Healthy hair growth diet? What is it and what benefits do these foods have to promote fuller, thicker hair?

From beauty blogs to health websites, every expert claims to have the definitive healthy hair growth diet. But do you know why these foods are best for fast and full hair growth? Here we explain the top 10 foods that are part of any good healthy hair growth diet plan.

1. Salmon – Rich in vitamin D and protein as well as omega-3 fatty acids (an ingredient the body is unable to synthesize on its own), eating salmon twice a week is essential for healthy looking hair. Don’t like salmon? You can also get essential fatty acids from other fish, such as herring, sardines, trout and mackerel, as well as non-seafood, such as avocado, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.

2. Nuts – Make nuts a regular on your healthy hair menu. Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, biotin and vitamin E as well as copper, and are an excellent source of food to protect the hair and help it keep its color. Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that may help condition hair, and are a terrific source of zinc, an ingredient known to strengthen hair follicles. Not a nut for walnuts? Try cashews, pecans or almonds. Some studies also show that Brazil nuts, one of nature’s best sources of selenium, boast an important mineral for a healthy scalp.

3. Oysters – Best known for their aphrodisiac properties, oysters are also a rich source of zinc, a mineral that binds proteins to strengthen hair follicles. Just 3 ounces of these nutritious shellfish boast a whopping 493% of an adult’s daily allowance. Zinc also helps support the oil glands that maintain hair follicles’ moisture and prevent dry strands. Of course, oysters are also a great source of protein too. Without enough protein, your body can’t replace the hairs that you naturally shed every day.

4. Sweet Potatoes – With its well-deserved reputation as a superfood, sweet potatoes contain omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, and vitamins A, B, C, K and E. It is also an excellent source of beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant, which your body turns into vitamin A. No cell in the body can function without enough vitamin A. Though some experts link vitamin to thinning hair, the vitamin promotes the production of sebum, a substance secreted by hair follicles to protect them from drying out. Carrots, cantaloupe, mangos, pumpkin and apricots are all good sources of beta carotene.

5. Eggs – Are a great source of high quality protein, along with biotin (also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H), B vitamins, zinc, selenium, sulfur and iron. It’s an excellent source of nutrients for hair growth and hair strength.

Spinach salad for shiny hair6. Spinach – The nutritional profile of spinach makes it an excellent superfood for anyone longing for lovely locks. Rich in iron, beta-carotene and folate, spinach is also an excellent source of vitamins A and C, which your body needs to maintain hair follicles’ moisture. This acts as the body’s natural hair conditioner.


7. Chickpeas (Garbanzo beans) – The star of your favorite hummus is a very good source of protein, vitamin B6 and zinc. Protein is needed for hair growth, and zinc and vitamin A work together to prevent dandruff and minimize hair loss. Expand its repertoire beyond appetizers to feature it in curries, rice and quinoa for a nutritious super-boost. Other beans, like the tiny but mighty lentil is also packed with protein, iron, zinc and biotin (vitamin B7 or H).

8. Low-fat dairy products – Scour the grocery store aisles for low-fat dairy products such a skim milk, cottage cheese and nonfat Greek yogurt. Both are great sources of calcium, an important mineral for hair growth. They also contain whey and casein, two high-quality, hair-friendly protein sources. Dairy products are high in vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid – an ingredient sometimes seen on hair care product labels) and vitamin D, which is often linked to hair follicle health and helps the body absorb calcium.

9. Blueberries – Say yes to blueberries, a superfruit. You probably know the benefits of eating enough vitamin C, but did you know that this vitamin can also promote healthy hair growth and stimulate the growth of existing hair. Vitamin C works together with iron to facilitate absorption and also helps with the creation of collagen, an essential part of hair growth. Add to cereal in the morning, include in your favorite yogurt or take a pack to work for a healthy afternoon snack.

10. Hemp Seeds – Don’t be put off by the name; hemp seeds are great for you, especially your hair! Packed with gamma-linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that helps stimulate hair growth as well as maintain its overall health, these seed gems are a must for your trail mix. Not just for hippies!

