added to your serum product as well. It is always a good idea to start out simple and add additional things like essential oils once you know your skin will tolerate the oil you have chosen and the included ingredients for skin firming and toning.

Be sure that you are using a small amount of all of these substances and that you have the right proportions in place. Following a recipe can be really helpful so that you can create the right blend of ingredients for healthy skin that does not break out or end up getting inflamed due to your serum treatment.

You Can Use Natural Products in Place of Expensive Skin Serums

If you are tired of breaking the bank by buying skincare serums, you should consider making your own serum instead. The healthy ingredients that you can add to your own serum are not hard to source, and you will have great results from your homemade product, just as you would with a spendy serum you bought at a store. Always be sure to use a recipe to mix up your serum, and make sure to do a patch test before applying it to your entire face.

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to break the bank, and these serum replacement options can be much more affordable and equally beneficial.

This article was last updated on December 22, 2022 .

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Vitamin C serum can be very helpful for a variety of skin care needs. This is an increasingly popular product to help brighten skin, improve the appearance of wrinkles, and help reduce signs of aging. For those with sensitive skin, it can be particularly important that this product is not left on the face for too long during each treatment.

Knowing how to use vitamin C serum is really important so that you do not harm your skin. Everyone has a different tolerance point for skin serums since they are highly concentrated, so you will need to make sure that you use care when getting started with the use of this kind of skincare product in your routine.

The timing of your application is just as important as the duration of the time that it remains on your face. You will want to be sure that you do not apply in the morning if you have sensitive skin, as this could increase your risk of sun sensitivity during the day. Make sure that you apply this kind of serum according to the instructions of your particular skin serum as well.

Most vitamin c serums are made to be applied overnight and not washed off until the morning. For those with really sensitive skin, it can be ideal for applying to your skin for about an hour or two and then proceeding with your regular nightly skincare routine. For those with less sensitive skin, wearing your serum overnight and then washing it off can be the right way to use this product.

You should also follow the instructions related to the frequency of use of this product carefully. This is not usually a product that can be used more often than once a week or so. For those with sensitive skin, this might be the best protocol, no matter what the serum product says about the frequency of application. It is always wise to start out using this kind of product on a small patch of skin to see how your skin will react to its use. Some people are far more sensitive to its effects than others, and this will give you a test patch to refer to when deciding how to use vitamin C serum for your skincare needs.

Always start out using your vitamin C serum with less frequency than stated on the packaging. If your skin is very sensitive, this might be the tolerance point for your skin’s comfort. You can try to increase your application pattern to meet the recommendations of the product’s makers, but if you do not get the best results this way, just return to the level of application frequency which makes your skin look its best.

This article was last updated on November 18, 2022 .

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What Does Vitamin C Serum Do? (Answered)


One of the newest trends in skincare that has taken the beauty world by storm is vitamin c serum. These serums promise to make your skin brighter, tighter, and healthier. But what do these products actually do for your skin? The more that you know about the way that your skin care products work, the better you will be at deciding which kind of products are right for your needs.

Serums are lightweight and thin products that are easy to spread over the skin. They are typically made with highly potent ingredients. In the case of vitamin C serum, the goal of applying this product is to help prevent aging and to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This product also brightens the skin and gives the skin more tone.

These products work by causing the skin to swell slightly, which helps to make lines less visible. The vitamin C in this serum will also help to bring color back to the skin, and it can offer a firming effect that can last for a couple of weeks after each application. You will have to be sure that you do a test patch of treatment with your vitamin C serum before you apply it to your whole face, however. Vitamin C can be very inflammatory to some people’s skin, and this kind of serum could actually cause your skin to break out or become very red.

If you have never tried this kind of skin treatment, you should probably begin with a serum that is not as highly concentrated as products that are made for people who have been using these treatments for some time. Your skin might also simply be too sensitive for the regular formula of these products. Doing some research should help you to get a product that is made for sensitive skin if you are worried about breakouts and rashes.

Vitamin C serum can be a big benefit to those who want to slow down the aging process. You can also help your skin to be brighter and smoother with vitamin C serum, no matter what age you are. While this is usually a product that is meant for those with aging skin, you can still support healthier skin with vitamin C serum before you have wrinkles or age spots to deal with.

