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Customization has been a pretty popular trend in skincare, but Function of Beauty just brought it to haircare – in a big way. Their personalized shampoo and conditioner let you create salon-quality hair care solutions at a price you can afford. That’s a pretty bold mission statement for the young company, which just found shelf space at Target stores nationwide. Do the products live up to the hype?

Should You Believe The Hype?

For the past few years, influencers, specialists, and everyday people have been really excited about Function of Beauty. The hype is there, and we wanted to see for ourselves if the products live up to it. After all, Function of Beauty is the brainchild of an MIT alum with some pretty progressive ideas about the future of haircare.

This becomes clear the moment you visit their website. It isn’t just another online store; it’s a personalized experience that includes a hair quiz that helps you narrow down the best product for your unique circumstances. In a nutshell, you choose one of four bases for your shampoo and conditioner. Each base accommodates different hair types, like straight, wavy, curly, or coily.

Once you’ve found the perfect base, you get to pick your booster shots. Each booster specializes in one hair care goal, such as volumizing, thermal protection, curl definition, scalp soothing, strengthening, lengthening, and plenty more. You can mix up to three boosters into each of your bases.

After that, you just shake your bottles. That’s it! In just a few steps, you created a shampoo and conditioner that accommodates your exact needs. You can even customize other preferences, such as how strong the smell is and what color the product is. Thankfully, they don’t include any dangerous or unsavory additives like dyes, animal products, or parabens.

My Hands-On Experience With Function of Beauty

I have super curly hair, so I’m constantly using heated beauty tools like irons to get it under control. If you’re in the same boat, you know how quickly that can dry out and damage your hair. That’s why I always stocked up on hair masks, intense conditioners, and even sprays that claim to have thermal protection properties.

The result? A super cluttered shower filled with all sorts of specialty hair care products. The appeal of Function of Beauty is that I can clear out my shower, minimize my beauty bill, and get completely personalized hair care. That sounds like a no-brainer, but did it work?

When I took the hair quiz, it recommended a base for coily hair, and I picked out a few relevant hair boosters like thermal protection, hydration, and scalp soothing. I also customized my scents and colors! I was really interested in some of the fruity scents, like pear, peach, and pineapple, but I went with the much zingier eucalyptus scent. I also loved the color choices. I used a nice greyish blue for each of my bottles. It was super easy to complete my order online, and within a few days, my package arrived.

The packaging was actually really surprising. Everything felt high quality, and it was nice to see my nickname on the bottle. I was also happy to see that everything that arrived was recyclable—from the box to the bottles themselves.

Then, I went straight to the shower! Function of Beauty really felt like my own salon experience. The scalp soothing mixed perfectly with the tingling eucalyptus, and the hydrating booster shot immediately made my hair feel incredible. I went to do my normal beauty routine and noticed that my hair seemed to be fairing better with the heated irons that I use.

Over the course of a week, I noticed that I got just about everything that I wanted out of this shampoo and conditioner. I’m really impressed with this product, and I can’t wait to keep experimenting with Function of Beauty as my hair needs evolve.

About Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty puts you in charge of your own hair care routine. Most shampoos and conditioners on the market have to cater to a broad range of hair types and goals to justify their space in beauty aisles. Function of Beauty changes everything, giving you the chance to build your own custom hair solution in just three steps: pick a base, pick your boosters, and mix. Traditional haircare just can’t accommodate the unique needs of individuals. Function of Beauty knows you’re complicated, and with thousands of possible formulations, you can find the perfect fit.

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