Open your handbag and release is “the fast beating notes of excitement as you hide waiting to be found or seek and search for a new love”. Open your purse and outcomes “the seductive music of amber” and “a scatter of jasmine petals thrown to the night”.

“Purse sprays might have dipped out of fashion recently but they are still a great way to carry a perfume around with you throughout the day so you can top up with your favorite fragrance whenever and where ever you are, “says Nigel Brooks of UKs The Bath House luxury fragrance and natural skincare brand who are Britain’s “Artisans of Natural Beauty”.

Whatever happened or is happening to purse sprays. Once, sophisticated ladies were reaching into their handbags and producing a thin vial of perfume to freshen up and top up. behind the ears and on the wrists. Bath House is one of a decreasing number of niche brands that bother about mini perfumes.Bath House Frangipani & Grapefruit purse perfume

Continues Brooks: “Our recipe is a blend of passion, nature, artistic creativity, and artisan production. Bath House began as an artistic collaboration, created from humble beginnings. The kitchen cooker was our lab and a table in our design studio. We experimented with the world of fragrance and explored ways in which to harness the gentle healing power of natural ingredients. We were keen to learn from experts and began working with a small number of fragrance creators and skincare formulators who helped us with their specialist knowledge. Everything we made was packaged with care and meticulous attention to detail, teaching ourselves as we went along, always focusing on high standards.”black house purse perfume

The company goes back to 1997. Its purse spray range features “Love Untitled” (cupuacu butter,  aloe vera leaf juice, and oils of rosehip and sweet orange), “White Cedar & Pear”,
”Bamboo & Jasmine”, and “Frangipani & Grapefruit”bath house patchouli & Black Pepper purse perfume

“We have sealed the scent and beauty of nature into artisan glass bottles, designed with a sculptor’s understanding of form and a textile artist’s eye for color and pattern. The know-how we gained at art school was meticulously applied to every stage of the process, from the initial conception to the individual hand-wrapping of the finished product.”bath house slate cologne

For “Bath House” “Life is”….oryza rice powder, Abyssinian oil and illipe butter and the sun on your face, you hear pounding, the summer sunshine breaking through the mist.”

For the company based near the Lake District and Yorkshire dales, “Heaven Is…”
“effervescent notes of sparkling fresh citrus and tiger lily.purse perfume

“Heaven Is” a very English fragrance made amongst the wonderful scenery of northwest England. It is an orchid flower complex, water lily extract m rice bran, argan, and camelina seed oils.

Heaven is to be found in the UK and should always be within touching distance and close to your heart and pulse points. It’s amazing what you can find it in your handbag.Bath House Velvet Orchid purse perfume

Men aren’t left out either; they have “Slate” pocket spray with notes of pink peppercorn and aromatic cardamom and the earthy fragrance of leather, soft suede, and precious woods of labdanum, sandalwood, oud, and smoky vetiver.

So they can make their own sensual pathway too. To leave in their wake and for others to follow.

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