Get the Look: Carice van Houten

Have you ever had moments when you see someone’s picture online and wonder, “How did she get that look?” Her lipstick, eye shadow, etc. is so perfect you just have to have it (or something like it). This happens to us all the time! In our Get the Look series, we share tips on how to achieve our favorite makeup looks using products you probably already own! Today, we’re sharing how Game of Thrones star Carice van Houten maintains her flawless-looking skin.

*Spoilers* If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, then you know that the red witch Melisandre has, arguably, the best skin on the show. Whether she’s bringing Jon Snow back from the dead or praying to the Lord of Light, we can’t help but wonder how she looks so flawless when winter is coming! A magical amulet may keep her character looking fresh in the show, but in real life, actress Carice van Houten has to maintain her skin health like the rest of us by using makeup and skincare with protective and nourishing ingredients.

How to Get Carice Van Houten’s Look

While filming her upcoming movie, Domino, Carice was introduced to our products by her makeup artist and she fell in love!

“My lovely MUA Cindi has been using jane iredale products on me on set of my latest movie and I’m crazy about them! Finally, natural products for my sensitive, pale skin.”

Her three favorite products are Bisque Liquid Minerals, Lemongrass Love Hydration Spray and the Naturally Matte Eye Shadow Kit. They help her achieve an effortless no-makeup makeup look on screen and off! Here’s how to recreate Carice’s barely-there make look in a few simple steps:

  • First, use the Foundation Brush to apply Liquid Minerals. If you want to even out the coverage, you can also wet a Flocked Sponge with Hydration Spray and use it to press the foundation onto your skin. Check out this video for a tutorial.
  • For added hydration, mist your skin with Lemongrass Love Hydration Spray. If your skin is more oily or for SPF coverage, you can also dust a light layer of PurePressed Base before you spritz.
  • Next, apply the “Buttercream” shade from the Naturally Matte Eye Shadow Kit to your entire eyelid using the Eye Shader Brush. If you have a medium or dark skin tone, try using “Hush” or “Eggplant” instead.
  • Add definition to your eye by contouring your crease with the “Slate Brown” shade, try “Fudge” for darker skin tones. The Crease Brush will help you blend the color easily.
  • Use the Smudge Brush to smudge the “Fudge” shade on the top and bottom lash line.
  • Layer PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner and Black Ice Longest Lash Lengthening Mascara for bold lashes.
  • Swipe on a bit of Sheer LipDrink SPF 15 Lip Balm, and start your day because you look good enough to take the Iron Throne.

We Want to Know

What products do you use to create your barely-there makeup look? Tell us in the comments below or show us on Instagram by posting a picture and tagging @janeiredale and #BeautyWithBrilliance.

Shop Carice’s Favorites

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Naturally Matte Eye Shadow Kit $59.00

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