Winter Skin Homemade Body Oil


Winter is in full effect in southwest Missouri where I live, and my skin is feeling it! During the winter, I tend to get dry patches on my skin, especially my elbows, knees, and hands. This winter skin homemade body oil is the perfect remedy. It’s kind of a hybrid between a lotion and a body oil. Here’s what the consistency is like:

A little bit of this goes a long way! And, I especially love applying some of this to my feet and hands before bed so it can kind of soak in overnight. 🙂 I packed my version full of some pretty high end ingredients! You know how you’ll sometimes go to buy a product at the store and see that the first ingredient listed is water? Not so much here. It’s all good things for this homemade body oil.

Here’s what I used in my winter skin homemade body oil:
-shea butter
–argan oil
–jojoba oil
-vitamin E oil
–essential oil for scent (lavender)
–mica powder for a little shimmer

You basically want to your body oil to be 1 part shea butter and 1 part oil. You can mix oils (like I did) or swap out the majority for something less expensive like coconut oil or even olive oil, which is still really great for your skin. I added about 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil and a heaping teaspoon of the mica powder too, but both of those are optional and the oil would still be great without them.

Here’s what the mica powder looks like. It’s actually really great for a little (natural) shimmer or to make DIY makeups with.

Just add all the ingredients to a glass jar and use an immersion blender to blend well until no clumps remain. My homemade body oil has an almost milky color with a kind of pearl shimmer from the mica. Even though I’m not necessarily using this as a cosmetic (it’s really for dry skin), I do love how pretty and luxurious it looks.

You can simply store it in any airtight container like a glass jar with a lid. But, as with any lotion or body oil, it’s nice to have something with a little spout or pour option. I found some reusable honey bear containers at a local farming supply store (it’s a long story why I was there, but I thought these would be perfect for homemade lotions and things, so I bought them when I saw them). But you could absolutely reuse something you may already have in your bathroom or kitchen cabinets or just use a clean glass jar. Hope your skin loves this stuff as much as mine! xo. Emma

P.S. This body oil can separate over time, or in extreme temperatures. If you notice this, just give the container a good shake and things will get blended up again.

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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After knowing these 34 homemade, all natural DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes, you’ll stop using store-bought scrubs for sure!

1. DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Bars

DIY Sugar Scrub

Easily mistaken as candies, these pretty sugar scrub bars impart a natural glow on your skin and keep it free from the harsh effects of age. Find the recipe here!

2. DIY Gingerbread Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub2

The granular texture of this gingerbread scrub makes it easy to apply, especially when you are running out of time. The recipe is here.

3. DIY Coffee Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

DIY Sugar Scrub3

Anybody up for dual benefits? This coffee-sugar body scrub recipe awakens your mind with the invigorating scent and rejuvenates your skin. Visit Living the Nourished Life for more.

4. Lavender Lemon Sugar Scrub

homemade sugar scrub

Lemon gives the antioxidant property to this ordinary sugar scrub, and lavender added to provide it a lingering aroma. Head over to One Little Project to learn more.

5. Homemade Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub.

DIY Sugar Scrub4

Who knew, this tropical dessert lover’s dream is actually a sugar scrub in disguise? The recipe is here.

6. Lemon Honey Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub6

This lemon honey sugar scrub not only exfoliates your skin but moisturizes it well. See the how-to at Home Made Mommy

7. Whipped Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub7

This sweet, licorice-flavored sugar scrub is perfect for keeping your skin healed and hydrated all through winter. See the directions here.

8. Oatmeal & Honey Homemade Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub8

Nourish, exfoliate and brighten your skin at the same time with this homemade blend of honey, oatmeal, and sugar. The Story of Five has the tutorial.

9. Sugar Scrub Cubes

DIY Sugar Scrub9

These pint-sized DIY scrub bars are easy to store and carry, so you never have to be too far from a quick natural skin cleanup ever.

10. DIY Mint Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub10

Beat Monday blues with this cool, minty sugar scrub. The recipe is here!

11. DIY Essential Oil Sugar Scrub

sugar scrub recipes

Combine the goodness of essential oil and sugar into one, follow this essential oil sugar scrub recipe here.

12. Calming Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub12

This calming sugar scrub recipe has great effects on sinus headaches. Savvy Naturalista has the process.

13. DIY Exfoliating Lemon Lip Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub14

Get rid of dry, flaky lips problem and make them soft and glossy with this homemade lip scrub recipe here.

14. Cranberry Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub14

Here’s an amazing cranberry sugar scrub recipe for quick skin nourishment when you have less time to spare.

15. Sweet Vanilla Sugar Scrub


DIY Sugar Scrub15

This heavenly mix of vanilla and sugar does wonders to dull skin while leaving you smelling like a dream. Visit Thank Your Body to find the DIY.

16. Peach Passion Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub15

Get in touch with the healing powers of peach and eliminate the signs of pollution and stress from your face and for all with this DIY sugar scrub.

17. Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub17

Pamper yourself with the cool, refreshing effects of cucumber and mint to kickstart the day with glee. Catch this amazing recipe here.

18. Rose Petal Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub18

Infused with smooth, perfumy rose petals, this creamy sugar scrub is more than a remedy. It is a treat to your skin. Happiness is Homemade has the details.

19. DIY Chai Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub19

The strong nutrient profile of tea makes this perfect as a skin exfoliant and moisturizer. Add it to your sugar scrub for long-lasting benefits. The recipe is here!

20. DIY Sugar Hand Scrub

After knowing these 34 homemade, all natural DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes, you'll stop using store-bought scrubs for sure!

If everyday chores are ruining the beauty of your delicate hands, this simple sugar hand scrub DIY can help.

21. DIY Raspberry Lemon Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub21
DIY Raspberry Lemon Sugar Scrub in etched glass jars. Recipe + tutorial!

This raspberry lemon sugar scrub is a fine example of things that look good, feel good, and work well. Catch the recipe+tutorial here.

22. Homemade Green Tea Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub22

Loaded with antioxidants and antibacterial properties, this homemade green tea sugar scrub deserves your efforts to make it.  Living Chic on the Cheap has the complete recipe.

23. Apple Cinnamon Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub23

This recipe has coconut oil, cinnamon powder, apple, and sugar. Find out the tutorial at Simply Shellie.

24. Vanilla Chai Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub25

Achieve a higher level of awareness every morning with this ultra-smooth yet nourishing sugar scrub that renews the deepest layers of your skin. The DIY Natural has the recipe.

25. DIY Cherry Blossom Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub25

Sink in the lingering scent of cherry blossoms with this easy, two-minute sugar scrub recipe here.

26. Homemade Apricot Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub26

Get the goodness of apricot and sugar in one irresistible combination with this DIY at A Pumpkin and A Princess.

27. DIY Unicorn Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub27

If fruity and flowery scrubs are too mainstream, consider whipping up this multicolored fairytale-inspired DIY Unicorn Sugar Scrub.

28. Spiced Orange Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub27

Make this spiced sugar scrub with orange essential oil. Apply it once a week before shower on your skin. You’ll forget all the chemical products available in the market.

29. Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub29

Infused with the foresty scent of pumpkin spice, this DIY sugar scrub makes wonderful fall party favors. The recipe is here.

30. Homemade Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub30

The calming and nourishing properties of this eucalyptus sugar scrub will help you unwind after a long day at work. The Salt Lick Lessons has the tutorial.

31. DIY Strawberry Sugar Scrub

diy sugar scrub recipes

The only challenge with this deliciously scented sugar scrub from Mommy Musings is the tendency to eat it up in one go.

32. Pina Colada Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub32

This refreshing minty sugar scrub is just what you need to make sure you are summer ready in time. Visit Happiness is Homemade for the directions.

33. Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub33

This 3 ingredients brown sugar lip scrub by Crafting{e} can beat those commercial lip scrubs in efficacy.

34. Homemade Lime Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub34

For a tangy twist to your boring sugar scrub, consider adding in a few drops of lime.  Creations by Kara has the details.

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With these 30 Homemade DIY Body Scrub Recipes, exfoliate your body and get soft and moisturized skin without using harsh chemicals.

1. Coffee Body Scrub with Coconut Oil

DIY body scrub

This refreshing scrub includes coffee and coconut oil- the two antioxidant powerhouses to fight cellulite and impart a dewy glow. Here is the recipe!

2. DIY Lemon Body Scrub

DIY body scrub2

Combining Epsom salt for intense scrubbing and coconut oil for nourishment, this lemon-scented scrub is something you can’t get enough of. Check out this DIY.

3. DIY Orange Body Scrub with Real Oranges

DIY body scrub3

Rewind with the goodness of oranges at the end of a tiring day with this 100% herbal body scrub. We found the recipe here.

4. DIY Herbal Body Scrub

DIY body scrub4

This lightly perfumed body scrub cleans and nourishes your skin with its endless antimicrobial and humectant properties. Get more details here.

5. Nourishing Honey & Sugar Body ScrubDIY body scrub5

If a wee bit of exfoliation angers your skin, this silky smooth honey scrub is a good option. Visit livesimply for the recipe.

6. Banana Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

diy body scrub recipes

Enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, and manganese, this sweet-scented banana scrub is a treat for dry and damaged skin. Follow this post for more details. Check out more sugar scrub recipes here.

7. DIY Lemon and Rosemary Body Scrub

DIY body scrub7

This refreshing rosemary and lemon body scrub gives you a spa-like treatment at a fraction of the cost. Here is the DIY!

8. Cucumber Body Scrub

DIY body scrub8

This mildly scented scrub energizes and cools your body before the sweat and stress can take over. All the ingredients with the recipe are here.

