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As a working makeup artist, I quickly learned to bring a sweater to long studio shoots. Why?  Because studios are freezing cold to keep the models looking fresh.  Nothing degrades makeup and irritates skin faster than heat.  Unfortunately, those of us who are not working in studios are left to fend for ourselves when it comes to keeping our complexion looking fresh.  And as this summer proves to be one of the hottest on record, we could certainly use some help.  So, this month we’d like to explore a few ways to extend the life of your makeup and help your skin in these extraordinarily hot months.  

Tips to Sweatproof Your Look

  1. If your skin is getting too oily in summer using normal moisturizers, try replacing your moisturizer with our BeautyPrep Hyaluronic Serum. It’s lighter than a traditional moisturizer and it contains Beta-Glucan which helps to address free-radical damage caused from UV rays and summer heat. 
  2. If you tend to get red and irritated from heat, try keeping your Hydration Spray in the refrigerator. The cooling sensation is a wonderful way to soothe skin and it definitely helps to calm redness and irritation.  For extra antioxidant protection, try our POMMISST Hydration Spray which helps to address free radicals that cause sun damage

BeautyPrep Hyaluronic SerumPOMMIST Hydration Spray


You’ll be amazed at how effective our products are for dealing with summer heat and we hope you find a solution that you love.  We’d love to hear what your favorite summer products are so please drop us a note to let us know.

How Does the Summer Heat Affect Your Makeup?

To understand the solution, we must first identify the problem. Why does heat have such a detrimental effect on makeup?  Well, the actual problem exists in the skin.  When we are exposed to hotter temperatures, our skin reacts by producing more sebum and perspiration.  It isn’t uncommon to experience more breakouts and clogged pores in the summer months as a result of this.  To make matters worse, our skin tends to become more easily inflamed when exposed to heat.  Warmer temperatures increase blood flow so we typically get red when we’re hot.  The traditional response is to pack on powder to cover the redness and absorb the sweat and oil.  But applying the wrong makeup only compounds the problem.  Here’s why:

Traditional cosmetics often contain ingredients like talc, petroleum and chemical SPF which can be problematic, particularly during times when the weather is warmer.

  • Talc – Because of its nature, talc holds heat in the skin.  This is one reason talc-based powders have become so popular for baking (packing powder under the eyes and leaving it for 10-15 minutes for a dramatic highlight).  The result can be redness, irritation and increased breakouts and clogged pores.
  • Petroleum – Also occlusive, it prevents skin from breathing and clogs pores. It does not absorb, and adds no nutritional value to skin.  Wearing it in hot weather could inevitably lead to acne breakouts and blackheads.  
  • Chemical SPF – The mechanism of chemical sun protection is that it absorbs UV light into the skin and then, through a chemical reaction turns the light into heat to disperse it. This heating of the skin can cause skin irritations.

Some people choose to wear less or no makeup in the summer months because they experience so many skin issues associated with heat.  The problem with that solution is that skin is actually more vulnerable to environmental damage without makeup. It is absolutely necessary to put something on to create a barrier between the elements and the skin—preferably something with SPF.

One reason I love working for jane iredale is that, over and above being so clean, our products are formulated to be protective and therapeutic.  And, because we have an incredible pipeline of innovative new products coming out every year, there’s lots of options to choose from.  It’s a favorite for artists working on outdoor shoots and weddings because of its longevity and heat tolerance.  Let’s look at some warm weather systems that are excellent options.

Best Sweatproof Makeup Products for the Summer

PurePressed Base for Normal to Oily Skin

PurePressed Base For Normal-to-Oily Skin – Start your application with Smooth Affair Oily Skin Face Primer.  The PoreAway technology will minimize oil production and give skin a more matte finish.  Then apply PurePressed Base in the color of your choice using The Handi Brush and finish with Balance Hydration Spray.

  • The warm weather benefit of this system is that our Smooth Affair Oily Skin Face Primer soothes and hydrates while it controls oil. PurePressed Base provides physical SPF protection which keeps skin cooler in the sun. Balance Hydration spray also lowers oil production and helps to address acne bacteria.

Amazing Base for Normal to Dry Skin

Amazing Base For Normal-to-Dry Skin – Start your application with Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer.  The light, hydrating consistency will soothe and moisturize skin.  Apply your shade of Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder with the Chisel Powder Brush or use our convenient new Refillable Brush.  Set your look with D2O Hydration Spray.

  • The warm weather benefit of this system is that our Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer will increase makeup longevity even in the hottest weather. Amazing Base will also give a physical SPF to protect skin from UV rays and D2O will give added cooling, soothing hydration. 
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