Life is too short to spend too much time on your hair. These are the top 10 of Buzzfeed‘s favorite hairstyling products and tools to help you get your hair together, so you can get out the door and get on with your life.

1. To grow your hair thicker and fuller, and reduce shedding, take a daily hair growth supplement. It delivers key nutrients to your follicles to boost your hair growth cycle.
Try out the popular Viviscal Extra Strength.

Best hair products from Buzzfeed

@evaacatherine / Instagram

2. This squishy, moldable wrap-up tool gives you a really fancy-looking bun with no bobby pins and very little effort.

best hair products from Buzzfeed

@viki2474! / Instagram

Watch this tutorial on three different ways to use the Wrap-Up from Sarah Potempa.

3. Instead of learning how to braid, buy a hairpiece or headband for the front of your hair and you can literally just clip it on your head.

@newonewigs / Instagram

@newonewigs / Instagram

You can find a variety of hairpieces and headbands here.

4. This flat iron straightens hair directly from when it’s wet so you don’t have to bother with the heat devil that is the blow dryer.

best hair products from Buzzfeed

@glamvv / Instagram

5. Use a straightening brush to brush your hair smooth instead of dealing with the damage and hassle of using a flat iron.

best hair products from Buzzfeed

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This Straight Up brush from Instyler is a crowd favorite.

6. Twist two coiled bobby pins into your hair instead of looking around your entire house and in every purse you own for 20 regular bobby pins.

best hair products from Buzzfeed

@cafeemparis / Instagram

Two Spin Pins will twist together and do the work of 20 bobby pins, which is incredible.

7. Wear a bracelet that’s built to fit hair ties inside of it so you don’t lose them.

best hair products from Buzzfeed

BelaBracelets via etsy.com

This bracelet comes in gold, silver, and rose gold finishes.

8. Use a coiled, plastic hair tie to avoid getting those annoying ponytail bumps that you have to re-straighten.

best hair products from Buzzfeed

@invisibobble / Instagram

The Invisibobble comes in Nano or the Power grip version to hold thicker hair.

9. The next time you’re traveling, pack a few anti-frizz hair sheets in your bag to make yourself look like an adult-ish lady after you get off the plane — or any other time during the trip.

best hair products from Buzzfeed


Get these fancy anti-frizz sheets from Nunzio Saviano.

10. Get yourself a cute lil’ shower cap so you can keep your hair dry and not look like a complete grandma while doing so.

best hair products from Buzzfeed

@joansmalls / Instagram

You can get this fabulous turban headwrap from Shhhowercap or get this NPW cupcake shower cap.

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