Nail foils come in thousands of colors and designs and take a manicure from ordinary to extraordinary in just a few easy steps. Take a break from Zoom calls, homeschooling, and other chores, put some music on and give yourself a nail art foil manicure. We’ve got all the instructions and tips on applying and removing nail foils you need to get started.

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What Is Nail Art Foil?

Nail foil is a metallic-effect nail wrap or sticker used to create intricate nail designs. Chunky nail art foils first turned up in the New Wave ‘80s, but these are not your mother’s foils! Today’s nail foils are tissue-paper thin and come in tiny blotting paper-sized sheets or little pots of foil chips. Both types come in more colors than you can possibly imagine.

Nail art foils are applied over a coat of nail polish and a topcoat. You can use nail art foils to cover the entire nail, just the tips, or splashed randomly over the nail for a sparkly effect. You can also try combining different foil colors or cut them into strips to create a stripe effect. If you can imagine it, you can do it with any set of foil stickers.

How to Apply Nail Foil?

While there are some nail foil stickers you can apply with only your finger, most require a few necessary and easy-to-source tools of the trade. Your nail art foil kit should include:

Nail Polish

Before you apply foils to your nails, you’ll need at least one coat of polish. Some pros suggest a silver or dark undertone, but choose any color you think will look nice with your foils. Experts also suggest using gel polish because it has the tackiness needed for the foils to really adhere. You can use regular polish as long as you make sure to let everything dry completely before moving on to the next step.

How to Apply Nail Foil

Nail Foil Adhesive Glue

This is a particular glue that helps the nail foils stick to your nail. Make sure the glue is designed for nail foils. Look for it to be included in many nail art foil kits or pick up a few bottles from Amazon (see above).

Heat Lamp  

Everyone who loves at-home manicures should invest in a nail lamp, but if you want to do nail foils, they really are a necessity. Most nail foil glues must be cured under a lamp to be effective. For less than $35, you can get a heat lamp to complete your nail look and dry your manicure in no time.

Cotton swab, rubbing alcohol, tweezers… Have a pair of tweezers nearby for applying nail art foils and cotton swabs for pressing and smoothing them into place.

Nail Foil Application Steps

Assemble your nail foils and tools and give yourself plenty of time. Precision and curing time are very important. Put on some music or a favorite Netflix series, relax, take your time, and have fun.

  1. Apply the Polish

    Clean your nails and apply base coat and gel nail polish. We prefer gel polish because it’s better suited to the nail foils and the glue. In a pinch, you can use a regular polish but make sure your nails are completely dry before starting the next step.

  2. Cure

    Cure your nails under a nail lamp until they are completely dry. Now you’ll need to gently remove the tacky layer on top of your nails with some rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad. Make sure any tacky residue is completely gone before moving on, or your foils won’t adhere.

  3. Glue It up!

    Paint a coat of the nail foil glue over each nail. Again, this is a very specific glue for applying nail art foils. Make sure the glue you’re using is for foil art applications. Let it dry until it’s completely clear.

  4. Choose Your Foils

    Now the fun part – apply the nail foils! Choose the foil pattern or patterns you want to use. You can apply it to the entire nail or just part of a nail, do your entire manicure, or just an accent nail. Don’t be afraid to cut the foils or use multiple foils on a single nail. The choice is yours to be as creative as you’d like.

  5. Foiling Time!

    Make sure the foil design is facing up and away from the nail. Apply the foil by pressing it down lightly where you’d like it. With the cotton swab, press the foil down to make sure there are no bubbles or creases on the nail. Keep smoothing until the foil starts to separate from the nail. It’s okay to give it a very gentle pull to lift it off completely.

  6. Apply a Topcoat

    Apply a topcoat and admire your work. Stop for a minute, and admire your beautiful nail art design. Now to make sure your beautiful nail art foil doesn’t peel off, apply at least one layer of clear topcoat to seal everything down.

How to Use Nail Foil

How to Remove Nail Foil Stickers?

Don’t worry, nail foil removal is easy. It does take time and a bit of patience to apply nail art foils, but if you make a mistake or just feel like changing things up, removing your foils is quick and easy.

How to Remove Nail Foil Stickers?

Foil stickers can be removed with acetone nail polish remover. Dab a bit into a cotton pad and apply to the nails. In a pinch rubbing alcohol may also work. Use an orange stick to pick up stray foil bits from the cuticle and nail beds.

Photos via @nailsmade, @leo_nail_2017, Instagram

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Who said that short nails can’t be sexy? It’s difficult for moms to keep long nails all the time while finishing house chores. Because we understand your mommy responsibilities and struggles, here are some trendy short nail styles to flaunt in 2021 that include various patterns and colors. You will find short nail ideas that suit different occasions, tastes, and seasons. Whether you prefer a simple look for your nails or feel like going a bit wild, we’ve got you covered.


Leopard print

short nail ideas

Via: Brush Up & Polish Up – Short nail ideas


Rose quartz design

short nail styles

Via: Lulus – Short nail styles


Polka dot style

short nails 2021

Via: She Knows – Short nails 2021


Pastel colors

short nails 2021

Via: Polished Yogi – Short nails 2021


Geometric design

short nail styles

Via: May contain traces of polish – Short nail styles


Classic French manicure

short nail styles

Via: Stranded in Chicago – Short nail styles


Mermaid design

short nail ideas

Via: Chantal’s Corner – Short nail ideas


Marble design

short nail styles

Via: Ladue Nails – Short nail styles


Simple studs style

short nail styles

Via: The Hungarian Brunette – Short nail styles


Flower Power style

short nail ideas

Via: Finger Candy – Short nail ideas


Matte and glittery nails

short nail ideas

Via: Her Campus – Short nail ideas


Reverse French manicure

short nails 2021

Via: Lulus – Short nails 2021


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Interesting Trendy Nails Ideas To Consider

Ravishing nails are definitely a must for every woman. But, these days, when the variety of nail designs is greater than ever it is getting harder with every second to pick just one. There are occasions that simply force you to look nothing but classy. That is exactly the reason why we have gathered here all the perfectly suitable designs for all the events in one place. But, unlike all the other sources we made sure that with our designs your nails will not only look classy but sassy at the same time. Let’s have a closer look!

