Are you ready for some fall skin care tips?

You may not be! After all, fall can kind of creep up on us. Here we were enjoying summer and then whoosh, it’s gone!

But fall is here, whether we’re ready or not, which means that your skin is probably going through some changes.

Read on for a few easy tips that will help you manage this seasonal transition with glowing, radiant skin.

Why Fall Skin Care Tips Are Necessary

After a nice long summer, you may be noticing some changes in your skin. Dark spots, hyperpigmentation, travel-induced dehydration, and inflammation are all common side-effects of all that time in the hot sun.

With the change into fall, most areas will be experiencing dropping temperatures, increased winds, and dryer air. The skin on your face and hands, since it’s regularly exposed to the elements, tends to be most affected by these changes. That means that when you begin to change your wardrobe for fall, you should think about changing your skincare too.

Colder, drier air can not only cause your skin to dry out, but it can also increase its sensitivity. As your skin dries, the outer layer can become compromised. Your skin will be less able to protect itself, and you may notice visible irritation, redness, or blotchiness.

Without treatment, that excess dryness can lead to cracking in the skin, particularly on the lips and near your fingernails. These cracks and tears can increase the risk of infections while making fine lines and wrinkles more visible.

No matter what your skin type, you’re likely to notice some of these changes. Here at CV Skinlabs, we have the healing, hydrating, and nourishing essentials to keep your skin glowing, radiant, and healthy.

Fall Season

Fall Skin Care Tips to Keep Skin Looking Its Best

1. Switch to a Gentler Cleanser

Check the cleanser you’re using right now. It may be too aggressive for drier, sensitive skin. In the summertime, we’re most interested in getting rid of dirt and oils. In the fall and winter, though, we have to be more careful of the skin’s moisture content. Set your lotion or gel aside and switch to a creamy or milky cleanser that will remove debris while leaving the skin’s natural oils intact.

By the way, it’s wise to do the same with your hand and body cleansers. Remember that the skin all over your body is affected by seasonal changes.

Fall Skin Care Tips 2. Moisturize Morning and Night, No Matter What!

In the more humid summer months, you may have been able to skip moisturizing your skin now and then. That will no longer work in the fall and winter. Your skin will lose more moisture to the drier air and will require more frequent replenishment.

If two times a day still leave your skin feeling dry and tight, don’t be afraid to step it up. You can add some moisturizer midday, or try our Rescue + Relief Spray for a quick moisturizing spritz. It works equally well under or over makeup.

3. Swap Moisturizers

Just as you may need to change up your cleanser for the season, so too might you need to change your moisturizer. You may find that your summer moisturizer is leaving your skin feeling tight after just a couple of hours. If that’s the case, switch to something thicker and creamier that will give your skin the extra hydration it requires.

Our CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture and Body Repair Lotion are unique in that they work year-round to keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated. This is mainly because they are designed to keep your outer layer healthy and strong. Yes, they deliver moisture that your skin needs, but they also calm inflammation and help heal cracks and injuries in the outer barrier, helping your skin to better hold onto the moisture that it has.

Fall Skin Care Tips 4. Repair Skin Damage

As the summer season recedes into the rear-view mirror, you may notice some skin damage that you accumulated while you were out and about. Your pores may look large and clogged, and you may have dark areas that you didn’t see before. There may be more visible fine lines and wrinkles too.

This is the time to repair that damage. Start with exfoliation. Use a gentle product that doesn’t have scratchy ingredients in it, as they can create microtears in your skin that will cause more problems. Instead, choose something with natural fruit acids that will slough away that outer layer without causing inflammation.

This will help minimize the appearance of pores while purging any dirt, oil, and bacteria that may be lingering on your skin. Regular exfoliation will continue to improve the look and feel of your skin.

If you’re suffering from hyperpigmentation, you may want to try a retinol product. It helps speed skin cell turnover and stimulate collagen production while helping reduce the effects of sun damage. A vitamin C serum may also do the trick as over time, it encourages a brighter complexion.

