I tried the Bright Lip Color Challenge

We all have our hangups, whether it’s that we don’t think we’ll look good in purple eye shadow or that bell bottoms are a trend best left to others. For me, it’s bright lip color. I’m a barely-there-lip-color-kind of girl, which is probably why my coworkers came to me with a Triple Luxe Lipstick Challenge. You might say, “Where’s the challenge? Triple Luxe is gorgeous, what’s challenging about wearing it?”

Well, it’s all in the shades. While I’d typically stick to Molly, I was challenged to wear Gwen, Natalie and Ella for one whole day each. The goal? First, to see how people reacted to my new, bold look. And second to see how I felt while wearing something so outside of my comfort zone. At first, I felt intimidated being asked to wear such bright lip colors, but by the end of the three days, I may or may not have changed my tune. Keep reading to see how my challenge unfolded.

Day 1 – The Bright Lip Color Challenge Begins

Alyssa is wearing Ella Triple Luxe Lipsticks

My first reaction after trying on one of the colors was ‘WOW I’m not used to this!’ But, I accepted the challenge. Honestly, I was curious to see how I’d feel and how people would react. So, I decided to wear Ella Triple Luxe Lipstick, first! It’s the most subtle-bold (it’s a thing, I swear!) shade of the group. Right as I walked in, my fellow graphic designer said: “I love your lip color today!” A pretty good start to the challenge!

My thoughts after day one? Ella might just become one of my new favorite colors. In fact, I already added it to my everyday lip color rotation.

Day 2 – Not Seeing Red, but Wearing It!

Whew, okay, day one done! Now onto one of the bolder lip colors: Gwen Triple Luxe Lipstick. This boldest-of-bold reds was intimidating, but I’d gotten positive feedback the day before with Ella, so I forged ahead. And you know what? I never thought I would like it, but I have to say, I might wear this for a night out sometime!

Plus, it was awesome when one of my coworkers said, “Those lips are looking good girl!”

Day 3 – Pretty in HOT Pink

The last and final shade was way outside of my comfort zone. Natalie Triple Luxe Lipstick is HOT pink, no beating around the bush…it’s the epitome of a bright lip color! And, it looked beautiful!

It was vibrant and fun, and I ended up loving it. I also got the best compliment while wearing it: “You look sassy, and I love it!” Like the other two lip shades, I wasn’t so sure about it when I first applied it, but then, slowly but surely, the color grew on me throughout the day.

Conclusion – Everyone Needs a Kiss of Color

I’m glad I was asked to participate in this challenge because it has encouraged me to experiment with more lip colors. I didn’t have to change my routine any more than swapping out one lip color for another, but the bright lip colors gave me some confidence and helped me stand out in a good way, instead of hiding behind my more neutral colors.

If you’re like me and you typically stick to neutral lip colors, try out a brighter shade. You don’t have to commit to it every day, but it is fun to try something new. I definitely found my new favorite lip colors!

Here’s your chance! Join the Triple Luxe Lipstick challenge. Pick three shades you wouldn’t normally choose and try them out for a day. Share selfies of your lip looks with us by tagging @janeiredale and #GoodBeautyStories.

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I Tried the Contour Challenge

Written by Ashley P. When I was first invited to participate in the Contour Challenge using the GreatShape Contour Kits, I was excited! However, I quickly found myself finding excuses to put it off. I soon realized that I was procrastinating because I was intimidated! When I think of contour, I think of the Kardashians, superbly talented YouTube makeup artists, and a lot of time I simply don’t have in the morning. I began to worry that I had gotten in over my head. With some coaching from my colleagues, I warmed up to the idea and gave it a try.

Day 1 – The Contour Challenge Begins!

On the first day, everything felt new. My usual beauty routine consists of BeautyPrep Hyaluronic Serum for deep hydration, Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer to even my skin tone, CircleDelete Concealer for those stubborn under-eye circles, and a swipe of PurePressed Blush and PureLash Mascara. I can be ready in five minutes. With contouring came new products, new tools and (I was sure) a new extended morning routine. I got up extra early to tackle the challenge! To get fuller coverage, I opted to use our Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation, and I stuck with my CircleDelete Concealer to temper the blue circles underneath my eyes. I was…timid, and I think the photo shows my reluctance! As a first-timer, adding so many new powders to my routine was daunting, particularly the contour shade. And with a round face, my fuller cheeks make my cheekbones look flat, so creating dimension felt challenging. OK, so, I wasn’t a natural. That’s OK! I still had two more days to hit my stride.

Day 2 – A Bronzed Bombshell

Ashley wearing the Cool GreatShape Contour Kit from jane iredale, Contour Challenge On the second day, having been a bit tentative the first day, I was a bit heavy-handed. I learned very quickly that you can build color, but it’s near-impossible to take it away without starting over! It’s true what they say – less is more! Despite overdoing the product, I was becoming more comfortable with the techniques and, frankly, the concept of defining and enhancing my features. I didn’t feel like I was trying to change my look. I felt like the tools allowed me to enhance what was already there, and that really aligned with my personal style. I promised myself I would take it easy on the final day. Hey, practice makes perfect, right?

Day 3 – Naturally Contoured & Confident

Ashley wearing the Cool GreatShape Contour Kit from jane iredale, Contour Challenge On the final day, I wasn’t confident I had “mastered” contouring, but I had learned so much and gained a lot of confidence in a short time. Using the Contour Guide that came with my kit, I understood which areas to apply contour, blush and highlight to enhance my unique face shape (check out this post to learn how to contour for your face shape). I had a handle on how to use the tools and how the color performed (so much blush on day two!). I also felt less pressure because, the truth is, it was much easier than I’d thought. With newfound confidence, I gave myself permission to have fun on day three, and I was really pleased with the results. I felt like myself but with a boost. My look had warmth, my features looked more defined, and honestly, I felt pretty beautiful.

Conclusion – Contouring is our Friend

Despite all of my misgivings and procrastination, I’m so glad I agreed to participate in the Contour Challenge. It pushed me outside my comfort zone and made me realize that contouring is so much more accessible than YouTube would lead you to believe (here’s a tutorial of how to contour in 3 easy steps). You can tailor your contouring to your personal makeup style. I was genuinely surprised by how easily I was able to integrate the process into my simple morning routine. Once I gained confidence with the basics, it was very seamless. I was also pleasantly surprised with the results! By playing with contour, highlight and blush, I was able to enhance my features in an entirely new way, a way that felt very natural and authentic to me. Suffice it to say contouring has opened me up to a world beyond simply Dream Tint! Step aside, Kim Kardashian, I have arrived! Here’s your chance! Join the Contour Challenge. Choose your Contour Kit based on skin undertone, make sure you have your Contour, Blending/Contouring and White Fan Brush handy, and challenge yourself to “master” contouring in three days. Share selfies of your look with us by tagging @janeiredale and #GoodBeautyStories.

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