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I love pretty nails in general, but what I love the most are manicures that are easy to execute too! I found some small circular hologram confetti and I realized it would be so pretty attached to the base of a nail for a simple DIY manicure. I’m obsessed with all things holographic, so why not add some to my nails as well, right?
–nail glue
–small and medium hologram dots
-base color (I used this color)
–top coat
–wax pencil
-toothpickStart off your manicure with a base coat. This hologram glitter mostly has pastel tones in it, so I chose a complimentary light mauve color. Spread out some of your dots onto a piece of paper and add a little bit of nail glue to the paper as well. Take your toothpick, lightly dip it into the glue and dab a bit just above the base of your nail and then again about 1/4″ above that. Use your wax pencil to pick up and place a medium size dot on the bottom glue spot and a small dot on the top glue spot. Repeat for each nail. Try and find a balance of using as much glue as you can for stability, but not so much that it all spills out the sides of the dot.Once your glue is dry, add two layers of a top coat (with dry time in between each coat) and your new mani is ready to go!See? Simple but pretty. You could just do one of the medium size dots on each nail or do a row of three small ones as well—it’s up to you! I definitely suggest rocking this with another holographic accessory (like this fun bag) to really make a statement. It’s kind of addicting to look at your nails and watch the dots change colors with the light, so I would make sure to get outside at some point with this manicure and watch it shine! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop. If you’re interested in checking out the ACS actions / presets you can get 20% off with the code abeautifulmess20 

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Hologram nail DIY! (click through for tutorial) If you like to keep your nails pretty “Plain Jane”, then I suggest you look away from this post, as this design is not for the faint of heart. These are holographic “look at me!” nails that will get your manicure noticed for sure. It’s also the sort of manicure that will make you gesture extra with your hands while you talk because you are very aware that the more they move, the more your nails shimmer and sparkle. Interested? I thought so!

Hologram nail DIY! (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
-nude polish
-clear top coat (not a quick dry)
-holograph tissue paper (check the gift wrapping aisle)
-nail scissors

Hologram nail DIY! (click through for tutorial)First, use your small scissors to cut lots of different sizes of jagged triangle-like shapes in many different sizes and lengths. I taped a piece of tape sticky side up on the edge of the table so I could stick the tip of my shapes onto the tape to make them easier to grab with the tweezers later. Next you’ll do as many layers of nude polish as needed to get a solid colored base. Once that polish is dry, add a coat of clear polish. Then quickly grab a tissue shape and place it on the nail while it is still wet. The clear coat will act as a glue, so you want to get all your shapes onto the nail before it sets. If it does dry too quickly, just add more clear coat onto the parts of your nail you haven’t completed yet and continue to add the shapes until the nail is full. Once you have the nail covered, add a top coat of the clear polish and allow the nail to dry. Repeat until all your nails are covered, stopping to recut more shapes as needed.

Hologram nail DIY! (click through for tutorial)

Hologram nail DIY! (click through for tutorial) I love how the hologram paper looks more pastel, clear, or deep rainbow depending on the light at the moment. As I said, this is definitely not a wallflower look, but it’s SO much fun if you’re looking for a statement item. If you decide to give it a try, holla-gram at me! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman.

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