If you have wounds that need tending to, consider using our Restorative Skin Balm. It’s particularly helpful for chapped, dry lips. Apply as often as needed to promote repair of dry, cracked, and traumatized skin.

Fall Rescue + Relief Spray

5. Look in your own eyes.

Summer weather takes a toll on the skin around our eyes. You may notice more sagging and bagging, along with additional fine lines and puffiness.

We’ve recommended using our calming moisture around the eyes in the past. It’s gentle enough for this tender area and can help with fine lines, dark spots, puffiness and even irritation. You can use it day and night and especially great for sensitive skin.

For more stubborn issues, you may want to look for an eye product with retinol and vitamin C, as these can help fade any damage your skin may have suffered over the summer.

If you’re struggling with dark circles, look for products that contain caffeine or vitamin K, which can help to lighten those circles. If you have puffy eyes every morning, try a jade roller and keep it in the refrigerator.

How do you maintain radiant skin as the seasons change?

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Summer to Fall Makeup Transition

Summer is beginning to wind down here, the nights have gotten cooler and some say they can see the leaves beginning to turn. However, just because summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean you can’t keep that summer glow with you all year ‘round.

One of my favorite tricks for an instant glow is applying Warm Bronze Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer under my base. I apply a dot of the moisturizer on my forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. I then blend the Dream Tint using my Blending Brush before applying my PurePressed Powder Mineral Foundation. This gives me a bronze glow that is very natural and subtle. I’ve also fallen in love all over again with So-Bronze 3. Using the Dome Brush, I apply a little of the matte color to my forehead and the top of my cheekbones, as well as the bridge of my nose. To illuminate the look, use the shimmer crescent within So-Bronze 3. Also, don’t forget the Tantasia Self Tanner & Bronzer 5 self-tanning tips I shared a few weeks ago, these are great all year! I may be a summer girl at heart, but I am so excited for the new makeup colors of fall: reds, purples and bronzes. I can’t wait to combine my summer glow tricks with these gorgeous colors! Stay tuned, we’re working on some great fall looks that we think you will love and can’t wait to share with you!

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The ultimate beauty editors at Harper’s Bazaar pride themselves on finding the best makeup, beauty and hair products you must know. See their round-up of the best hair saviors, makeup must-haves and skin wonders for fall. For the full list, check out the October issue of Harper’s  now on newsstands.

Hair Saviors

Harper's bazaar magazine cover October 2016 Gigi HadidBest Hair Supplement: Viviscal Extra Strength
“If you want thicker hair,” sayHarper’s editors, “this drug-free supplement is your best bet.” They look to glowing reviews by A-listers such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, and enough supermodels to fill a NYFW tent. The supps contain marine complex, zinc and biotin, which are proven to promote hair growth and stop hair loss.

Best Tool: Beachwaver Pro
For tousled, perfectly imperfect curls, Harper’s recommends this rotating curling wand. Unlike a conventional iron, you position it upright, clamp a section in the barrel, and choose either right or left depending on which side you’re curling. Then hit go, hold for a few seconds, and release it for a head of salon-worth curls in 10 minutes. Inventor Sarah Potempa says that every woman can use it. “It gives incredible results without a hairdresser,” she says.

Makeup Must-Haves

Best Makeup Applicator: BeautyBlender
This pro makeup secret is so simple it’s scary. The oft-imitated egg-shaped beauty sponge is still hands-down the best tool for applying foundation evenly and expertly. The editors advise, “The key is to bounce, not swipe, the sponge over your face. Dampen before using, dip it into your makeup, then bounce it (yes, really) along your skin for goofproof results every time.” The wider end helps cover larger areas of your face such as your forehead, cheeks and chin, and the narrow end is perfect for around your nose and your undereyes. Be sure to allow the sponge to dry fully between uses.

Best Concealer: RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

Yes, you can get coverage with a sheer concealer! This cover-up covers spots and dark circles without leaving your skin a caked-on mask. It won’t settle into fine lines or creases, but will make your skin look luminous. Apply with your fingers or a brush.

