Have you ever looked at bright and beautiful eye shadow colors and thought “I could never wear that?” Well you can! Your age and skin tone don’t matter at all. It only matters how you apply it.

bright eye makeup

There are many levels of bright, from subtle to intense. The first trick is to experiment. Try new things and figure out what works for you. In fact, we want to hear about it, so please comment below or upload pictures to our Facebook page.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Bright Eyeliner: I love to use eye shadow as eyeliner, and this is a way to use that bright shade in the eye shadow triple you may have been avoiding. Wet your Detail Brushwith Hydration Spray or water and dip it into a dark, bright shade like the teal in AzurePurePressed Eye Shadow. Or you could try a nice bright shade of 24-Karat Gold Dust, like Aquamarine. Line the lower lash line only, from inner to outer corner. Use a neutral liner on the upper lash line, such as grey, black or brown; and a neutral shadow on the lid. This really allows the one swipe of color to pop.
  2. Bright crease and lid: Brighten your eyes in a whole new way by thinking color for the crease, not just depth. PurePressed Eye Shadow Triples are so versatile! Use your Crease Brush to sweep on a medium shade such as the turquoise shade from Sea Foam, the orange shade from Pecan/Chocolateor the sage green shade in Azure. For more intensity, try the Eye Shader Brush. Another idea is to put one of those shades right in the center of the lid, above the iris. Then the color winks every time you blink your eyes.
  3. Colored Mascara: Don’t be shy, it doesn’t have to be that electric blue from the eighties (unless you want it to). Try a flick of Navy PureLash Mascara or Ripe Plum Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascarato add a hint of color when your lashes catch the light. You can apply from root to tip, or apply your usual black or brown first and then just paint the ends with the colored mascara. Feeling flashy? Try painting the tips of your lashes with Gold or Silver Liquid Eyeliner.
  4. Smoky eyes: So you’re ready to take the pure-drama plunge? Read our postabout bright smoky eyes.

I hope this encourages you to experiment, so please comment and share what you’ve tried.

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I tried the Bright Lip Color Challenge

We all have our hangups, whether it’s that we don’t think we’ll look good in purple eye shadow or that bell bottoms are a trend best left to others. For me, it’s bright lip color. I’m a barely-there-lip-color-kind of girl, which is probably why my coworkers came to me with a Triple Luxe Lipstick Challenge. You might say, “Where’s the challenge? Triple Luxe is gorgeous, what’s challenging about wearing it?”

Well, it’s all in the shades. While I’d typically stick to Molly, I was challenged to wear Gwen, Natalie and Ella for one whole day each. The goal? First, to see how people reacted to my new, bold look. And second to see how I felt while wearing something so outside of my comfort zone. At first, I felt intimidated being asked to wear such bright lip colors, but by the end of the three days, I may or may not have changed my tune. Keep reading to see how my challenge unfolded.

Day 1 – The Bright Lip Color Challenge Begins

Alyssa is wearing Ella Triple Luxe Lipsticks

My first reaction after trying on one of the colors was ‘WOW I’m not used to this!’ But, I accepted the challenge. Honestly, I was curious to see how I’d feel and how people would react. So, I decided to wear Ella Triple Luxe Lipstick, first! It’s the most subtle-bold (it’s a thing, I swear!) shade of the group. Right as I walked in, my fellow graphic designer said: “I love your lip color today!” A pretty good start to the challenge!

My thoughts after day one? Ella might just become one of my new favorite colors. In fact, I already added it to my everyday lip color rotation.

Day 2 – Not Seeing Red, but Wearing It!

Whew, okay, day one done! Now onto one of the bolder lip colors: Gwen Triple Luxe Lipstick. This boldest-of-bold reds was intimidating, but I’d gotten positive feedback the day before with Ella, so I forged ahead. And you know what? I never thought I would like it, but I have to say, I might wear this for a night out sometime!

Plus, it was awesome when one of my coworkers said, “Those lips are looking good girl!”

Day 3 – Pretty in HOT Pink

The last and final shade was way outside of my comfort zone. Natalie Triple Luxe Lipstick is HOT pink, no beating around the bush…it’s the epitome of a bright lip color! And, it looked beautiful!

It was vibrant and fun, and I ended up loving it. I also got the best compliment while wearing it: “You look sassy, and I love it!” Like the other two lip shades, I wasn’t so sure about it when I first applied it, but then, slowly but surely, the color grew on me throughout the day.

Conclusion – Everyone Needs a Kiss of Color

I’m glad I was asked to participate in this challenge because it has encouraged me to experiment with more lip colors. I didn’t have to change my routine any more than swapping out one lip color for another, but the bright lip colors gave me some confidence and helped me stand out in a good way, instead of hiding behind my more neutral colors.

If you’re like me and you typically stick to neutral lip colors, try out a brighter shade. You don’t have to commit to it every day, but it is fun to try something new. I definitely found my new favorite lip colors!

Here’s your chance! Join the Triple Luxe Lipstick challenge. Pick three shades you wouldn’t normally choose and try them out for a day. Share selfies of your lip looks with us by tagging @janeiredale and #GoodBeautyStories.

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It’s amazing how history repeats itself and trends that fall out of fashion one year always seem to return a decade or two later with reinvigorated energy.  This is the case with colorful eye makeup.  Back in the 80s, many women walked the planet looking like tropical fish.  The entire spectrum of bright eye makeupoften showed up for one eye makeup application alongside thick bushy brows, bright fuchsia blush and a flawless matte complexion; all crowned by a glorious tower of teased out hair frozen with a half a can of hairspray.   When the 80s ended, many of us swore we were saying goodbye to thebright 80s makeup once and for all.  Of course, women from the 60s raised their over-tweezed brows in skepticism.  They had made the same proclamation 20 years earlier.