Pineapple of My Eye

Take your nails on vacation with a bright pink and pineapple design.

Flamingo Pool Party

Make a splash this summer with an eclectic combination of flamingos, cacti, and leaves.

Sunset Ombré

Morning or night, you can sit back and watch a gorgeous sunset whenever you want with these nails.

Juicy Fruit

Put the lime in the manicure and shake it all up! Watermelons, limes, and pineapples are the stars of this mani.

We All Scream

What says summer more than ice cream? Nothing! When the weather gets warm, opt for a manicure that’s good enough to eat.

Pink Shades Nails With Glitter Accents

If you are looking for pink nail designs for short nails that we have a perfect suggestion in mind. How about this sweet and elegant blend of sparkles and nude shades?

Classy Nails With Charming Stripes

There are lots of nail designs for short nails, but if you are looking for something elegant and charming at the same time, then we may have something in store for you. Have a look yourself!

Stripes and Leaves

Match your striped beach towels by painting three of your nails just like ’em. With two leaf accents, it’s breezy and beautiful.

Fruit Salad

Fruits aren’t just important for your health; they’re also a crucial part of your summer style. If you can’t decide on your favorite, decorate each nail with a different one.

Delicate Mani With Minimalist Accent

Those of you who are looking for a delicate manicure, you need to bear it in mind that not only hues matter. The way you intertwine the gentle hues with proper accents is crucial too. This design is the perfect proof to the point.

Hawaiian Flowers

Who needs a trip to Hawaii when your nails look like they’ve been there all year? (Okay, we still want that vacation, though.)

Little Lilac Triangles

A pretty lilac nail gets a hint of geometric edge thanks to micro-triangles in a deeper royal hue.

Sparkles and Stripes

Want a simple way to upgrade your favorite neutral polish? Draw a skinny line of gold glitter down the center of each nail and watch how pretty the metallic looks glinting in the summer sun.

On the Flip Side

The top of your nails aren’t the only part you can paint — your undersides can be incorporated, too! Play it cool and neutral in a nude nail color on top, then add a bright tangerine shade to the underside.

Pastel Pieces

This geometric design is totally modern, but the muted shades keep it from looking over the top.

Melon Moons

What could be better than a cool slice of watermelon on a hot summer day? Watermelon nail art, of course. Impress your friends with this adorable look that makes your hands stand out.

Triple Triangles

You’ve seen plenty of reverse French tip manis, but this one trades the typical oval-shapes or circular moons for a zig-zag design instead — and uses four gorgeous summer shades to boot.

Road Trip

Show off your love for traveling with this vintage road map design. Don’t worry if it looks complicated — the design isn’t freehanded. All you need is white polish, clear polish, rubbing alcohol, and a map.

Delicate Dots

Summer nail art doesn’t have to be bright to make a big impact. This blush-colored polish is pretty on its own, but the white dots around the edges make it really pop.

Citrus Squeeze

Show off your love for your favorite citrus with these bright orange slice nails.

Nautical Moons

For something that’s extra funky, try this red, white, and blue nail art tutorial that combines sparkles, stripes, and patriotic shades.

Adventurous Ombré

Pop this friendly little starfish atop your ombré nails for a beach-ready manicure that adds flair to any summer look.

Going Bananas

Andy Warhol (and Curious George) would definitely approve of these bold pop art banana nails.

Summer Stripes

This mani may look complicated, but it just takes a little patience and a steady hand — or at least a bit of striping tape. Swap the colors for other shades throughout the summer to match all your favorite outfits and special occasions.

Hypnotic Contrast

When it comes to short nails designs you should in no case be afraid of experimentation. Use contrast shades to your advantage and enjoy the spicy result.

Chevron Chic

Elongate short nails and make use of all your favorite polishes with a cool, ’70s-inspired chevron design that stacks up different shades.

Orange Color Nails With Black Accent

Classy nails designs can be pretty bright too. This matte bright orange nail art combined with black accents is the best proof of the idea.

Sunny Days

Sunny yellow may not be the first shade you reach for when doing your nails, but a funky negative space manicure like this one could make you warm up to a canary color.

Beach Beauty

Play with primary colors for this bright nail design, a.k.a. the perfect manicure to wear to the beach.

Cute And Classy Nails With Tiny Icons

It may be difficult to choose a proper design for short nails at times. But we think that this combo of simplicity and edginess is worth at least some of your attention.

signature-fashion goalz


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101 Easy Nail Designs for Beginners


Bored of monotonous nail colors? Are you like me who is tired of spending hours looking for an easy nail design?
Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.
Here we have put a few of manicure magic that any beginner can do at home.

Create a simple and artistic nail design using a fan brush and a blend of three colors. Apply a light blue color on your nails first and use dark blue and pink as strokes of your brush. Beginners can use this easy nail design.

Give your nails a marble effect. Use a spoon for the color palette. Swirl two colors on the spoon and roll your nails. An easy nail design that looks intricate, isn’t it?

3. Sponged Design

For a very cute manicure technique for the beginners is to create a blend of two girly colors. Use a sponge to dab it onto your nails.

4. Not So Easy Nail Design

It is all about the lines for an attractive nail design. You will need a nail striper and a good choice of colors to do these wavy lines at home.

5. Valentine’s Special

Why not spread yourself with some redness this Valentine?
Paint your nails bright red. Draw some hearts and go crazy with polka dots.

6. V-Shaped

For an easy nail design that looks like a lot of work, you can opt for V-shaped designs. Paint your nails with a bright color maybe red and paint the ends of the nails in such a way that your base colors appear in the shape of a V. Play with the colors of choice. A comfortable design for the beginners to do at home.

