What Happened When I Tried GrandeLASH-MD!


Besides having clean and styled hair, great lashes is probably the next thing on my beauty list that helps me feel my best. I’ve been a big fan of false lashes since my early 20s (which was like five years ago, right?!? How kind of you …).

I’ve done lots of variations to get a good lash look from simple false lashes, to lash extensions, to using Lashify lashes, to lash serums.

While I like the look of false lashes (especially for special occasions or photos), it’s not something I always felt like messing with every day. So doing a lash serum seemed like a good way to go to get “all the time” lashes.

I’ll show you what happened when I tried GrandeLASH-MD Serum and how well I thought it worked!

before and after of woman and her lashes

Granted, I am wearing mascara in the “after” photo, but you can see that my lashes are quite more noticeable than they are in the “before” and I am thrilled with the results!! Even though it’s been about six months of use, I still am shocked at times how amazing they appear when I look in the mirror!

I feel like mine tend to get a lot longer rather than also being a ton thicker (which I will take!), but a lot of people report much thicker lashes in general, too.

Curious about a lash “lift and tint”? Check out this post about Keely’s experience!

laydown of lash MD product and eyelash curler

How Often Do I Have to Apply GrandeLASH-MD?

  • You use the serum once a day. Just one dip does both eyes and you apply it like you would liquid eyeliner at the base of your lashes. You’ll want to apply it on the skin next to your lashes rather than on the lashes themselves. Give it two minutes or so to dry though before applying makeup or laying down.

How long does it take to work?

  • It takes about four-to-six weeks to notice a difference, so if you’ve tried serums before but didn’t stick with it long, you may have quit before it started working. It takes about three months before you really see a full transformation, but it’s worth the wait!
Woman with long lashes from the side

How do you get the most out of your “new” lashes?

  • To really make your longer lashes stand out, take advantage of an eyelash curler (especially for stick straight lashes like mine) to really show off your new length!

Is there a mascara that’s best to use with GrandeLASH?

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