The quintessential laid-back bro-style of the past five years has reached the height of its fame. That’s right: the man bun has made it to the cover of The New Yorker. That prestigious publication touted by Manhattan’s elite has dedicated one of its famous cartoons, this one by artist Peter de Sève, to the ubiquitous updo favored the world over by grungy hipsters, boy band pseudo-rockers, and celeb-activists alike.


“Topknot” by Peter de Seve (The New Yorker, June 26, 2017)

In The Cut, writer Kathleen Hou calls out the absurdity — and perhaps the inevitability? — of the man bun’s appearance on this unlikeliest of magazine covers. She writes, “Envy the New Yorker subscriber who opened up their mailbox, saw this cover, and wondered, ‘Why is that guy tying a pretzel into his hair?’”

For the rest of us, the past few years have been dominated by man-bun how-to videos on YouTube (this one is currently at 2.5 million views). All while we’re tormented by the knowledge that we live in a world where “how to grow a man bun” was one of the top Google search queries of 2015.

Where to find man-buns in their natural habitat? Cover artist de Sève explains that his fellow residents in Park Slope, Brooklyn were the inspiration for his cover drawing of a man struggling to perfect his topknot. “My covers are often inspired by a person or place a few blocks from my home—if not right outside my window…” he says, “Brooklyn’s eccentricities are an endless font of inspiration for a guy in my line of work.”

But beware, man-bun devotees. This tightly pulled-back style, much like its female equivalent, the ponytail, can cause hair breakage and hair loss, a.k.a. traction alopecia.

3 Serious Hair Care Tips for the Man-Bun Enthusiast:

  1. Keep your man-bun loosely pulled back to minimize hair breakage.
  2. Use non-damaging hair ties for your “mun.”
  3. Skip the man-bun every once in a while. Leave your locks flowing long, to give your hair and scalp a break.

When all else fails, nourish your damaged post-man bun locks with Viviscal Man. The hair supplement is clinically proven to make hair thicker and less prone to breakage with vitamin C, zinc, our proprietary marine complex and other good-for-your-hair nutrients.


Before & After: Matt Damon shown pre- and post-man bun, Aug. 2016 (Photo: AP/Jezebel)

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11 Ways to Wear a Clip-In Hair Bun


No matter which way you style your hair, whether it’s a top-knot, chignon or just straight up messy, there’s so much beauty in a bun. And now that we’ve launched our clip-in bun extensions, you can experiment with every bun under the sun. Our bun extensions are so versatile and there are endless looks that you can easily style with them. 

To help you out, we’ve rounded up 11 simple yet chic ways to sport our clip-in buns.

1) The Messy Hair Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

One of the most effortless bun looks is the tried and true messy bun. To achieve this look simply tie your hair up into a messy bun, leaving two thin front pieces out to frame your face. Next, install the clip-in bun using the tiny interior combs, tighten it using the drawstring, then apply bobby pins in areas where you want to keep your hair from falling out of the bun. Top this bun off by leaving out just a few of your back baby hairs out to accentuate the messy hair look.This is a perfect look for hitting the gym or hopping on a casual Zoom meeting.

2) The Voluminous Hair Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

Our clip-in buns are perfect for those with thinner hair types looking to add some extra volume. To achieve this look simply tie your hair up in a bun, install the clip in-bun just as we described earlier, but this time making sure to slightly tease the bun and open it up before applying bobby pins so you can add some fluffy volume to your hair. For a more relaxed look, you can leave out those face-framing front pieces once again or if you’re looking for a cleaner look, simply tuck those front hair pieces behind your ears.

3) The Elegant Hair Bun

How to wear a clip in bun
On days where you’re looking to rock a seemingly carefully crafted, refined hair look, the elegant bun is exactly what you need. While this bun may appear to be super intricate, all you need to do is install the clip in-bun and apply bobby pins tightly to your hair to reduce any flyaways. Lastly, grab a curling wand or iron and leave the front pieces of your hair in the barrel for about three seconds to get loose waves fit for a princess.