9. Sea Salt Body Scrub

DIY body scrub9

Sea salt scrubs are not as fancy as you think! In fact, the ingredients to whip them up are lying in your kitchen right now. Here is the step by step procedure.

10. Moisturizing Body Scrub Cubes With Green Tea And Ginger

DIY body scrub10

This travel-friendly body scrub rejuvenates your skin, giving it a cheery glow all through winter. Helloglow came up with this recipe.

11. Oats and Honey Body Scrub

DIY body scrub11

This interesting recipe gives you a nicely textured scrub, where you have ground oats for ruthless exfoliation and honey for silky nourishment. Know more here.

12. Activated Charcoal DIY Body Scrub

DIY body scrub12

If you want to scrub out the impurities, while leaving essential body oils intact, consider turning to DIY activated charcoal body scrub.

13. Peppermint Sugar Body Scrub

DIY body scrub 13

If your idea of detox is drowning in fresh, minty smells, then this peppermint sugar scrub can help. Here is how to make it!

14. Citrus Salt Body Scrub

Immerse yourself in the divine scent of lemon zest every time you step into the shower. The instructions are available here.

15. Homemade Baking Soda Body Scrub

This easy, two-minute body scrub makes sure you don’t keep putting off exfoliation for the weekends. The steps are here.

16. Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Scrub

Gift your skin the benefits of intense hydration and deep exfoliation with this vanilla-scented sugar scrub. Visit instructables for more details.

17. Homemade Chocolate Body Scrub

DIY body scrub

For chocolate-lovers that want a spa-like experience, this decadent body scrub should suffice. Here is the detailed article.

18. Homemade Grapefruit Body Scrub

DIY body scrub 18

Get soft, glowing skin with this two-ingredient scrub infused with grapefruit extracts. Learn all about the ingredients and steps here.

19. Homemade Lavender Sugar Body Scrub

DIY body scrub 19

The irresistible blend of lavender, sugar and coconut oil makes this scrub perfect for pampering your skin with. Click here for more details.

20. Rose Petal Body Scrub Recipe

DIY body scrub 20

This delicate rose scrub is an excellent gift for someone you love this Valentine’s day. Here is the tutorial.

21. DIY Mocha Body Scrub

DIY body scrub 21

This deliciously-scented coffee scrub has sugar for exfoliation and coconut oil for intense hydration. The procedure with the material required is here!

22. Paradise Mango DIY Body Scrub

DIY body scrub 22

Immerse yourself in the refreshing scents and age-reversing benefits of this DIY mango scrub.

23. Pumpkin Pie Sugar Body Scrub

DIY body scrub 23

Incorporating this fall staple to your body care routine gives you a youthful look that stays all year long. Follow the instructions here.

24. Coconut Lime Sugar Body Scrub

DIY body scrub 24

This nourishing, vitamin-enriched body scrub is perfect for winter application. Here’s the post which has all the steps.

25. Sugar Cookie Body Scrub Recipe

DIY body scrub 25

Inspired by your favorite dessert snack, this body scrub here employs the power of chocolate and sugar to wipe off skin debris and bring out the lost sheen.

26. Strawberry Sugar Body Scrub

DIY body scrub 26

This sugary jelly-like scrub makes your bath time luxurious, erasing any signs of stress and daytime drowsiness that Monday mornings are sure to bring. We found the idea here.

27. Homemade Watermelon Body Scrub

DIY body scrub 27

Rub off dry skin without much elbow grease and a little help from this DIY watermelon scrub.

28. Margarita Body Scrub

DIY body scrub 28

This refreshing margarita skin scrub is sure to dowse morning sleepiness and keep you alert the whole day. Step by step tutorial is here.

29. Homemade Chai Body Scrub

DIY body scrub 29

For a hydrating exfoliant scrub that smells equally good, try this chai scrub. The recipe for this scrub is here.

30. Homemade Almond and Floral Body Scrub

DIY body scrub 30

Infused with divine floral scents, this almond scrub has anti-aging properties that confer an everlasting glow on your skin. Here are all the details.

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These homemade body lotion recipes for winter are excellent to keep your skin moisturized in dry days. All these contain natural ingredients that nourish the skin.

1. Coconut Cream Lotion

Homemade Lotion for Dry Skin in Winter 1

This waxy, buttery blend with the smell of coconut repairs your skin after days of winter dryness, making it summer-ready and good as new. Here is the tutorial!

2. Homemade Lotion for winter: Natural Non-Greasy Hand & Body Moisturizer

Homemade Lotion for Dry Skin in Winter 2

Combining aloe vera gel, beeswax, and vitamin E in this non-greasy formula hydrates your skin and is mild enough for summer application. Visit DIY natural for the detailed post.

3. DIY Crockpot Lotion

Homemade Lotion for Dry Skin in Winter 3

For extra skin care during the harshest of winters, this crockpot lotion recipe using all-natural ingredients can help. Check out this DIY!

