the skincare makeup system

Skin. Our largest organ, and if studies are to be believed, also one of the things we notice first about each other. According to research, while we were still living in caves, we needed signs to pick healthy mates so we could bring healthy children into the world. Good skin was an important signal. Nothing much has changed!

So how does healthy skin look? Clear and moist with a matte shimmer would be my description. I asked my husband to come up with his own and all he could say was “moist.” (Glad he didn’t say anything about wrinkles!) Fortunately for us, unlike our prehistoric ancestors, we don’t have to be born with clear, moist skin with a matte shimmer, we can create it using makeup with skincare benefits. And that was how the jane iredale Skincare Makeup System was born.

What Is the Skincare Makeup System? The Origins of the Perfect Trio

skincare makeup

PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation

It didn’t happen all at once. The first product I put on women’s faces in medical offices, spas, trade shows and everything in between was PurePressed Base, our now iconic mineral powder — a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one. I used to counsel women to put on a moisturizer first, so the minerals would adhere to the skin better and give more even coverage. I was often asked if we had a moisturizer. More on that later.

I was still learning about the potential and benefits of PurePressed Base that was formulated without fillers and synthetics, and so I paid careful attention to how the skin looked at all stages of wearing. Because the minerals were concentrated pigment, it didn’t take much to achieve the look of clear skin. Brush them on and the skin was flawless. It still looked like skin no matter how much was applied. Also, because of the shape and overlapping nature of the mineral particles, they transferred far less than normal makeup and stayed on the skin longer. I had a dramatic example of this when I visited a Soap Opera set that was using our makeup for the actors. The makeup artists were sitting with their feet up in the control room, happily relaxed because they weren’t darting out onto the set to touch-up makeup every few minutes. They literally applauded when I walked in.

Pommisst Hydration Spray

What I also noticed about the minerals was that after a while, they would set themselves. What I mean is that as they mixed with the skin’s natural moisture, they looked better and better. No sign of a powdery look and more and more like flawless skin. While I was doing my applications, I wanted to show women that look without their having to wait for it to happen naturally. That’s when the hydration sprays were born. A quick spritz over the minerals set them perfectly as well as giving the skin that coveted “moist” look. I noticed that the spray also brought a smile to the woman’s face. A beautiful fragrance will do that, such as pomegranate. From the moment we brought out our first bottle of Pommisst Hydration Spray, it has never ceased to be one of our top sellers.

Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer

So now we have PurePressed Base and Pommisst, what about the moisturizer? Moisturizers are a bit like mascaras. Every woman has different needs and a different point of view. This is definitely not a one-size-fits-all product. So perhaps the best thing was to develop a product that was a primer. A bit like our Lash Conditioner that primes lashes before the mascara of your choice is applied. A primer that could be worn with or without a moisturizer under it.

Of course, it had to be beneficial for the skin and allow it to breathe and function normally. It also had to feel light, not sticky, prevent moisture loss, and provide a smooth surface on which the minerals could adhere. This was a formulating challenge but one we solved with Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer. I love this product. I love the way it feels, the way it smells, and the fact that I can wear it by itself and often do. It has a calming effect on the skin that never fails to work for me.

So, now we have our Skincare Makeup System, and what a powerful trio they have been. They have introduced millions of women all over the world to the joys of a clear, moist skin with that youthful matte shimmer. Our ancestors would be proud.

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I get asked all the time what kind of makeup I wear, or why my skin looks so great, mostly by friends and relatives who don’t know where I work. Whenever I respond with “it’s because I wear jane iredale.” they always say, “Oh, I have to try that!”. Often times I wish I could send a Starter Kit to those friends and family members just so they can experience how amazing this makeup is for their skin. I’ve heard this same story from many of our friends online, so now we’re giving you the chance to do just that!

makeup starter kitThe NEW Starter Kit launched on Monday, January 20th. It has all the jane iredaleessentials for amazing skin, bundled into a beautiful travel case with an extra large mirror. The Starter Kit includes a brush, Smooth Affair Facial Primer, POMMISST Hydration Spray, Amazing Base and PurePressed Base. We’re giving away 10 Starter Kits a week from now through the end of February, so visit us and nominate your friends to discover the difference with jane iredale. Here’s how to nominate:

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Things We Love: The Pure & Simple Makeup Kit


The wonderful part about the products included in the Pure & Simple Makeup Kit is all of them can be used in multiple ways.

Different Ways to Use Mineral Foundation

By itself, PurePressed Base is a multitasking miracle worker. It’s a semi-matte foundation that contains broad spectrum SPF protection, and can be used as a concealer and setting powder. Plus, it’s packed with ingredients that have skincare benefits, like Pomegranate Extract that helps fight free-radical production and protect your skin. In the Pure & Simple Makeup Kit, we included two shades of PurePressed Base. Here’s why:

  1. It adjust with your tan. You can wear the lighter shade when your skin is a little paler and the darker shade for your sunkissed moments.
  2. You can mix the two shades to customize your foundation color.
  3. Lastly, the two shades can work as a highlighter or contour color depending on which one you use as foundation. If the light shade is your foundation, use the dark shade as contour, and vise versa for highlighter.