4) The Classic Top Knot

What a classic pair of blue jeans is to fashion is what the classic top-knot is to hair: familiar, timeless and easily paired with any outfit. To achieve this look, tie your bun up top as high as you prefer and install your clip-in bun then voilà, you’re in top-knot heaven.

5) The Low Bun

How to wear a clip-in bun

As much as we live for a classic top-knot bun, we also love a good low bun moment. Simply tie your bun into a super low bun, leaving out those face-framing pieces that we love so much. This is the perfect look for those with balayage or highlighted hair as it draws attention to every little nuanced tone in your hair.

6) The Wavy Hair Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

If you’re a wavy or curly-haired girl, this is the perfect bun for you! Because our clip-in buns are made of 100 percent Remy human hair, our bun extensions can withstand up to 120C/250F degrees of heat. So if you’re not a naturally wavy or curly-haired-girl, simply grab your curling iron because no one will ever know the difference. We absolutely love how the wavy bun contrasts against the straight top portion.

7) The Beach Bun

Did someone say hot bun summer? Now that the weather is finally warming up, beach hair is finally back in season. Beach it up this summer with this slightly shaggy beachy bun look. After clipping on your bun, use your fingers to comb your hair to give it a cute wispy finish. We are absolutely living for the beautiful boho-inspired front pieces of hair in this look.

8) The Simple Hair Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

We love this simple bun look for lazy Sundays when you’re binging Netflix with a warm cup of hot chocolate. This is a great hair look for the girl who couldn’t be bothered to do much styling, but still wants to look très chic even if she’s just at home. This is definitely the most minimalistic style to wear our clip-in bun. Simply tie your hair up into a bun, then clip on our bun, add a few bobby pins so it’s extra secure then you’re all set to spend your day binging Netflix in style.

9) The Bang Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

This bun with bangs look is giving us major Taylor Swift vibes. We are never ever ever getting over this beautiful bun look. We are obsessed with how her sandy blonde hair and bangs look paired with our clip-in bun. Bangs with buns are an absolutely breathtaking dynamic duo. 

10) The Textured Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

Because our clip-in buns are so versatile, they can be worn with any hair texture. If you have type 3 to 4 hair, our clip in buns will look ravishing against your beautiful textured locks. This effortless bun look can be achieved by tying your hair up in a bun, clipping in your bun then stretching and teasing it just a bit to expand it and give it that messy finish. Secure your hair in place with a few bobby bins to maintain the volume and there you have it. 

11) The Sleek Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

So by now you know how much we love a classic messy bun look, but we love a sleek bun look just as much. We are living for how carefully crafted and swirled this bun is. This is yet another bun style that looks even more amazing with balayage, highlighted or ombre hair. To achieve this look, tie your hair into a swirly bun then trace around the shape of your bun and make it bigger and bolder with our clip-in bun. Use your fingers to clean up any flyaways and frizz to produce that super sleek finish. Accessorizing with earrings also helps to decorate this red-carpet ready look.

Written by: Ashley Inkumsah

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4. Messy bun with hair extensions

Step 1:

Leaving one layer of hair down a few inches above the nape of your neck, gather and tie the rest of your hair up.

Step 2:

Use a two-clip weft and clip it in upside down right above the part line.

Step 3:

Let the rest of your hair down and then pin it up again, leaving a thicker layer (including the first weft) down. 

Step 4:

Use a three-clip weft and clip it the right way down, just below the part line. 

Step 5:

Let your hair down and gather everything together into a ponytail.

Step 6:

Now, wrap and twist around itself forming a coil and secure it with an elastic band for a perfect messy bun!

5. Easy messy Half-Bun

Step 1:

Create a part at the top section of your hair, ideally starting at your temple and creating a part all the way around.

Step  2:

Take a comb and begin to tease the top section to create more volume. Start at the tips of your hair and then work your way towards the roots. 

Step 3:

Twist all the hair into your desired bun, and secure with an elastic band. 

Step 4:

Pull out a few face framing pieces and strands from the bun to create an effortlessly messy look. Once done, add in bobby pins to secure the look. 

6. Quick and easy top-knot  

Step 1:

Section your hair right above your ears, and clip the top half, up and out of the way.

