Fuller hair tips for Kristen Steward

Those of us who are proudly hair-obsessed are a little baffled by Kristen Stewart. Kristen is a beautiful girl, but she just can’t seem to be bothered to do her hair before she leaves the house, no matter how fancy of an event she’s headed to. If we could sit Kristen down and have a heart-to-heart, we’d give her these five tips to help her get her locks under control. Well, after we’d gotten all the dirt on what went on behind the scenes on the Twilight sets, that is.

1) “No Poo” is So Over – Remember the “no poo” craze? For a minute, women everywhere had convinced themselves that the best way to get healthy and silky hair was to skip shampoo altogether. While their hair might have been shinier, that shine was accompanied by grease, oil and stink. We’ve been shampooing our hair for so long for a good reason: Healthy hair starts with a clean scalp.

2) Even “Messy” Looks Need a Little Product Love – Kristen loves to rock that messy, unkempt style. She even wore it to the Oscars, which a lot of us found a little cringe-worthy. Even if you want that “I just woke up” look, take five minutes and a little product to take your hair from actually messy to intentionally messy. A texturizing lotion or mousse is the messy girl’s best friend. After you get out of the shower, work a quarter-size amount through your hair, scrunching to create soft waves.

3) Volumize – The problem with Kristen’s roots are that they look greasy, which means that her unkempt looks look, well… unkempt, instead of voluminous and wild, which is the look we think she’s going for. Kristen would benefit from a good dry shampoo. Even on clean roots, it works to create more volume and an oil-free finish at the scalp.

4) Doll Up When Necessary – Not every occasion is a get-ready-in-five-minutes occasion, Kristen! We wish that Bella Swan would learn to doll herself up once in a while. Even if you aren’t the best at styling your hair, a simple chignon or bun can be mastered by even the most uncoordinated woman. Browse YouTube tutorials where hair and beauty gurus walk you through the steps if you have an event coming up but can’t afford a trip to the salon. Be sure to practice tons in the weeks leading up to your big night.

5) At Least Brush It – If Kristen wouldn’t listen to any of our other tips, we’d at least tell her to run a brush through her locks before leaving the house. Remember, unkempt and messy can be sexy if you do it right. Tangled and dirty, however, are never in style.

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How to Get Fuller Brows with a Pencil

Eyebrow pencils are not just for those of you who have over-tweezed or thinning brows; they’re for everyone! Unless you are a genetically modified superhuman with the ability to control how your hair grows, it’s likely you may have a little patchiness in your brows from time to time—that includes those who have naturally defined eyebrows. This is why it’s important to A) own an eyebrow pencil and B) know how to use a brow pencil to make your eyebrows look fuller.

retractable eyebrow pencil

How to Fill in Eyebrows

Here are a few tips to help you get fuller brows… or at least look like you have fuller brows!

Find Your Perfect Brow Shape

Finding your best eyebrow shape is critical when filling in your brows; otherwise, it’s sort of like drawing outside of the lines. You’ve likely heard that changing your eyebrow shape can completely change the way you look, and it’s true. If you don’t know where your eyebrow should start and finish or where the arch should be, check out this tutorial on how to shape and define your brows.

Brush Them Up

Now that you know your shape, it’s time to start the fill-in process. We like to begin by using a Spoolie Brush—there’s one on the back end of our Retractable Brow Pencil—to brush eyebrow hairs upward. This helps reveal your eyebrow’s true shape and it will also help you see any patchy areas that need a little extra love.

Fill Them In

Fill in your brows using short, dash-like strokes. Make sure your strokes are going in the direction of your hair. That means, on the tail portion of your brow, the strokes should go toward the end of your brow, but as you get closer to the head of your brow (by your nose), the strokes show go in an upward direction.

Add Powder for a Deeper Color

If you want to make our brows stand out, even more, you can layer brow powder on top of the eyebrow pencil. Use the angle brush and powder from the GreatShape Eyebrow Kit to add definition to your brows. Using the same short motions, brush the powder into the last two-thirds of your eyebrows. Keep the inner third of your brows powder-free to help create a natural gradient look.

Brush Them Out & Set Them

To finish your perfect brows, use the Spoolie Brush to comb through your eyebrows again. This will make the pencil strokes look more natural and will help blend in the powder. Then use the Clear PureBrow Brow Gel or the botanical brow wax in the GreatShape Eyebrow Kit to set the hairs in place for a long-lasting look.

