Over time I’ve updated a number of products I use and love and so in March 2021 I decided to update this post to reflect what I am currently loving and using.

I wear makeup most days, usually skipping one or two days a week (usually when I’m pressed for time, ha) and over the years I’ve swapped out a lot of the makeup I use for more natural brands. I may still have a few items that don’t fall under the umbrella of “natural” makeup, but for the most part my everyday makeup routine is pretty clean. But even if you couldn’t care less about natural products everything I use also feels (at least to me, and with my skin type) high performing and high quality.

Above is everything in my makeup bag, although I don’t use all of this every day. I feel like most people (who wear and like makeup) have at least a few shades or lipstick or blush that you cycle through depending what you are wearing or what you’re in the mood for that day.

Foundations & Concealers-

I have two liquid foundations I love. I tend to use Bare Minerals BarePro in Aspen 04 in the colder months and ILIA Skin Tint in Tulum in the warmer months. I love that both contain a good amount of SPF (although I still wear sunscreen under my makeup if I am going anywhere at all), but the ILIA Skin Tint is a lighter consistency so it just feels better during the warmer season to me.

I love W3ll People Bio Correct in Ivory for a very full coverage concealer, like if I am covering up a blemish or red spot. And I also like this ILIA concealer stick—I tend to use it more like a highlighter or for under my eyes mainly.

Also pictured is ILIA Serum Concealer in Arrowroot, which I use at the very end to kind of set my makeup, or I’ll brush some on if I want to avoid looking shiny.

Eye Makeup-

I have eyelash extensions that I get refilled once a month. For this reason, I don’t really wear eyeliner or mascara. I love my eyelash extensions (I go to Abby at Foxie Lash in Springfield, Missouri) and to me they are worth the time and expense to keep them up. It’s my #1 treat to myself. 🙂

For eyeshadow, I have the Lawless The Little One Palette. I use ILIA Essential Brow in Medium Brown for my brows. And I also wanted to mention this HAN eyeshadow in Celebrate as I love it for not only my inner eyes, but also I use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones or the bridge of my nose.

Blush & Bronzer-

I only own one bronzer, I love it. It’s ILIA Bronzing Powder in Drawn In.

I have a few different blushes that I use and love that are slightly different shades/looks. I use Rejuva Minerals Baked Blush in Cranfusion for a basic, everyday pressed powder option. I like the ILIA Multi-Stick in At Last for cheeks and lips. I also like Bloomeffects Tulip Tint for both cheeks and lips. When I use either of those last two options it’s a little more of a dewy look.

Lipsticks and Glosses-

I love a matte lip, so most of the lip products I own fall into that category. Love BITE Lip Crayons (the two colors I have are Glacé and Nonino). I also love these Shade M Matte Liquid Lipsticks—the colors I have are Lila and Secrets. I own one very pink, bold lipstick from 100% Pure in Marrakesh, which is for special moments. Ha. And, I love HAN Lipgloss on its own for a softer look, or layered over one of my other lip products.

Thanks for letting me share! Check out Elsie’s clean makeup favorites for more product recommendations! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Emma Chapman and Janae Hardy

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Emma's everyday styling routineElsie and I get asked every now and then about our everyday styling routines. I’ll be the first to admit that I am no makeup expert. But I love trying new products and techniques and over the years I have developed an everyday makeup and hair routine that I am comfortable with and that I feel works best with my features. Today I thought it would be fun to share my routine, along with all the real products I use.

Let's get startedIn the morning I wash my face and apply a moisturizer with SPF 15. I have gotten in the habit of wearing a little sunscreen everyday in the hopes that one day my skin will look as good as my mother’s. Dream big, I say.

Foundation + ConcealerI apply concealer to my under eye circle areas and if I have a blemish I usually blot on a little concealer to that as well. (Side note: When is this blemish thing going to be over?! I thought by my mid/late 20s I’d be done with all that.) I am currently using CoverGirl Invisible Concealer

in Fair. I then apply foundation to my entire face and try to blend it on my jaw line and neck. Currently using NYC Liquid foundation. The NYC makeup brand is super inexpensive so it suits my thrifty heart.

BronzerBronzer With foundation and bronzerI then brush bronzer just below my cheekbones. They say matte is best but I tend to like a little sparkle in my bronzer, it’s the 90’s child in me. I’m currently using Jane shimmering bronzer.

BlushNext, I apply a touch of blush to just above my cheekbones. I read once that this makes you look less tired. Sold. I’ve been doing it ever since. For blush I’m currently using Wet n Wild in heather silk.

EyelinerOn to the eyes: I actually do wear eyeliner almost every day. I line the outer two-thirds of my upper lids and just dot in a little bit on my outer lower lids. For a special night I sometimes add a lot more liner and a tiny cat-eye effect. My current eyeliner is Bonne Bell Eye Style Precise Eyeliner

in Basic Black.