7. Love for Watermelons

If you want a summer-themed nail art, what better than watermelons? Find yourself colors like green and ripe red and paint them alternatively. Create a watermelon in the ring finger to accentuate the look. Don’t forget to seal it with a top coat.

8. Snowflakes

For a sparkly snowy look paint your nails a bright purple and splash with white hexagonal patterns.

9. Easy Nail Design for Short Nails

Anyone who thinks nail art is not for short nails, you are absolutely wrong. A simple yet classy design that you can do is paint your nails black and add polka dots of different colors clustered towards the ends of your nails.

10. Rainbow Love

Pick your favorite bright colors and paint them horizontally on your nails. You can paint some of your nails just one solid, bright color to add effect to your rainbow nails.

11. Cute Bow Design

Love polka dots and bow?
Combine them voila, adorable nails! Yay!
Paint your nails a nude pink and use back of a toothpick to make your white polka dots. For the ring finger put a bow and seal the deal with a top coat.
Definitely a DIY for beginners.

12. Ombre for Nails

We all love the ombre effect. So, why not use them for nails? Blend two complimentary colors, dab them with a sponge, voila, ombre nails!

13. Easiest Nail Design

This is not much of a design. Well, it is just a play of the right colors. If you like going for themes you can opt for nudes or golds. Or just play with shades of pink and blue.

14. Love Thy Nail

Tell him that you love him a unique way.
A subtle way to tell someone you love them.
Paint your ring fingernail nude and other red. Write down your message.
You can even apologize to someone this way.

15. Halloween Design

This Halloween let your nails feel the spook too. Use a matte black nail polish for your nails except for the middle finger nail. For the middle finger nail, paint it bright red. Use the red nail polish to make a pumpkin on the ring finger nail.

16. Floral Design

This type of nail art requires some patience, steady hands and experience. Once you get through it though, you will have gorgeous nails. Pearls can be added to finish off the look.

17. Simple Floral Effect

Simply paint your nail black. Use the back of toothpick for colors yellow and white and make flowers.
Flowers for your nails?

18. Sparkles?

Nude and gold blend perfectly. For a simple design, paint your nails a nude color and diagonally paint some sparkles on them.

19. Color Your Nails

For a simple marble effect, paint your nails white and just scribble colors all over your nails.

20. Matte French Tips

This is certainly my favorite. For matte nail design, you need to find colors that blend perfectly. You can choose black and red to give your nail a chic effect.

21. Reverse French Tip

For a very sleek and classic nail design, paint your nails black and add a silver lining to the roots of your nails.

22. Nude & Sparkles

I love nude colors for my nails. To brighten up them I would put a few sparkles on my nails and color my ring finger with a silver color.

23. Patterns

If you love patterns, you can opt for nail designs like these. Use lines and dots to make patterns and pick your favorite colors.

24. Sparkly Blue & White

Use sparkly blue color and white for your nails. Paint your ring finger white and make a design with sparkly blue.

25. Green Designs

For a nature theme nail design, use green colors and accentuate the nail design with tribal prints on your index and ring finger.

26. White & Black Patterns

Paint your nails white and draw patterns with black colors that are unique and intricate.

27. Golden Touch

A simple design for beginners.
Paint your nails black and draw a golden line towards the nail ends to accentuate the look.
Do this easily at home.

28. Kintsugi

For such a beautiful nail design, you might need to visit a nail salon.

29. Matte & Glossy

Matte and glossy nails seem to be the trend of this season. Not just the trend they seem to be an easy nail design as well. Use matte black color and paint golden glossy stripes.

30. Metallic Nails

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your nails, then you can use metallic nail polish to cover your nails. These silver nails are a mirror to reflect your beauty.

31. Tribal Nails

For short nails, you can opt for black and white colors with tribal patterns.

32. Black & Gold

Paint your nails black and use golden color to make three dots in a line toward the roots of your nail.
A very easy nail design for all the beginners.
Finish off the look with a top coat.

33. Gold & Silver

Take some time to do such type of nail design. Pick golden and silver colors and paint them in a triangular manner on your nails. You can leave some space between the golden and silver triangles.

34. Black & Red

Give a feminine and mysterious touch to your hands with black and red colors. Paint half your nails black and rest half red with a golden stripe in the middle. Paint your ring finger red and add some sparkles. Don’t forget the top coat.

35. Royal Design

For a royal effect on your nails, paint triangles golden triangles on your nails. For the rest of nail, use a royal blue color.

36. Glitters for Ombre

You can use glitters to give an ombre effect on your nails. Paint your nails a shiny black and for your thumb and ring finger, dab silver sparkles towards the roots. This is an easy DIY design.

37. Spiral Designs

For an easy nail design, opt for a solid maroon color and make spirals down the nails. You can leave some of your nails with solid color.

38. Sophisticated Black

You can give yourself a royal manicure with matte nail enamel with a glossy embellishment. Add some glitter to your nails to make your nail looks extra special. These nails perfectly compliment your chic black evening gown.

39. Short Nail Designs

To give yourself beautiful nails, follow this step by step tutorial. This is easy that any beginners can do. Use brown and a nude color combination. The colors can be used to make patterns all over your nails. You can opt for different patterns for different nails.
An easy nail design for short nails.

40. Yin & Yang Design

Give your nails a yin and yang makeover. Use the colors black and white; follow the step by step procedure given above. These step by step process can be followed at home by all. Stripes and dots create a beautiful effect on your nail.

41. Emoji Effect

Express your emotions with the help of your nails. Emoji is the theme for the 21st century. Use bright yellow color as the base and use black, white and blue to draw faces with different emotions.

42. Old Newspaper Design

For a burnt old newspaper effect on your nails follow the following steps:
1. Give your nails a nude base color preferably off white.
2. Dip pieces of newspaper on alcohol.
3. Place the dipped pieces of newspaper on your nails and then take them off.
4. The newspaper print will have transferred onto your nails.
5. Use a brush to create a hole on your nails and sponge to dab it to give effect.
6. Use a dab of nail polish remover in the middle of the hole for an old burnt newspaper effect.
There you have it a design that cannot go wrong even if you do it yourself at home.

