jane iredale & Berkshire Humane Society

Our commitment to leading a cruelty free lifestyle extends beyond makeup. In addition to our strict no-animal testing policy, we also partner with organizations like our local animal shelter, the Berkshire Humane Society (BHS).

“Years ago, I walked into the Berkshire Humane Society to see how it was run and liked what I saw. I have been friends with the director ever since. When we needed a cat for my mother, we adopted Charlie, who went on to live a long and happy life.” -Jane

Jane began supporting the Berkshire Humane Society years ago, when she realized that the shelter’s practices aligned with our commitment to the compassionate treatment of animals. Every day, BHS volunteers worked to ensure the animals in their care become more adoptable through training, grooming and healthcare.

cruelty free beauty, makeup bag, donates to animal shelterTo assist the Berkshire Humane Society with this mission, we are donating a portion of the profits from sales of the limited edition Cookie Bagto the shelter.

Want to know more about the Berkshire Humane Society? Here’s a rundown of some of the organizations great work.

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