Always be sure that you are using caution when trying out serums of any kind. These are concentrated products that can lead to skin irritation or even burns, so you want to use caution when you try out a new skin serum. Always read reviews and consider starting out with the sensitive skin formula, even if you do not usually have sensitive skin. You will likely need to try a few serums before you find one that works well for your needs.

This article was last updated on November 15, 2022 .

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how to use hydropure tinted serum

As a diehard Liquid Minerals lover, I was apprehensive and excited about HydroPure Tinted Serum. I hoped it would have the same serum-like texture with the sheer tint that I love, and I was not disappointed! HydroPure Tinted Serum is packed with skincare ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ10, Olive Squalaneand, of course, pure mineral pigments for a natural-looking tint. This skin-loving formula has led many people to wonder if HydroPure Tinted Serum is skincare or makeup. For me, it’s definitively makeup;I love the super sheer coverage and ultra-glowy finish it gives my normal-to-dry skin. Here’s how I like to use HydroPure Tinted Serum!

How to Use HydroPure Tinted Serum: My Makeup Routine

1. HydroPure Tinted Serum
I start with two pumps and apply with my fingers. I find that using my fingers is a fast and easy way to apply my base, plus my fingers break down the encapsulated liposomes super easily.

apply hydropure tinted serum

2. Enlighten Concealer
I have dark under eyes, so for me it’s important to use a concealer. I love Enlighten Concealer because it’s a creamy formula with the perfect peachy undertone to camouflage my dark circles.

3. PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation
If I’m having a good skin day, I’ll skip PurePressed Base, but if I have a breakout, I like to pat PurePressed Base onto that area for added coverage.

apply purepressed base

4. POMMISST Hydration Spray
Whether I use PurePressed Base or not, I love to set my complexion with POMMISST Hydration Spray. The uplifting scent and antioxidant protection are added benefits to my skin.

5. Glow Time Blush Stick
I love pairing HydroPure Tinted Serum with a cream blush formula, so Glow Time Blush Stick was a no brainer! I used the shade Balmy on my cheeks and lips for added glow and color.

apply glow time blush stick

6. PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner
To finish my simple, 5-minute face, I use PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner and Longest Lash mascara. When used together these two lash items make my lashes look full, long and heathy!

apply PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner

I love the glowy, natural-looking coverage HydroPure Tinted Serum gives my skin; it’s a bonus that I’m doing my skin a favor by using a product full of skin-loving ingredients. And don’t worry, if you’re someone who likes more coverage, apply PurePressed Base after applying HydroPure Tinted Serum. By layering HydroPure Tinted Serum and PurePressed Base, your complexion will look refreshed and flawless. If you try out HydroPure Tinted Serum, don’t forget to tag @janeiredale and use #TheSkincareMakeup.

Click here to see Emma’s look in action!

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What is a Face Serum and Who Should Use It?


If you are new to face serums or simply want to learn even more about face serums, you have come to the right place. There are so many different types of skincare products on the market, keeping track of what different items do can feel impossible. There are moisturizers for both day and night use, cleansers, scrubs, exfoliators, tonics, oils, and so much more. Figuring out what each product is, is challenging enough, but knowing how to use them, when to use them, if they are right for your skin, etc. can be even harder to figure out.

When it comes to a face serum, it is both simple and complex. Serums are usually lighter in weight, target specific issues, and are used at night. But there is so much more to learn and know about face serums, so that is why we have dedicated an entire blog post to learning about face serums and how you should use them!

What is Serum?

A serum is a skincare product used on the face and sometimes the neck. You typically apply a skin serum after your face is cleansed, but before you apply a moisturizer. Serums go on before moisturizers, so the serum can deeply penetrate the skin and deliver it a high level of nutrients to your skin.

A serum contains very concentrated ingredients that are made up of molecules that are much smaller than your typical skincare product. These smaller molecules allow deeper skin penetration, meaning those powerful active ingredients are truly working to improve whatever skin condition you are looking to fix or improve. For instance, if you are looking to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you can buy a serum to specifically target this issue.

How to Use a Serum

Although the use of each serum is a little different, you should always check the specific instructions on the bottle before you use the serum. With that being said, serums usually work in similar ways and the application process tends to be similar across most face serums.