EyeshadowBenefit Eyeshadow

For eyeshadow I like use at least three neutral tones. I usually buy one of those multi-packs of eyeshadow so everything goes well together; currently using Benefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful Eyes Palette. I brush a tiny bit of darkest brown into the outer edges of my lids and blend toward the center. Next, I add the second darkest shade to the center of my lid and blend. Last, I brush on the lightest shade from the inner corners and blend toward the center. It’s a lot of blending but I’ve found this helps to make the shadow look a little more natural.

MascaraMascaraMascara. You gotta have mascara. Even on days I’m giving my face a rest from make up I usually still wear mascara and lip gloss. I’m currently loving Rimmel Scandaleys Mascara in Extreme Black.

LipstickLipstickNow I add a little lipstick. I tend to wear a lot of darker neutrals/browns for everyday wear. I get adventurous now and again with reds and pinks but most days I play it safe with a bronze brown lipstick. I’m currently loving NYC Lipstick in Caramel.

Finish with powderLast I add a bit of powder to set my look and keep things matte. I really love L’Oreal Paris True Match Powder

in soft ivory (this also has SPF 19, double win!). I have oily skin so powder is nice, you don’t want too much sheen. I press my lips together as I powder around my lips and chin. I’ve found that this helps my lipstick stay in place longer.

Finished MakeupCurlsNow let’s talk hair. I have straight, limp, lazy hair. That’s the card I was dealt in life. And since I have oily skin, my hair, especially around my hairline, gets greasy looking fast. To combat this tragedy I use dry shampoo. I LOVE my dry shampoo. I don’t know what I ever did without it. My favorite brand is Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo

. Simply spray a little in, brush out and boom- clean looking hair. Most days I curl the ends of my hair and spray in place. I also like to rock a braided crown now and again, especially if it’s rainy out.

Emma's Finished LookEmma's Styling RoutineI hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my everyday styling routine. I tried to add links to products I could find online, or very similar products. Thanks for letting me get a little girlie with you. Elsie will be sharing her everyday styling routine in the near future as well. xo. Emma 

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Emma's summer favoritesYay for summer, right? Here in southern Missouri summer is in full swing, and I could not be happier. I’m a warm weather kind of girl. 🙂 Since we experience all four seasons, our favorite beauty products tend to change often. We thought it would be fun share some of the items we are currently crushing on. For me, a big part of my summer so far was my wedding, so some of my picks are what I wore on my wedding day.Wedding lips and nail polishEmma ChapmanFavorite summer lick sticksFirst let’s talk lips. For everyday wear I’m currently using Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

 in Petunia. For fancy lips my current favorite is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Queen over Radiant Cosmetics lipstick in Daphne. This is the combo I wore on my wedding day. And for every season it’s fun to have a good red lipstick on hand, right? I currently love Revlon’s Certainly Red.Wedding day nailsFavorite summer nail polishesMy favorite nail polishes this season are leaning hard on white tones, gold and neon yellow. My current favorite white is from L’Oreal called Satin Sheets. My favorite gold is Nicole by OPI in The Next CEO. And the neon yellow I love (and wore on my wedding day) is from American Apparel, simply named Neon Yellow.

A few just-for-fun items I’m using this season are a Jumbo Liner

from Sephora (12HR Beige). I like to line my inner eye lids for a softer, dewy look. And the perfume I’m using this summer is Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs. I bought the roll-on size so I could travel with it on my honeymoon. 🙂 Thanks for letting me share! Do you have any favorite beauty items your currently loving this season? xo. Emma

*Bridal portrait by: Arrow & Apple

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Emma’s Favorite Winter Skin Products


Emma's winter skin product favoritesWinter is here. What I love most about winter is when we have a light snow that is beautiful but still easy to drive in, and of course, the holidays! What I dislike about winter is the early sunset (it’s so hard to take photos after 5pm!), and my skin gets weird during the cold months. 

Growing up I had oily skin that was often prone to breakouts. You know, average teenager stuff. And for a long time I didn’t really get out of the mentality of, “I have oily skin.” But over the years my skin has changed, and now I get really dry, flaky skin sometimes. Especially in the winter months. So, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite winter skin products with you.

Day moisturizer1. Josie Maran Daily Moisturizer.

I actually use this all year round. I just apply it a little more liberally in the winter months. I wear this everyday under my makeup (if I wear makeup that day). It’s light, smells great, and has plenty of SPF, which is important in the summer for obvious reasons. But I think wearing a light sunscreen in the winter is just as important since the sun doesn’t just go away during those months, and with snow you can still get sunburned (or at least, I can) from reflections. 

Foot creme2. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème.

Confession: I use this on my hands sometimes too. I don’t use this everyday, but probably a couple times a week I’ll rub some of this on my feet after a shower before bed. I also rub it into my hands and elbows. I mean, it’s already on my hands from rubbing it on my feet, so why not? (I’m not weird, you’re weird.) This stuff smells like vacation and makes my feet less scratchy. Love it.

Night moisturizer3. Josie Maran Infinity Cream.

I swear this is not an ad for Josie Maran. I just like two of their products. For me, this is the nighttime version of my daily moisturizer. After washing my face, I’ll apply a little bit of this to any dry areas before bed. It’s pretty thick, so a little goes a long way. And it kind of smells like oranges, so that’s cool. I really think this is the main product that has been helping me avoid dry, flaky skin this season so far. 

