A double chin is quite often associated with a lack of proper physical activity and a poor diet. However, even though these factors can greatly influence it, a double chin is rather related to some genetic factors more than anything else. Whether they grow a double chin over time or not depends on the individual’s physical traits and qualities. If you happen to be one of these individuals, there are several methods you can implement to make sure you reduce it and make it almost invisible.

Staying Hydrated And Living Healthier

As said before, the main factor why some people develop a double chin is related to the genetic predispositions of the individual, however, if you are prone to this character trait, there are some changes you can implement in your day-to-day lifestyle to reduce the risk of getting one. It is consequently appearing after someone gains a bit of weight, and some people have fat stored all over their body, some have it in their thighs, others however in their abdomen or upper body. Whatever the case, having a few pounds more than usually essentially does make it stand out.

Our advice is to try and keep a healthier lifestyle by implementing a better diet plan and by staying fit. Hydrate yourself, as taking the right amounts of water during the day is proven to be an effective method in preventing the skin from becoming saggy and full of wrinkles. Water makes it elastic and more flexible, giving it also a natural glow.

Ultrasonic Sound Waves 

There are multiple methods to reduce and get rid of a double chin. One recent method which essentially became quite popular in the last several years has been the appliance of ultrasonic sound therapy or in short- Ultherapy. The procedure is non-invasive and has proven to be quite effective when it comes to reducing the double chin. It bases its technology on the same principle as the ultrasound you take at the doctor’s. From all the different methods and ways to get rid of a double chin, this has the longest-lasting results. The whole treatment does not last more than an hour and the procedure is painless with an extraordinary outcome in the end. The first visible results are seen within the next month or two and it lasts up to 12 or 18 months. Other than this option, you are left with surgery as the permanent solution, however, if you want to escape such interventions and make sure to skip going under the knife, the closest you get to similar results is through Ultherapy treatment.

Tennis Ball Routine 

The ball exercises are simple and easy enough to do every day. The best part is, it will not take more than a few minutes of your time and the results are visible in the first few months. Place a tennis ball or a small ball, whatever suits you, under the chin and keep leaning forward and backward moving the ball up and down under the chin area. Repeat this five times a day, five sessions with 5 to 6 repetitions per session.

Look Up 

Another way to make the double chin go naturally away is by leaning back so you’re looking straight at the ceiling above your head. Try making sudden lips movements like if you are trying to kiss someone and do so while looking up at the ceiling. Repeat this more than once, for a few minutes during the day, and make sure not to fall off the chair, as it might make you dizzy in the head.

Avoid Saturated Fat And Sugars 

As said in the first paragraph, you should implement a healthier diet and therefore try to lose some of those extra pounds for a better effect. One silent killer causing the storing of fat under the chin area are processed sugars and fats, found in junk food and your favorite snickers bar. We highly recommend staying away from them, not only to get rid of the chin but also to reduce the risk of getting any other diseases related to a poor diet.

Tongue Strength 

One natural method is trying something called “ tongue exercise”. This method is easy enough and will not take much of your time during the day. The process is simple, just take your tongue, stick it out as much as you can and then try to somehow lean it upwards to make it in line with your nose. You’ll feel the pressure on the lower chin part immediately, meaning the technique is working. Repeat this for several minutes during the day, every day until you see results.

Use Natural Skincare Products

Last but not least, one effective method to reduce a double chin is by using natural skincare products enhancing the elasticity and tightness of the skin underneath. Try out the ones with an ant-aging effect and hydrate your skin regularly. Make sure to create a skincare routine in the morning and evenings and stay persistent for a longer period.

The key is to be patient and try and implement a few of these methods at the same time. Make sure to change your diet, exercise, and take care of your skin all at once, during different times of the day. That way you’ll speed up the process and see results in no time.

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