43. Easy Manicure Nail Designs

You can give yourself a manicure just with the help of scissors and tape. Use zigzag scissors and cut your tape in that pattern. Place them on top of your nails leaving the edge with a pattern. Use a dark color and sparkly colors to give an effect.

44. Diagonal Shine

Get yourself best of both worlds. Use matte and glossy nail polish for the same design. You can use a tape to give a diagonal effect. Pick matte and glossy polish of  the same color and paint in the diagonals.

45. Newspaper for Nails

Choose an easy nail design, love. Pick a nude color, dip into alcohol and rub newspapers on them. Don’t forget the top coat.

46. Step By Step Nail Designs

Tape and scissors are great tools for creating easy nail designs that are classy. Take three pieces of tape and pick your three favorite colors to paint the tape. Cut small pieces of triangles when dry and place it on your nails. Top coat is a must!

47. Spring for Nails

Flowers are the theme for spring. Make sure you pick spring colors like blue, yellow and white. Paint your nails sky blue and use toothpicks to make flowers.

48.  Flag Nail Designs

For this July Fourth why not choose a flag inspired nail design. You can choose any of the pattern.
For the first pattern, choose red and blue color and use white color for stripes.
The second pattern, can be used by drawing stripes on red colored nails and dots on blue colored nails.
Choose one for this Independence Day!

49. Galaxy Designs

Galaxy designs are easy nail designs that you can do as a beginner. Use black as a base color and create a blend of blue, pink and green with sponge. Add a sparkly top coat to give a starry effect.

50. Red, White & Blue

Red, white and blue colors can be used to create a very easy nail design. Just use blue and white to create stripes on a solid red base color.

51. Thunder Effect

Create a thunderous effect on your nails. These designs look elaborate but are fairly easy nail designs. Use a black color for the base and dab colors like blue, purple and pink with a sponge. Use a pen and white color for the lightening on your nails.

52. Blue & Pink

Use a nude pink for base color. Create a blend of blue and pink on the sponge and dab it onto your nails. You can add a sparkly top coat for a stunning look.

53. Saran Wrap Manicure

Use saran wrap to create wonderful nail designs. Pick your favorite color. Use one for the base and use the wrap to dab other nail color. A top coat just cannot be forgotten. n easy nail design, isn’t it?


Use a nail art pen and three colors to create a funky nail design. Paint designs with blue, white and red. Add into the coolness with black color.

55. Bright Nail Designs

Pick colors of your favorite flowers. Now it is time to play with the colors. Use a toothpick’s front and back to create different sizes of dots and go crazy all over your nails. You can use any color for dots. Create a theme of flowers, so you can use colors found in the flowers.

56. Golden French Tip

This is such a stylish and classy nail design. Id you want an easy design yet very sophisticated all you have to do it use a nude base color, french tip with golden and for the shine a top coat. This is among my personal favorites.

57. White & Gold

Another easy nail design for beginners to do at home. Lay over a triangular stripe and paint over with white enamel. Use a tweeser to remove the stripes.

58. Blue & White Stripes

Create blue and white deigns on your nails. For added effect draw a design on your ring finger with a golden sparkly polish.

59. Dandelion Design

Another one of my personal favorites!
For this one, you need blue, white and black. Paint your nail with sparkly blue. Use a brush to create a dandelion effect and black to create the stem.

60. Butterfly Art

If you love butterflies and yellow color, you can opt for butterfly nail arts. These are easy nail designs which though requires some time and effort. Drawing the butterfly is easier once you start. Apply different shades of yellow on the nails and use the ring finger to create a butterfly. You can use multi-colored stones on the wings to make it look more attractive.

61. Fishnet Design

You can use the fabric in loofah to create an easy nail design. Simply paint your nail with one color and let it dry. Put the fabric over and paint over with another color.

62. Waves of Pink

You will need a bright pink and white color for a fabulous nail design. You can paint the tips pink and paint wavy white lines. For the ring fingerpaint it solid pink and create white lines of waves.

63. St.Patrick’s Day

For this St. Patrick’s day, you can do an easy nail design. Create black and green stripes on the tips. Finish off the look by creating a golden box.

64. Bow Tie Special

Another cute and easy nail design that can be done by the beginners. You need black and another color for this. Paint your nails with any color. Color the tips with black and create a bow near the ends. Make dots for the buttons.

  65. Sparkled Icy Effect

Pick a cool shade of enamel and silver sparkled nail polish. Paint your nails. Don’t forget to add some beads.

66. Glittered French Tip

French tips are easy nail designs that you can do at home. Why not add some sparkles to it? Use a nude pink as the base color. Of course for the tips, white is everyone’s favorite. Just to finish off the look, paint a silver line between the white and pink.

67.  Tree For Design

Use green and brown for a natural theme. Paint brown and green alternately. You can paint sparkly coat on top of the green. Make a unique design on top of brown using white nail polish.

68. Golden Pink

Golden up your pink enamel. Paint a golden glittered nail color towards the roots of your nail. This is a very stunning nail design that anyone can do.

69. Simple Nude

This might be the easiest nail design for anyone to do at home. Paint a shiny top coat on top of your nude nail enamel. This look s fantastic on short nails as well.

70. Circular Patterns

This is an easy nail design. For this you just need to paint your nails matte black. Use a toothpick’s back to create circles that itself creates a pattern. Use different sizes of circle. This nail design doesn’t go wrong for short nails or long nails.

71. Simple Design

A very simple design indeed.
You will only need white and black nail polish,
Paint all of your nails white except your ring fingernail. For that nail, use a black nail polish to create spiral design. Put a black and white dot. A top coat obviously is needed to finish the look.

72. Styled French Tip

French tips are all our favorites. So, why not add some style to it? You can use black to create an angled french tp. A nude color would be perfect for the base color.