Bonus: Eat seaweed when you can! Seaweed contains a wealth of nutrients vital to overall health and healthy hair, including iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, niacin, zinc, sodium, potassium and a range of vitamins. It can also bind with toxins and expel them from the body, keeping your body cleansed from the inside out. Take as a supplement, sprinkle on salads or eat delicious seaweed salad with your next sushi dinner.

We spend so much money on hair care products to nourish from the outside in, but how much do we spend on nourishing hair from the inside out? A brilliant, tried and tested way to improve hair health is to rock a healthy diet and complement it with a scientifically proven, drug free hair growth  vitamin supplement.

Do you know the top 5 vitamins for faster hair growth in 2017? See them now

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Good Skin Foods: Healthy Skin Recipes

two mango salsa tacos on a plate with lime What is “good skin”? It’s clear, healthy skin, and getting it is as much about what you put in your body as on your face. Therefore, it’s important to feed your body and skin with nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E and DIM (found in Skin Accumax), that do everything from boosting collagen production to protecting your skin from free radicals.

Find out why each vitamin and nutrient helps your skin and overall health below, and try some of the vitamin-rich recipes we love.

Citrus fruits and several vegetables contain vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production, reduces redness, boosts the immune system and helps iron absorption.

  • Did you know? The average mango contains 122 milligrams of vitamin C.
  • Feed your skin: Try a simple, vitamin C-rich, Mango Salsa recipe from WhitneyBond.com. Enjoy it with chicken or fish tacos, grilled salmon or your favorite tortilla chips.

Brightly colored vegetables have vitamin A, whereas cruciferous vegetables (green, leafy vegetables) contain DIM (Diindolylmethane). Vitamin A balances oil in the skin, reduces hyperkeratinization, stimulates blood circulation and promotes cell turnover. DIM is a natural plant nutrient that supports detoxification, reduces oxidative stress, improves metabolism.

  • Did you know? Kale contains both DIM and Vitamin A; a half cup serving contains approximately 478 milligrams of vitamin A.
  • Feed your skin: Make a delicious and refreshing Kale Salad with Glazed Onions and Cheddar Cheese with a vitamin A-rich recipe from GoodHousekeeping.com.

Oils, nuts, grains and cereals contain vitamin E, which protects your skin from free radical damage, promotes healthy skin and hair, improves circulation and helps repair tissue.

  • Did you know? A cup of sunflower seeds contains 49.1 milligrams of vitamin E.
  • Feed your skin: Enjoy this vitamin E-rich Basil and Sunflower Seed Pesto from HonestCooking.com; it’s delicious, cost-effective and easy to make!

What are your favorite recipes for good skin? Share images of your favorite vitamin-rich dishes with us on Instagram using @janeiredale and #feedyourskin.

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Many people complain of teeth discoloration often. Numerous factors can cause your teeth to assume a different color besides white. When this happens, it may impact the confidence level you have in yourself, as you may find it difficult to open your mouth or say “cheese” in public.

There are numerous ways to whiten your teeth. Different companies sell teeth whitening products. We offer numerous dental solutions including sleep dentistry. However, these solutions can be on the expensive side, and you may find it challenging to purchase them. This doesn’t mean you have no option.

Suppose you want to whiten your teeth without using chemical products, there are natural foods you can eat regularly. These foods contain essential nutrients that will gradually whiten your teeth without compromising your health. But before then, let’s consider the things that discolor your teeth.

Factors Causing Teeth Discoloration

Poor Hygiene

Your dental hygiene is an important part of your life. For those who take their dental hygiene with levity, teeth discoloration is often inevitable. Forgetting to floss and brush your teeth regularly will allow dirt to accumulate on your teeth, which will gradually cause a build-up. Additionally, you will find it challenging to deal with teeth stains later on if you skip professional dental cleanings.


Sometimes, your tooth discoloration isn’t a result of poor dental hygiene. Instead, it’s caused by certain diseases. These diseases impede normal tooth enamel development, which eventually will discolor your teeth. Also, some medical treatments like chemotherapy and neck radiation can cause teeth discoloration.


This may seem strange, but medications are capable of teeth discoloration. Evidence suggests that drugs such as antibiotics can discolor teeth. They often affect the formation of the enamel, especially in children under 8 years. Similarly, washes involving chlorhexidine and mouth rinses can also lead to teeth discoloration. This makes it important to pay careful attention to children’s dental care during their formative years.


