Social media have become very influential in the world of fashion, makeup, hairstyling and trendsetting. Fashion-forward people chat with their friends and peers before changing their hair styles, buying new wardrobes or pursuing cosmetic strategies to change their appearances. Boutiques, hairstylists and clothing designers check Facebook and Twitter before introducing new clothing lines and customer services.

The Celebrity Culture Has Changed

Celebrities traditionally influenced fashion from red-carpet appearances, fashion magazine spreads, films to television shows, but today, anyone can attract followers and influence style and fashion habits through YouTube videos, social media posts, links to photographs and fashion blogs. Pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest attract media attention, influence designers and cause contemporary celebrities to change their hairstyles and wardrobes to stay current with their fans.

Young People Draw Inspiration from Social Media

People now get their beauty ideas from YouTube, Tumblr, Polyvore and other websites, and fashionable men and women share their fashion ideas, get styling tips, learn how to disguise thinning hair and get ideas for accessories, nail art, body tattoos and piercings, and other popular fashion trends. Online videos help resourceful people learn how to braid hair, apply makeup, choose complementary colors and impress their friends, associates and romantic partners.

Social Media Forums Express Personal Style

Everyone can influence friends, peers, business associates and contemporary styles by expressing their preferences on social media forums and posting photographs and videos that capture imaginations and influence trends. Hairstylists and fashion designers increasingly take their cues from information they get through social media channels. Women and men learn new styling techniques and get fresh ideas for dealing with thinning hair, attracting attention in fashion-focused crowds, including starting trends based on personal style. Celebrity styles have always influenced hair styles and fashion, but creative fashionistas can now extend their influence to peers, friends and virtual strangers through social media outlets.

Choose Styles that Impress

Mass media and social links not only increase subculture influence but also strengthen exposure to celebrity and role model styles and fashions. Celebrities will always influence the fashion industry and hairstyling trends, but social media interaction allows young people to both draw inspiration and influence other people through social contacts and instant communication. Hair styles create powerful first impressions, and social sharing helps celebrities, fashion professionals, and subculture enthusiasts showcase their fashion ideas, impress other people, and launch new hair and fashion trends.

Social media influence helps people become more style-savvy, learn about trending fashions quickly and collaborate with their peers to choose the best hair and fashion options for social occasions, business meetings, leisure activities and attracting media attention.

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