Step 2:

Clip your weft upside down on the top section you created.

Step 3:

Section another piece of hair, just above the weft you clipped in and add a three-clip weft facing downwards. 

Step 4:

Pull all your hair back into a sleek ponytail and brush through your ponytail to ensure your hair is covering the wefts. 

Step 5:

Gather and twist all your hair in a tight manner, creating a coil around the base of your ponytail.

Step 6:

Once all your hair has been wrapped around, secure it with an elastic band and bobby pins.

7. Messy bun for curly hair

Step 1:

Put your hair into a loose ponytail, wherever you want to wear your messy bun. This can be high up at the top of your head or low at the nape of your neck.

Luxy Hair Style Tip: At this point, you can spray your hand with some hairspray and go over your head lightly to tame any flyaways.

Step 2:

Create a 2 to 21/2 inch section in your ponytail,and begin to twist it.

Step 3:

Holding the twist, grab one or two hairs at the tip and pull the rest of the section towards your head. 

Step  4:

Grab a few bobby pins and secure it to your head. 

Step 5:

Continue creating these sections and repeat this method until all your hair is up in a bun.

8. Voluminous bun

Step  1:

Section your hair at the point you want to wear your messy bun. At this part line, clip in a one-clip weft as well as a two-clip weft right on top of each other. 

Step  2:

Creating  another section right above, clip in 2-3 single wefts. Then section another part and add in another 2-clip weft. 

Step 3:

Start tying your hair as if you were creating a ponytail, but on the last tie, only pull your hair half-way through, creating a loop. 

Step  4:

Take the rest of your hair, twist it around the base and tuck it into the elastic.

9. A Truly Messy Bun

Step 1:

Keeping your hair extensions clipped in, create a low ponytail by tying your hair but only creating one loop.

Step 2:

Next, twist the hair tie, grab and tie the remaining pieces of hair, bringing it over the loop and securing it in place.

10. The high up messy bun

Step 1:

Take all your extensions out and flip your head over, creating a high ponytail. 

Step 2:

Holding the base of the ponytail in place, start twisting at the ends of your hair. 

Step 3:

Wrap  it around the base of the ponytail you were holding and secure in place with an elastic.

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Styling the perfect messy bun 

Tips to do a messy bun with straight hair


Before you begin, make sure you brush out all the knots so you can tie your bun without any hassle.  We know it’s called a “messy” bun, but to keep damage minimal and get a put-together look, it is essential to make sure your hair is completely knot-free. 

Use texturizing spray

If you find your messy buns are too small, lay too flat or don’t have any body to them, use a texturizing spray to add more volume to your hair before you begin styling your bun.

Tips to do a messy bun with curly hair

Avoid the brush

Unlike the straight haired ladies, if you have curly hair, we suggest staying away from any kind of detangling tool. Use your fingers to gently brush out any knots and use the natural texture of your hair to create volume in your messy bun. 

Pick the right hair tie

Your messy bun might look perfect, but the aftermath of using the wrong hair tie can cause dents in your hair and stretch out your curls. To navigate this smartly, use silk-lined scrunchies and thinner hair ties. Depend on the bobby pins equally  to wear your hair up. 

Tips to do a messy bun with wavy hair

Use third-day hair

If you can, try and avoid washing your hair for two or three days, before styling your messy bun. This brings a more natural volume and texture to your wavy hair, which will make the ‘messy’ of the messy bun come through more organically. However if you’re worried about greasy roots, grab some dry shampoo or dryer sheets to soak up that extra oil. 

Keep the wraps loose

In order to keep your natural wave pattern intact and avoid damaging your hair, wrap your hair around the hair tie loosely while creating a messy bun or ponytail base. This will not only give it a naturally messy look but you will also steer away from causing any harm to your texture.

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How To Do A Model Approved Sleek Bun


If it’s been a while since your last hair cut, and messy buns are all you can think of, may we suggest a sleeker, model-approved alternative for your next #HOTD? This off-duty model bun brings in a modern appeal to a classic hairstyle with its middle part and slick texture.