You apply a serum after you have thoroughly cleansed your skin. You need clean skin and pores, so the serum gets penetrate your pores and work properly. You will want to wash away all makeup, oil, and dirt from the face, so ensuring you have a great quality face cleanser is a must.

After your face is clean, you will use a rather small amount of face serum and gently work the serum into your face and sometimes your neck as well. Serums absorb quickly due to their lightweight consistency and smaller molecules.

Once the serum has absorbed into your skin, you will want to lock in the serum with a moisturizer. Finishing with a moisturizer has a few different benefits. Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and prevent dry skin. But a moisturizer is also designed to put a protective layer or barrier of sorts over the top layer of your skin to keep nutrients from other skincare products in and pollutants, dirt, and debris out.

Of course, you will want a natural, organic, and safe moisturizer to use on your face. You want to avoid hydrating your skin with chemicals and harsh fragrances since that can irritate your skin and cause breakouts, redness, and rashes.

Serums can be used either during the day, night, or both. There may be some serums that you should not use during the day because certain ingredients can cause damage to the skin when exposed to bright sunlight.

Who Should Use a Serum?

The good news is pretty much anyone can use a serum because they are gentle, will not make you break out, and there are tons of options for just about any skin concern and then some. If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to certain ingredients going to a gentler serum that does not contain acids, chemicals, fragrances, dyes, and other harsh ingredients is the way to go. Although, you should always stick to natural and organic face serum to ensure you are not introducing harsh chemicals to your body on a daily basis.

If you suffer from fine lines, wrinkles, acne, breakouts, red skin, dry skin, oily skin, enlarged pores, dull skin, and much more, you will find a skin serum to address your area or areas of concern. Serums are expensive, but worth it due to their highly concentrated formulas. Serums provide a big bang for your buck and last a while since you only use a small amount at a time.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your skin, give a face serum a try and let us know what you think and what your experience was!

This article was last updated on October 8, 2021 .

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Health Magazine awarded Viviscal Hair and Scalp Serum one of its coveted Health Beauty Awards. Health editors and a team of beauty pros named our hair thickening serum the Best Hair Thickening Treatment as one of 15 Best Hair Products of 2014.

Health writer Holly Dawsey notes that Viviscal’s lightweight gel serum has Menthol, which invigorates the scalp, and Grape Seed Extract “to encourage hair growth.” Hair pro Paul Cucinello reports, “After just one week of use, my client’s hair seemed thicker.” Viviscal Hair and Scalp Serum is a drug free hair solution proven to promote the appearance of thicker, fuller looking hair.

Viviscal Hair & Scalp Serum contains 7.5% strength Ana:Tel™ complex, a propHealth Magazine cover September 2014rietary formula that includes clinically tested ingredients derived from natural sources such as pea sprouts and grape seeds. Ana:Tel conditions the scalp and gives the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. The hair thickening serum also contains Creatine to volumize, smooth, and improve the overall look and feel of your hair.

Other awardees in Health’s Best Hair Product category: Oribe Gold Lust Transformative masque won best hair mask, John Frieda Frizz Ease Unwind Curls calming crème was named the best curl cream, and best hairspray went to Living Proof control hairspray (just to name a few). For more, check out the September issue of Health on newsstands.

Viviscal Hair and Scalp SerumWhy you’ll love Viviscal Hair and Scalp Serum

  • 99% derived from natural sources+
  • Supports the hair’s anti-aging defenses
  • Promotes the appearance of thicker, fuller looking hair
  • Contains no Parabens, SLS, SLES, Silicones, Mineral Oils, Artificial Colors or Artificial Fragrances
  • Non-greasy, clear, easy-to-apply with targeted nozzle applicator
  • Won’t weigh down hair or leave a residue
  • 100% drug free
  • Suitable for everyday use for all hair types
+Natural sources refers to the percentage of this serum which is created using ingredients prepared using natural starting sources.

Viviscal Hair Thickening Serum for Women
Viviscal Hair and Scalp Serum for Men

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Amala Skin Perfecting AHA Sleep Serum Review


There are so many serums you can choose from it can be overwhelming finding the right one for you, but this AHA sleep serum might just be your ticket, and we are going to dig deep into it to see how it stacks us. 

Amala’s Skin Perfecting AHA Sleep Serum is definitely going to be on your list of must-try skin serums. Today, we are going to take a further look at the ingredients, the benefits, how to use this skin serum, and rounding it off with our final thoughts. 

