Try This Simple Trick To Make Your Eyes Look Brighter! (click through for details) I love when I find out about little makeup tricks that take hardly any time at all to apply and yet can make a big impact on your overall look. I certainly struggle with finding ways to make my eyes look wider and brighter (otherwise I sort of have that sleepy-all-day look about me). One quick little fix you can use is to line the bottom of your eye with a white eyeliner (I use this one) to really make your eyes pop!

Actually, the white liner on the bottom look was kind of a 60s makeup staple too, so you know I’m especially up for anything that gets the 60s glam stamp of approval.

Try This Simple Trick To Make Your Eyes Look Brighter! (click through for details) All you have to do is trace a creamy white liner on the lower waterline (the inside edge of your lower lash line), and your eyes look brighter in seconds! I usually pull down gently on the top of my cheekbone to make the waterline a bit easier to access while I apply the liner with the other hand.

Try This Simple Trick To Make Your Eyes Look Brighter! (click through for details) Try This Simple Trick To Make Your Eyes Look Brighter! (click through for details) See? It just makes the eyes pop a bit and helps them look fresher and more open. If you wear mascara on your lower lashes (also a big 60s thing), just make sure to apply the liner first and then your mascara. This trick will only add seconds to your makeup routine but will make all the difference – give it a try and see if you agree! xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman. Photography: Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. 


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We get so many questions about what makeup looks best with different eye colors. Eye Steppes has taken the guess work out of it for us, and not with the same boring shades, but with a huge variety! For your inspiration, here are some gorgeous ideas from our National Makeup Artist Educator, Shawn Towne. I will start with green eyes, because that’s my eye color, and add brown and blue in my next posts. Hidden bonus: there are tips about how to use our fabulous new brushes!

A Simple Daytime Look:

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The votes are in and makeup tips for brown eyes took the lead. So get your goBrownEye Steppes, and let’s get started. Don’t worry, blue eyed lovelies, you are next! A Natural Look:

Natural green eye makeup for brown eyes

A Glamorous Look:

Glamorous green eye makeup for brown eyes

  • With the Oval Blender Brush, sweep Sea Green from the inner corner to the middle of the brow bone.
  • With the Deluxe Shader Brush, pat Blue Sky into the center of the eyelid, blending up into the crease.
  • With the Chisel Shader Brush, apply Tan to the outer two-thirds of the lid, from lashes right up to the brow bone.
  • Using the same brush, layer Forest over the Tan, from the lash line into the crease.
  • With the Angle Definer Brush, press Licoriceinto the lower lash line. You may wish to moisten the brush first to up the intensity of the Licorice or any other shade you wish to amplify.
  • Blend well and apply PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner and PureLash Mascara in Jet Black.

The colors here are distinct to illustrate the look. On you it should look more subtle and blended. So have any of you tried it? I did and got loads of compliments! Next week, blue eyes!

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Makeup For Blue Eyes – Pure Impact Part 3

You blue-eyed lovelies have been so patient! Thank you for waiting, now here are your eye makeup tips for enhancing your natural beauty.

Natural Makeup for Blue Eyes

daytime makeup look for blue eyes

  • Start with Oyster, the base shade from your goBlue Eye Steppes. Use the Oval Blender Brush to sweep it over the entire lid, right up to the brow bone.
  • Next, apply Taupe to the crease with the Chisel Shader Brush.
  • Clean off the Chisel Shader and use it to press Smoke into the outer fourth of the eye, from the lash line into the crease.
  • Blend everything to an edgeless finish with the Oval Blender.
  • Use Rosy to line under the lower lash line with the Mini Dome Brush.

Now for Makeup with More Drama…

nighttime makeup look for blue eyes

  • Start by applying Oyster to the inner third of the lid and the brow bone. The Deluxe Shader Brush works well for this.
  • Use the Chisel Shader to sweep Taupe onto the outer third of the eye from the lash line all the way to the brow bone.
  • Go right over that with Smoke from the lash line to the crease. Really press it in there if you want some nice intensity. Keep layering until you like it.
  • Next, clean off your brush well and press Rosy into the center of the lid, from the lash line to the crease.
  • Use the Mini Dome to apply Swiss Chocolate (yum!) to the outer three-quarters of the lower lash line.
  • Blend everything well with the Oval Blender, and be sure to give it a good mist with Hydration Spray. This is a secret to keeping intense eye makeup from looking overdone.


One final tip: if you don’t have an array of brushes (and really, you should!) the Chisel Shader is a workhorse that can perform every task in these looks, depending on how you hold it.

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Spooktacular cat eyes for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and I have a special treat for those of you who want a stunning makeup look for any upcoming parties or celebrations. If you are looking for something to go with your costume, check out my blog post from last Halloween here that features tips on how to create Vampire, Doll Face and Cat makeup. This look is a bit more sophisticated and would look great paired with your favorite little black dress and a headband with kitten ears. I hope you enjoy and have a spooktacular Halloween!