4. Oatmeal, Cocoa Butter, Honey, Milk Lotion

DIY Homemade Lotion for Dry Skin in Winter 4

Filled with vitamin powerhouses, this wholesome body lotion idea makes your skin look good and feel better like never before.

5. Homemade Lavender-Chamomile Lotion

Homemade Lotion for Dry Skin in Winter 5

Infused with the calming scents of chamomile and lavender this buttery smooth cream erases tensed thoughts, helping you unwind and sleep. Follow this tutorial.

6. Homemade Lavender-Chamomile Sleepy-Time Lotion

Homemade Body Lotion Recipes for Winter 6

With beeswax, olive oil and a delicious rose fragrance, this smooth homemade lotion for dry skin in winter do a great job at giving you a spa-like feel at home. The recipe is here.

7. Homemade Tinted Lotion

Homemade Body Lotion Recipes for Winter 7

Dab some of this tinted moisturizer before applying foundation to look naturally beautiful and young. Here are the steps.

8. Homemade Scented Lotion

Homemade Body Lotion Recipes for Winter 8

This recipe shows you how to add a personal touch and extra hydration powers to your favorite store-bought lotion.

9. Easy shea Butter And Olive Oil Lotion

Homemade Body Lotion Recipes for Winter 9

This rich, creamy lotion pairs shea butter with extra virgin olive oil to ensure a generous supply of vitamins to the skin every time.

10. Cooling Aloe-Mint Body Lotion

DIY winter body lotion9

Gift your skin the refreshing goodness of mint and aloe with this summer-special body scrub idea.

11. Homemade Face Lotion

DIY winter body lotion10

Unlike moisturizers that clog pores, this buttery homemade mix ensures a non-greasy yet glossy look, making it ideal for daytime application.

12. Homemade Calamine Lotion

DIY winter body lotion12

Reduce the itchy irritation and redness of acne with this calamine face lotion. Get the recipe here.

13. Good Night Lotion

DIY winter body lotion13

This lavender-scented shea butter and coconut oil mix calm your nerves, lulling you into a deep, restful sleep. Grab the recipe here.

14. Homemade Orange Body Lotion

DIY winter body lotion14

Bestow the health benefits of tropical fruits on your skin with the help of this luscious, irresistible body lotion. Follow this link for instructions.

15. DIY Whipped Lavender Lotion

DIY winter body lotion15

This creamy, beeswax-shea butter blend is for when your skin could do with some intense hydration without compromising on appearance.

16. Easy Homemade Vanilla Lotion

DIY winter body lotion16

This vanilla-scented cream has jojoba oil, which is anti-inflammatory and takes care of winter dryness in poorly nourished areas of your body, like the legs and feet.

17. Silky Smooth Homemade Lotion Dry Skin in Winter

DIY winter body lotion17

Including cocoa butter, vitamin E, beeswax and a host of essential oils, this incredible lotion recipe presents a tasteful experience with each application.

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Treat acne and other facial conditions with these 17 homemade face mask for acne and oily skin.

1. Banana Face Mask

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 1

This natural homemade face mask for acne and oily skin has honey for added shine, yogurt for a soft, dewy finish and of course, bananas for a generous dose of antioxidants.

2. Egg White Face Masks

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 2

This two-minute face pack has egg whites that unclog pores, tightening them and cleaning out any underlying dirt and sebum.

3. Turmeric Face Masks

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 3

Turmeric face pack helps you hit the sweet spot between drippy, oily skin and one that is gently hydrated. Know more turmeric beauty hacks here.

4. Tomato Face Masks

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 4

Thanks to its acidity and astringency, tomatoes are a pro at removing impurities, promoting cellular renewal from deep within.

5. Yogurt Face Masks

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 5

Yogurt, for its active complement of microbiota, is a marvel at skin exfoliation, while preventing sebum glands from getting overactive and attracting pimple bacteria. Probably yogurt makes one of the best and most effective homemade face mask for acne and oily skin.

6. Oatmeal Face Masks

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 6

As a gentle moisturizing agent, oatmeal hydrates skin while curbing excess oil production, making your skin look matte and youthful. Get the recipe here.

7. Rose Water Face Mask

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 7

Loaded with vitamin C and other antioxidants, rose water offers a smooth, hydrating application that is a nice treat for acne-riddled skin. Click here to know some useful ways to use rose petals in your home and kitchen.

8. Orange Peel Face Mask

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 8

Orange peels balance out skin pH and oil production while removing dirt build-up in clogged pores and promoting a cleaner skin in all.

9. Cucumber Face Mask

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 9

This cucumber oatmeal mask is an excellent solution for dull, flaky skin because it exfoliates dead cells gently, allowing new skin to reveal itself quickly.

10. Pineapple and Cornmeal Face Mask

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 10

Pineapple breaks down dull, dying cells while oatmeal and honey help stabilize oil production, giving you the right amount of moisture for your skin. For the recipe, click here.

