Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and you deserve to look and feel your best. To ensure you achieve the perfect bridal beauty, there are certain procedures you should consider well before the big day. Here are some must-have beauty treatments to consider before taking your vows:

1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is not an unheard-of beauty procedure; in fact, most brides will choose to whiten their teeth before the wedding day. Professional teeth whitening can help remove stubborn stains and discolorations, giving you a dazzling white smile for your walk down the aisle. The best part is that the procedure can be done quickly and in one visit, making it a perfect pre-wedding beauty solution. Visit your local dental clinic to find out more about teeth whitening and the advantages it can bring.

2. Facial Treatments

Facial treatments should not be left until the last minute, as they can take several weeks to produce the desired results. Book yourself in for a facial around two months before the wedding day so that you can enjoy radiant skin with plenty of time before your big day. Each bride is different and will have specific needs, so be sure to research facial treatments before committing to one.

3. Hair Removal

Another necessary pre-wedding beauty procedure is hair removal. Waxing and laser hair removal are ideal for removing unwanted facial and body hair, providing long-lasting results. Waxing usually needs to be done every 4-6 weeks in order to maintain the desired effect, so look into booking appointments near your wedding day. Laser treatment is an even better option, as it can provide permanent solutions for larger areas such as legs and underarms.

4. Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions give your eyes a beautiful and natural frame. They can also help brighten your eyes and make you look more awake, giving you a stunning bridal glow. An important thing to notice about eyelash extensions is that they can take up to 2-3 hours to apply, so plan your appointment at least a month before the wedding day.

5. Eyebrow Tint & Shape

Having perfect eyebrows seems to be the trend these days, and it can be a great way to enhance your bridal look. Eyebrow tinting gives you fuller-looking eyebrows that won’t need filling in with a pencil or powder while shaping will provide the perfect arch for framing your face. Both treatments are quite fast and should only take around 30 minutes to complete.

Your wedding day is a special occasion that should be celebrated in all its glory. To ensure you look your best, there are certain beauty procedures you must consider before the big day. Teeth whitening, facial treatments, hair removal, and eyebrow tinting & shaping should all be planned well in advance to guarantee perfection on your wedding day. With the right beauty treatments, you’re sure to look and feel beautiful as you take your vows.

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These Cucumber Beauty Tips can enhance your beauty naturally, from face to toe!

1. Cucumber Body Scrub

cucumber beauty tips

The grainy texture of this cucumber scrub makes it a nice exfoliant for removing dead skin around rough knees and elbows. Visit Dear Crissy to learn how to make it!

2. Soothing Cucumber Lotion

cucumber beauty tips2

This homemade cucumber lotion is perfect for sunny days. It retains moisture, and anti-inflammatory action saves the skin from damage. The website Hello Glow has the tutorial!

3. Cucumber Foot Mask

cucumber beauty tips3

Remove tiredness, heal feet blisters and exfoliate dead skin with this anti-tanning cucumber foot mask. Get the DIY here. Visit POPSUGAR to learn more.

4. Treat Under Eye Circles with Cucumber

cucumber beauty tips

Erase every trace of stressful weeknights with this potent cucumber eye mask that brings out the actual beauty of your eyes ahead of a hot date.

5. Cucumber Green Tea Body Spray

cucumber beauty tips5

Whip out this bottle of cucumber spray for a cool mist of freshness whenever you’re in the mood for some mind detox. The recipe is here!

6. Cucumber Face Mask for Acne

cucumber beauty tips6

The hydrating and oil-absorbing properties of cucumber makes it a good remedy for the acne-riddled skin. Check out the directions here!

7. DIY Cooling Cucumber Mask

cucumber beauty tips7

This creamy and cooling cucumber mask is the perfect antidote to your puffy eye bags, dark circles, and crow feet. The how-to of it is here!

8. Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub

cucumber beauty tips8

Wipe off excess sweat after a hectic day in the sun with this refreshing, exfoliating mix of sugar, mint, and cucumber. Learn how to make it here.

9. Avocado Cucumber and Oats Soap

cucumber beauty tips9

This mild, three-ingredient organic soap slathers well and rejuvenates your skin without removing the natural oils. Head over to Live Laugh Rowe

10. Beauty-Boosting Ice Cubes

cucumber beauty tips10

These frozen fusions of detoxifying ingredients have the power to transform the way you look entirely in a week’s time. Make these beauty-boosting flavored ice cubes here.

11. Cucumber Sugar Scrub

things to do with cucumber

Amp up your exfoliation game by adding cucumber extracts to your homemade sugar scrub. Bare Foot Blonde has all the details.

12. Cucumber Juice For Acne Face

cucumber beauty tips

Cucumber juice is a mild skin-friendly solution to apply on inflamed facial skin and to clean those clogged pores. Get the complete DIY at Pulse.

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Oh no, another skincare blog post… But wait, it’s not another serum review, I promise! It’s real beauty talk, no cap.

