We know, we know. Halloween is around the corner and your costume inspiration is just not there. Could this be the year you skip altogether? Not so fast. Try starting with the hairstyle and work backwards for inspiration. With minimal effort, the nine hairstyles below can be transformed into super-quick and super-easy Halloween costumes. Now, that deserves some candy!

Big & Curly

Tease out your naturally curly hair. Or if your natural texture is straight-wavy, use a curling iron, root-lifting spray and super-hold hairspray to achieve a high-volume, diva-worthy ‘do. From there, it’s an easy jump to be Beyoncé (add two baby dolls to nail the effect).

If your naturally curly hair is just a few inches shorter, tease it out as far as it will go and put on platform shoes to be a ’70s disco diva:

big afro diva African-American disco hairstyle Halloween curly

Big, curly and long hair could also take you to ’80s pop star — think Cher, Whitney Houston or even classic Jon Bon Jovi.

Long Hair with Tendrils

This look screams mermaid. Part your hair in the center, add mousse and then use a curling wand to curl away from your face. Finish by running your fingers through the ringlets to separate and finish with a little hairspray.

Or keep your hair soft and loose and add a few small braids around the crown to channel Game of Thrones heroines:

long hair romantic Game of Thrones hairstyle Halloween

Crown Braid Updo

Need we even say it? Put on your most Boho white blouse and a full skirt, and  these crown braids make you a German Oktoberfest beer girl. If that’s too first-thought, take the crown braids in a different direction by adding a tiara and tulle tutu to be a grown-up fairy princess. Why should five-year-olds have all the fun?

Ponytail with a Bump

This is quintessential I Dream of Genie. Part your hair horizontally and secure the bottom section tightly in an elastic just below the crown. Then, gather the top section into another elastic just above the first one. Wrap a strand of hair from one piece around both elastics and secure with a bobby pin:

hairstyle volume ponytail genie hairstyle Halloween tutorial

’60s Beehive-esque Updo

Pair this hairstyle with a professional-looking tweed wool suit plus short, white gloves and then just try to resist drinking a mid-afternoon cocktail à la Mad Men. Or go for a different look from the same era: swap the suit for a black sleeveless shift dress and long black gloves to be Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

retro 1960s beehive Mad Men hairstyle Halloween

Blunt Bangs

Black kohl eyeliner and a gold dress easily transform you into Cleopatra. If you’re feeling adventurous, put on bright, candy-colored lipstick and your craziest, most colorful outfit to be Nicki Minaj.

The Bob

Curl the ends to be Marilyn Monroe. Or go in the other direction and flat-iron your hair super-straight, grab a copy of Vogue, and be the ultimate boss, Anna Wintour.


One long, neat braid takes you to Katniss Everdeen (all you need is a plastic bow and arrow). Or loosen up the long braid to become a medieval maiden:

hairstyle braid to one side tutorial Hairstyle Halloween

Two French braids could make you Dorothy in Oz. Or if you’re feeling a little dark, put on a black dress and two simple braids could be Wednesday Addams.

two braids dorothy hairstyle tutorial Halloween

Cat Ears

Yup, no headband needed. Take two small sections of hair on top of your help and twist them up. Secure each “ear” with a bobby pin and spray lightly with hairspray. See step-by-step how-to photos here. Bonus: this easy, no-costume costume is subtle enough to wear to work.


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