The Ingredients

Their formula is gluten-free, vegan, pregnancy-safe, and made with absolutely no synthetic fragrances. They also include cold-pressed oils in this serum which means nothing is processed in high heat temperatures so the ingredients retain all of their vitamins and minerals. Absolutely nothing is stripped from it. 

Amala also uses special bio-fermented ingredients, which are naturally packed full of probiotics that can be easily absorbed into your body and your skin for maximum results and benefits. 

The three main key ingredients in this serum include: 

  • 5% AHA fruit complex: lactic and glycolic fruit acid help improve cell renewal and skin texture. It also helps brighten skin tone, reduce pore size, and smoothen fine lines.  
  • GABA amino acids: amino acids help relax the appearance of fine lines, expression lines, and deeper lines and promote optimal skin elasticity and smoothness. 
  • Licorice root extract: this is a botanical that is anti-inflammatory to help calm the effects of AHA. Licorice root also brightens the skin with its powerful component called glycyrrhizic.

How to Use

Amala Skin Perfecting AHA Sleep Serum How to Use

To use this serum, wash your face before use and then put a pearl-sized amount into your hands. Press into your skin every night but avoid the sensitive eye area. You might feel a slight tingling sensation upon application but this will go away. 

When using this product, you must wear sunscreen since it can cause some photosensitivity. The following morning, apply your favorite sunscreen and go on with your day! It is as simple as that. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, we really like this AHA sleep face serum because it is powerful and you can just apply it at night and forget about it! It works its magic as you are sleeping and you get to wake up with skin that looks fresh and youthful. 

We do suggest if you have sensitive skin that can get irritated easily, you may not want to use this product or proceed with caution. The natural acids in this formula are safe and effective but can be irritating for some people. 

In the end, this face serum is an awesome option if you are looking to smooth your skin’s texture, improve fine lines and deeper lines, and gently exfoliate your skin as you sleep. You are going t love waking up in the mornings to smoother and extra glowy skin. 

This article was last updated on August 5, 2021 .

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A good skincare routine should ideally consist of 3 vital steps – cleanse, tone, and moisturise. However, it’s a little more complex than that and if you’re keen to give your face the glow up it deserves, it’s time to introduce serum face boosters to your daily regime.

In this article we’re going to look more closely at the role serum face boosters play in the care of your facial skin, as well as exploring the different types available to help you buy the best one for you.

What Are Serum Face Boosters?

If you already look after your skin with twice daily cleansing, toning, and moisturising you might well be wondering why you need to introduce a face serum into the mix as well. Well, we’re here to answer that question for you, because face serums are the missing link.

It is a common misconception that face serums are like face oils. In actual fact, face serum boosters can be both oil and water based depending on which product you go for. Serums are lightweight formulas that are easily absorbed by the skin. This quick absorption means the skin nourishing ingredients get to work straight away. In addition to this, they help to form a protective barrier against the effects of daily life.

Start by cleansing and toning your face as you usually would, but before you apply your moisturiser, rub in a few drops of your chosen serum. Face serums have a lighter texture than moisturisers, as they are made up of much smaller molecules. This enables them to penetrate deep into the skin and deliver high levels of active ingredients that get to work straightaway. By following up with moisturiser, you are essentially sealing in all of that goodness, thus maximising those skincare benefits.

The Benefits Of Using A Serum Booster On Your Face

As with any skincare product, the benefits they offer will vary depending on your specific skincare needs. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to see from using a serum booster on your face:

  • Smaller Pores – Boosters help to reduce the size and appearance of open pores, which in turn reduces the chances of you suffering from spots and skin breakouts.
  • Smoother Surface – The addition of collagen and retinol in some face serums help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, thus creating smoother, younger looking skin.
  • Protection – Serums help to protect facial skin from the effects of free radicals such as pollution, UV light, poor nutrition, smoking etc.
  • Soothing – Face serums are particularly beneficial for people with sensitive skin, oily skin, and skin that is prone to acne, as they are often more gentle than other facial products and can help to soothe problem skin.
  • Radiance – The active ingredients within face serum boosters help glow up dull skin by reducing redness and evening out areas of discolouration.
  • Hydrating – Serums work in tandem with your moisturiser by helping to lock in the moisture. This results in reduced areas of dryness and fresher, healthier looking skin.
  • Reduce Signs Of Fatigue – The area of skin around your eyes is one of the hardest places to disguise signs of an unhealthy lifestyle. Giving this delicate skin a gentle boost can help to lessen fine lines, dark circles, and general signs of fatigue.