HB article photo 2Skin Wonders

Best OTC Retinol: Resurface by Shani Darden Retinol Reform
Too good to be true? This is a “side-effect-free” retinol that won’t cause redness, flakiness or dryness. Word got around about this retinol lactic-acid skin-smoothing lotion via celebrities who have made it part of their skin-care routines. L.A. aesthetician Shani Darden, who works with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and January Jones, created it as a grown-up skincare solution that she says will both treat acne and banish wrinkles within one week.

Best Self-Tanner: St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion
Touted as the self-tanner for those of us who hate self-tanner, this bronzing cream is foolproof. Simply apply in-shower, wait three minutes, and rinse off. You don’t need to get it perfect and it doesn’t have the chemical at-home tanner scent. You can go to the gym, try on clothes or swim right away after applying. Within hours, you’ll have a soft glow. Reapply every other day to build a deeper tan.

Life-Changing Non-Surgical Procedures

If you’re a black belt in beauty and you’re ready to take it to the next level, Harper’s recommends one of these outpatient non-surgical aesthetic procedures.
Liquid Face-Lift
This combo of Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers will give you impressive results without the cost and recovery time of surgery.
Infrared Saunas
This next-level sauna helps you sweat to weight loss, deeper sleep and lower stress with regular visits. “The sweating is more profuse than a traditional sauna, enabling your body to excrete a higher percentage of toxins,” says Dr. Frank Lipman, an integrative physician in New York.
Vitamin IVs
Supplement-rich IV infusions with amino acids, B vitamins and glutathione are more popular than ever because they make you feel better — fast. They can be used preventatively for jet lag, skin hydration, immune-boosting and hangovers.

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This blog post has become one of my favorites to write every season. There are some makeup trends that change slowly over time (thin eyebrows to thick), some we see every year (smoky eyes? Bold lips?), and then there are a few variations on the trends that are unique to each season. These are usually a bit wild and creative, but so inspiring! So how do we take these inspirational looks and turn them into something flattering that we can wear in our every day lives? Keep reading for three trends that hit the runways for fall 2014, and of course our take on how to incorporate the look (albeit a toned down version) into your daily makeup routine. Not your average smoky eye Christian Dior showcased a few very bold smoky eye looks on the runway this season and we love this khaki, metallic look.

Dior smokey eye look Christian Dior
dior smoky eye 2 Christian Dior
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Summer is coming to an end, and if you’re located in most parts of the country you’re probably beginning to feel the coolness of fall approaching. Every trip I take to the grocery store these days (and I’m there a lot) greets me with the unique smell of cinnamon, back to school has been in full swing and I’m even been looking forward to pulling out my favorite pair of boots. All of these signs tell me it’s time for a seasonal makeup refresh.

Spotted at Fashion Week this past spring were a number of new trends for fall, and some oldies but goodies. Elle Magazine did a lovely job of gathering all of these unique runway looks into one place. We took a few of our favorites and recreated them to be worn by you, even if you aren’t a fashion model. Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town, working in the office or picking pumpkins with your family, we hope these three looks inspire you to play with your makeup and step outside of the box this season. Click the images below to try our looks on in the jane iredalemakeover room!

Easy Smokey Eye

This look is a colorful twist to the traditonal smokey eye and can be applied in less than five minutes. This is a great go-to look for a night out this fall.

  1. Easy Smoky EyesStart by applying Liquid Mineralsin your shade. You can apply using the Blending Brush or Foundation Brush.
  2. ApplySo-Bronze 1 along your hair line, slighly onto your cheek bones and along your jaw line.
  3. Apply Whisper PurePressed Blush to your cheeks using the White Fan Brush.
  4. Line your top lash line thickly using Malchite Mystikol. Then line your bottom lash line, inner corner of your eye and bottom water line also using the Malachite Mystikol.
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Fashion Forward Fall 2016 Beauty Trends

Summer is almost over and fall is right around the corner! We’re excited to share a few of our favorite fall 2016 beauty trends that inspired our Fashion Forward collection.

fall makeup collection with brown & pink tones

Shimmery Eyelids

fall 2016 beauty trends, shimmey eye makeupLustrous lids appeared all over the fall runway, and the look works well no matter your style. If you love a natural makeup look, choose a subtle taupe or brown creamy eye shadow. Pick a pink or copper hue for a flirty, feminine look, and stick to golds, silvers or lemony yellows for a dazzling night out.