11. Witch Hazel Mask

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 11

Being high on tannin, witch hazel dries up acne leaving you with clear, glowing skin.

12. DIY Multani Mitti Face Mask

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 12

Nothing better than Fuller’s earth to beat acne and dead skin. Create a natural face mask at home with this recipe.

13. Apple Cider Vinegar Facial Mask

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 13

The potent disinfectant properties of apple cider vinegar make it a fabulous facial toner for getting clear, moisturized skin naturally.

14. Charcoal Face Mask with Coconut Oil

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 14

Charcoal coaxes out skin impurities and unclogs pores almost in the blink of an eye. Follow here.

15. Papaya Face Mask

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 15

Just one slice of papaya daily can go a long way to keeping pesky pimples at bay. Click here to get the face pack recipe.

16. DIY Coconut Oil and Honey Face Mask

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 16

Packed with polyphenols and antioxidants, coconut oil and honey are two masterclass ingredients for achieving even complexion, devoid of excess oil or impurities. The process is here.

17. Lemon Face Mask

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Oily Skin 17

This soothing and refreshing lemon face mask pulls out impurities, leaving you with a debris-free, glowing skin that looks great sans makeup.

We hope these homemade face mask for acne and oily skin are practical enough to help you in getting rid of skin impurities at the soonest!

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Get rid of acne, tighten skin and many more benefits with these homemade egg face mask recipes that work miraculously when it comes to skin care!

1. Lemon and DIY Egg White Face Mask

The initial stage to prepare this homemade egg face mask recipe begins with separating the yolk from egg white. You can do that manually, or you can buy egg separators from the market. Another active ingredient used in this face mask is lemon which not only clears up the oily skin but is also antibacterial. This face mask is known to clear up clogged pores, acne, and lighten skin tone.


  • One egg white
  • Lemon juice (Half lemon)


  • In a bowl take pour both egg white and lemon juice. Make sure that the bowl is clean.
  • Thoroughly whisk the mixture till you obtain a uniform paste.
  • Apply this mixture on face and neck by using a cotton pad or facial brush.
  • After around 10 minutes wash your face with lukewarm water.

NOTE: Apply this mask thrice in a week for oil-free glowing skin.

2. Honey and Egg Homemade Face Mask Recipe

The combined benefits of honey and egg white can do wonders when it comes to skincare. Egg white is known to promote and repair tissue growth which results in wrinkle-free young skin. But using egg white alone is not suitable if your skin is on the drier side. Not only does honey moisturizes the skin but it’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties also make it great for fighting acne.


  • One egg white
  • Honey (Half tablespoon)


  • Take egg white and honey in a bowl. Stir the ingredients till honey mixes well in egg white.
  • Apply this solution on your face after washing your face with warm water. It is to clean up clogged pores.
  • For 10-15 minutes keep this mask on your face. It’s advisable to keep the face relaxed during this period.
  • Remove the face mask with warm water and gently dry off the skin using a soft towel.

NOTE: Avoid the application of this mask around the eyes as the skin in that area is quite sensitive.

3. Avocado and Yogurt Egg White Mask

People having dry skin will benefit greatly from this face mask. Avocado and yogurt both nourish the dry skin and turn it more soft and youthful. Plus, avocado also moisturizes the skin giving it a beautiful glow. You’ll also get rid of acne-causing bacteria because of the antibacterial nature of yogurt.


  • One egg white
  • Ripe avocado (one-fourth)
  • Yogurt (One tablespoon)


  • Mash the avocado with the help of a fork till you obtain a paste which is lump free.
  • Take egg white, yogurt, and avocado paste in a bowl and mix all the ingredients until you get a thick paste.
  •  Apply a coat of this paste on your face with fingers. Make sure to wash hands before that.
  • After 15 minutes you can wash the face with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

TIP: The face mask can drip off the face and create a mess so apply it over the bathroom or kitchen sink.

4. Skin Whitening Turmeric and Orange Egg Mask

We don’t claim that this face mask will make you instantly fair! But we do assure you that your natural skin color will come back and you’ll get rid of the summer tan with each application. Turmeric and orange juice both help in evening out the skin tone and discoloration. Both these ingredients also possess skin lightening properties. Don’t be surprised if your acne clears up too as it’s because of turmeric’s antibacterial properties.


  • Orange juice (One tablespoon)
  • One egg white
  • Turmeric powder (One tablespoon)


  • Prepare a foamy mix by whisking orange juice and egg white in a bowl.
  • Now to this foamy mix add turmeric powder and stir till you obtain a smooth paste.
  • With circular strokes of fingers apply this paste on your face. You can use it on your neck too!
  • As this mix is somewhat drippy lie down for about 15 minutes after applying it, so it does not run off.
  • Peel off the dried mask gently and apply moisturizer on the skin.

