73 Coffin Nails To Die For


A 90’s favorite style, coffin nails are as the title says, are to die for. Even from the 90’s up till today, these nail designs haven’t lost their exclusive touch.

To talk about the name, why such a spooky name for such a beautiful nail designs? The reason is that the shape reminds us for a coffin.

Coffin nails mainly work for long nails, but it can still be done on short nails as well. So, here we are showing you how extremely well it collaborates with both short and longs nails.

1. Pink & Gold

Matte pink and golden tips are gorgeous. Sophisticated and glamorous, every woman will want these coffin nails.
A total attention grabbing designs these are.

2. Silver & White

A simple choice of colors yet the nails look as chic as ever. The blend of silver and white color looks as glamorous as ever, and the other paint of solid colors are perfect.

3. Floral Touch

For a relatively small coffin nails, you can opt for a floral touch. These nails go perfectly matched with your sundress.

4. Mint Green

Choose a minty flavor for your coffin shaped nails. Add the rhinestones, voila elegance!

5. Blue Coffin Nails

This shade of blue is one of my favorites. A simple use of only one color i.e. matte blue with the added effect of intricate rings, these coffin nails are to die for!

6. Long Pink Coffin Nails

Add some white sparkles to your nude pink, long coffin nails.

7. For The Big Day

For your big day, you can choose a coffin nail design with a blend of white patterns for the ring finger (of course) and a solid cream color for the others. These models work on short nails and are the perfect touch to your wedding day. Let everyone’s gaze be on your fingers, not just to stare at the big rock.

8. Mauve Coffin Nails

Mauve is not so popular color when it comes to coffin nails. This worked perfectly with the silver accents. The warmth of mauve is preserved, and the shine on only two nails make this nail design stunning.

9. Bold & Brown

For a delicate and fabulous coffin nail designs, you can opt for something like this. There is a use of two shades of brown, rhinestones and some unusual patterns.
A piece of art!


We all know, go big or go home, right?
So for these ultra glamorous, bold black coffin nails, you will need bold styles as well. Choose for two-tone nails. The white line brings out the life on nails.

11. Matte Red

For a subtle and beautiful coffin nails, choose a matte red color. Add some floral touch to your ring finger. This nail design is definitely for the autumn.

12. Army Touch

For the girls who like the urban trend, you will love this camouflage coffin nails.                 One of my personal favorites.

13. Winter Love

For this winter, you will love this coffin nail design. Use white enamel to make to make snowflakes and reindeer, and add rhinestones for the golden touch.

14. Glittered Peachy Nails

Peachy color blends in completely with your skin tone. Add some glitter touch; the outcome will blow your mind.

15. Heart for Coffin Nails

For short coffin nails, marsala is the trendiest color. This is a very cute and adorable design. Wear a matte lipstick and cherry jewelry; you are ready, girl!

16. Orange

If you are looking for chic and straightforward design, choose pastel orange color. Spice it up a little with fresh flowers on the ring finger.

17. Blue & Stones

If you want opulent coffin nail designs, choose a dark blue color with white stones. Although, while choosing your outfit keep it simple. Don’t worry, just mix and match by choosing warm hues.

18. Translucent Coffin Nails

For such translucent nails, you will need an expert. This is for any women who want to try unique style and be fascinating.

19. Long Pink Coffin Nails

Long coffin nails are for sophisticated and women with a fashion of sense. Don’t go for a too much-exaggerated look. Keeping it simple is the way for long nails.

20. Sunny Bright

Matte yellow is an eye-popping color. For the autumn and winter, this color can lift up your spirits. For the summer, it is of course perfect. A complete black outfit goes with this nail color.

21. Silver & White Glitters

For long coffin nails, you should try white and silver combinations. Glitters create quite a dramatic effect on shiny or matte white.

22. Silver Edged

Shiny black nail colors can be given their silver lining. These coffin nail designs are by far one of the coolest.

23. Turquoise Chic

You can opt for a striking deep turquoise color for your coffin nails. Go for an extravagant design on your ring finger.

24. Shiny & Sleek

If you don’t want to go all for glitters and rhinestones, choose for a shiny warm purple tone. These look amazing, especially on short coffin nails. A nail design for any occasion.

25. Wow

I love this color and the design! The pattern makes these coffin nails even more glamorous.
The subtle effect of rhinestones brings this look together.
[love love love]

26. Blush Pink

If you want some holographic effect, fairy dust pink is what you are looking for. Add some your gold to these tasteful and chic nails.

27. Beige & Transparent

Choose beige colors to add a lengthened effect on your short nails. They also create an illusion of thin and appealing fingers. Translucent hints and rhinestones create adorable nails.


Coffin shaped nails are ideally suited for long, delicate fingers. Classic french tips are evergreen. A perfect example of less is more. They go with every outfit in your wardrobe and are very stylish.

29. Another For Mint

Mint green combined with correct accessories looks very inspiring. Opt for the matte and leave an impression wherever you go.

30. Matte Beige

Beige is everyone’s favorites. Pair them with golden rhinestones, golden glitters, and lines voila your nails are your jewelry.

31. French Tip With A Golden Twist

Create an innovative twist for your French tips. This geometric shape of french tips with translucence and rhinestones create a stunning look. These nails work for weddings as well as for every day.


Apply a shine or glitter on your absolutely divine turquoise coffin nails.

33. Marble for Your Nails

Marble effect on nails is the trend of this season. Make hues of dark blue and turquoise and let your nails become everyone’s talk.

34. All That Glitters

All that glitters is not gold.
Even though this is definitely golden coffin nails.
Truly stylish, cool and amazing!