This should not come as a surprise. The environment has also been a major factor in human life. During the formative stages of the teeth, the presence of much fluoride can discolor the teeth. Excessive fluoride will likely come from water with a high concentration of it, toothpaste, among others. To avoid this, it will be smart to carefully assess the fluoride condition of the water that runs in your house and also purchase safe toothpaste.

5 Foods That Can Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

Here are some of the foods that can impact your teeth whitening process positively.


Taking strawberries regularly can help you get your teeth back to their white status. Strawberries work because they contain malic acid, which contains relevant bleaching properties to remove the stains on your teeth. You can mix these strawberries and apply it to your teeth. Allow it to remain for about five minutes before rinsing off with water. After you rinse it, brush your teeth and then floss thereafter.

Malic acid also increases the production and circulation of saliva in your mouth. The saliva will always wash stains away. This wet state of your mouth makes it difficult for the teeth to suffer discoloration.

Because of the nature of strawberries, they may stain your shirt or dress. So, you should be careful during its mashing and application.


Your teeth are protected by pellicle and salivary proteins. Although the pellicle layer covers your teeth, it tends to absorb food pigments easily, the accumulation of which eventually leads to teeth discoloration.

Once stains begin to accumulate, bacteria get sufficient materials to pick on. With the presence of bacteria in your teeth area, discoloration is imminent if you don’t intervene early.

However, pineapple contains natural nutrients that easily dissolve the pellicle. Pineapple contains bromelain, which has the capacity to break down proteins and consequently dissolves any build-up on your teeth.


Drinking enough milk can also be a solution for your discolored teeth. Milk contains lactic acid, which has the power to whiten your enamel. Asides from that, it also triggers an increase in saliva production, which washes away stains conveniently.

Furthermore, milk contains the protein known as Casein, which is a stain washer. Casein also produces calcium phosphates, useful for cavity repair and preventing plaque from accumulating.

Experts find that Casein prevents tannins from building up on the teeth, let alone cause discoloration. Additionally, other dairy products such as yogurt and cheese also contain adequate amounts of lactic acid that washes stain away.

Apples, Carrots, and Celery

The trio of these veggies and fruits are natural stain removers that prompt an increase in saliva production. This speeds up the rate at which your mouth gets washed, making it difficult for stains to stick. Additionally, they dissolve any form of bacteria that may discolor your teeth or cause bad breath. More so, because they are crunchy fruits, the crunch factor also improves their efficiency as a tooth scrubbing agent.


Strawberries have malic acid, and that’s what makes them efficient teeth cleaning agents. However, watermelon has more amounts of malic acid, which makes watermelon an even stronger tooth-cleaning agent.

Some assert that watermelon’s fibrous texture has a tooth scrubbing effect that helps to remove stains. However, there isn’t much evidence to back this claim. Regardless, many people use watermelon to naturally whiten their teeth, and they say it works.

Brush and Floss Regularly

It’s difficult to ascertain how long it takes for foods to naturally whiten your teeth. Because they are not commercial products, they take longer to deliver results. However, irrespective of the time frame, you should constantly ensure you brush and floss regularly.

An important thing to do is to create a schedule for flossing. Brushing and flossing are some of the most effective ways to preserve the white condition of your teeth. Experts advise that you brush twice a day, preferably morning and night. Also, always ensure you are thorough while brushing your mouth so you can remove all stains.


Teeth discoloration is a prevalent issue today. If you don’t want to use chemical products to address the issue, you can choose any of the above natural foods to whiten your teeth gradually. All you need to do is to eat them regularly. Additionally, remember to always brush and floss. That way, you are sure to get the desired results.

You may also need to book a dental session. Dental Implants Clinic offers you numerous dental services including sleep dentistry. Book a session today!

Author Bio

Habeeb Asudemade is an expert in the medical field with over four years of experience writing medical articles reviewed by medical practitioners. He has undergone numerous courses in the medical space, which strengthen his knowledge base on the sector. His articles are targeted at helping people understand their health better to make informed choices.

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