More Than Just Eye Shadow

We also had our reasons for including Oyster and Supernova PurePressed Eye Shadow. The first is, both shades are universally flattering. They also pair well together for a soft, yet defined eye makeup look, and they can easily double as other products.

You can use Oyster, the shimmery pearl shade, as a highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bones and your cupid’s bow. Any place you want a little extra glow, this eye shadow can be applied.

Supernova is a shimmery copper, eggplant shade, we recommend using it as the contour shade in your eye makeup look. Additionally, you can use it as an eyeliner if you wet the sponge applicator (or an Angle Liner/Brow Brush).

Double the Blushes, Double the Fun

The Pure & Simple Makeup Kit only contains one PurePressed Blush shade, but the Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain allows you to double up on your cheek color. This little lip product is a friend favorite for good reason. It uses your skin’s pH to develop a shade of peach (Forever Peach) or pink (Forever Pink) that is unique to you, and it lasts all day!

When we want to add subtle color to our cheeks, we use either PurePressed Blush or Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain, but when we want our cheekbones to pop, here’s how we do it:

  • First, apply Forever Peach or Forever Pink to the apples of your cheeks. You can do so from the tube or using the sponge applicator. Use your finger to blend it on the skin.
  • Then, brush on a layer of the PurePressed Blush from your kit to intensify the color.
  • Lastly, add a bit of Oyster PurePressed Eye Shadow to your cheek bones.

Pure. Simple. You.

Have you tried the Pure & Simple Makeup Kit? Comment below to tell us where you take it on-the-go, and share a picture of your Pure & Simple makeup look with us on Instagram using #BeautyWithBrilliance. Happy multitasking!

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For us, the holidays are about two things, giving back to those in our family and communities and, of course, celebrating the ones we love with parties of all sizes. From intimate family dinner parties to large corporate holiday parties, we love the merriment and we like our makeup to reflect our festive mood. When it comes to holiday eye makeup looks, we’re grabbing one product— the Let’s PartyEye Shadow Kit. At first glance, this eye shadow palette may seem a little scary with the bright blue and deep green shades, but we promise this kit gives you the flexibility of subtle and daring looks. These are our four favorite holiday eye makeup looks using the Let’s Party Eye Shadow Kit. Each look has no more than four steps, and there are diagrams to show you where to place each shade.

Holiday Eye Makeup for Your Eye Color

The best way to make your eyes sparkle this holiday season is to choose makeup that complements your eye color. Luckily, the Let’s Party Eye Shadow kit has shades that work for people with every eye shade. Here are two simple looks for people with blue or green eyes and those with brown eyes.

Holiday Eye Makeup for Blue/Green Eyes

If you have blue or green eyes, try wearing the more purple shades in the Let’s Party Eye Shadow Kit — Spree, Wing-ding, and Hootenanny. Here’s how to create the purple smokey eye look in three steps. holiday eye makeup look for blue and green eyes

  1. First, apply Spree from your lash line to brow bone with the with Deluxe Shader Brush.
  2. Then, use the Crease Brush to blend Wing-ding into the outer third of your lid and into the crease.
  3. Finally, apply Hootenanny, wet or dry, as an eyeliner using the Smudge Brush or Angle Liner/Brow Brush for a smokey eye look.

Holiday Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes, you can go for a more intense holiday eye makeup look this holiday season. Our favorite trick to add depth to any eye shadow and customize the color is to first apply Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner as an eye shadow primer. In this look, we transformed the shimmery chocolate shade Hootenanny using EmeraldMystikol Eyeliner. holiday eye makeup look for Brown Eyes

  1. First, blend EmeraldMystikol Powdered Eyeliner from lash line to crease using the built-in brush or a Camouflage Brush.
  2. Using the Crease Brush smudge out Hootenanny from lash line to crease.
  3. Press Shindig onto your eyelid with the Eye Shader Brush.
  4. Finally, use the Smudge Brush to apply Basic Black Eye Pencil into lashes.

2-Steps to Subtle & Smokey

The Let’s Party Eye Shadow Kit is great for vibrant, playful looks but it can also be used for more subtle, elegant eye makeup looks for the holiday season. Here’s one of our favorites that can be created in two simple steps. subtle smokey holiday eye makeup

  1. First, apply Spree from your lash line to your brow bone with Deluxe Shader Brush.
  2. Then, use the Angle Liner/Brow Brush to smudge Soiree (yup, the blue shade) into lashline, and you’re ready to party the night away!

The Best Holiday Blues

If you love to play with color and the holidays are your favorite time to venture outside the neutral box, then this look is for you. Bold eye makeup has been on trend for the past few seasons, and we love it! Though we wouldn’t recommend this as an everyday look, the blue-hued holiday eye makeup look would be beautiful if paired with a simple monochromatic outfit. So, pull out your favorite charcoal silk, slip dress and grab Let’s Party because this look is a show stopper! Bold, blue eye makeup look, holiday makeup ideas

  1. First, apply Soiree from lashline to crease with the Deluxe Shader Brush.
  2. Using the Crease Brush, apply Hootenanny to the outer corner of your eyelid into the crease.
  3. Finish the look by applying Onyx Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner to your top and lower lashes. Smudge it out with Soiree using the Angle Liner/Brow Brush or Smudge Brush.

