Massages of all kinds have been a popular method of wellness and relaxation for many years, with multiple variations available in a professional spa environment and in the comfort of your home. Many individuals love deep tissue, reflexology and body to body massage for their endless benefits. As well as the techniques used positively affecting our bodies and mental wellbeing, we can also reap the benefits from the essential oils used. Essential oils have many advantages depending on the scents used, including improved sleep, boosting immunity and relieving stress. They can provide a therapeutic, zen environment during your massage experience.

Here are some of the best essential oils you can incorporate into your future massages to maximise your relaxation.


One of, if not the most popular scent used for stimulating peacefulness. A fantastic option for those with sensitive skin, this calming aroma can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.


Light and floral with soothing effects, Chamomile can improve your sleep as well as reduce headaches that affect your productivity day-to-day. This option is amazing for those looking to have an at-home massage from a family member or partner to unwind before bed.


This balancing essential oil featuring earthy but sweet scents will work to rejuvenate your overall presence. With benefits including skin health, improving the body’s circulation and preventing or reducing inflammation, Geranium is a go-to for massage lovers with dry or mature skin.


Another oil with sweet, floral aromas, Ylang-Ylang is most often used during couples’ massages due to its ability to improve feelings of passion, sensuality and love.


With benefits including mood boosting, stress reduction and improved immunity, Frankincense is used in massages for deep relaxation. With a warming scent, a massage with this essential oil will leave you both feeling uplifted and grounded.

Essential Oil Tips

If you are beginning to use essential oils to benefit your daily health, wellbeing and emotions, there are a few tips you can follow when incorporating them into massages.

1. Consider The Needs

It is key to consider the individual, unique needs of the person having the massages that will be benefiting from these oils and scents. Everybody will be looking to have a massage for different reasons. Some may want it for the sleep benefits; however, others may just want to unwind and ease the tension built up in their body after a long day at work.

2. Intensity

Certain essential oils can have a stronger, pungent smell that fills the room. Be aware of the scents you own that require a minimal amount. You are trying to create an inviting environment, do not overwhelm individuals with an overpowering scent. Start with a small amount and build up if you require more; you can always add, but you can’t take away!

3. Dilution

Due to their strong nature, diluting your essential oils before using them on bare skin is important. If used directly on the skin, this can cause some irritation, taking away the enjoyment of your relaxing massage. You can dilute your essential oils in preparation for this in many ways, including distributing them into coconut, almond or jojoba oil. These oils will also have benefits for the skin.

4. Sensitive Areas

There are certain areas of the body you should avoid using oils that contain scents, including the eyes, nose and mouth. If you are having or giving a facial massage, only use natural oils and moisturisers that are suitable for the face.

5. Distribution

Not only can you place small amounts of essential oil into the natural oils mentioned previously to rub them into the skin, but you can also add them directly into the massage oils you are using to get the most benefit. As well as this, placing a few drops into your diffuser will fill the room with a subtle scent that helps create the perfect zen environment for your massage.

Whether you are conducting a massage for a family member, starting a new career in massage therapy or receiving the massage yourself, there are multiple advantages to using essential oils. As well as the oils mentioned, many others provide fantastic benefits, too, including bergamot, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree and sandalwood. Improve mental, emotional and physical health with floral, warming and earthy fragrances.

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Do you know how to save money on skincare without sacrificing results?

Everyone is trying to find ways to save a few pennies these days. While it’s always good to spend less, with rising inflation rates, it’s become even more important to most of us.

Unfortunately, often the first thing to go when money gets tight is our skincare. We figure we can go without skincare a lot more easily than we can go without gas or food.

But even a few weeks of neglect can accelerate the appearance of aging. You may notice more dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. For those with sensitive skin issues, getting calm and clear skin can be a challenge, especially if you are trying new (perhaps less expensive?) products and hoping they will work but then suffering from reactions or inflammation.

This can be discouraging…and can result in overall more expensive rather than less expensive skincare.

We don’t want you to have to sacrifice results and your skin health for the bottom line, so we have some ideas on how you can save money while still taking care of your skin.

How to Save Money on Skincare #1: Choose Multitasking Skincare Products

The easiest way to save money on skin care products is to buy fewer products. But that doesn’t mean you have to shortchange your skin. Instead, buy products that can do more than one thing.