NOTE: Wear an old cloth as the mask is drippy and turmeric stains are tough to get rid off.

5. Grapes and DIY Egg White Mask

Even though it may sound a little absurd to apply grapes on the skin, it actually cleanses the skin deeply. Other advantages for the skin include improving elasticity, preventing wrinkles, and sun damage. It also prevents and cures acne because of the presence of alpha hydroxyl acids. In addition to this, it works for all skin types!


  • One egg white
  • Grapes (6-7)
  • Blender


  • Run the blender after filling it with egg white and grapes.
  • Once you obtain a smooth mix, stop the blender and pour this mixture into a bowl.
  • With a cotton pad or facial brush apply this mask on the face with upward or circular strokes.
  • Let the mask rest on your face undisturbed for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse off the mask with lukewarm water and towel dry your face.

6. Corn Starch Homemade Egg Face Mask Recipe

If you are lucky enough to be bestowed with normal skin which is neither dry nor oily, taking proper care of it is a must. Here is a face mask that works best for people with normal skin. You’ll get a smooth and clear skin after just a single application as corn starch present in this face mask absorbs the pollutants and dirt. Irritation caused due to sunburns and allergies is also known to soothe with the topical use of cornstarch.


  • One egg white
  • Corn starch (two teaspoons)


  • Take corn starch and egg white in a small mixing bowl.
  • Mix these ingredients together either using blender or a spoon.
  • Using a cosmetic brush or cotton pad apply this mix on your face.
  •  After about 15 to 20 minutes wash your face thoroughly to remove this mask.
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Here’re 18 Best Homemade Night Cream Recipes to keep your skin young and flawless without the use of chemicals.

1. DIY Apple Night Cream

When it comes to plant-based ingredients for skin care, apple ranks so high on the list. It has age-defying phytochemicals that reduce signs of redness, and sebum production, making it a staple for sensitive skin. Get the details here for this homemade night cream recipe.

2. DIY “Miracle” Night Cream

Heaped with the goodness of aloe vera, shea butter, bentonite clay, and vitamin E, this anti-aging homemade night cream with its powerful emollient properties is the panacea for dull, uneven skin. Get the recipe here.

3. DIY Natural Skin Lightening Night Cream

This skin-brightening night cream enriched with yogurt and almonds is proof that you don’t have to feed your skin with nasty steroids for fairness. Get the instructions here.

4. Green Tea Night Cream

Here're 18 Best Homemade Night Cream Recipes to keep your skin young and flawless without the use of chemicals.

Rich in antioxidants and vitamin B3, this fragrant green tea night cream has a balm-like texture, which makes it smooth to apply and it seeps easily into the deeper layers of your skin, delivering a heavy dose of hydration as you sleep. Get the DIY here.

5. DIY Homemade Avocado Cream

Homemade Night Cream Recipes

Steeped with vital nutrients and minerals like magnesium and potassium, this two-ingredient night cream derives from the power of avocadoes and eggs to make your skin smooth and supple and reverse any damage from pollution and harsh UV rays. Get the instructions here.

6. Honey and Lavender Night Cream

Using ingredients lying in your kitchen larder, this mood-elevating night cream has powerful astringent and nourishing properties that soothe your skin and help you sleep better, so you wake up feeling more refreshed than before. Find the DIY here.

7. DIY Shea Butter Night Cream

Here're 18 Best Homemade Night Cream Recipes to keep your skin young and flawless without the use of chemicals.

Making this shea butter-enriched night cream is a worthy investment for those looking to get blemish-free, even skin without having to rely on paraben-loaded beauty products. Find the directions here.

8. Anti-Aging Night Cream Recipe

This creamy face lotion has the goodness of vitamin E, shea butter and drops of rosehip oil to fight radicals and give you a headstart on your battle with aging. Get the recipe here.

9. Homemade Olive Oil Night Cream

With the ingredients like olive oil, this one of the best homemade night cream recipes not only nourishes skin but also makes it easy to remove mineral-based makeup. Get the details here.

10. DIY Frankincense Facial Night Cream

How would you like a cream that not only rejuvenates your skin but also uplifts your mood with its exotic fragrance! This frankincense-infused night cream, with its calming properties, is what we’re talking about. Find the recipe here.

11. Homemade Aloe Vera Night Cream

homemade night cream recipe from aloe vera

Infused with drops of lavender oil and primrose oil, this cream uses aloe vera as the base to clear out clogged pores and stave off the formation of pimples, making it a skin-friendly solution for people prone to acne. Get the details here.

12. Glycerin Night Cream

Filled with the goodness of glycerine, coconut oil, and almond oil, this hydrating night cream revives dry and chapped skin, making it a must addition to your winter beauty routine. See the DIY here.

13. DIY Skin-Firming Night Cream

Inspired from age-old beauty secrets of the Orient, this collagen-stimulating face cream uses plant-based ingredients such as aloe vera gel and japonica oil to plump up dull skin and restore its lost elasticity. Get the complete recipe this homemade skin tightening night cream here.

