Fuller hair tips for Kristen Steward

Those of us who are proudly hair-obsessed are a little baffled by Kristen Stewart. Kristen is a beautiful girl, but she just can’t seem to be bothered to do her hair before she leaves the house, no matter how fancy of an event she’s headed to. If we could sit Kristen down and have a heart-to-heart, we’d give her these five tips to help her get her locks under control. Well, after we’d gotten all the dirt on what went on behind the scenes on the Twilight sets, that is.

1) “No Poo” is So Over – Remember the “no poo” craze? For a minute, women everywhere had convinced themselves that the best way to get healthy and silky hair was to skip shampoo altogether. While their hair might have been shinier, that shine was accompanied by grease, oil and stink. We’ve been shampooing our hair for so long for a good reason: Healthy hair starts with a clean scalp.

2) Even “Messy” Looks Need a Little Product Love – Kristen loves to rock that messy, unkempt style. She even wore it to the Oscars, which a lot of us found a little cringe-worthy. Even if you want that “I just woke up” look, take five minutes and a little product to take your hair from actually messy to intentionally messy. A texturizing lotion or mousse is the messy girl’s best friend. After you get out of the shower, work a quarter-size amount through your hair, scrunching to create soft waves.

3) Volumize – The problem with Kristen’s roots are that they look greasy, which means that her unkempt looks look, well… unkempt, instead of voluminous and wild, which is the look we think she’s going for. Kristen would benefit from a good dry shampoo. Even on clean roots, it works to create more volume and an oil-free finish at the scalp.

4) Doll Up When Necessary – Not every occasion is a get-ready-in-five-minutes occasion, Kristen! We wish that Bella Swan would learn to doll herself up once in a while. Even if you aren’t the best at styling your hair, a simple chignon or bun can be mastered by even the most uncoordinated woman. Browse YouTube tutorials where hair and beauty gurus walk you through the steps if you have an event coming up but can’t afford a trip to the salon. Be sure to practice tons in the weeks leading up to your big night.

5) At Least Brush It – If Kristen wouldn’t listen to any of our other tips, we’d at least tell her to run a brush through her locks before leaving the house. Remember, unkempt and messy can be sexy if you do it right. Tangled and dirty, however, are never in style.

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