Show Us How You Party

We want to see your holiday eye makeup looks. Show us how you use Let’s Party or one of our other Eye Shadow Kits to create subtle, bold, or shimmery eye makeup looks and we may feature you on our Instagram page. Make sure to tag your posts using @janeiredale and #GoodBeautyStories so we see them!

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At Luxy Hair, our mission is to help you feel like your most beautiful self, every single day. Whether it’s a special occasion, a stay-at-home self-care date or a Vaxxed (i.e. vaccinated) vacation you’re about to take. We believe that looking and feeling like your best self is achieved when your beauty routine is simple and effective, allowing you to enjoy every little step you take.

We’ve all pretty much got it down pat when it comes to makeup and skin care thanks to the plethora of information and self-care guides available—we’re looking at you, TikTok.

But what about our hair care/styling routines? A lot of women find that doing their hair is an arduous task, even if the end result is what they want. Between the sectioning, heat styling, hair spraying, scrunching, blow-drying and more, the process of styling can sometimes feel somewhat tiresome.

We’re here to make the process much, much simpler while also adding that aesthetic touch you’ve always wanted, with the Luxy Hair Application Kit.

What is the Luxy Hair Application Kit?

The Luxy Hair Application Kit is the all-you-need hair styling kit that is here to help you simplify the process of doing your hair, while also adding a luxurious touch to your beauty routine. Everything, from the look of the travel bag to each tool inside it speaks of luxury, style and function—elements that not only make the process of getting ready easier, but help you feel oh-so-good doing it.


What does the application kit include?

It includes a vegan saffiano leather travel bag, a pair of matte alligator hair clips and a pearlescent rat tail comb.

Vegan Saffiano Leather Travel Bag

This sleek and luxe travel bag is a black toiletry pouch with gold zipper detailing and has a gold Luxy metal logo to match. If you’re a girl-on-the-go, this pouch is perfect to throw into your overnight bag, a travel tote or even your handbag for easy reach and convenience.

Matte Alligator Hair Clips

The Luxy Hair Application Kit also includes two professional grade black ‘alligator claw’ clips that feature a soft-touch, matte black finish and a metallic gold silk screen Luxy Hair print. These hair clips make sectioning and styling so much simpler, without the ill-effects of your hair getting crimped, tangled or twisted into these clips.

Pearlescent Rat Tail Comb

The last, and definitely not the least thing included in this kit is the pearlescent comb that features fine teeth. These are polished to a smooth and rounded finish for an effortless glide. The rattail side of the comb helps with seamless sectioning making it easy-peasy for you to put on your hair extensions, section your hair to braid or get that perfect Gen Z approved middle part.

How do I use the Application Kit?

The hair application kit is designed to assist you in making storing, detangling, styling, and final touch ups to your #HOTD simple. You can use it to section your hair while putting in your hair extensions, use the alligator clips while straightening or curling your hair amongst many other things.

The vegan leather pouch is roomy enough to hold the rattail comb and alligator hair clips as well as any additional accessories like, a set of snag-free satin scrunchies, pearl hair clips, your every day lip balm and bobby pins.

Made of a very eco-friendly material the pearlescent rattail comb has anti-static properties that helps smooth out the hair and eliminate frizz—the dream for every girl who battles post-shower frizz, amirite?!


Your newest hair styling bffs, the alligator clips. feature a flexible, double-hinged claw design that adjusts to grip to your hair securely without pulling or damaging it. How many times can you remember re-straightening a section of hair because of a clip crimp? We see the struggle, girl. The non-slip grips on the handles make it easy to open and close when your hands are wet and/or when you are dealing with wet hair.

Application Kit Additionals

Signature Hair Curler and Application Kit Bundle

Pair the application kit with our signature hair curler and make it the styling bundle of your dreams. The 1” Luxy Hair Signature Curler is ideal for styling hair extensions, long hair and short hair alike. This 7.2-inch extra-long length barrel with a cool-touch tip will ensure your fingers stay safe, and you always have good hair days on-the-go!


Application Kit and Deluxe Styler Bundle

Applying and styling your Luxies can be an even bigger treat with this Bundle. The Application Kit has everything you need to master the art of application, plus use the Deluxe Styler to wash, dry, and style your Luxies with ease by suctioning on to any hard surface. Styling, drying and loving your Luxies has never been this easy.

Application Kit and Loop Brush Bundle

Keep your styling routine simple and luxurious with this Application Kit and Loop Brush bundle. Use this unique Loop Brush to glide through your hair seamlessly without causing any damage to your natural hair or hair extensions. Then go in for seamless styling with your handy application kit to style your hair and complete the look.





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