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14. Orange Night Cream for Fair & Bright Skin

If what you want tan-free, flawless skin without compromising on moisture, try this two-ingredient night cream including the skin-replenishing benefits of orange peel and milk. Find the instructions here.

15. Homemade Rose Night Cream

This rosehip oil-enriched cream with its powerful emollient and soothing properties gently massage and nourish UV-damaged skin cells. Find the recipe here.

16. Almond Oil Night Cream

homemade night cream recipe from kitchen ingredients

This gentle and hydrating combination of coconut oil, almond oil, and rose water is essentially a boon for skin that is ravaged from the rigors of the season. Get the details here.

17. DIY Coconut Oil Night Cream

This three-ingredient coconut cream is loaded with skin-rejuvenating oils and vitamins that seep into your face while you sleep, giving you a dewy glow when you wake up the next day. Find the instructions here.

18. Homemade Night Cream for Dry Skin

Get rid of dry skin and try this moisturizing night cream containing vitamin E oil, baby lotion and petroleum jelly. The mild fragrance lulls you into a relaxing state of mind and puts you to sleep easily. Get the complete recipe here.


With all these DIY Homemade Night Cream Recipes available in this list, you can stop using commercial night creams that are full of harmful chemicals and allergens that trigger skin allergies.

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Want a glowing and silky smooth skin? Try these all natural and chemical free DIY homemade face mask recipes with common kitchen ingredients!

Be sure to use organic and fresh ingredients for these DIY homemade face mask recipes.

1. Homemade Strawberry Face Packs Recipes

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 1

Strawberries, with their antioxidants and astringents, are the perfect ingredient to defy age and UV-proof your skin. Visit style craze to get all the details.

2. Aloe Vera Face Mask For Glowing Skin

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 2

Adding aloe vera gel takes up the health and beauty benefits of your everyday facial masks. We got inspired by this post!

3. Tomato face Mask for tan free glowing skin

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 3

Tomato has lycopene and other antioxidants that fight signs of aging and lighten skin naturally. Check here for the DIY homemade face mask recipe.

4. Homemade Avocado Face Mask

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 4


  • 1/2 avocado
  • 2 spirulina capsules
  • 1 teaspoon avocado oil

Use leftover bits of avocado from your breakfast to fight skin-damaging free radicals and even out skin tone. Know more by reading this post on helloglow.

5. Skin-Lightening Papaya Face-Mask

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 5

Rich in beta-carotene and other antioxidants, papaya dissolves cellular debris, leaving your skin smooth, supple and free of ugly marks. Here is the recipe!

6. Yogurt Face Mask

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 6

Yogurt is an excellent organic option for brightening and softening skin when you don’t have anything else in hand. Learn how to make it on wikihow.

7. Homemade Multani Mitti Face Mask

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 7

If you’re looking for deep cleansing masks that remove dead cells and improves blood circulation to strengthen skin naturally, try this fuller’s earth remedy.

8. Homemade Orange Peel Face Mask

DIY Face MaskDIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 8

A powerhouse of micronutrients, orange peel powder, can be used to treat dry, flaky skin and protect it from oxidative stress. As we found here.

9. Homemade Lemon Face Masks

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 9

Lighten skin tone and remove blemishes with an everyday application of lemon juice. Get more details at bollywoodshaadis.

10. DIY Coffee Face Mask

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 10

The anti-inflammatory and exfoliant properties of coffee beans make it perfect as an early morning face mask. Here’s the DIY.

11. DIY Egg White Face Mask

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 11

This miracle mask containing egg white, lemon and honey tighten sagging skin while fighting acne and renewing lost shine. Click here for the instructions.

12. Turmeric Face Mask for Glowing Skin

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 12


  • ½ teaspoon turmeric powder
  • ½ teaspoon organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of organic, raw, local honey
  • ½ teaspoon milk or yogurt
  • [optional] 1 drop lemon essential oil or fresh lemon juice for additional skin brightening

Bring a childlike glow to your face with this thick paste of turmeric and honey by Dr. axe.

13. Milk And Honey Homemade Face Mask

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 13


  • 2 Tbsp fairlife whole milk
  • 2 Tbsp honey

For a youthful, glowing skin that gleams like a mirror, this honey milk mask is your answer.

14. Cucumber Face Mask

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 15


  • 2 Tbsp whole milk
  • 2 Tbsp honey

Heal heat rashes and inflamed acne-prone skin with the nourishing and hydrating benefits of cucumber. The steps by step instructions are here.

15. Olive Oil Face Mask To Get Glowing Skin

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 145

For an even complexion sans makeup and chemicals, count on the smoothening properties of olive oil. Get complete instructions here!

16. Homemade Gram Flour Face Mask

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 16

Eliminate blemishes and acne with the potent anti-inflammatory properties of gram flour. The procedure to prepare this face mask is here.