73. Gems

Why not add some colors to your black and white nails? Paint your nail entirely black. Now all you need is a whole lot of other colors. Dab into back of toothpick and just create a circle of colors. You can create a line of circle or just two circles.

74. Festival of Colors

Splash your nails with colors. Go crazy on them. Use as many colors as you can and dab them on white base colors. Add a top coat for a shiny effect.

75. All The Styles

You can have all the styles in one single nail design be it sparkly, solid nail color or polka dots. Choose the colors you want. You can opt for purple, black, silver and white. Paint your index and little finger nail a solid color. You can use silver color for the ring finger nail. For the middle finger paint it black and add purple and white circles.You can vary the size of circles.

You can try all of these, love. It is all about colors. Have fun!
Make your nails as beautiful as you.

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If you have finally got your acrylic nails done, you might want to get inspired to try different acrylic nail designs at the salon or on your own. Below, you’ll find 51 inspiration photos of acrylic nail ideas, from the most wearable, minimalist looks to the most intricate designs.

1. Fishnet Lace Acrylic Nails

The matte effect works beautifully well with the fishnet lace-painted acrylic nail design, while the glittering gold pinky nail and shiny and gold stud-enhanced manicured nail all work together for a cohesive, elegant look.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

2. Corseted Acrylic Nail Design

The combination of neutral nails with a shiny appearance works with the detailed pinstriped corset painted on the matte ring finger nail.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

A shining manicure full of metalwork and sparkle is done with the simplicity of marbling and a touch of well-placed bling for this particular acrylic nail art design.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

4. Gold and Matte Acrylic Nail Design

Natural color edged in taupe and the beautiful placement of sparkling stones are framed with intense gold glitter for an incredibly gilded ‘Golden’ look.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

5. Nail Art Over Nude Acrylic Nails

Hand painted nail art and stone placements are well-known and beloved embellishments for their beauty, but a less used trend is pierced acrylic nails as shown here.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

6. Glittering Almond Acrylics

The cute placement of an arrow is accented by the sparkle of glitter nails framed by shining neutral nails on either side. The almond shape of these acrylic nails is beautiful and feminine.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

7. Free Form Design

The shades of blue are accented with swirls and curls of glittering lines that emphasize the flow of the acrylic nails. The design is interesting on its own, but takes on a real life on the blue tinted almond shaped nails.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

8. Shiny Square Manicure

The square nail shape is flattering, but the interesting and warm shade of nail polish gives the perfect background for the white acrylic nail design and shaded stones.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

9. Natural and Blue

The natural appearance of the acrylic nails looks amazing against the matte neutral with blue painted flowers. The sparkling, glitter tipped blue nails are also a nice and unexpectedly beautiful touch.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

10. Pink and Gold Floral Set

These very spring-themed acrylic nails show off a lot of art from studs to beads, hand-painted flowers and smatterings of gold over soft and deep pink.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

11. Mani Another Way

Squared oval or ‘squoval’ tipped acrylics with an interesting take on the traditional manicure are interesting and different in a very good way.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

12. Spring Pink with 3D flowers

The soft and spring-like shade of pink on this acrylic nail set boasts an incredible design of textured flowers and silver studs to accentuate the length and shape.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

13. Matte and Dusty Rose Glitter

Mountain nails are always impressive – the shape calls attention from every angle. The dusty rose-colored glitter on the pinky nail is cool against the matte tipped in black, the stones at the base and the marble with copper bands.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

14. Bright Pink and Glittering Acrylic Nails

The combination of matte and sparkles will always be amazing visually, but the added texture of the stones and metal work arrows are also aesthetically pleasing.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

15. Different Sheens

Shiny nails, matte nails, glitter-coated nails, hand-painted with a pearl embellishment and French-tipped all in one manicure make a stunning final collection of acrylic nail designs.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

16. Exquisite in Pink

The styles of acrylic nails in this intricate manicure are two faced pink, a gel polish, the lollipop leaf, glitter polis and an acrylic and matte top. The manicure collectively is still cohesive, but any of the options would work individually as well.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

17. Warm Spring Acrylic Nails

Soft yellow manicures mixed with gold sparkles and mini painted flowers with gold centers look stunning over shiny gel coats.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

18. Unicorn Pink Acrylic Nails

A hand-painted unicorn and softly glittered shiny stiletto acrylic nails work in an adorable manicure. The profile view of the purple haired unicorn is completely endearing.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

19. Pop of Glitter

Manicures that feature a single color and a pop of glitter on a single nail are fun and chic with a simplicity that cannot be denied as stylish.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

20. Burgundy, Black and Gold

The combination of rich burgundy nail polish with black ombre on stiletto acrylic nails is stunning alone, especially with the sheen of the burgundy, though the style is matte. The gold and copper featured on the spotlight nails is an incredible and unexpected luxe touch.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

21. Royal Blue and Hand Painted Too

The shimmering shade of this matte royal blue is accented beautifully by the hand-painted art on the third nails. The white acrylic nails look interesting in contrast.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

22. Hand-Painted Floral Acrylic Nail Art

Flowers in shades of pink on a shiny white nail polish stand out even more with the careful placement of pearls in the center. The other nails in soft light matte pink are impeccably done.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

23. Detailed Tulips

Nail art is always spectacular, and here the presence of the tulips, realistically highlighted against a blue green glittering background over neutral acrylic nails is nothing short of cool.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

24. Winter Wonder Acrylic Nails

Celebrate the winter aesthetic whenever you want with an acrylic nail design similar to this nearly transparent white and blue ombre dusted with blue glitter and featuring hand-painted snowflakes and ornaments. Even a three-dimensional snowflake is pressed on as a feature.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

25. Three-Dimensional Flower

The placement of the flower is sure to garner attention, but the detail of the vine extending to the next nail is a beautiful addition to the level of art on this set of square acrylic nails.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