We recommend using our moisturizer (Calming Moisture) as a primer and your toner as a midday refreshing soothing mist. (Our Rescue + Relief Spray works great for both!) Our Restorative Skin Balm is concentrated so a little goes a long way. Use it for dry cracked heels and to tame (and even promote hair growth) on eyebrows!

Not every product is made to multitask. Read the product label. Find out what the product is made of so you can determine if it’s safe to use on other areas of your face and body.

Did you know that at CV Skinlabs, we purposefully created a minimal product line that is high quality, safe, effective and multifunctional? That means you can use fewer products with greater efficacy to significantly improve skin’s condition – head to toe!

Our CV Skinlabs products can multitask for the whole family. Here are a few ideas for how you can use them:

  • Rescue & Relief Spray: Works great as a toner, aftershave, midday refreshing mist, soothing scalp spray, anti-itch spray, anti-inflammation spray, and after-sun spray.
  • Calming Moisture: Use as your main facial moisturizer, overnight mask, primer, scalp itch soother, or anti-redness lotion, and to create a natural glow.
  • Body Repair Lotion: Perfect as an all-over body moisture, after-sun lotion, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis lotion, after-radiation treatment cream, and after-shave lotion.
  • Restorative Skin Balm: Use head-to-toe to soften severely dry and chapped skin, as a lip balm, or on dry cuticles, eyebrows, for after-tattoo care, and to soothe and soften scars. It also helps heal scrapes and cuts, and eases the sting of chafing and abrasions.

Save on Skincare CV Skinlabs

#2: Use the Appropriate Amount of Each Product

When you’re not worried about saving pennies, you may use more of your beauty products than you need to.

When you’re focused on saving money, though, check the directions on the label. See how much of the product you need. For cleansers and serums, often a dime-sized dollop will do (for your face). For moisturizers, use a nickel-sized dollop.

How to Save Money on Skincare #3: Cleanse with Your Fingers

If you put your cleanser on a cloth or a sponge, the tool will soak up a lot of the product before it gets on your face. For maximum benefits out of a small amount of product, apply a little bit to your fingertips, rub them together, and then wash your face. You can do the same with a small facial skin brush. Just use a small dollop, add some water, and suds away.

How to Save Money on Skincare #4: Apply Moisturizer to Damp Skin

If you’ve ever applied moisturizer straight out of the shower, you know how much less you need. When your skin is still damp, it is more likely to lock in any moisture that you apply, which means you can use less than you would if your skin is dry.

So next time you take a bath or shower, pat your skin dry, then immediately apply moisturizer. You won’t have to use much to get the same results.

#5: Choose Products that Work for Your Skin Type/Concern, and Buy Trial Sizes of New Items

Choose products that work for your particular skin concerns and skin type, so you don’t end up experimenting with many different products and throwing out your money.

If your skin is going through a change and you want to try something new, save money and buy the trial size first. Then, if your skin doesn’t like the product, you won’t be out much. If you buy the full size and then find that your skin breaks out or otherwise reacts, you’ve just wasted a lot of money and product.  Try our Discover and Recover Kit that contains all four of our products.

How to Save Money on Skincare #6: Choose Multitasking Makeup

Just like you can use some skincare products for more than one purpose, so too can you use some makeup and cosmetic product for more than one thing.

Look for the following:

  • a lipstick that doubles as a cream blush
  • a highlighter you can use as a base shadow
  • tinted moisturizer
  • face cream with sunscreen
  • dark eyeshadow that works as an eyeliner
  • acne-fighting concealer

#7 Simplify and Use High-Quality Products to Save Money in the Long Run

It’s better for your pocketbook and your skin if you choose high-quality products.

Expensive skin care products are not necessarily/always better. Cheap products are often filled with petrolatum, preservatives, sulfates, and other things that can cause your sensitive skin to react.

CV Skinlabs collection of products is relatively affordable given the superior quality of ingredients, testing for effectiveness, and the results they create on your skin. Plus they allow you to simplify your skin care routine—which saves you money.

Sensitive skin doesn’t like a lot of products anyway, so look for those you know will work for your skin type and particular skin concerns. Then you won’t have to experiment with many different products.