Get the Look:Try our NEW Smooth Affair for Eyes eyelid primers. They double as a pearly eye shadow and can be applied with your fingers!

Photo via HarpersBazaar.com.

No Makeup, Makeup

fall 2016 beauty trends, no makeup makeupThe no makeup, makeup trend is still going strong, and well-groomed eyebrows are the best way to look polished when your makeup is at a minimum. For a softer, more natural brow, use eyebrow powder and a spoolie brush. If you already have full brows, try a brow gel. And, if you need to fill-in or shape your brows, pick up a brow pencil. Read our pro tips on how to shape your eyebrows.

Get the Look:Our NEW Retractable Eyebrow Pencils are the newest addition to our brow arsenal, and work well with all hair colors.

Photo via TheFashionSpot.com.

Dark Romance

fall 2016 beauty trends, vampy lip, dark romantic beauty lookA dark vampy lip, and soft romantic hair was another one of the big fall 2016 beauty trends. If you love the look, but want to avoid looking too goth, pair wine-stained lips with barely-there eye and cheek makeup. May we also recommend a soft, romantic hairstyle? It will keep the look from appearing too severe.

Get the Look:One word…Fetish! Our Fetish Lip Fixation Lip Stainwill give you the perfect plum put with a long-lasting matte finish.

Photo via Refinery29.com.

Classic Reds

fall 2016 beauty trends, classic red lipA classic red lipstick never goes out of style. For fall, designers made this look more modern by toning down eye makeup, and slicking hair back. We say, a red looks brilliant with any hair style, so dare to be bold!

Get the Look: Cindy, our newest PureMoist Lipstick shade is all you’ll need for this look. (Pro tip: apply powder foundation under your lipstick to avoid feathering or smudging.)

Photo via ChiCityFashion.com.

Which fall 2016 beauty trends will you rock this year? Share pictures of your looks with us on Instagram. Remember to use @janeiredale and #friendfavorite.

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Are you on the hunt for a new skincare routine for glowing skin?

If so, congratulations! You know that as the seasons change and the air gets colder, it’s a good idea to shift your skincare routine to help your skin adapt.

The skin is always exposed to the environment—at least the skin on your face and hands—which means it’s more vulnerable to changes in the environment than you may think. The water in the air affects the hydration in the skin, while harsher winds and temperature variations can challenge skin to keep up.

To make sure your skin will look its radiant best this fall, apply the following changes to your skincare routine.

7 Changes to Make to Your Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin

1. Change your cleanser to avoid dryness and tightness.

Your cleanser is one of the most important tools in your skincare arsenal. Yet many of us neglect to change it as the seasons change.

In the summer, it’s often best to use a clarifying cleanser to help wash away the extra sweat, dirt, and grime that collects on your skin as you enjoy outdoor activities. In the fall, though, as the air cools down, your skin needs more moisture, and that starts with your cleanser.

Particularly if you notice that your skin feels tight after cleansing, it’s time to change your cleanser. Instead, it should feel clean but comfortable and hydrated. Choose a lotion or cream cleanser rather than a gel or foam, and make sure it has gentle detergents along with some moisturizing ingredients.

2. Consider a different toner for more hydration.

As with your cleanser, you may need a more moisturizing toner in the fall and winter months. It will help hydrate skin from the start, and will also help ready it for your regular daily moisturizer.

If you’ve been using a clarifying toner, switch it up to a toning mist with natural hydrating extracts. We recommend our Rescue + Relief Spray. Not only will it help hydrate and balance skin, but it also helps tame inflammation and soothe any irritations you may be dealing with.

