Amala Collagen Boosting Peptide Mask Review


Everyone loves to do a good face mask once in a while and so many people like to do them on a regular basis. But finding a good face mask with quality ingredients and one that actually works and had great benefits can be challenging. 

But the good news is, Amala makes a collagen-boosting face mask that is everything you are looking for in a face mask. It is made with healthy and natural ingredients and also will make your skin look fresh, youthful, and radiant. 

Today, we are going to look more in-depth at Amala’s collagen peptide face mask and explore the ingredients they use, what the benefits are, how to properly use their face mask, and share our overall final thoughts on the mask! 

The Ingredients

Amala Collagen Boosting Peptide Mask Ingredients

As with all other products from Amala’s line, they only use natural and mostly organic ingredients that are good for your skin and safe for your body as a whole. This face mask is gluten-free and pregnancy-safe, but it does contain milk/milk by-products, so if you have a dairy allergy you will want to avoid this product. 

We love the fact the ingredients in this mask are cold-pressed. This means an ingredient is extracted without using super intense heat or heat that is above typical room temperature. This ensures that the ingredients are in its purest form and retains all of the nutrients and vitamins without stripping away anything. 

This mask also uses bio-fermented ingredients, which means these ingredients are naturally packed full of probiotics that can be easily absorbed into your body and your skin for maximum results and benefits. 

The key ingredients you will find in this face mask are their signature active collagen peptide blend, moth bean, and chia seed polysaccharides. 

The Benefits

  • Active peptide blend: natural collagen peptides give your skin a much-needed boost of extra collagen that will help improve skin density and skin elasticity. 
  • Moth bean: this is a natural retinol alternative that helps awake and revitalizes your skin to help it look firmer, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, refresh skin, and help with thinning on the skin. 
  • Chia seed polysaccharides: this gives your skin super lightweight hydration to help repair your skin’s natural defense barrier. It helps lock in moisture and give your skin a more youthful and radiant appearance through the intense hydration properties. 

How to Use

Amala Collagen Boosting Peptide Mask How To Use

The instructions for this face mask are a bit different than normal, so pay close attention to these steps!

You will use the face mask daily for the first three days and after that, you will only use the face mask 1 to 2 times per week. 

You will apply a generous amount of the face mask to a freshly cleansed face. You can also apply it to your neck if you so choose. Leave the face mask on for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse it off thoroughly with cool water. Apply your favorite serum and moisturizer afterward. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Amala collagen peptide face mask is a great healthy, natural, and effective face mask that is a great option for anyone looking to improve their skin and focus on helping restore a youthful and radiant complexion. 

This article was last updated on August 5, 2021 .

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