26. Sparkling Hunter Green Rose

Flowers are not a new concept in nail art, but done like this they are not only beautiful and intricate but wholly interesting and intriguing as well. The plainer acrylic nails surrounding it only serve to further enhance the overall appear of the flower nail design.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

27. Gilded White Acrylic Nails

White painted acrylic nails are elevated with a gilded appearance of gold brushed throughout. The gold studs and sparkling stones work beautifully well alongside it without blending in.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

28. Wickedly Iridescent Acrylic Nails

The acrylic nail art on this set is so amazing that it is hard to know where to begin. The painted lips on the matte nude are eye-catching at the very least, the image popping clearly off the nail. The iridescent tips of the other coffin shaped acrylic nails are an additionally unexpected treat, and the addition of stones is a finale that must be appreciated.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

29. Updated Natural Looks

The shape and style of these acrylic nails lend a beautiful canvas to the pink base and the white tips of the nail design, but the touch of silver glitter really enhances the pink, and the detailed placement of stones is a top-notch touch.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

30. Hand Painted Lips and Gold Glitter Acrylic Nails

Hand-painted and embellished with gold, these acrylic nails are standouts from all angles. Placed on a white background, each of the painted lips is easily identifiable from every angle.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

31. Teddy Bear Tribute

A hand-painted teddy bear and arrow nail decals on a neutral background are beautifully and intricately set to work together beautifully.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

32. Sparkle Dusted Strawberry Cheesecake Pink

The vivid shade of light pink is boosted with a dusting of sparkling glitter. The textured appearance is reminiscent of sugar-dusted strawberry cheesecake.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

33. Soft Textures and Stones

Light colors, stone accents, champagne sparkling nail polish and soft textured designs make for an interesting acrylic manicure that will keep people talking. The concept is beautiful and the light colors keep the style approachable.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

34. Neutral Tones with Ice and Snow

The light mauve and taupe polish shows off three-dimensional and flat hand-painted and airbrushed embellishments and work beautifully with the gold painted pinky acrylic nails. The placement of the stones for the custom look is beautiful on both hands.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

35. Textured White Roses

The raised white roses on the acrylic nail design are a textured design bonus that looks beautiful on the shiny light pink nail polish. The inclusion of the round glitter on the adjacent nails is a cool detail as well, coated well so that the glitter will not come off with regular wear.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

36. Rich Ornamented Chocolate Acrylic Nails

The richness of the brown matte on the coffin shaped acrylic nails is so beautifully complemented by the jeweled stones and metallic chain embellishments. The addition of tiny black stones as accents is also amazing.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

37. White Stilettos with Gold and Stones

White stiletto acrylic nails are the perfect base for the streaks of gold and the coating of stones on some of the pinky nails. The way the stones fit so well together encrusted on the nails is perfection.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

38. Shades of Violet

Every nail is artistically enhanced from ombre to stones and glitter. The overall look is amazingly cohesive melding together tonally with impeccable precision.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

39. Embellished, Marbled and Matte Acrylic Nails

Marbled with a shining silver line is beautiful enough but the matte soft pink and crystals with beading really add another dimension to this acrylic nail design.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

40. Crystals and Beadings!

Keeping the acrylic nail designs fresh and inspiring is a skill most nail techs have in spades. Here the coffin shaped acrylic nails are treated to sparkling crystals and pearls with gem bow accents on the ring finger. Micro pearl beads in champagne give a stunning three-dimensional texture to the nails as well.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

41. Decorated Mountain Acrylic Nails

One of the very popular acrylic nail designs is to mimic the multifaceted quality of a gem in the nail design. It’s always stunning, and placed on the ring finger here between two solid color-painted nails really puts the design on display. The shape on these is mountain nails.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

42. Dramatically Monochromatic Acrylic Nail Design

Black nails can be done any number of ways, here presented through a textured sparkling glitter-packed finish next to a marbled gray middle nail. The index fingernail features matte gray nails and a stunning embellishment right at the base of the nail.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

43. Gold Foil and Marbling

Going for that luxe look? Incorporate gold foil and matte polish. The difference between the two will always make a statement on any nail shape. The theme here is shiny over matte, with the gold leaf working beautifully over the grey marbling and strategically placed over the black matte.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

44. Pretty Pink Acrylic Nails

Every show of nail art is dreamy, speaking to the technique and skill of the technician. Here the use of the glitter, hand-painted hearts and words and cotton candy pink keeps these acrylic nails a step apart from a standard color or glitter set.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

These acrylic nails are stunning and will always make an outfit. Though the embellishment is only seen on the ring finger, the quality and design of the paint are so stunning it can only be considered art.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

46. Matte Mauve with Gem Art

Matte nail polish is always beautiful, creating the appearance of softly textured nails. The golden embellishments really stand out against the softness of the mauve background.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

47. Blinged and Sparkled Ballerina Acrylic Nails

The inclusion of well-placed stones and confetti style glitter work beautifully well together, alternated on the long ballerina nail shape. The acrylic nails are shiny, but feature the sparkling options rather than polish, and the look is amazing.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

48. Matte Teal and Stunning Jewels

The intricate style on the ring fingers reaches from the base of the nail to the tip of the coffin shaped acrylic nails. The colors complement each other beautifully, from the stone to the metalwork laid on the matte teal color.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

49. Stunning Stiletto Acrylic Nails

The nail art here is outstanding – a sparkle or metal embellishment on every nail and just the right amount to keep it interesting. This look is the perfect combination of marbled, glittered and metal worked stiletto acrylic nails.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

50. Rose Pink and Champagne Acrylic Nails

The softness of the champagne and pink glitter on the acrylic nails is understated and glorious, giving the confetti-styled metallic rose pink glitter the opportunity to shine as the highlighted nails.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

51. Rich and Bright

Every nail is done differently showing the versatility of imagination with nail art. The ombre from gold to pink, the richness of the deep violet with the mirror-like shine, the matte purple and the glitter dusted acrylic nails all look beautiful with the hand-painted over clear options as well.

Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas

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61 Acrylic Nails Designs for Summer 2021


Want an entire beauty period in your life? Why not make it now? Follow the trend of the season, acrylic nail design that never fails.

Acrylic nail paints are a mixture of liquid monomer and powder polymer. So, they coat the nails with hard and durable layer and function to beautify your extended nails and strengthen the nail plates. Be it short, long, almond-shaped, stiletto, square-shaped, round-shaped or ballerina, all of them can be made stunning with acrylic nail paints.

Acrylic nail designs show off your feminine power to the world. So, girls, I cannot imagine what is stopping you from getting these amazing designs. Go ahead, pick any from 61 acrylic nail designs that we have put together for you. Pick any that suits your personality the best and bring out the best in you.

1. Perfect White

White nail enamel can give you a very stylish set of nails. For your long nails, shape them into a square shape, paint them a bold white. Finish the look with stylish rings. A simple acrylic nail design for you beauties.

2. Marble for One

Marble effect is one of the most popular acrylic nail designs. For simple yet chic nails, paint your nails with light pink, but for one finger make use of black and white enamel to give a marble effect. Finish off the look with white rhinestones.

3. So Many

Make use of many shades of pink from light to dark. Paint your nails with different shades, but for one nail, go for polka dots of multiple shades. Add a flower with a big yellow and white stone in the middle to finish the look.

4. Matte Acrylic Nail Design

For a cute acrylic nail design, you can make use of matte red color. Paint one of your finger a bright silver. Make your hands beautiful by adding a nice ring.

5. Pure Orange

Another cute long acrylic nails can be achieved by painting your square coffin nails with a bright orange color. Wear gold rings as well.

6. Light Purple for Stones

For your evening look, paint your nails ready. Pick a bright acrylic color and paint them solid or in a geometrical pattern. Add some rhinestones for a shiny finish.

7. Stiletto Nails

Mix and match for a stunning nail design. Use nude pink and transparent white. Make patterns alternatively or half the way in one nail. One word, amazing.

8. Black Glitter Nails

Acrylic nail designs can be created with a blend of matte black and shiny silver. Create an ombre effect on some of your nails with a mix of black and silver.

9. Blue & White

Mix bright blue and white for your long nails. Paint one brilliant blue other white. For the rest, create a dazzling ombre effect with color near the nails and white at the ends.

10. Shiny Matte

Paint one of your nail a matte red color and the little one glittered pink. Paint the others nude color with a design created from shiny stones. There you have feminine and romantic nail design for this Valentine.

11. Pure Acrylic Nail Design

For a straightforward and cute acrylic nail design, french tip your nails white but the rest of your roots nude. This nail design works for any occasion.

12. Gyaru Nails

For these darling gyaru nails, paint your nails bright pink. For the designs, you can go crazy with pearls and colorful stones. Pick Indian designs and go for a different design on each nail. You can paint some of your nails with bright pink.

13. Short Acrylic Nails

For short nails, paint them bright acrylic nude color. This looks amazing as long acrylic nail designs.

14. Sparkles for Your Nails

For your gorgeous long nails, give them a brilliant treat. Paint them sparkled pink. Compliment them with rhinestone.

15. Metallic Shiny Nails

Use a fairy dust white and gray nail for beautiful nails. Make some designs using white nail pens. You can also make use of shiny metallic paint. Don’t forget to add to your coffin nails beauty with stones. Gorgeous set of nails.

16. Cute Short Acrylic Nails

Short nail problems?

You can style it into a set of beautiful acrylic nails with painting shiny nail color near the roots and nude near the ends.

17. Coffin Acrylic Nail Design

If you love blue and shine, mix them together for your beautiful coffin nails. Make flowers, put some rhinestones or use sparkles. This acrylic nail design is one for the red carpet.

18. Gel Designs

As the caption suggests, use the gel polish for your nails to give a shiny twist to your French tips. Snapchat your girlfriends, your beautiful set of nails.

19. Simple & Orange

For a simple effect on your nails, paint your nails acrylic pastel orange. I love these nails.

20. Unicorn Nail Design

Unicorn is not just our favorite mystical creature, but their colors are our favorite too. Be the hair or nails; we want it in all. For the nails, pick fairy dust pink and blue and go mystical. Create magic for your nails.

21. Black Heart

So simple yet so stylish, isn’t it? This is a comfortable acrylic nail design that you can do at home. All you need is black nail polish, a cotton bud, and nail polish remover. Paint your nail ends in a geometrical manner. For your ring finger, paint it black. Now, make use of the cotton bud and the nail polish remover and make a heart in the middle. Finish the look with a top coat.

22. Golden Beauty

Her nails look like the architecture a beautiful hotel lobby. The use of shiny golden nail polish with sparkles makes the nail look glamorous. As for the white rose, it adds to the femininity. Rhinestones and their designs are just work of art. For your party, these acrylic nail designs work the best.

23. One Color

You don’t need to make intricate nail design for an acrylic nail design. You can just paint them one solid shiny color and voila, beautiful.

24. Half Shiny Half Nude

Long coffin nails?

Want to style them at home?

Love acrylic nail designs?

A simple way to do that. Paint half with nude the other half with sparkles.


25. Pink!

Add elegance to your pure pink nude color with the use rhinestones to make a flower pattern on your ring finger. Straightforward and classy.

26. Oval

Oval nail designs are as sexy as square nail designs. French tips are all our favorites. Mix pink and white. Amazing, right?

27. Short Acrylic Nails

Paint your short nails with orange nude color. Style your acrylic nail design with contemporary rings.

28. Baby Pink

Add a romantic touch to your nails?

Paint all your nails baby pink except your ring finger. Go crazy on your ring finger with silver rhinestones.

Soft and lovely nails. I love them.

29. Cute Acrylic Nail Design

For a cute acrylic nail design, why not create a Pacman theme? Alternatively, paint your nails to create a cookie design and a Pacman face.