35. Cherry On The Nails

Deep cherry is the color of the year. Don’t forget to match your outfit with your nails. This color is for long coffin nails. Make a statement with striking rings!

36. Aztec Designs

The Aztec-inspired designs on your ring fingers add another dimension to your white and silver nails.

37. Galaxy of Coffin

Try these galactic nails with your simplest outfit.

38. Baby Blue

Use a pastel baby blue for striking and elegant nails.

39. Green

If you want to give an illusion of long nails and thinner fingers, we recommend mate green for your coffin nails.

40. Black & Sparkles

Alternate black and ombre cherry for your LBD!
Ombre is one thing that works perfectly on nails and hair.

41. Purple

Simple matte purple can reflect your subtle and warm personality.

42. Precious Stones

Shades of bright brass are absolutely fantastic. These golden coffin nails go for any other day or even a wedding. These nails will exceed your expectations.

43. Pink For Silver

For a classy set of nails, paint your coffin nails alternately with nude pink and silver. Add some golden rhinestones to your nails.

44. Pink Glittered Nails

Coffin nails have come with a bang and are here to stay for a long time. Shades of pink with glitters are definitely eye-catching.

45. Shiny & Matte

Have fun with best of both worlds with everyone’s favorite color black. Add a translucent effect with some glitters.

46. Transparent To Opaque

You can show the effect of both transparent and dark enamel on your lovely coffin nails. Add some spark with golden glitters and rhinestones.

47. Turquoise & Gold

Alternatively, paint golden and turquoise blue for a stunning effect.

48. Cute Coffin Nails

Add some cuteness to short coffin nails with a nude pink and colors.

49. Cherry & Nude

Matte cherry and nude both are gorgeous colors! Put them together, they create magic. Add some rhinestones and a bow to bring out the spark.

50. Artistic Coffin Nails

Give your nails a Rennaissance touch. Use 3D designs, rhinestones, and red matte enamel.

51. For Your Jewelry

Make sure your manicure matches your flashy jewelry. Accessorize your nails with rhinestones and crystals.

52. White Rhinestones

Everyone love triangular tips. But why not add some clear triangle in the middle? Get this as your next manicure.

53. Triangle For Tips

Create a triangular geometric shape on your French tips. Add some rhinestones on your ring finger, to accentuate your regular French tips.

54. Black, White & Violet

You can play with so many colors in so many ways for both your hands. You can also create a reverse ombre effect on your ringer finger. Ombre is all our favorites. Add some glitters as well. A translucent effect with black lines finished this amazing look.

55. Black Transparent Designs

Black matte is delicious. Why not make your ring finger a little more intricate? Go for a detailed transparent design for your ring finger.

56. Triangular Rhinestones for Coffin Nails

For a gray enamel coffin nail, enhance its looks with triangular golden rhinestones.

57. Feminine Designs

Create a bindi like designs on your nude pink coffin nails. Use beautiful rhinestones to create a beautiful design.

58. Hello Kitty

These nail designs are for the teens. But for you girls, who want to bring out your teens just paint your nails with purple enamel. Use white, black and red to make a very cute kitty. Make patterns for the rest of your nails.

59. Sky Blue Stones

Paint a shiny light blue on your gorgeous coffin nails. Add some big blue stones to make a design or small rhinestones near the roots. Beautiful, isn’t it?

60. All Different

Use different shades of pink for beautiful feminine nails. Use shiny pink for one nail, nude pink for others and dark, matte pink for the others. Golden stones with an artistic touch, wow!

61. Short Coffin Nails

For short, square coffin nails use nude color with white french tips. Simple is sexy, isn’t it?

62. Fairy Dust White

Again, all styles for your nails! Use a fairy dust white in different styles. For all glitters in the ring finger; golden, pink, white rhinestones in the ring finger and index finger; triangular geometric little finger everything is just stunning.

63. Shine for Short

Paint your short coffin nails with the lightest shade of shiny nude color.

64. Red & Black

Red and black are edgy colors. Matte touch to those colors is what everyone wants this season. Translucent patterns for the black are pieces of art. But adding some shine to the edge are those marvelous pieces of white and gold rhinestones.

65. Golden Nude Color

Paint your favorite nude color to your fabulous nails. Golden sparkles are definitely gorgeous. Rhinestones with golden lines accentuates the look.

66. Simple Shine

Use a nude shiny pink for a very simple and chic nail design. Add some sparkles to your shine with a sparkled pink enamel on your ring finger.

67. Gray Matte

Play with white and gray colors as they blend perfectly. Sparkly white is all our favorites. Rhinestones seem to be favorite for all coffin nails.

68. Transparent Sparkles

For long coffin nails, you can go for a subtle effect. Paint your nails with a base coat. Either go for a full sparkled nail or half sparkled nails for the next coat. They give a sort of natural ombre effect.

69. Multi-colored Sparkles

Paint your index and little finger with shiny purple. For the rest of fingers go for a multi-colored sparkles. Amazing nail design for your black evening gown.

70. Pastel Blue Coffin Nails

Just go for pastel blue matte color for your winter coffin nails. They look amazing with white furry coats. Add some gorgeous, classy golden rings.

71. Completely Nude Color

Paint your nails with nude color. Golden jewelery adds to the warmth hue.

72. Pinkish Touch

Blend white and pinkish colors for a chic effect. For the ring fingers, just paint them shiny silver. Beautiful!

73. Easy And Chic

For such coffin nails, you have to go nowhere. A nail design that we can all do at home. Nail design is exaggerating it too far, right. This is another one of my personal favorites. Favorite nude color directly painted on your nails is amazing.

Pick your favorites and try them all!

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