Spotted on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Bella and Gigi Hadid, this model-approved sleek bun will help you look put together and ready to slay the day in minutes. 

And it gets better—this look is best achieved working with messy, second or even third-day hair. The natural grease in your scalp will help you get the texture and feel you’re looking for,  for an ideal model-off-duty look. Isn’t that the dream? However, if you’re not working with unwashed hair, we recommend using texturizing spray that will help you get the same look. But if we’re being honest, the dirtier your hair is, the better it will be to achieve this off-duty model sleek bun. 

But before we jump into the how-to, here are a few things you’ll need.

  • A soft boar bristle brush: it keeps your base looking sleek and without leaving any comb marks on your hair.
  • Hair mousse: for added texture and body. Make sure you use a mousse that doesn’t leave your hair looking hard and crunchy, because today, we’re going for a more sleek, off-duty look.
  • Hair paste, wax or pomade: avoid hair gels and opt for these options if you’re looking for a finish that isn’t too shiny.
  • 2 hair ties


How to get the model off-duty bun

Step 1:

Part your hair down the middle, and brush out any knots, untangling your hair completely. 

Step 2:

Take a generous amount of mousse, and apply it all over your hair from root to tip.

Step 3:

Next, take a quarter-sized dab of hair paste or pomade and work it in from the front of your hairline pulling all the way back. Focus on getting the paste/pomade to the sides of your head, at your temple as well as  at the top of your head. If you need more, make sure to add it in a little by little.

Step 4:

Now that your hair has some natural hold, take a soft boar bristle brush and start combing in a diagonally-upward fashion (instead of straight or backwards) flattening any bumps along the way.

Step 5:

Continue this brushing technique and gather all your hair together. At this point, you can decide how high or low you want to wear your sleek bun. 

With all your hair held back, you can opt to add more pomade/paste to tame any flyaways.

Step 6:

Once you’re happy with the position of your ponytail, take a hair tie and secure it in place, tying it as tightly as you can. If you’re looking to add more volume to your bun, add in your Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension for a fuller look at this point.


Step 7:  

Grab your ponytail, twist it a few times, leaving the ends out, and wrap it around the base of your ponytail. These little strands that stick out of your bun help you get the real off-duty feel.

Step 8:

Take another hair tie and loosely tie it all together. Pull out a few more strands/hair pieces from your bun if you’re going for a more undone look.

And there you have it! A model-approved sleek bun that you can achieve in a matter of minutes. Wear this with your next sweatsuit, summer dress or even a crop-top and jeans and look like you’ve just stepped off the runway. 

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What is the clip-in bun?

The Luxy Hair clip-in bun is your hair bun, but better. 

We’re giving lazy a whole new meaning so you can achieve that effortless model-off-duty look instantly. Whether it’s a Sunday, workday, or any day in between, the perfect messy bun is the ultimate lazy girl hairstyle. Our 100% remy human hair clip-in buns guarantee an effortless tousled messy bun every single time. No fussing required.

Messy bun hair piece

It’s perfect for you if…

  • Your natural bun is small and thin
  • You want an easy way to transform second or third day hair
  • You want a perfect, natural messy bun every time
  • You have layered hair and short hairs stick out of your messy bun
  • You’re tired of fussing and primping with your buns 
  • You work from home and need to amp up your Zoom looks
  • You’re lazy AF


What hair type is the clip-in bun suitable for?

The Luxy Hair clip-in bun is designed to make small, thin buns bigger and more voluminous. Therefore, the ideal hair type for the bun extension is thin to medium with not a lot of hair strands. Your hair should also be long enough to tie up into a small bun. If you have shorter hair, you can also section half your hair up into a top knot. This will ensure that the clip-in bun can completely cover your natural bun. 

Can’t I use regular hair extensions to get the same effect?

You could…but we knew there was a better way. If you were to use regular clip-in wefts, you would have to strategically place the wefts and style them to achieve a natural looking messy bun, and well, isn’t the whole point of a messy bun to do as little primping as possible? The clip-in bun is an easy peasy way to do the littlest. 