The skin is the human body’s largest organ responsible for various important functions and we should treat it as such. A spritz here and a spritz there simply won’t cut it. You wouldn’t expect your other body organs to run on cosmetics, right? Of course, your lungs, heart and brain aren’t out on display like your skin is (thank God!), but you probably go to great lengths to provide them with adequate micro and macronutrients and your skin should be no different.

If your body is a temple, your skin would be the mirror that reflects all your lifestyle choices. Too much fast food? Here’s a pimple. Too much alcohol? Puffy eyes and dark circles at your service. No matter how deep you’re in the skincare game, you must know that sometimes even the most effective cosmetics on the market can’t erase those poor decisions from your skin.

The key to ageless beauty and radiant skin is taking a holistic approach to your skincare routine. This means that in addition to shopping for beauty products like cleansers, moisturizers and serums you also need to pay attention to healthy food, hydration and supplements. OK, you surely know that the first two are important by now, but what about the third one? Is it absolutely necessary to enhance your skincare routine with supplement products? Let’s take it from the very beginning.

What Is A Beauty Supplement?

Similarly to other health food supplements, beauty supplements help fulfil your skin’s needs when your diet falls short or when your skincare isn’t enough to address the concerns you wish to erase. There’s a vast sea of scientifically proven supplement food products specially developed to keep the skin healthy from within.

These products can be hydration boosters, detoxifiers, elasticity enhancers and so on and so forth. From vitamins that combat the first signs of ageing to proteins that keep your skin firm, there’s a supplements food product for every skin problem.

Should You Rely On Supplements Only? 

Just as there’s no magic fat burner that can save you from the gym, there’s no magic beauty pill that can do all the work. Food and supplements i.e. your nutrition is just one element of the holy trinity of skincare that is diet, exercise and cosmetics. So why bother then? Let’s be honest, do you always meet your body’s micro and macronutrients needs? Or are there days, weeks even, when you can just grab a quick sandwich and call it a day?

Although we all know the importance of a balanced diet, we’re only human. Living in these hectic times can sometimes make it impossible to stick to meal prep or tracking protein, carbs, vitamins and whatnots. That’s when food supplements barge in and save the day. These pills and powders can do a great job in filling in your diet gaps thus keeping your skin’s needs topped off. Although they can’t make up for an entirely bad diet, they can take a regular diet and skincare routine to the next level.

Which Supplements Are Best For Glowing Skin?

Like everything else in skincare, health food supplements too, come in a great number. To help you stay afloat in the vast sea of beauty supplement products, I’ve created a list of top-selling supplements Australia beauty gurus love. Scroll down below to find your secret radiant glow weapon.

Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty + Vit C & Verisol 

Coming up strong at the top of the list is Nutra Organics’ Collagen Beauty supplement. This all-natural and unflavoured powder is formulated with hydrolysed collagen and VERISOL peptides to boost collagen production and keep your skin youthful and wrinkle-free. To enhance the anti-ageing effect, the Collagen Beauty formula is infused with powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Camu Camu extract.

When used in combination with a healthy diet, this product can improve the structural integrity of skin and skin quality of the entire body in as little as 8 weeks. What’s more, making the Collagen Beauty formula a part of your beauty regimen can also strengthen your nails and hair. Talk about multitasking done right. Although this product isn’t vegan-friendly, it’s worth mentioning that the collagen is ethically and sustainably derived from a bovine source.

The Beauty Chef Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder

Another powder supplement that’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine comes from The Beauty Chef. The Inner Beauty product is a powerful formula that can dramatically boost your inner health and unveil your best skin ever. Thanks to the mighty blend of 34 certified organic and bio-fermented fruits, veggies, roots and digestive enzymes, the Inner Beauty powder effectively fights toxins to bring back your skin to its old glory days. You can use this supplement as a part of your detox program or pair it with some of the other Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty Boosts for best results.

WelleCo Super Elixir Original 

This natural Australian made formula is a great way to kick start your mornings and show your skin some next level TLC. It’s a combination of 40+ naturally derived ingredients among which whole foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and probiotics. Not only that this unique supplement will improve your skin’s appearance, but it’ll also support your gut health and amp up your energy levels. Like that wasn’t enough, the Super Elixir will also keep your nails and hair strong and can be a faithful ally to your immune system. The multi-action WelleCo elixir pairs wonderfully with filtered water and smoothies and it comes in a travel-friendly bag so you can take your morning ritual on the go.

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Ultimate 

If you want to keep your skincare rituals neat and simple, you might want to try Skin Ultimate’s capsules. This all-in-one beauty supplement is a powerful combination of scientifically proven ingredients such as plant nutrients, fatty acids, CoQ10, Vitamin A & D, just to name a few. The unique blend is specially developed to support cell renewal and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as to maintain the appearance of healthy nails and hair. The package contains 140 capsules divided into 28 pods so you can easily take your beauty pills on the go.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Have a google! We’ve barely scratched the surface of the skincare supplements Australia has to offer. One last thing though, make sure to buy food supplements from reputable shops only to avoid getting scammed or tricked into the dark, dark world of beauty products that promise quick results, yet deliver skin problems.

*collaborative post

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