Halloween makeup look

What you will need:


  1. Using your Deluxe Shader Brush, apply a light layer of Sheer Gold eye shadow to your eye lid.
  2. Using your Crease Brush, apply a light layer of Violet eye shadow in your crease and slightly up to just under your brow bone.
  3. Still using your Crease Brush (don’t worry about a little mixing of colors, we’re going to blend it all soon!) apply Aubergine eye shadow to the outer ¾ of your crease.
  4. Still using your Crease Brush, pick up just a little bit of the Sizzle eye shadow and blend it on the outer corner of your eyelid slightly into your crease; this will look very grey and smoky with a bit of shimmer.
  5. Using a tissue, gently wipe any excess shadow from your Crease Brush.
  6. Now, gently blend the lines between the shadow colors to create a soft smoky look.
  7. Using your Smudge Brush, smudge Sizzle eye shadow on the outer ¾ of your bottom lash line.
  8. Using your Eye Shader Brush apply Nude eye shadow to the outer ¾ of your brow bone.
  9. Line your top lash line with Black Liquid Eyeliner and extend slightly out to create that “cat eye” look.
  10. Keep your eyelid closed for a few seconds while it dries.
  11. Apply PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner followed by many coats of Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara. For even more drama, apply a few faux lashes before applying your mascara, here’s a blog on how to apply faux lashes.
  12. Using your White Fan Brush, pinch the hairs together and swirl them into all of the quadrants of MoonglowQuad Bronzer. Now release the hairs and gently apply to the outer part of your face where it meets your hairline, when you get to your cheekbones, bring a little color underneath them to add some contouring, then go back out and follow the outer part of your face down to your jaw bone.
  13. Using your Dome Brush, apply Whisper PurePressed Blush to the apples of your cheeks.
  14. Finish the look with Mania Lip Fixation on your lips. Apply the stain, wait 45 seconds, and then apply the gloss.

Have a fun Halloween look? Share it with us here or post a picture on our Facebook page at facebook.com/janeiredale.

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Smoky eyes from around the world, part 1

February nights up here in the Northeast are still long and cold, but it is also the month of romance, and we are in the mood to heat things up! The best makeup look to get in the mood? The smoky eye. It is always on trend, and there are so many variations: it can be done in pretty much any hue and can be sultry and deep or even natural looking. We are so lucky to have access to many creative and talented makeup experts, so we gathered smoky eye looks from our makeup artist and educators around the world and are now sharing them with you! Stay tuned in a couple of weeks for even more gorgeous smoky eye looks.

We weren’t always born knowing how to do the perfect smoky eye, so we learned from makeup artists around the world. And this is our gift to you. ~Jane

Australia, makeup artist Celeste Jackson: Pure Smoke

dark purple smokey eye look Step 1 – Champagne Silk Eye Gloss all over lid with fingers. Step 2 – Lightest shade from Sundown PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple on lid, highlighting to brow bone with Deluxe Shader Brush. Step 3 – Medium shade from Sundown on lid fading into crease, extending to outer & inner corners of the eye with Deluxe Shader brush. Step 4 – Medium shade from Black Plus Cream to Powder Eyeliner in outer & inner corners of lid, blending into crease as well as a thin line along bottom lash line with Eye Liner/Brow Brush. Step 5 – Darkest shade of Sundown along lower lash line with Eye Shader Brush. Step 6 – Dark shade from Black Plus Cream to Powder Eyeliner on lash line; add depth in outer & inner corner of the eye with Eye Liner/Brow Brush. Step 7 – Black Liquid Eyeliner starting at inner corner of top lash line, working into a slightly thicker line towards the outer corner. Step 8 – PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner with Jet Black PureLash Lengthening Mascaraon upper & lower lashes.

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Smoky eyes from around the world, part 2

Here are four more beautiful smoky eye looks from our international educators and makeup artists who work with jane iredale. From gorgeous pink smoky eyes, to purple smoky eyes and even a nude smoky eye we hope these inspire you to get done up and heat up your nights with a hot, new makeup look. Japan, makeup artist Mina: Pink Smokejapan style eye makeup Step 1 – Champagne PurePressed Eye Shadow all over lid with Deluxe Shader Brush, and along lower lash line. Step 2 – Medium pink shade from Pink Bliss PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple all over lid with Deluxe Shader Brush and along lower lash line. Blend well. Step 3 – Burgundy shade from Pink Bliss in crease, outer corner of eye and lash line with Eye Shader Brush. Bring color along bottom 2/3 of lower lash line. Step 4 – Taupe PurePressed Eye Shadow in crease and in a ‘v’ shape at outer corner of eye with Crease Brush for a more dramatic effect. Step 5 – Basic Brown Eye Pencil along top lash line from inside corner outward, moving in small sections to fill in gaps between the lashes. Step 6 – Smoky Grey PurePressed Eye Shadow with Detail Brush in outer corner of eye. Step 7 – Complete In Touch Highlighter on brow bone with fingers. Step 8 – Favorite mascara on upper & lower lashes.

