When you don’t feel that you’ve been blessed with the look you prefer naturally, plus cosmetic products provide only short-term results, it often leads to feelings of needing to look to experts to realize a more long-term solution.

It’s cool to enhance what you have to explore and grow as long as underneath it all you’re comfortable in your own skin with a healthy self-esteem. The bottom line is that you have a strong confidence level to face what can be a brutal world.

Whatever makes you feel good is fantastic as long as you know you’re incredible regardless. With that being said, fillers and botox Maple Ridge BC will help to enhance what you have naturally based on the person injecting and the products used. The procedures are becoming more recognized and requested, particularly with celebrity and media influence.

Still, the process is not your average over the lunch hour quick fix. It’s invasive, painful, and takes proper preparation and aftercare for ideal results.

It’s vital to thoroughly research the clinic you intend to use, their products, and the procedure itself. Once you self-educate, you can make a more informed decision and ensure optimum safety. Let’s look at a few tips when considering a botox and lip filler specialist in Maple Ridge, BC.

Are You Interested In Botox And Lip Fillers In Maple Ridge BC

Anyone considering botox and lip fillers with any Maple Ridge Botox Studio needs to ensure the facility is well-established with a solid following. Becoming familiar with the injector and the products offered allows for a more informed decision, plus can assure you of the procedure’s overall safety.

While the practice is becoming much more commonplace, these procedures differ from place to place and between the various injectors’ techniques, plus the products range in quality.

A significant factor depends on the instructions given and how the individual follows those pre and post-care guidelines to achieve the desired results. Go here for guidance on aftercare for fillers. Tips to ensure you find the right specialist to meet your specific needs.


Before signing on as a client, the most vital part of the process is researching the person who does the injections. The nurse and physician should be on public record regarding their credentialing and licensure to give you validation they are capable and legitimate with no restrictions, nor are there any suspensions following them.

You can also check for their experience in practice and certifications. Ultimately, the priority is to ensure a safe process and one that will be done correctly.


Don’t be gregarious upfront, especially if you’re new to these procedures. It’s important to gradually build into the appearance you believe is right for you. Also, don’t request an appearance that someone else has as your own.

Your features are unique. Putting in lip injections to create a pout that someone else has on their face will look out of place with the size of your face and setup of your features.

Remember that. You could be putting an extra-large puff on a small surface. Allow the doctor to make the recommendations. Ultimately, they will do what you request but really consider your choices. The idea is to look natural with a bit of enhancement.

Lip Augmentation Procedure

Pay Attention To Pre-Care

Each treatment will consist of pre-care instructions meant to help relieve the potential for bruising. It’s recommended to avoid most blood-thinning substances like fish oil, NSAIDs, aspirin, multivitamins, Aleve or ibuprofen, vitamin E – but don’t break a doctor’s orders.

Further instructions include avoiding alcohol and caffeinated substances for a 24-hour period before/after sessions to decrease bruising and reduce chances for swelling. Swelling and bruising are often seen adverse effects of these procedures, which should be anticipated to a certain level.

Potential For Risks

The indication is that the lip filler process only takes generally 45 minutes and, again, is becoming quite a standard process today but that is in no way speaking to the fact that these are free of risk.

As mentioned, there is a likely chance for some degree of swelling and bruising. Plus, there is the potential some individuals could experience an allergic reaction, possible cold sores (if you tend to get these), infection, and the possibility for “vascular occlusion.”

That is most common when working in areas around the mouth and means the filler blocks a vessel to the blood supply. It’s essential to speak with the injector to discuss their protocol if this were to arise.

Pay For The Quality Of The Product And Injector

No one wants to pay a meager price for botox or filler services. These are temporary, lasting up to roughly 12 months based on the type of product plus your metabolism and lifestyle. The low cost could mean they disappear at a faster rate.

But a lower quality won’t last as long, nor will a knowledgeable expert perform the services typically when you see a lower than average price point.

With a higher price, the injectors are those that stay current with continuing education to learn the latest methods and optimum safety guidelines. You’ll want to know there are protocols implemented if there are any adverse reactions with the process as you go through the various sessions.

Final Thought

Botox and lip injections are becoming commonplace in today’s society. These don’t mean to change someone’s appearance because they’re not a permanent change, more a temporary enhancement to make someone feel good for a while, almost like a highlight to features that you already feel fantastic about.

Self-esteem and self-confidence begin when you have a strong sense of acceptance in your own skin. Then you can move forward to enhancing that beauty in various ways, including highlighting the lips with a pout or some other form of botox.

Botox and lip filler specialists in Maple Ridge BC can help clients achieve those results. Still, it’s essential to research the various professionals to ensure legitimacy, credentials, and establishment in the industry to make a well-informed decision.

Once you find the ideal option, it’s up to you to follow the pre/post-care instructions to achieve optimum results.

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