3. Skincare routine for glowing skin tip: Take a second look at your moisturizer.

Your daily moisturizer may work just fine for both summer and fall, but then again, you may find that you need more moisture in the fall.

Colder air robs your skin of moisture. Are you noticing a tight feeling about halfway through the day? If so, that means you need more moisture—or a higher quality morning moisturizer.

You can also tell by the visibility of your fine lines and wrinkles. Do they seem to jump out in the afternoon and evening? If so, that means your skin is crying out for help.

We recommend our Calming Moisture. It works equally well for all seasons, but it can be especially effective during the fall and winter months when you need that extra hydration. It contains beta-glucan, aloe vera, and oat extract to reduce redness and irritation, and many natural oils like jojoba and sunflower to penetrate deeply into the skin and plump and smooth.

Better yet, this moisturizer will leave your skin with a radiant glow the first time you try it! Makeup artists love it underneath foundation for that reason.

4. If your skin looks dull, step up your exfoliation.

When we think of dead skin cell buildup, we usually think of winter skin. But summer skin may need some additional exfoliation too, particularly if you’re dealing with dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Exfoliation alone won’t completely even out your skin tone, but it will help fade dark spots and give your skin a more radiant glow. Just remember to exfoliate gently so you don’t cause additional damage. Use fruit acids like glycolic, lactic, and malic.

Most scrubs are too harsh for sensitive skin—especially those with harsh crystals, nuts, and beads. There are some gentler options, though, that offer a little scrubbing action along with acid exfoliation.

Shop carefully, then use your product 1-3 times a week, depending on what your skin needs. If you notice redness and irritation, use it less often.

Lips Fall Routine5. Skincare routine for glowing skin tip: Don’t forget your lips!

Lips tend to take a beating in the summer. Sun damage along with chlorine exposure (if you enjoy swimming), repeated licking of the lips, chapping, and more can leave your lips looking pretty beat up by the time fall rolls around.

Start by exfoliating your lips with a gentle sugar scrub. You can even make one yourself by mixing some brown sugar with your favorite carrier oil, then scrubbing your lips with your finger, a washcloth, or a toothbrush.

Then apply an extra moisturizing balm to your lips right after exfoliating. We recommend our Restorative Skin Balm. It helps instantly soften severely dry skin and contains natural oils like sea buckthorn and arnica to help heal and regenerate skin cells. Bee’s wax safeguards the moisture barrier, while shea butter helps plump and soften.

Repeat this process a few times a week—as many as your lips seem to need to recover that soft, luscious look.

6. Address those large pores.

Summer heat inspires us to sweat more, which means that by the time fall arrives, you may notice that your pores look more visible than usual.

Tweak your skincare routine to address those visible pores. The best way is to use a purifying mask that helps absorb the excess oil, clean the grime out of your pores, and leave your pores looking smaller.

Clay and mud masks are typically the best options for this job, as they are gentle enough not to harm your skin but very effective at drawing the junk out of your pores. Use one of these 2-3 times a week until you start to notice a difference, then you can back off and use it only when needed.

7. Skincare routine for glowing skin tip: Treat that dry skin around your eyes.

Summer weather takes its toll on the skin around your eyes. You may have squinted more in the sun, which can exacerbate fine lines and wrinkles, and if you suffer from fall allergies, you can bet that you’ll notice more puffiness under your eyes too.

Start with a dedicated eye cream, if you don’t already have one. Many people simply use their regular moisturizer for their eyes, but a cream made specifically for the eyes is likely to have specific ingredients meant to address fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, and puffiness.

It may help to get a product that includes retinal. Retinol and retinoid are vitamin A derivatives that stimulate cell turnover and collagen production, and they can help revitalize wrinkles and improve the appearance of fine lines.

Vitamin C is another good ingredient to have in your eye cream. It helps rebuild collagen, and will also provide antioxidant protection for the skin around your eyes.

How do you change up your routine for glowing fall skin?

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If you haven’t already transitioned your hair color and haircut for fall, now is the time. The editors at HollywoodLife.com interviewed the stylists at Licari Cutler Salon in NYC to get their expert consultation on the hair looks you must try for fall 2016. Buh-bye, summer. Hello, cozy sweaters and autumn hair perfection.