Great for chapped lips4. Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

I use a variety of lip products in the winter, so there isn’t just one that I swear by. But currently I am loving this stuff! I like this version of applicator (as opposed to ones you have to dip your finger into in order to apply, seems kind of unhygienic), and this stuff helps protect my lips from cold air and wind. It’s like a shield. It is glossy but not tinted, so if you want color, you’ll have to wear something under this. But for everyday use I really like it.

Face cleanser wipes5. Yes To Coconut Cleansing Wipes.

OK, so you really should wash your face every night. I know, I know. But sometimes I don’t. I get lazy. It’s bad. So I like to have these as an alternative so I can remove at least most of my makeup quickly. And these feel pretty hydrating compared to other cleansing wipes, so I prefer these in the winter months. If you can’t tell, I’m also a sucker for anything coconut scented. I love it!

What about you? Do you have favorite products you switch to when the seasons change? xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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I thought it might be nice to have one big blog post that shows all my current favorite skincare products and tools. I’ve been making my skincare routine a bigger priority over the last five years or so (since I turned 30) and I think it shows! Of course, my skin is by no means perfect and everyone’s skin is so different, so I have no idea if what works for me will work for you. But I love learning about products my friends swear by, so here are some of mine.

My skincare (and makeup) routines are mostly natural, but I have a few products here and there that I love but are not as clean as I would prefer. I’ll try to note those in case having all natural products is super important to you (I get it!). I am also one of those people who will try new products pretty regularly, but I also have tried and true things I buy over and over again.

Cleansers – I try to wash my makeup off every night before bed. Other than always wearing sunscreen, I feel like this is the “secret” to great skin. It’s funny how the simple things + routine are what make the biggest difference over time, right? Anyway, I use Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions often and have bought it for years. I also like Bloomeffects Cleansing Jelly.

Toners – I use a toner every morning and evening before moisturizing. For my skin type, this has been a game changing habit over the last couple of years. I most often use Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner (usually lavender or cucumber). Another option I like is Moon Juice Acid Potion. I only use that a couple times a week, as it’s more powerful.

Daytime moisturizers – I love LUSH Skin’s Shangri La Moisturizer. It’s not natural (I wish it didn’t have fragrance added) but I’ve bought it for years and love it. Another couple daytime moisturizers I love is One Love Organics Skin Dew and Cocokind Matcha Moisturizer (it’s green but it doesn’t stay green when you rub it in). Both of these soak into my skin rather than feeling like they sit on the surface. I can easily wear any of these under makeup.

Nighttime moisturizers – After cleansing and toning at night, I use a moisturizer or face oil before bed. I love, love Leahlani Bless Balm. It’s truly worth every penny and lasts a long time. In truth, Leahlani is one of my all-time favorite natural beauty brands, they have SO many amazing products.

If I’m wanting a facial oil, I use a number of different ones and tend to add essential oils to them. My current favorite is Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Overnight Face Oil and I’ll add a drop of Frankincense or Manuka essential oil to it. I also like to use the BITE Agave Lip Mask at night, I keep it on my bedside table. It’s a pretty thick mask, so I don’t usually wear it during the day, but it’s great at night.

Masks – I love spending a little extra time one or two nights a week with a face mask for something a little extra added to my skincare routine. I usually have just one or two masks at a time and I’ll buy something different once I run out. I tend to lean toward things that help to even skin tones or that, like, burn a little when you have them on. Ha. But I also love a moisturizing sheet mask sometimes too. Currently, I have the Bloomeffects Dutch Dirt Mask, which is a little burn-y and also exfoliating.

Ps- Bloomeffects is giving our readers 15% off their order with the code ABEAUTIFULMESS

Other masks I love include: Erin’s Faces Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel, Leahlani Mermaid Mask, and I will try pretty much any sheet mask that promises to moisturize (but I really love Acure and also 100% Pure).

Tools – There are a few tools I use often and love. I love a Konjac Sponge for cleansing, as its a very gentle exfoliating option. I sometimes use my jade roller, especially if my under eyes are puffy. I use a Tinkle Razor now and again for an at-home (not professional) dermabrasion, which I mostly use to remove hair (sides of my cheeks, upper lip, etc.) and I notice my makeup and other products go on smoother if I do that once in a while.

That might sound like a lot but I don’t use all these products every day. I have more or less a routine that’s really pretty simple, and I tend to rotate favorite products in and out, plus I like to try new things now and again. I am also a big fan of DIY skincare and beauty products—I love to make my own bentonite clay mask sometimes, and I will also often make a little sugar scrub to exfoliate dry areas (like my lips) in the winter. I also often make my own body oil, like this one, and I always have homemade dry shampoo in my bathroom cabinet as well. 🙂 And here’s a link to my towel robe which comes in lots of colors.

Thanks for letting me share! I’d love to hear what your #1 favorite skincare product is—let me know in the comments. xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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