17. DIY Banana Face Mask

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 17

Reverse the signs of aging with an everyday application of this two-minute banana face mask. Here‘s the DIY in detail!

18. Oatmeal Facial Mask

DIY Homemade Face Mask Recipes 18


  • Blender
  • 4 tbsp. rolled oats
  • Small bowl
  • 1 tbsp. honey
  • 1 egg
  • Spoon

This soothing and hydrating facial mask restores the lost sheen of your face and keeps it glowing all day. Livestrong came up with this DIY homemade face mask recipe.

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Get ready to be amazed by this list of homemade makeup foundation recipes! Now tone up your skin without the worry causing any harm to the skin.

1. Homemade Makeup Foundation Powder

DIY Homemade Foundation 1

Here’s jojoba oil-enriched homemade makeup foundation that’s easy to customize to your skin tone and doesn’t clog your pores or anger out your acne, unlike synthetic versions.

2. Smooth Finish DIY Organic Foundation

homemade makeup foundation 2

Enriched with vitamin E and beeswax, this hydrating, sunproof foundation is an answer to dull, blemished skin. The DIY is here.

3. Natural Liquid Foundation Recipe

homemade makeup foundation 3

WellnessMama provides details on making a perfect blend of liquid foundation which will neither runoff nor is it grainy.

4. Homemade Mineral Foundation

homemade makeup foundation 4

Step out in the sun with confidence and glow all day with this super gentle, non-cakey DIY mineral foundation recipe!

5. Homemade Makeup Foundation with Sunscreen

homemade makeup foundation 5

Adding vitamin E and coconut oil to your foundation will help you combine makeup with skincare on a daily basis. Dr. axe provides more details on it.

6. Flawless DIY Liquid Foundation

homemade makeup foundation 6

If you want a light, creamy formula that doesn’t make you look like a colored clown,  cocoswell has a nice idea for you.

7. DIY Zero Waste Powder Foundation

homemade makeup foundation 7

Finish up your day makeup with this non-greasy formula designed to smoothen out skin tone and absorb excess oil. Here’s the DIY!

8. DIY All Natural Pressed Powder Foundation

homemade makeup foundation 8

This compact, natural foundation formula blends easily and lasts long, even with all the sweat and sun, making you look dewy all day. Click here for the DIY.

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Get rid of stretch marks effectively with these DIY homemade stretch mark cream recipes. These natural ingredient creams work to prevent and cure stretch marks.

1. Coconut Oil DIY Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Marks Cream

Coconut oil has potent anti-aging properties, making it an excellent choice for a stretch mark removal cream. Visit Dr. Axe for the tutorial!

2. 3 Ingredient DIY Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Marks Cream2

This rich three-ingredient belly cream slathers your skin with a generous dose of rejuvenating collagen fibers and antioxidants. Check the recipe here.

3. DIY Belly Butter

Stretch Marks Cream3

This luxurious combo of essential oils, shea butter, and a few other ingredients work great to prevent stretch marks and get rid of existing ones. Check here for the recipe.

4. Pregnancy Stretch Marks Salve

Stretch Marks Cream4

Enriched with the healing properties of apricot kernel oil and shea butter, this scented salve is designed to fight stretch marks and add a supple glow to the skin. Know more here.

5. Homemade Stretch Mark Cream with Essential Oils

Stretch Marks Cream5

The calming scents of lavender and frankincense coupled with rejuvenating properties of coconut oil and vitamin E oil make this your go-to cream to prevent and cure stretch marks. Here is the DIY stretch mark cream recipe.

6. Stretch Mark Serum Recipe

Stretch Marks Cream6

Retinoic acid-rich rosehip oil is the main hero of this buttery, super moisturizing and skin tightening stretch mark serum formula. Here’s the step by step tutorial post.

7. Homemade Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Marks Cream7

This lemon-scented blend of cocoa butter and oils accelerates the removal of stretch marks while preventing new ones from cropping up.

8. Shea Butter and Beeswax Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Marks Cream8
The beauty of this formula is that each of its ingredients is a powerhouse of age-defying antioxidants that is wonderfully healing for your skin. See the tutorial here.

9. DIY Butter Bar For Stretch Mark

Stretch Marks Cream9

This rich body butter feeds your skin with its due dose of moisture and collagen, keeping it dewy and youthful all through pregnancy. For the DIY, click here.

10. Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Marks Cream10

The antioxidant and fatty acid complement of cocoa butter tightens saggy skin, keeping stretch marks at bay. We found the recipe here.

11. Shea Butter Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Marks Cream11

This creamy blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E is a treat to apply and particularly safe for all kinds of skin. Learn to prepare it with this post.

12. DIY Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

Stretch Marks Cream12

If you want a natural formula that keeps your skin ultra-moisturized and improves its elasticity to prevent stretch marks, this lavender-scented cream will do. Step by step tutorial is here!

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