Her true love of the earth, plants and elements of nature can be seen and felt in each of her magnificent oils. She is a woman of depth and substance, and her drive is to make women feel powerful, cared for and beautiful without the conventional ideas of skincare and makeup. Her line is called Feather Eagle Sky (named after her three children) and includes face, body and meditative oils. Jessika lives the existence that she promotes, as she has created a family home in New Mexico with all the symbols of a simple, well-lived life. Organic eating, exercise, style centered around artisan-made clothing and jewelry and a spiritual practice are all elements of this – along with traveling to places such as France, where she harvests some of her most-loved ingredients including lavender and immortelle.

Feather Eagle Sky

One drop of the bestselling Beauty Face Oil is a fully transformative sensory experience. The delicate scent of Rose Essential Oil, mixed with hints of Sandalwood and balancing Germanium is healing to the skin and deeply calming to the mind. It’s amazing how one product can create an impact and inspire you to bring more elements of purity and nature into your life – and her oils do just that. After delicate drops of amber-colored oil are patted onto skin, the softness and glow are immediate. The idea of caring for yourself can have an almost negative, indulgent quality, but self-care is a deeply powerful practice that enhances every element of life. Compelling women throughout history have practiced a form of self-care; from Cleopatra’s skin softening milk baths, to the new wave of modern women who are integrating elements of self-care like a yoga practice or a simple green juice each day to bring a centering and nourishing element into their lives. With Feather Eagle Sky oils, there is an undeniable element of nourishment that is taking place, a moment of pureness and centering beauty that resonates through each luxurious drop.







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