Do you know about the best healthy skin care tips for fall?

We have them for you here—for the whole family!

The fall season has started out nicely in our area, but we know that the colder weather is on its way. That, combined with central heating inside, draws moisture from the air and your skin.

That means it’s not only your wardrobe that needs to change. Your daily skincare routines do too! And because colder weather can be damaging to skin, now is the time to focus on nourishing, soothing formulas that are safe and free of potentially toxic ingredients.

Working together, everyone in the family can all enjoy healthier, smoother skin through the holiday season.

Healthy Skin Care Tips for Fall #1. Ditch the Bar Soap

Is someone in your family still using bar soap? If so, swap it out for a creamy cleanser. Bar soap might feel and smell wonderful first thing in the morning or after a long day’s work, but it will leave your skin dry. Then the cold weather and central heating will make the problem worse, and your skin may start to crack and bleed.

Avoid the gels too—they can create the same result. Look for a creamy body wash to put in the shower and use a creamy cleanser at the sink as well.

Tip #2: Avoid Long Hot Showers and Soaks

When the weather gets cold, nothing feels better than a long, hot shower or bath. But the hotter the temperature of the water, the more it will strip the natural oils from your skin. This not only makes your skin drier but can also compromise the outer barrier, leaving you more at risk for infection.

Particularly if you have sensitive skin or a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, try to avoid hot water temperatures. Use lukewarm instead, and don’t stay in the water too long. Choose a nice warm sweater or blanket to wrap up in instead to get that cozy, warm feeling.

Healthy Skin Care Tips for Fall #3: Exfoliate with an Oil-Based Scrub

If you spent a lot of time in the sun this past summer, your skin may be looking a little dull or you may have extra sun spots or dark spots. Exfoliation can help improve skin tone, slough off dead skin cells, and promote younger-looking, smoother skin.

It’s best to avoid harsh crystal- or nut-based scrubs, though, as these can make small tears in your skin and cause inflammation and acne breakouts. Find an oil-based scrub as it will help hydrate your skin as it exfoliates. You can use this type of scrub all over your body or wherever it may be needed, such as on elbows and heels.

Healthy Skin Care Tips for Fall #4: Use a Moisturizing Toner

How you cleanse and tone your skin makes a huge difference in how well it will survive the colder weather. If your cleanser or toner leaves your skin dry, you’ll have a hard time recovering hydration, no matter which moisturizer you use.

Use a hydrating toner instead. It can help restore the skin’s pH balance while leaving behind a little moisture to help your skin recover from cleansing and to prepare it for your daily moisturizer. We recommend our Rescue + Relief Spray as it provides instant hydrating and cooling relief, plus it soothes itching and irritated skin.

Keep in mind that this spray also works great as a toner for acne-prone skin, an aftershave solution, and even a soothing treatment for diaper rash.

Tip  #5: Keep the Sunscreen Handy

You may want to put the sunscreen away as the clouds come in, but that’s a mistake. Dangerous UVA rays can still penetrate the clouds and damage your skin, increasing your risk for skin cancer. Children, in particular, may be at risk as some studies have suggested that early sunburns can be especially damaging to the skin.

Choose a safe sunscreen like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and keep it handy so you can apply it as needed. Remember that most sunscreens need to be re-applied every two hours.

Skin Care Tips for Fall MoisturizerHealthy Skin Care Tips for Fall #6: Use a Deeply Hydrating Moisturizer

In the summertime, your family may have gotten by with a light lotion, but with the cold weather coming, you’re going to need a more deeply hydrating moisturizer to prevent dry skin.

Using a more potent moisturizer before bed is particularly important, as your skin does most of its healing overnight.

We recommend our Calming Moisture and Body Repair Lotion for everyone in the family. These products are 100 percent free of toxic or irritating ingredients and are safe enough to use on babies, yet they are effective enough to keep your skin soft and smooth despite the environmental changes of the season.

Inside, you’ll find ingredients the replenish and soothe dry, inflamed skin while restoring a youthful radiance.

Healthy Skin Care Tips for Fall #7: Soothe Chapped Lips and Dry Areas

Lips are particularly sensitive to weather changes. The skin is thinner and less protected from the elements, which is why you may experience chapped lips.

You may also notice that the cuticles on your fingers become extra dry and visible during the winter months.

Use a healing balm to prevent and address these issues. We recommend our Restorative Skin Balm. We made it to instantly soften severely dry and chapped skin, including that on your lips or fingers, and if you use it regularly, you’ll notice that those dry areas become healed.

For your lips, you may want to exfoliate them first to get that dry, flaky skin off. Use your oil-based exfoliating solution and then apply your healing balm. You can do the same on any area of dry skin. For dry, chapped hands, exfoliate very gently, then apply the balm and wear soft cotton gloves or socks to bed overnight.

Note: You can use this balm for the whole family to address cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and chaffing.

Healthy Skin Care Tips for Fall #8: Use a Humidifier

If you live in a dry climate, a humidifier can help keep your skin from becoming too dry. It deposits moisture back into the air, preventing that air from drawing moisture out of your skin.

Placing a humidifier in your room at night is the most effective way to counteract the effects of drier air on your skin. Kids can benefit as well as adults from the extra moisture.

What healthy skincare tips for fall do you have to share?

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