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The world of supplementation can often be confusing – with hundreds of options claiming that they treat all kinds of issues, it can feel overwhelming to make the right choices. That’s why nutritional therapist, Natalie Le Bouedec, has founded Complete Me: a supplement brand that makes it much easier to choose a product that works for you.

Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Collagen, Zinc – the list of vitamins and minerals you can take to improve your wellbeing are endless. The problem is taking the time and the money to figure out which ones you need. Even then, you can often find yourself needing several different supplements to deal with a single common health issue. Complete Me was born out of a need to make this a far simpler task.

Working as a nutritional therapist, Natalie Le Bouedec became very frustrated by how many supplements she was having to recommend to the clients visiting her clinic. It was the lack of an effective and affordable option that prompted her to create a more complete solution for common health concerns.

Complete Me consists of six nutritional blends designed to improve six key areas that Le Bouedec was approached about: energy levels, complexion, sleep, immunity, digestion, and ageing skin. Each supplement is created with targeted, practitioner-grade ingredients to provide solutions in just one capsule. This level of quality means that nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body – making wellness easier to achieve, without the nasties or nonsense that’s all to familiar to supplementation.

In fact, Complete Me has recently been selected to appear on QVC on Wednesday 29th of September at 11am – where Natalie will be giving more info on products and discussing her professional background in nutritional science.

If you can’t wait until then, here’s a summary of the products that will be appearing on the show:

Charge Up

If you’ve ever lacked the get-go you need to get things done, then Charge Up could be the supplement for you. Combining Vitamin C, B2 and B3, this invigorating blend of all-natural vitamins and minerals can help your body to combat tiredness and fatigue. Plus, Vitamin B1 can help your body to increase energy levels, whilst Alpha-Lipoic Acid can act as a strong antioxidant. Ultimately, if you’re looking to increase your focus and feel more energetic, Charge Up is the supplement for you.

Let’s Rewind

Say goodbye to time-consuming beauty routines and hello to Let’s Rewind! This supplement is perfect for those that are looking to improve their skin from the inside. Encouraging collagen production helps your skin structure to become fuller, which helps to prevent the signs of ageing. Alongside Collagen Peptides; Vitamin C and Zinc have been added to create an all-natural beauty routine option for people that want to turn back the clock!

Ultimately, if you’re looking to improve your wellbeing with supplements that actually work, Complete Me are certainly worth a go. You can say goodbye to a lengthy shopping list of vitamins & minerals, and hello to a complete solution to target your specific health issue. Starting your wellness journey is made easy with Complete Me – find out more on QVC (September 29th at 11am) or visit the website for more information.

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Pearly Whites: It’s Not Rocket Science


Your pearly whites are not complex, they have a few simple things about them you need to understand. The enamel provides a protective layer over the tooth, the calcium in the teeth will make them strong and the vitamins and minerals will make them smooth. If you drink, smoke and eat lots of sugar you ill find that the protective layer fades and you begin to have holes in your teeth. This leads to further erosion and before you know it, your teeth are stained and they have small holes in them that capture food and debris.

So if you want your teeth to be pearly whites you should do the following and stick to the basics.

Twice A Day 

You should brush your teeth twice a day and that doesn’t just mean morning and noon. You should try to wait until after breakfast before you brush your teeth as otherwise it’s just an 8-hour gap. Think about it, you brush your teeth once at night and then once again in the morning. Yes you saved yourself from having food stuck in your teeth all night but, then what is the point in brushing them right after you get out of bed? So if you can, try to brush your teeth after breakfast, just after dinner and always floss once or twice a week at lunch.

Get Help

Some people have teeth that are yellow by their natural shade, but that is because the enamel has worn away and now they have no protection from the food and drink being consumed. Speak with professionals such as whitesdentalcare.com.au who can provide you with expert advice and services to make your teeth white again. They also do cosmetic dentistry and if you want a brighter shade of white they can whiten your teeth chemically. This does not hurt and the procedure may only last about 30-minutes. They will clean your teeth first, ask you about your eating habits and then decide on the shade of white that would best suit your complexion and or needs.

Bad Habits

You are well aware of the bad habits you have. You might drink more than you should, you might smoke too often. You might even have bad brushing habits. Everyone knows the kinds of bad habits they have that are making them have poor oral hygiene. You need to stop them or begin cutting down. It’s not rocket science, if you drink too much your teeth will become defenseless. If you eat too much sugar they will need fillings and if you smoke too much you will find teeth begin to malform. Get help with your bad habits or at least, do some research about how they affect your teeth and see if you’re not convinced you need to change your habits.

Getting pearly whites is not some dark art that only a few can understand. You need to stick to the basics. Brush twice a day, floss occasionally and get some expert help if you want a particular level of whiteness.

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