Do you know how to save money on skincare without sacrificing results?

Everyone is trying to find ways to save a few pennies these days. While it’s always good to spend less, with rising inflation rates, it’s become even more important to most of us.

Unfortunately, often the first thing to go when money gets tight is our skincare. We figure we can go without skincare a lot more easily than we can go without gas or food.

But even a few weeks of neglect can accelerate the appearance of aging. You may notice more dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. For those with sensitive skin issues, getting calm and clear skin can be a challenge, especially if you are trying new (perhaps less expensive?) products and hoping they will work but then suffering from reactions or inflammation.

This can be discouraging…and can result in overall more expensive rather than less expensive skincare.

We don’t want you to have to sacrifice results and your skin health for the bottom line, so we have some ideas on how you can save money while still taking care of your skin.

How to Save Money on Skincare #1: Choose Multitasking Skincare Products

The easiest way to save money on skin care products is to buy fewer products. But that doesn’t mean you have to shortchange your skin. Instead, buy products that can do more than one thing.

We recommend using our moisturizer (Calming Moisture) as a primer and your toner as a midday refreshing soothing mist. (Our Rescue + Relief Spray works great for both!) Our Restorative Skin Balm is concentrated so a little goes a long way. Use it for dry cracked heels and to tame (and even promote hair growth) on eyebrows!

Not every product is made to multitask. Read the product label. Find out what the product is made of so you can determine if it’s safe to use on other areas of your face and body.

Did you know that at CV Skinlabs, we purposefully created a minimal product line that is high quality, safe, effective and multifunctional? That means you can use fewer products with greater efficacy to significantly improve skin’s condition – head to toe!

Our CV Skinlabs products can multitask for the whole family. Here are a few ideas for how you can use them:

  • Rescue & Relief Spray: Works great as a toner, aftershave, midday refreshing mist, soothing scalp spray, anti-itch spray, anti-inflammation spray, and after-sun spray.
  • Calming Moisture: Use as your main facial moisturizer, overnight mask, primer, scalp itch soother, or anti-redness lotion, and to create a natural glow.
  • Body Repair Lotion: Perfect as an all-over body moisture, after-sun lotion, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis lotion, after-radiation treatment cream, and after-shave lotion.
  • Restorative Skin Balm: Use head-to-toe to soften severely dry and chapped skin, as a lip balm, or on dry cuticles, eyebrows, for after-tattoo care, and to soothe and soften scars. It also helps heal scrapes and cuts, and eases the sting of chafing and abrasions.

Save on Skincare CV Skinlabs

#2: Use the Appropriate Amount of Each Product

When you’re not worried about saving pennies, you may use more of your beauty products than you need to.

When you’re focused on saving money, though, check the directions on the label. See how much of the product you need. For cleansers and serums, often a dime-sized dollop will do (for your face). For moisturizers, use a nickel-sized dollop.

How to Save Money on Skincare #3: Cleanse with Your Fingers

If you put your cleanser on a cloth or a sponge, the tool will soak up a lot of the product before it gets on your face. For maximum benefits out of a small amount of product, apply a little bit to your fingertips, rub them together, and then wash your face. You can do the same with a small facial skin brush. Just use a small dollop, add some water, and suds away.

How to Save Money on Skincare #4: Apply Moisturizer to Damp Skin

If you’ve ever applied moisturizer straight out of the shower, you know how much less you need. When your skin is still damp, it is more likely to lock in any moisture that you apply, which means you can use less than you would if your skin is dry.

So next time you take a bath or shower, pat your skin dry, then immediately apply moisturizer. You won’t have to use much to get the same results.

#5: Choose Products that Work for Your Skin Type/Concern, and Buy Trial Sizes of New Items

Choose products that work for your particular skin concerns and skin type, so you don’t end up experimenting with many different products and throwing out your money.

If your skin is going through a change and you want to try something new, save money and buy the trial size first. Then, if your skin doesn’t like the product, you won’t be out much. If you buy the full size and then find that your skin breaks out or otherwise reacts, you’ve just wasted a lot of money and product.  Try our Discover and Recover Kit that contains all four of our products.

