Benefits Of Tanning You Didn’t Knew


If you were not feeling motivated enough to get the tan, after reading these benefits of tanning you definitely will! You can either hit the beach or choose from indoor tanning options.

1. Soaking Vitamin D

Benefits Of Tanning1

Vitamin D not known as sunshine vitamin without reason. Basking in the sun is the natural and safest way of fulfilling vitamin D requirements. By safest, we mean that any extra vitamin D you intake is metabolized unlike when you consume vitamin D from any other source like supplements or dietary. Vitamin D is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth and bones. Potential health risk of too much consumption of vitamin D includes calcification of bones and hardening blood vessels in the kidney, lungs, and heart.

2. Attractive Skin Tone

Attractive Skin Tone The primary reason for most of going out in the sun or tanning booths is to get that bronze tinged exotic skin. Especially in western countries, the glowing bronzed body is a mark of beauty. There are various options to get tanned like tanning sprays and lotions. But the best options would be to actually go out in the sun or hitting tanning beds as they’ll also enrich you with vitamin D. Just make sure to wear goggles especially designed for tanning beds to protect your eyes.

3. Preventing Osteoporosis

Preventing Osteoporosis As mentioned above vitamin D is crucial for bone health but did you know that deficiency of vitamin D can cause osteoporosis. This term is used if you develop a condition in which bone loss takes place, and bone density becomes lower than average. The severity of this condition can be understood by the fact that bone might break in normal events of sneezing or bumping into an object. As vitamin D aids the absorption of calcium, it plays a vital role in reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis.

4. Skin Protection

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Tanning is nature’s way of protecting our skin. Although there are sunscreens in the market that can prevent sunburn, tan gives full-spectrum protection against UVB and UVA rays. Also, unlike sunscreens, you won’t have to worry about tan wearing off due to sweating or after washing face. Just don’t overdo it as it may cause more harm than good.

5. Fight off Winter Blues

Fight off Winter Blues Also known as the seasonal affective disorder or SAD, winter blues usually strike in the gloomy winter season. If you feel fatigued, depressed, and gloomy, winter blues might be the culprit behind it. This depression can even lead to suicidal thoughts in some cases. So, what causes it? Well, what do we not get enough in the winters? Sunlight! That’s right folks, getting out in the sun will improve your mood by boosting serotonin production. Check out this educational article for more details.

6. Treating Psoriasis

Treating Psoriasis It’s a condition in which skin cells are produced at an alarming rate by the immune system. Thick and red welts appear on the skin which can be painful and itchy as well. Apart from topical and oral medications exposure to sunlight is also beneficial if you have psoriasis. UBA and UVB rays are known to treat the symptoms of psoriasis, and from them, UVB rays are more effective. Too much exposure to the sun might cause sunburn, so it’s advisable to take preventive measures.

7. Benefits Of Tanning- Coping With PMS

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Moods swings and depression are pretty common in PMS. That happens due to the low levels of serotonin which in turn yields low melatonin and messes with our sleep cycles and ultimately contributes to depressed feelings. Going out in the sun is essential for hormonal balance and maintaining serotonin levels. Throw in an anti-inflammatory diet and VItamin B supplements with it, and monthly cycles won’t be as dreadful as before!

8. Reducing The Cancer Risk

Reducing The Cancer Risk

It is a topic of debate among various researchers. It is found the overexposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to skin cancer. But on the other hand, vitamin D can actually reduce the risk of us having ovarian, breast, and kidney and some other cancers. NCBI backed up this fact in this research on the role of vitamin D in cancer prevention. Still, if you are worried about skin cancer, opt for indoor tanning rather than outdoor tanning as it reduces the risk. Make sure to follow the instructions strictly and not to overdo it.

9. Benefits Of Tanning- Lessen Scar Visibility

Lessen Scar Visibility One of the most evident benefits of tanning is that it lessens the appearance of cuts and wounds. Scars can somewhat hinder our confidence especially when we have them on some exposed parts of our body. One way to reduce the visibility of scars is spending some time tanning booths. It is more of camouflage as you are not actually treating the scar. What happens is that scar which used to stand out because they are darker will now look fainter as you get tanned. It is most effective for people with lighter skin tones. The same thing goes for stretch marks!

10. Effective for Jaundice Skin

Benefits Of Skin

Yellowing of skin and eyes is medically described as jaundice which is mostly associated with the liver. To improve the appearance of the skin and get rid of the sickly yellow tinge of skin, tanning beds are the best option. Not only that but your skin also soaks up the vitamin D your body needs thus improving the overall body organ functions including that of the lever. Keep in mind that although you might look better, internally, you’ll still be weak so be cautious when you step out and take medications as prescribed.

11. Facilitate Weight Loss

Facilitate Weight Loss

What’s the first thing we are told on a weight loss? To go on a calory deficient diet and burn more calories. You’ll be surprised to know that tanning can help you in burning more calories. Thyroid gland functions more actively when you are exposed to UV rays and this, in turn, boosts metabolism. We all know that improved metabolism means that you’ll burn more calorie thus aiding in weight loss. During gloomy winters you can choose indoor tanning which not only helps in weight loss but will also improve your mood.

Although, benefits of tanning are great yet you should be careful enough as the ultraviolet rays can harm your skin adversely. Therefore it’s advised to choose indoor tanning over hitting the beach.

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