Here’s a benchmark to go by: Your skincare routine should consist of no more than 4-5 products. Our 4 CV Skinlabs products were meant to be used together without sensitizing/irritation and create real results.

How to Save Money on Skincare #8: Skip the Pricey Eye Creams

Eye creams can be helpful when you can afford them, but they’re often expensive. If you get the right moisturizer or serum for your face, you can use it under your eyes as well.

You can use our Calming Moisture, for instance, as an eye cream. Just use a small amount on the tip of your finger and pat around the eye. If your eyes are really dry and need some restorative moisture, pat a little of our Restorative Skin Balm around them before going to bed.

How do you save money on skincare?

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Experimenting with vintage hairstyles is a great way to change up your look without altering your hair color or cutting your hair. Whether you’re looking for a hairstyle to complete a vintage costume, or you just want to try something a little different for your next event — we have you covered!

How to DIY Our Favorite Vintage Hairstyles

Pin Curls

Vintage blonde retro 1950 pin curls revisiting retro hairstyles viviscal hair blog

Pin curls are the quintessential classic pin-up hairstyle. This ’50s hairstyling technique is a great way to add long-lasting curls to any hair type – even pin-straight hair! And since there’s absolutely no heat involved, pin curls won’t damage your hair.

  1. This type of vintage hairstyle works best with clean hair, so start by washing hair with Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner. Towel dry hair. Comb a pea-size amount of Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir through hair.
  2. Using a rat tail comb, separate a 1-square-inch section of hair. Make a loop around your finger with the ends of the hair. Then roll the hair towards your scalp, being extra careful to keep the ends tucked into the curl.
  3. Use two bobby pins to pin the curl at the scalp in an “X” shape. Repeat with the rest of your hair.
  4. Let the curls sit for several hours until hair is completely dry, or wrap your hair in a headscarf and sleep in the pins overnight.
  5. When your hair is dry, take out all of the pins and brush through hair using a boar-bristle brush. Use your fingers to help shape the curls into the shape of your choice.
  6. After the curls are brushed out, spritz with hairspray.

French Girl Half Updo

brunette black hair retro 1960 hairstyle French half updo revisiting retro hairstyles viviscal hair blog

This ’60s hairstyle is inspired by those worn by actresses in French films. We love this retro hairstyle because it looks just as cute in 2018 as it did in in the ’60s!

This hairstyle works best the day after you wash your hair, so that the hair has a little extra texture. If you’re starting with clean hair, spritz your roots with dry shampoo to add extra grip.

  1. Start by teasing the crown section of your hair. Then use a brush to smooth the top layer of the teased section.
  2. Pull the top section of your hair into a half ponytail and secure with a hair tie.
  3. To finish the look, pull out some face-framing pieces then use hairspray for hold.

Pairing this retro hairstyle with winged cateye eyeliner is totally optional, but definitely recommended!

Old Hollywood Waves

Hollywood waves curly long hair old revisiting retro hairstyles viviscal hair blog

This ’40s and ’50s hairstyle features glamorous, sweeping waves that are perfect for formal events and date nights.

  1. Start by combing Viviscal Densifying Elixir through damp hair for extra shine, body and light hold.
  2. Blow dry hair in sections, pointing the hair dryer nozzle down towards your ends to minimize frizz.
  3. Once hair is dry, create a deep side part with a rat tail comb.
  4. Using a curling iron, curl hair in 1-inch sections towards the face. Try to keep the sections consistent sizes for the best results. As you release each curl from the curling iron, catch it in your hand and pin it to your head. Allow the pinned section to cool in the curl shape before releasing to ensure longer-lasting curls.
  5. After hair is cool, remove the hair pins and brush through the curls using a boar bristle brush. The curls will merge together, forming that gorgeous wave pattern. Use a small amount of Viviscal Elixir to smooth any frizz. Then finish with hairspray.

Heat-Free Tip: If you don’t want to use heat on your hair, you can also achieve this look by using pin curls. Just make the pin curls larger than usual for softer waves, and pin all the curls going in the same direction.

