Combating problem and acne skin, naturally.


Two years ago, we began carrying a nutritional supplement called Skin Accumax. Since then we’ve seen women and men with acne have life-changing experiences. People who’ve struggled with acne for years are now free of the beast.

Katie's acne-prone skin before and after accumax

Acne is caused by a number of different conditions. It can range from the occasional breakout to full-blown cystic acne. No matter what its degree, it causes physical and emotional pain. There are all kinds of topical products that can have a positive effect but more and more I’ve come to realize that tackling the problem from the inside has substantially more dramatic and long-term effects. In fact, I believe we can improve all skin types, with or without acne, by nurturing the skin from the inside with the right supplement.

How can a nutritional supplement like Skin Accumax have such profound effects? It’s all about feeding the skin. Although it is our body’s largest organ, it’s also the last to get the nutrition we ingest every day because the body, in its wisdom, feeds the essential organs first – the heart, the kidneys, the liver and the lungs, for example. The skin gets what’s left over.

But Skin Accumax is exceptional because it targets the skin. It isn’t a drug; it’s nutrition so it takes time to work. We recommend four tablets a day (two in the morning and two at night) for at least 14 weeks before you see optimum results. But your patience will be rewarded with vibrant, healthy skin. Jane iredale BeautyPrep products

The next step is to cleanse and hydrate the skin. In other words fortify it for the assaults to come – pollution, heat, cold, lack of sleep. Our BeautyPrep line makes this easy and efficient. With its cleansing water, its pH adjusted toner and stem cell moisturizer, it’s all you need to continue the work of Skin Accumax. Here is my routine. At night I use my Magic Mitt to remove makeup and all the environmental pollutants my skin has collected throughout the day. Its micro fiber just uses water to lift and expel the debris so I don’t strip my skin of its beneficial acid mantel. (The acid mantel protects the skin from invasive bacteria). Then I soak a cotton ball with BeautyPrep Cleanser to take off any residue. Since the cleanser is full of liposomes that hydrate the skin, the cleanser doesn’t have to be rinsed off. If my skin feels moist enough, I don’t do anything else. If it still feels as if it could take more moisture, I use some BeautyPrep Moisturizer. Its Eye Bright ingredient is especially beneficial around the eyes. In the morning, I use the Magic Mitt in the shower and then soak a cotton ball with BeautyPrep Toner. I feel that it wakes my skin up and prepares it for BeautyPrep moisturizer as well as tightening my pores. You really can’t hydrate the skin enough and our moisturizer does that without leaving a sticky residue. So much over-oil production is caused because the skin is actually dehydrated. Producing oil is the only way for the skin to hydrate itself. So now the skin is fortified. What’s next? Well, the finish, of course. Especially while you’re waiting for your skin to clear, you will need coverage. This is where makeup can make or break you. Yes, it can block your pores and make things worse so it’s important to look for that magic phrase “non comedogenic.” Our Disappear concealer has been especially designed not only to cover blemishes but to help the condition. It has green tea extract in it which has been shown at levels of 3% to have measurable effects on blemishes. Cover any redness with Disappear and then apply one of our mineral bases.

IMC Starter kit in medium dark

We make it easy for you to find the right base by using one of our Starter Kits that contains all the products you need to introduce you to the essentials of our line. So that’s it – Feed, Fortify and Finish. Our answer to sending you on your way to a blemish-free, healthy, vibrant skin. Feed it with Skin Accumax; fortify it with Beauty Prep and finish it with Disappear and our Starter Kit. The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin!

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