Have you ever had moments when you see someone’s picture online and wonder, “How did she get that look?” Her lipstick, eye shadow, etc. is so perfect you just have to have it (or something like it). This happens to us all the time! In our Get the Look series, we share tips on how to achieve our favorite makeup looks using products you probably already own! Today, we talked to author Courtney Maum about her effortless on-the-go makeup look. Courtney Maum's on-the-go makeup look You may have heard of Courtney Maum recently. Her new book TOUCH is a witty commentary on society’s increasing reliance on digital communication. It follows Sloane Jacobsen, a powerful trend forecaster who foresaw the rise of “the swipe” but now has to re-evaluate her previous stance on technology, as she senses an imminent change toward in-person connectivity. The novel may be fiction, but Courtney’s busy book touring schedule is all real!

How to Get Courtney Maum’s Makeup Look

Why she loves jane iredale

“I absolutely couldn’t have survived any of my appearances on the book tour without my fleet of trusty jane iredale products, which I’ve come to consider friends,” Courtney says about her beauty essentials. While our travel schedules may not be as busy as Courtney’s, we can all take a page from her on-the-go makeup book. One of the reasons we love Courtney’s look is that she’s all about achieving natural, glowing skin with minimal effort. That is why our products are essential to her makeup routine. “jane iredale makes me look and feel like myself, only better,” she says. “Somehow, this miracle mineral makeup unlocks the inner radiance that all women have inside of them to help skin breathe and glow.”

Her On-the-go Makeup Look

courtney maum makeup tipsHere are her go-to products for a “well-rested-even-if-I’m-not-rested-look”:

  1. Active Light Under-Eye Concealer: I’d have to cancel events if I didn’t have this under-eye concealer. I’m terrible at sleeping when I’m on tour!
  2. Liquid Minerals: Amber is a shade lighter than my normal skin color, but I blush during events and televised appearances. So, this helps my skin look even-colored in all different lights.
  3. Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder: Amber for a balanced glow (with the Handi Brush, of course!).
  4. Moonglow Bronzer: I do my cheeks and nose with Moonglow using the Oval Blender.I the gorgeous highlighter colors in Moonglow on my brows and on the insides of my eyes with the Deluxe Shader brush.
  5. goBrown Eye Steppes: I do my lids in Eye Steppes for brown eyes. I like Forest for daytime events and Licorice for evening events.
  6. Forever Pink Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain: Finally, the only lip product that has ever worked on me with a bright pop of natural looking color I absolutely love—Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink.
  7. D2O Hydration Spray: A spritz of D20 Hydration Spray and I’m good to go!

We want to know

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