Victory Rolls

vintage retro 1940 victory rolls hair costume revisiting retro hairstyles viviscal hair blog

This ’40s hairstyle is another classic pin-up hairstyle. To style at home, follow the directions above for creating Old Hollywood Waves. Then follow these steps…

  1. Use a rat tail comb to create a triangular section of hair from the top of your ear up to your part.
  2. Use a teasing comb to tease the back of the section. Then set it with hairspray.
  3. Smooth the top layer with a brush, then create a large curl (just like a pin curl).
  4. Use pins that match your hair color to hold the curl in place.
  5. Repeat on the other side. Finish the look with hairspray and you’re finished!

Whichever vintage hairstyle you choose, healthy, shiny hair makes every hairstyle look better. That’s why we recommend taking Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements twice a day to promote strong, healthy hair.*

Have you ever tried a vintage hairstyle? Let us know in the comments!

Existing hair growth

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A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: At jane iredale, we believe that our activities should be governed by the requirements of our customers and our concern for the environment. We also believe in supporting local agricultural organizations including the Great Barrington Farmer’s Market, which occurs every Saturday from May – October in the jane iredale company parking lot. As part of our company’s ongoing support of the GB Farmer’s Market, we also are among the sponsors of their SNAP program, which Jane discusses in her article below. Read on to experience the Farmer’s Market through Jane’s eyes.
jane iredale at the great barrington farmer's market with dog

Summer Begins

I wake up to the soft thumping of farmers erecting their stalls and tents. I know they had a late night harvesting their carefully nurtured vegetables and fruits, baking their bread and pastries (one of the croissants has my name on it!), packing their cheeses and meats, washing and drying eggs, cutting flowers, potting plants, digging potatoes, bottling sauerkraut. And only then trying to catch a few hours of sleep.

They were up early, packing their trucks and driving carefully along winding country roads to get to the parking lot next to my house, which for a few brief hours is turned into a town square. Here’s where adults, children, musicians, and dogs of all breeds meet to celebrate the bounty of the Berkshires and the camaraderie of an appreciative community.

The parking lot belongs to our company. When we bought it, Bob and I landscaped it with trees, shrubs, and flowers including rugosa roses and elderberry bushes. We weren’t thinking the lot was going to double as a market at the time, but to our great joy, it did. And ever-resourceful, the farmers harvest the hips from the rugosa roses for jellies and the elderflowers for kombucha (believe me, it’s delicious!).

Bob, Cookie and I stagger out of our back door into the activity at about 9:30 AM. I have a rolling cart because it saves having to carry heavy bags; it also means that I over-buy. Oh, and sometimes Cookie hitches a ride. Breakfast first, we head first to the baker to get two light, buttery, crisp croissants that we take to the young farmer making egg sandwiches from just-harvested eggs. Their yolks are orange and rich. Cookie visits with the dog community; Bob lines up for two cups of steaming coffee. (Heart of Darkness is my favorite.)


Then the shopping begins. There’s something about the mix of being surrounded by locally-produced food, families of all ages, beloved pets, and music that brings out the best in everyone. People are smiling, conversing, sharing, planning and appreciating. For us, it’s like being at a party. If it’s early in the season, we reconnect with people we haven’t seen all winter. If it’s the middle of the summer, we discuss local politics and events (the Berkshires has everything from the Boston Symphony Orchestra to theater to astonishing garden tours). If it’s towards the end of the season, we make plans to stay in touch and get tips for preserving the summer bounty.

I check with the two dynamic women who manage the market to see how our SNAP program is going. People with SNAP stamps can double the value by getting tokens at the manager’s stall. Thanks to four local companies who sponsor the program, people on food stamps can buy fresh produce at half the price. It helps them and it brings more custom to the farmers. I’m thrilled to find out that the program is a success. So much so that we will need to find more sponsors or increase our contributions.

Until Next Year…

In October, a tinge of sadness enters the mix as the market, now the hub of our community prepares to close for the approaching winter. There are fewer farmers, and the ones there have less to show for their efforts. They’re wearing down-jackets now instead of T-shirts. For us devoted fans, there’s a hole in our stomachs as we wander the stalls on the last day saying goodbye to people who have contributed so much to our lives. How do you express your appreciation for all they do to bring wholesome, clean food to our tables along with an enduring love of the environment, and a resilience that many of us never have to dig deep enough to experience?

Now when I wake up on a Saturday morning, only silence greets me. But my freezer and pantry are full of food that will last until the soft sounds of the farmers setting up their stalls start again. Meanwhile, the earth will rest and I hope so will the farmers.

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