Hair influencer Chris McMillan, Jennifer Aniston‘s hair guru, talks to InStyle magazine about the hair trends in Paris and California, his favorite healthy hair products, and why he is SO over ombré hair color.


Selfie: McMillan and Jennifer Aniston (Photo: @MrChrisMcMillan/Instagram)

What’s the big trend in hair color?

Chris McMillan: Bronde hair. B-R-O-N-D-E. Brown-haired girls with just a touch of sun-kissed hair. [For an example of bronde hair, see the featured image above.] Brown hair doesn’t have to be flat. You can do lowlights and highlights. Bleaching your hair is so popular right now. I love these new bleached-out icy blue, lavender, grayish looks. It’s like your hair is part of your wardrobe. But you don’t want to go too blue or too purple.

You and Jennifer Aniston have worked together forever. Are you like siblings at this point?

CM: We can think like each other for sure. I know what she needs. One day I’ll wind up being her hairdresser and her personal assistant. I’ll just quit everything and take care of her. I’ve gotten to a point with Jen where I’m at this happy medium between making her feel comfortable and creating modern, current looks with her.


InStyle, March 2017

How do you stay up-to-date on modern, current looks for Jennifer and your other clients?

CM: What really helps is traveling. Going to London or Tokyo. Anywhere. Paris is very influential for me too. I love that French girls do single-colored hair — long, short, bobs. You don’t see ombré hair in the streets of Paris. You go to Los Angeles, you see ombré hair.

What makes you smile?

CM: No ombré hair.

I’m getting the sense that you’re anti-ombré.

CM: I’m not but I do love what’s fresh and new. I love that there’s short hair on girls again. I love bleached hair on girls. I love that everyone has a living-out-of-their-Grandma’s-house look. Like Gwyneth Paltrow in The Royal Tenenbaums. Like they grabbed coats out of their grandma’s closet. You know, like the look at Gucci.

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What kind of hair do you rock with that?

CM: I love a redhead. You’re seeing hippie hair and a ’70s vibe. I call it Marcia Brady babysitter hair. Jen’s always like, “Just do ’70s babysitter hair today.”

Read the complete Q&A in the March 2017 issue of InStyle, on newsstands now.

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