Get inspo from celebrities like Lucy Hale and Emilia Clarke who are showing off their best fall hairstyles on Instagram. Kiss your summer look good-bye and transition to autumn with this on-trend hair color and haircuts straight from the experts.

When choosing the perfect hair color, says colorist Lilybeth Vargas, blondes want to go for warm, deep, rich tones. “Leave behind that bleached-out summer look by adding multi-dimensional hues,” advises Lily. “Skin tonality shifts from season to season, and so should hair color. Blondes always fear going darker.” But try adding a warm champagne golden tone to your pale blonde to subtly but skillfully brighten the texture of your hair. This will leave the bleached-out blonde behind, keeping your golden locks a super-pretty warm tone.


Brunettes have a wide range of hues and tones they can consider. So have fun with your color, Lily encourages. “Try a cinnamon swirl, a blush ginger, a dusty rose or a buttery scotch,” she advises. “It’s the perfect time to be playful and experiment with autumn shades. Chestnut brown melting into auburn accents can give hair that dark, dimensional look with a pop that most brunettes crave.” These warm tones are the ultimate fall hair colors.

Do you need to repair dry, frizzy summer hair? Lucari hairstylist Breno Miranda advises a strategic cut to remove damaged ends and help transition your bleached-out color. “We love a messy, beach-y style in the summer,” Breno says, “but as you transition your color, you want your cut to match. You can keep that ‘lived-in’ look, but ask your stylist for a more refined finish. You don’t want to look messy!” For extra repair, and to grow thicker, healthier hair with less damage and shedding, take Viviscal Extra Strength. Our hair growth supplements nourish your follicles with the marine extracts, biotin and vitamin C they crave, especially as most of us see extra hair fallout during the colder autumn months.

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3 Fall Beauty Trends to Wear this Season

This fall is all about celebrating your natural beauty in the most glamorous ways possible. There are a lot of fun fall beauty trends to try this year, but if we had to choose one, it would be “the one-feature rule.” What’s the one-feature rule? It’s when you pick one aspect of your face that you love, and create a look that brings all the focus to that area. The trend is simple to follow, and with our Naturally Glam collection, we have everything you need to practice it all season long. If you want some inspiration, here are three makeup looks inspired by fall 2017 runway shows. Make sure to watch the videos to see how to achieve each one.

The Naturally Glam Look

This is our favorite look for fall, and we wish we could wear it every day. We all know how useful it is to have an eye shadow palette full of your favorite natural shades. This fall, we took that concept and added some dazzle to create the Naturally Glam Eye Shadow Kit. With these five, high-performance shades, you can glam up your no-makeup makeup look like a pro! 

The Ombré “Popsicle” Pout

Do you remember the way your lips would stain when eating a popsicle? That is the exact ombré look seen all over the fall runways. It may even be one of the biggest beauty trends of 2017. Luckily, you don’t have to risk brainfreeze to get an ombré lip. All you need is our Paris Just Kissed Lip Plumper, and a couple of our favorite pencils: Naughty PlayOn Lip Crayon and Berry Lip Pencil. Since you’re playing up your lips in this look, keep your eye makeup simple with a touch of shimmery shadow. And add a rosy glow using Clearly Pink PurePressed Blush. 

Look at Me Lips

Red lipstick is classic, so we won’t call it a beauty trend, but the makeup you pair with your bold lip can be as high-fashion as the other two looks. The trick to taking your red lipstick from everyday to right-off-the-runway is creating the illusion of a makeup-free face. Wear barely-there eye shadow and add a hint of highlighter for a natural glow. To get the perfect apple red lips, try Gwen PureMoist Lipstick. 

Practice Makes Perfect!

Whether you want to emphasize your eyes or let your lips do all of the talking, we want to see how you show-off your favorite feature! Share pictures with us on Instagram by tagging @janeiredale and #BeautyWithBriliance.

Shop the Looks

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