How to Save Money on Skincare #6: Choose Multitasking Makeup

Just like you can use some skincare products for more than one purpose, so too can you use some makeup and cosmetic product for more than one thing.

Look for the following:

  • a lipstick that doubles as a cream blush
  • a highlighter you can use as a base shadow
  • tinted moisturizer
  • face cream with sunscreen
  • dark eyeshadow that works as an eyeliner
  • acne-fighting concealer

#7 Simplify and Use High-Quality Products to Save Money in the Long Run

It’s better for your pocketbook and your skin if you choose high-quality products.

Expensive skin care products are not necessarily/always better. Cheap products are often filled with petrolatum, preservatives, sulfates, and other things that can cause your sensitive skin to react.

CV Skinlabs collection of products is relatively affordable given the superior quality of ingredients, testing for effectiveness, and the results they create on your skin. Plus they allow you to simplify your skin care routine—which saves you money.

Sensitive skin doesn’t like a lot of products anyway, so look for those you know will work for your skin type and particular skin concerns. Then you won’t have to experiment with many different products.

Here’s a benchmark to go by: Your skincare routine should consist of no more than 4-5 products. Our 4 CV Skinlabs products were meant to be used together without sensitizing/irritation and create real results.

How to Save Money on Skincare #8: Skip the Pricey Eye Creams

Eye creams can be helpful when you can afford them, but they’re often expensive. If you get the right moisturizer or serum for your face, you can use it under your eyes as well.

You can use our Calming Moisture, for instance, as an eye cream. Just use a small amount on the tip of your finger and pat around the eye. If your eyes are really dry and need some restorative moisture, pat a little of our Restorative Skin Balm around them before going to bed.

How do you save money on skincare?

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Shopping for hair care appeals to the senses; the smell, touch, and feel of a product will weigh on your decision to purchase. But when shopping for hair care online, you should appeal to another feeling—money sense—and we have a few saving hacks to help with that.

When shopping at your favorite beauty or drugstore is not possible and you’re doing most of your shopping at home, shopping for hair care online works just as well and sometimes, even better. Your favorite hair care products are literally at your fingertips when virtual shopping. But before you hit add to cart, we have 10 money saving hacks that will get you the hair care you want for less—and that’s a feeling that’ll wake all your senses up.

Hair care online

1. Leave stuff in your cart for a day or two

Playing hard to get with hair care online will have very different results than playing hard to get while dating—in a good way. When you leave stuff in your cart overnight, many retailers will send you a “reminder” email or notification, usually with some incentives such as a discount or offer code to encourage you to complete your purchase. This little marketing tactic builds rapport with the customer, offering a unique discount code for their un-purchased items. It’s a handy little trick to save on hair care online, as long as you don’t mind waiting a day or two to see if you get a little nudge in your inbox.

2. Sign up for newsletters/emails

When visiting a site for the first time it’s not unusual to see a pop-up window inviting you to sign up for the brand’s e-newsletters. Typically, a 10-15% discount code or sometimes incentives on shipping will be shared after signing up. If you don’t mind sharing your e-mail, this is an easy way to take a few bucks off your next purchase. While a ton of promo emails can get annoying, you can filter emails into a promotions folder (or get Gmail to do that for you) and these newsletters can be good sources for upcoming sales and additional discounts. 

3. Get the app

Many brands and retailers now have their own apps which not only makes shopping easier, but also gives incentives to those who’ve downloaded the app. Whether this means first access to a new product, extra discount codes, or free shipping, downloading your favorite store or brand’s app is about convenience and access. As more retailers drive their digital engagement, this is the platform that will give brand loyals the most access and sometimes, the best discounts.

4. Cash-back sites

Hair care online

Websites like Rakuten (the former eBates) offer you cash back when shopping your favorite retailers. The percentage of how much cash back you get per retailer fluctuates, but it’s an easy way to “earn” back when shopping hair care online, or really, any other product. Most of these sites work the same way and are pretty easy to use. Basically, you access the retailer’s website through an app or website like Rakuten and shop for the products just as you would normally. After you checkout, the cash-back site will tally how much you’ve earned based on the amount you spent and the cash back offer. For Rakuten, you’ll receive a virtual check every three months. Earning money while buying your favorite things, means more money to re-buy these products again—win!