Messy bun hair piece

What’s the difference between the Luxy Hair clip-in bun and other bun extensions on the market?

Luxy Hair offers the only 100% remy human hair bun extension on the market. This means you will achieve the most natural look every time. All other bun extensions are made with synthetic hair, which is made from a variety of plastics and other fake fibres that are generally stiff, coarse to the touch, too shiny, and move differently from human hair. We also painstakingly designed this bun to look as effortless, modern, and easy, unlike other clip-in buns out there, which we felt looked forced, old fashioned, and unnatural.

What length and weight does it come in?

The Luxy Hair clip-in bun comes in a standard 14 inch length and 60 gram weight.

Messy bun hair piece

How does the clip-in bun stay in without falling off?

We took movement into consideration when designing the clip-in bun, so you can even flaunt your hair in front of your gym crush. The bun extension features four combs on either side of the netting inside the bun, which securely latch under the base of your natural bun. Plus, it has a drawstring pull system that tightens the bun to make sure it stays put—whether you’re deadlifting or Netflixing. 

Messy bun hair piece

Will it be obvious that I am wearing a bun hair piece?

Girl, no! We specifically designed the clip-in bun with our own needs in mind, because we just couldn’t find a natural looking messy bun extension solution out there. 

The Luxy Hair clip-in bun is the only bun extension on the market made with 100% human hair so that it blends seamlessly with your natural hair. We also went through multiple variations in the size of the bun before landing on a final design that isn’t too large or overly bulky. Our bun is designed with hair strands of various lengths that you can tuck and style as you please, just like your natural hair, to finish off the look. 

How do I choose the right bun?

To achieve the best match, match the clip-in bun to the mid-length color of your hair (the part that will be visible right above the bun when clipped in.) You can also get creative and wear a bun of a completely different hair colour! Each bun comes with a tester weft so you can be sure you’re satisfied with the color and quality of hair before committing to it. 

Messy bun hair piece

What does the clip-in bun come with?

Your full package will include:

  • 1 clip-in bun
  • 2 bobby pins (black, brown or blonde depending on the color family of the bun)
  • Luxy Hair little pink box to store the bun extension in.

Will the bun extension give me a headache or hurt my scalp?

We designed the clip-in bun to feel as lightweight as possible while still remaining secure and comfortable, however, if not applied correctly, you may feel pulling or tugging. Just play around and find the best placement and fit for you!

Messy bun hair piece

Will it damage my natural hair?

Nope! Like all Luxy Hair extensions products, we designed the clip-in bun in such a way that your natural hair will not be damaged. Because the bun extensions sits atop your natural hair bun and simply envelopes it, there is no possibility of damage. 

How long does it take to apply?

The clip-in bun is designed to throw your hair up and call it a day. It’s a one-step solution to getting a fuller bun, with no fussing and primping. Watch the video below to see how you can achieve your messy bun dreams instantly.

Messy bun hair piece

Do I need to wash it?

Unlike regular clip-in hair extensions, the clip-in bun hair piece sits on top of your natural hair. This means it does not come in contact with scalp and natural hair oils, and doesn’t need to be washed often. Only wash the bun extension if there is too much product buildup. Be sure to brush the hair piece first with a Loop Hair Extensions Brush, and use gentle alcohol and sulfate-free hair products before air-drying.

How long does it last?

If cared for properly, the clip-in bun should last you up to a year or longer, as it is made from 100% remy human hair. 

Messy bun hair piece

Can I get it cut?

You shouldn’t need to, as the clip-in bun is designed with hair strands of various lengths to look as natural as possible, but if you wish, you can get it cut by a professional hairstylist. Be sure to wear the bun extension to your appointment. 

Can I dye it?

Yes! Because the bun hair piece is made from human hair, it can be dyed darker like your natural hair by a professional hairstylist. We don’t recommend bleaching it, however, as this could cause damage to the hair. 

Messy bun hair piece

Can I heat style it?

Yes! Just be sure to use a heat protectant spray before heat styling and to use a low heat setting of 120C/250F to protect the hair.

Pro tip:

Straighten the hanging hair strands before clipping the bun in for easier styling. 


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