What Different Types of Face Serum Can You Get?

There are lots of different types of face serums available on the market, all with their own unique purpose. Which one you choose will depend on your skin type (oily/normal/dry/sensitive/acne prone), your budget, your skincare goals,  and to a degree your age.

To help you make your decision, let’s take a look at some of the different types of serum out there:

Anti-Aging Serums

These serums do exactly what the name would suggest, they help fight against the signs of aging to give you a more youthful complexion. Serums marked as anti-aging often contain ingredients such as retinol, which helps encourage and speed up the rate at which the body regenerates cells, and peptides that increase the production of collagen. The human body naturally produces collagen, however as we age the amount of collagen produced decreases and this is visible as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. The solution therefore, is to boost the skin with products containing ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen, or to supplement it with products containing collagen itself. Look out for serums that contain peptides like Hyaluronic Acid and collagen.

Hydrating Serums

Many of us would love to have skin that looks glowy and healthy without the need for make-up. Well, we’ve got some good news for, because if you introduce a hydrating serum into your daily skincare routine, you can have that dewy skin you’ve lusted after.

Hydrating serums contain hyaluronic acid as their main active ingredient, and it is this that helps to lock the moisture into the skin. This creates a fuller and fresher look and can temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines. In the same way that the body naturally produces collagen, it also produces hyaluronic acid. In fact, the hyaluronic acid comes attached to the collagen, kind of like a crime fighting double act. But just as we lose collagen when we age, so too do we lose hyaluronic acid. Which is why kids have such gorgeously smooth healthy looking skin, and elderly people have wrinkled, dry, saggy skin. Serums of this nature may also include vitamin B5 to help smooth out skin and keep it hydrated, and other natural plant based ingredients such as marine glycogen.

Sensitive Skin Balancing Serums

Sensitive skin requires products that are much gentler so as not to exacerbate any problems. Look out for products containing as many natural ingredients as possible and ones marked as suitable for oily and sensitive skin.

Serums that are suitable for oily skin will work towards minimizing the appearance of excess oil as well as helping to close pores and therefore reducing oil production. The addition of hyaluronic acid will produce a radiant effect and allantoin, a type of glycolic acid, boosts skins overall appearance by treating and repairing areas of rough, dry, and itchy skin.

If you suffer from acne prone skin it’s important to not only treat the problem, but to also soothe any sore skin outbreaks you currently have. A sensitive skin balancing serum can minimize irritation and soothe sensitive skin, especially if it contains niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3), which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Brightening Serums

Skin-brightening serums are packed full of antioxidants and essential skin boosting vitamins to brighten and even out skin tone. Key ingredients include: vitamin C, vitamin B3 (niacinamide), glycolic acid, kojic acid, ferulic acid, and mushroom extract, among various others.

Apply 2-3 drops of this serum to your face and neck before applying your regular moisturiser, for skin that is noticeably brighter, more luminous, and to help lighten the appearance of dark age spots.

Antioxidant Serums

One of the biggest elements our skin must fight against is the damaging effect of free radicals. These can come from pollution in the air, chemicals contained in the cleaning products and beauty products we use, the food and drink we eat, and other environmental factors. All of these can damage healthy skin and so it is important to look for a serum that can counteract this damage to repair and restore.

If this sounds like the type of serum you need, keep an eye out for ingredients such as vitamins C, A, and E, and resveratrol, as these help to neutralize free radicals whilst also protecting and repairing damage that has already been done.

If you are unsure of the type of serum that you should use, it’s worth remembering that you can use more than one. Combine a couple of drops of one with another for a complete serum boost.

We can’t stop the aging process, but if we use the right skincare products for our face we can at least reduce the appearance of it. Face serum boosters are a simple way to protect and nourish the skin, but there are so many products out there it can get a little confusing when you go to buy your first one. Hopefully this guide will help you make an informed decision about the type of serum that is right for you and your quest for youthful, healthy looking skin will be complete.

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