30. Fairydust Pink

Shape your nails into oval shape. You can shape your nails at home. Now, just paint them fairy dust pink. Pure acrylic nail design.

31. Gold for One

For your short nails, paint them a nude color except for your ring finger. For your ring finger, paint them glittered golden color. Another simple acrylic nail design that you can Instagram about.

32. Black & Marble

Matte and marble effect work correctly. Paint your nails alternatively with matte black and marbled design using white and purple color. Don’t forget your stylish rings.

33. Shiny Black

For a lovely acrylic nail design, paint your nails shiny black color. Add to its beauty with silver sparkles near the roots. This nail design you can do at home. Don’t forget to snapchat, loves.

34. Nude Brown

Simple yet stylish, I must say. Just paint your nails a solid acrylic nail color.

35. Square Acrylic Design

For this, you need to put some time and effort. Add brightness to your french tips with a yellow line next to the white tips. For the ring finger, make a beautiful flower. Finish the look with a top coat.

36. For The Girls

This acrylic nail design requires expert skills. This is a piece of art that you will want to flaunt to everyone. Don’t forget to Instagram and Snapchat.

37. Big Day

For the girls who want to keep it simple for their big day, they can only cut their nails in a square shape. French tip is everyone’s favorite. For the big day, add some white stones towards the roots of the nails for a chic finish. Straightforward and elegant nails for your wedding day.

38. Matte Marbles

One of my favorite acrylic designs. This nail design is so stylish as well as classy. A modern and sophisticated set of nails, indeed. Paint two of your nails nude matte pink, the other two make a marble design with blue and white. Finish the look with a silver line near the ends. A silver wrong won’t go wrong for this nail design.

39. Shimmered Nails

An eye-catching acrylic nail design, won’t you say?

Paint your nails with golden glitters. Use a black nail polish to make a net-like design. This will go lovely with your shimmering black evening gown.

40. Glitters For The Nails

Mix your fairy dust white and glittered pink to create a stunning acrylic nail design. Paint your ring finger fairy dust white color and the rest with sparkled pink.

Just WOW!

41. Gray & Pink

Mix a cool and a warm tone for a stunning effect. Paint your nails alternately with metallic gray and matte pink. The perfect use of rhinestones can create magic. A stylish ring brings the whole look together.

42. Gold, Silver & Black

Combine your love for gold and black for your nails. Make designs f flowers for an intricate acrylic nail design. A glamorous nail design, indeed!

43. Coffin Gray

For your coffin nails, keep it simple with acrylic gray color.

Want to make it stylish?

Go for a ring shopping.

You can use as many rings as you like.

Keep it funky, girls!

44. Candy Colors

If you love the rainbow hairstyle, you will love rainbow nails. Make a mix of acrylic nail colors to create a candy-like effect. You can pick pink, blue and purple. The rings make the nail design more beautiful.

45. Coffin Blue

This is one of my favorite shade of blue.

For your coffin nails, paint it a dark shade of blue. Matte is the trend of this season.


I found my next nail design.

46. Pink Acrylic

Another acrylic nail design for your short nails. Paint your ring finger silver; the other keep it pink. Beautiful!

47. Shiny Red

For your longer nails, shape it into a square. Paint it alternatively with red sparkles and nude acrylic color. Add some small rhinestones to your solid colored nails.

48. Short Acrylic

If you don’t like very long nails, grow it out to the length you like. Shape it into your favorite shape. For a stylish acrylic nail design, use sparkles and nude colors. Don’t forget to take a photo of your gorgeous nails.

49. Long And Gorgeous

If your want to do an easy acrylic nail design that is low maintenance, opt for a nail design like this. Grow your nails to your desired length and paint them one solid color.

50. Solid Glitters

Get the best of both worlds. Keep your nails shiny as well as bold. Use silver and gold glittered nail polish. Paint your nails with all three colors one at a time. A nail design that is perfect for your get-togethers.

51. Pink And Stones

Paint your nails a solid acrylic color. Add to its beauty with two stones on your ring finger. Add to its warmth with golden rings.

52. Silver, Gold, And Nude

This is another example of acrylic nail design using three colors. Paint your nails with glittered gold, silver, and light purple. You can add to the shine with one rhinestone on your thumb fingernail.

53. Silver French Tip

If you love French tips, why not make it a little sparkly? Use your glittered nail polish and top it off with a top coat.

54. Long Acrylic Nails

Paint your long nails with fairy dust pink. Find yourself a beautiful and delicate piece of jewelry and wear it on your index finger. The jewelry is fabulous. I love it!

55. Sparkly French Tips

For your relatively small coffin nails, paint sparkles toward the roots with white on the ends. This is a very romantic nail design.

56. Metallic Nude Colors

If you love metallic colors, why not use them on your nails? Paint some of your nails metallic color, one golden, and some solid pastel orange. Add some small stones near the ends. A red carpet nail design, indeed.

57. Disney

If you love Disney, why not get some Disney characters for your nails? Create a Minnie on your nails with black nail colors. Use glittered red and silver. Make a bow, create a cute acrylic nail design.

58. Sparkled Black

For your coffin nails, paint some of your nails shiny black. For the others, you can use glittered dark colors as a French tip. This is gorgeous. One of my personal favorites.

59. Two Sparkles And Two Pink

For a romantic and soft acrylic nail design, paint three of your nails nude pink and the others glittered pink. Go on dates, make him want to put a ring on your beautiful hands.

60. Just White

If you love keeping it simple girl, paint your nails an off white color. Wear any outfit to compliment these nails. Any color works, trust me.

61. Wow

This acrylic nail design is perfect for Indian Weddings. So much work put into creating a fabulous layout, I must say. The little fingernail is painted in golden metallic color. For the others, matte colors are used. Now, for the final touch, beautiful designs are created using white and golden rhinestones. Beautiful!

All the beautiful girls, make your nails as beautiful as you. Go ahead, try all of them. Go crazy. It is your time, loves.

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