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It’s amazing how history repeats itself and trends that fall out of fashion one year always seem to return a decade or two later with reinvigorated energy.  This is the case with colorful eye makeup.  Back in the 80s, many women walked the planet looking like tropical fish.  The entire spectrum of bright eye makeupoften showed up for one eye makeup application alongside thick bushy brows, bright fuchsia blush and a flawless matte complexion; all crowned by a glorious tower of teased out hair frozen with a half a can of hairspray.   When the 80s ended, many of us swore we were saying goodbye to thebright 80s makeup once and for all.  Of course, women from the 60s raised their over-tweezed brows in skepticism.  They had made the same proclamation 20 years earlier.

80s makeup & 80s eye makeup trends

Today, we’re seeing a very interesting rebirth of the colorful eyeshadowthat evokes an unexpected fresh and youthful energy.  The colors aren’t packed on like they were in the eyeshadow looks of the80s and the finishes are more refined than ever before.  Let’s take a look at this exciting revival of colorful 80s eye makeup.

Blue Eyeshadow & Eye Makeup

Blues have made a comeback recently in jewel tones like our Sapphire in our Mystikol® Powdered Eyeliners.  These beautiful babies come in variety of colors offering the precision of a liquid but with the ability to be smudged like a pencil.  Like a hybrid between shadow and liner, they are excellent to lay down as a shadow base and then enhance with powdered shadows on top. 

Another fun blue exists in our Blue Hour PurePressed® Eyeshadow Trio.  This rich, intense deep blue eyeshadow has a lovely shimmer that makes it perfect for the center of the eyelid or as a liner smudged along the lashes.  It also includes a shimmery light silver that can be used to lighten the blue for more brilliance!

Green Eyeshadow

Green evokes a sweet spring-like feeling in our Harmony PurePressed® Eyeshadow Trio which contains three well-chosen greenshades that are perfect for shaping, enhancing and highlighting the eyes.  The soft sea foam green eyeshadow is perfect for giving the eyes a touch of luminous color without looking over the top. 

Pink Eyeshadow

Don’t forget pinks and berries are very hot this season and our Twilight PurePressed®  Eyeshadow Trio is a fabulous option.  It includes a shimmery berry tone that pops against its two softer platinum and pink tones.  This trio is a favorite for mixing with our Onyx Mystikol for soft smoky eyes. 

Try Out Colorful Eyeshadow

Finally, for those of us who aren’t afraid to try something fun, our Let’s Party Eye Shadow Kit offers a whole palette of bright, intense colors from rich green and blue to bright berry pink for a colorful eye makeup look.  Included in this kit is also a generous pan of luminous highlighter that can be used to soften or contrast with the other colors.  This kit is a must have for our makeup junkies and runway artists.

Tips for Bright, Colorful Eye Makeup Across the Rainbow

Here are a few tips for using bright eye colors:

  1. Don’t be afraid to use opposing colors on the same eye. For example, a copper and gold eye looks beautiful with a pop of bright green or blue eyeshadow in the center of it, directly above the iris of the eye. 
  1. When placing your colors, it is OK for them to mingle where they touch but don’t overlap so much that you neutralize one color with another. Remember that green neutralizes red, blue neutralizes orange, purple neutralizes gold and vice versa.  Place colors next to each other and just blend where they meet to soften lines of demarcation. 
  1. When doing your application, don’t place all the colors at once and then try to blend them at the end. Sometimes that can make you lose control and it ends up looking muddy.  Instead, apply each color as if it is the only color you’re going to use.  Blend it completely and then apply the next color for a perfect colorful eyeshadow look. 
  1. Start at your outer corners of the eyes and work gradually inward towards the nose. Your darkest colors typically look better on the outer eye while light colors like highlighters look better on the inner eye.  Your most shimmery or more saturated bright eyeshadows look best in the center of the lid directly above the iris of the eye. 
  1. Finally, don’t forget to tap the brush off to get rid of any excess before touching your eyes. This will help prevent fallout from ending up under your eyes. 

Have fun with your eye colors and remember that its only makeup.  Try a few looks and wash them off for practice.  And send us pictures of your looks in our Makeup Gallery or tag us on Instagram.  We’re so pleased that you love our colorful eyeshadows and we look forward to seeing your fresh take on eye color this year!

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