The Best Eyebrow Pencil Shade for You

As important as is it to know how to fill in your eyebrows to make your brows look fuller, we also know it’s important to use the right shade of Retractable Brow Pencil. That’s why we have 5 shades for virtually any brow color (except, maybe pink or blue—try our lip or eye pencils instead if you like dying your brows fun colors!). Here’s the trick to remember: most brunettes have eyebrows that are a similar shade to their hair color, but if you have grey, blonde or red hair, your brows are usually slightly darker than your natural hair color. Check out the below guide for your best brow pencil shade.

Best Brow Pencil for Light Blonde or Silver Grey Hair

Blonde Retractable Brow Pencil

Blonde Retractable Brow Pencil A golden brown shade $22.00

Best Brow Pencil for Dark Gray or Darker Blonde Hair

Ash Blonde Retractable Brow Pencil

Ash Blonde Retractable Brow Pencil A light taupe shade $22.00

Best Brow Pencil for Light Brunette, Auburn and Red Hair

Brunette Retractable Brow Pencil

Brunette Retractable Brow Pencil A reddish brown shade $22.00

Best Brow Pencil for Medium Brunette Hair

Medium Brunette Retractable Brow Pencil

Medium Brunette Retractable Brow Pencil A medium brown shade $22.00

Best Brow Pencil for Dark Brunette or Black Hair

Dark Brunette Retractable Brow Pencil

Dark Brunette Retractable Brow Pencil A rich chocolate brown shade $22.00

Share your #GoodBeautyStories

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7 Steps to Fuller Looking Lips


Fuller Lips Hi, friends! Today I’m sharing 7 easy steps to achieve fuller looking lips naturally, without going ham on the over-lining… and without having to use one of those scary lip plumping devices. 😉

Step One: Prep and Moisturize. I always like to start with a moisturizing base. If your lips are feeling a little dry, try exfoliating. Check out our Grapefruit Lemonade Lip Scrub DIY for inspiration! After exfoliating, add a little bit of your favorite balm. I’ve been hearting the Glossier Balm Dotcom in Coconut. Smells like the beach and summer and everything good about the hot months.

Step Two: Add a little highlight. If you’ve read any of my posts at this point, you know I love me some highlight. I think this just adds a tiny dash of shimmer and light that really brings the eye to the lips. Using a small brush, I just blend out a tiny amount along my cupid’s bow. I like to do the highlight first so that my lipstick layers on top of the shimmer and just peeks out over the top of the lipstick a little.

Full Lips DIYStep Three: Using a liner very similar to your natural lip color, shape and line your lips. Since my lips tend to be pretty uneven, especially around my cupid’s bow, I take my time to create an even shape. To give myself a fuller look, I’ll slightly over-line my liner, still sticking very close to my natural lip line. The nude liner not only creates a more “plump” look to your lips, but it will also keep our lipstick from feathering, especially since we over-lined just a little. I’ve really been digging the Plump and Define liner from Becca Cosmetics.

Step Four: To really get a fuller look, I love using a light/nude colored lipstick. Devotion by Axiology is one of my favorites right now. It also has the perfect amount of sheen to really give my lips a nice dimension.

Full Lips DIY Step Five: Using a shade slightly darker, apply to the outer corners of your top and bottom lip. Use a lip pencil or your finger to blend out. This just adds a subtle ombre effect and makes your lips look like they have more dimension. I used the color Worth from Axiology, which is another one of my favorites from their line!

Fuller Lips Step Six: Using your favorite nude gloss, just add a touch to the center of your lip, again to add in a beautiful dimension.

Step Seven: Grab a bronzer just a few shades darker than your skin tone and lightly dust a little underneath your bottom lip to create a little more shadow and the appearance of a fuller lip. Be sure to blend it out good so you don’t look like you have a soul patch coming in… 😉

Full Lips DIY And done! My favorite part about these steps is that they give your lips a “my lips but better” look. They look fuller, more even and super glam without being scary and overdone.

Fuller Lips And now I’m off to put these lips to the test and smooch on my kiddos. 😉 Lots of love, Sav.


Credits//Author and Photography: Savannah Wallace. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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