Interesting Trendy Nails Ideas To Consider

Ravishing nails are definitely a must for every woman. But, these days, when the variety of nail designs is greater than ever it is getting harder with every second to pick just one. There are occasions that simply force you to look nothing but classy. That is exactly the reason why we have gathered here all the perfectly suitable designs for all the events in one place. But, unlike all the other sources we made sure that with our designs your nails will not only look classy but sassy at the same time. Let’s have a closer look!

Pineapple of My Eye

Take your nails on vacation with a bright pink and pineapple design.

Flamingo Pool Party

Make a splash this summer with an eclectic combination of flamingos, cacti, and leaves.

Sunset Ombré

Morning or night, you can sit back and watch a gorgeous sunset whenever you want with these nails.

Juicy Fruit

Put the lime in the manicure and shake it all up! Watermelons, limes, and pineapples are the stars of this mani.

We All Scream

What says summer more than ice cream? Nothing! When the weather gets warm, opt for a manicure that’s good enough to eat.

Pink Shades Nails With Glitter Accents

If you are looking for pink nail designs for short nails that we have a perfect suggestion in mind. How about this sweet and elegant blend of sparkles and nude shades?

Classy Nails With Charming Stripes

There are lots of nail designs for short nails, but if you are looking for something elegant and charming at the same time, then we may have something in store for you. Have a look yourself!

Stripes and Leaves

Match your striped beach towels by painting three of your nails just like ’em. With two leaf accents, it’s breezy and beautiful.

Fruit Salad

Fruits aren’t just important for your health; they’re also a crucial part of your summer style. If you can’t decide on your favorite, decorate each nail with a different one.

Delicate Mani With Minimalist Accent

Those of you who are looking for a delicate manicure, you need to bear it in mind that not only hues matter. The way you intertwine the gentle hues with proper accents is crucial too. This design is the perfect proof to the point.

Hawaiian Flowers

Who needs a trip to Hawaii when your nails look like they’ve been there all year? (Okay, we still want that vacation, though.)

Little Lilac Triangles

A pretty lilac nail gets a hint of geometric edge thanks to micro-triangles in a deeper royal hue.

Sparkles and Stripes

Want a simple way to upgrade your favorite neutral polish? Draw a skinny line of gold glitter down the center of each nail and watch how pretty the metallic looks glinting in the summer sun.

On the Flip Side

The top of your nails aren’t the only part you can paint — your undersides can be incorporated, too! Play it cool and neutral in a nude nail color on top, then add a bright tangerine shade to the underside.

Pastel Pieces

This geometric design is totally modern, but the muted shades keep it from looking over the top.

Melon Moons

What could be better than a cool slice of watermelon on a hot summer day? Watermelon nail art, of course. Impress your friends with this adorable look that makes your hands stand out.

Triple Triangles

You’ve seen plenty of reverse French tip manis, but this one trades the typical oval-shapes or circular moons for a zig-zag design instead — and uses four gorgeous summer shades to boot.

Road Trip

Show off your love for traveling with this vintage road map design. Don’t worry if it looks complicated — the design isn’t freehanded. All you need is white polish, clear polish, rubbing alcohol, and a map.

Delicate Dots

Summer nail art doesn’t have to be bright to make a big impact. This blush-colored polish is pretty on its own, but the white dots around the edges make it really pop.

Citrus Squeeze

Show off your love for your favorite citrus with these bright orange slice nails.

Nautical Moons

For something that’s extra funky, try this red, white, and blue nail art tutorial that combines sparkles, stripes, and patriotic shades.

Adventurous Ombré

Pop this friendly little starfish atop your ombré nails for a beach-ready manicure that adds flair to any summer look.

Going Bananas

Andy Warhol (and Curious George) would definitely approve of these bold pop art banana nails.

Summer Stripes

This mani may look complicated, but it just takes a little patience and a steady hand — or at least a bit of striping tape. Swap the colors for other shades throughout the summer to match all your favorite outfits and special occasions.

Hypnotic Contrast

When it comes to short nails designs you should in no case be afraid of experimentation. Use contrast shades to your advantage and enjoy the spicy result.

Chevron Chic

Elongate short nails and make use of all your favorite polishes with a cool, ’70s-inspired chevron design that stacks up different shades.

Orange Color Nails With Black Accent

Classy nails designs can be pretty bright too. This matte bright orange nail art combined with black accents is the best proof of the idea.

Sunny Days

Sunny yellow may not be the first shade you reach for when doing your nails, but a funky negative space manicure like this one could make you warm up to a canary color.

Beach Beauty

Play with primary colors for this bright nail design, a.k.a. the perfect manicure to wear to the beach.

Cute And Classy Nails With Tiny Icons

It may be difficult to choose a proper design for short nails at times. But we think that this combo of simplicity and edginess is worth at least some of your attention.

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