5. Sales and price comparison apps

This money-saving hack goes hand in hand with the point above. Apps like Shoptagr and Savelist will keep track of the items you’re keeping an eye on and will alert you when they go on sale. Nothing feels better than getting what you want, for less.

6. Buy the travel size

When trying out new hair care online, committing to something full price and full size can make some a bit nervous. If online reviews aren’t enough, test out the hair care product by purchasing the travel size. That way you’re spending a fraction of the full-size price and still have enough product to test out for a period of time. If it doesn’t work, it’s not a big loss. However, if it does work buying the travel size is like getting a little appetizer before your anticipated entrée. 

7. Take advantage of points cards/loyalty programs

Ok, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t have a Sephora VIB membership? When shopping for hair care online it’s important to sign into your account or points program. While you may not have a friendly cashier to remind or prompt you, taking advantage of these programs means extra discounts. Through loyalty or points programs, the brand will track your history of purchases to ensure they keep you coming back for more with better incentives. Use up your bank of points, or combine them during special events and sales, this will ensure you’re getting the most out of points and loyalty programs.

Also take advantage of referral programs. Some brands will off you and a friend a discount if a link or product is shared online. It usually as easy and forwarding an email then you and your bestie can both score on cheaper hair care online.

Did you know Luxy Hair offers a loyalty program? Sign up for Luxy Rewards and earn points for discounts and other perks.


8. Follow hair care brands on social media 

Hair care online

According to one survey, consumers who use social media to discover and learn more about beauty products spend more money on cosmetics each month than those who don’t. You’re on their Instagram anyway, you might as well do more than just double tap. Following hair care brands’ and beauty brands’ social media page, not only makes for great content, but is also a good way to keep in touch on any sales and discounts. 

It’s also the best way to do your research on products. With hair extensions and in particular, clip in hair extensions, shoppers want to know how they work and how they’ll look on them. Luxy Hair has a ton of videos, blogs, and tutorials all to help women choose the best style for them and how to best use extensions. When shopping for hair care online, following brands you’re interested in on social media gives you more insight on the products and the brand overall.

Another little hack, familiarize yourself with influencers who rep the brands and check in on their social media accounts too. Beauty and hair care influencers will usually have custom discount codes for their followers (or savvy occasional visitors) to use. Another bonus is these influencers will also create videos or posts using these products. While you have to keep in mind it may not be the most unbiased review, it will give you some idea of how the products work. Social media and influencer discount codes typically range from 10-25% off, so definitely worth a follow when shopping hair care online. 

9. Free returns

Whether it’s hair care or clothes, shop from retailers that allow free returns. This will save you money and frustrations, if there’s a mix-up in shipping or if the product simply doesn’t work the way you need it too. With free returns the retailer will usually include a pre-paid packing slip that will allow you to easily ship the item back. Make sure to read the conditions on returns and shipping whenever shopping for hair care online. We believe a woman always has the right to change her mind, especially when it comes to shopping hair care online. Luxy Hair offers 90-day exchanges on our hair extensions so you can find the style collection that works best for you.

10. Shop flash and special event sales

Hair care online

While Black Friday and Boxing Day are obvious sale seasons, retailers like Sephora and Ulta typically hold their own special sale events throughout the year. These sales will include deep discounts on popular items or promotions not typically offered throughout the year. These sales happen seasonally, so we recommend logging on to your favorite store a few days before the sale starts to bookmark or save the items you want to buy. This will make adding to cart faster and way more fun when those discounts hit.

Shopping for hair care online allows you to do more research and price comparisons. While it may not feel the same as browsing the aisles and feeling the product in your hand, there are plenty of resources available to help you make informed purchases. A lot of these money saving hacks can also be applied when shopping for makeup or other products online, keep them close on your next virtual shopping trip, and feel free to share your money saving hacks too.

Written by: Rosalyn Solomon

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