80s makeup & 80s eye makeup trends

Today, we’re seeing a very interesting rebirth of the colorful eyeshadowthat evokes an unexpected fresh and youthful energy.  The colors aren’t packed on like they were in the eyeshadow looks of the80s and the finishes are more refined than ever before.  Let’s take a look at this exciting revival of colorful 80s eye makeup.

Blue Eyeshadow & Eye Makeup

Blues have made a comeback recently in jewel tones like our Sapphire in our Mystikol® Powdered Eyeliners.  These beautiful babies come in variety of colors offering the precision of a liquid but with the ability to be smudged like a pencil.  Like a hybrid between shadow and liner, they are excellent to lay down as a shadow base and then enhance with powdered shadows on top. 

Another fun blue exists in our Blue Hour PurePressed® Eyeshadow Trio.  This rich, intense deep blue eyeshadow has a lovely shimmer that makes it perfect for the center of the eyelid or as a liner smudged along the lashes.  It also includes a shimmery light silver that can be used to lighten the blue for more brilliance!

Green Eyeshadow

Green evokes a sweet spring-like feeling in our Harmony PurePressed® Eyeshadow Trio which contains three well-chosen greenshades that are perfect for shaping, enhancing and highlighting the eyes.  The soft sea foam green eyeshadow is perfect for giving the eyes a touch of luminous color without looking over the top. 

Pink Eyeshadow

Don’t forget pinks and berries are very hot this season and our Twilight PurePressed®  Eyeshadow Trio is a fabulous option.  It includes a shimmery berry tone that pops against its two softer platinum and pink tones.  This trio is a favorite for mixing with our Onyx Mystikol for soft smoky eyes. 

Try Out Colorful Eyeshadow

Finally, for those of us who aren’t afraid to try something fun, our Let’s Party Eye Shadow Kit offers a whole palette of bright, intense colors from rich green and blue to bright berry pink for a colorful eye makeup look.  Included in this kit is also a generous pan of luminous highlighter that can be used to soften or contrast with the other colors.  This kit is a must have for our makeup junkies and runway artists.

Tips for Bright, Colorful Eye Makeup Across the Rainbow

Here are a few tips for using bright eye colors:

  1. Don’t be afraid to use opposing colors on the same eye. For example, a copper and gold eye looks beautiful with a pop of bright green or blue eyeshadow in the center of it, directly above the iris of the eye. 
  1. When placing your colors, it is OK for them to mingle where they touch but don’t overlap so much that you neutralize one color with another. Remember that green neutralizes red, blue neutralizes orange, purple neutralizes gold and vice versa.  Place colors next to each other and just blend where they meet to soften lines of demarcation. 
  1. When doing your application, don’t place all the colors at once and then try to blend them at the end. Sometimes that can make you lose control and it ends up looking muddy.  Instead, apply each color as if it is the only color you’re going to use.  Blend it completely and then apply the next color for a perfect colorful eyeshadow look. 
  1. Start at your outer corners of the eyes and work gradually inward towards the nose. Your darkest colors typically look better on the outer eye while light colors like highlighters look better on the inner eye.  Your most shimmery or more saturated bright eyeshadows look best in the center of the lid directly above the iris of the eye. 
  1. Finally, don’t forget to tap the brush off to get rid of any excess before touching your eyes. This will help prevent fallout from ending up under your eyes. 

Have fun with your eye colors and remember that its only makeup.  Try a few looks and wash them off for practice.  And send us pictures of your looks in our Makeup Gallery or tag us on Instagram.  We’re so pleased that you love our colorful eyeshadows and we look forward to seeing your fresh take on eye color this year!

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If you’re a longtime jane iredale user, you’re probably familiar with what we’re famous for: high quality, performance makeup with clean ingredients.  Many people actually had their first clean beauty experience with our products and we’re so pleased that we could make that happen.  But for our diehard clean beauty loyalists, there’s often a skepticism when new products are launched.  Perhaps they’re concerned that our standards will waiver or that we’ll reach the point that profit takes priority over purity.  I can say that I’ve watched this brand grow since I started using it in 2003 and can tell you, firsthand, that every element of Jane’s original mission is alive and well within the walls of our company.  This makes it all the more exciting to talk to you about our new Enlighten Plus™ Under-eye Concealer. 

Using Concealer for Dark Circles & Brightening Under-eyes

Under-eye concealers are a tricky business because so many people are hypervigilant when it comes to their under-eyes.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients pull out their 10X magnifying mirror to inspect underneath their eyes after I’ve finished their makeup.  They wrinkle their noses, squint, blink and do all sorts of other contortions to see if it will crease or feel heavy.  Luckily, our concealers typically pass even the most brutal tests.  But the real scrutiny comes when we look at the ingredients on the back of the box.  Nobody wants toxic ingredients in their concealer.  So, let’s look at our extraordinary new formula and break down why it’s the best under-eye concealer for dark circles. 

how to use Enlighten Plus Under-eye Concealer from jane iredale for brightening and hydrating under-eyes

We should start by stating that Enlighten Plus Under-eye Concealer will be the first concealer we’ve launched in over 5 years.  In that timeframe, a lot of new technology has come into being.  You may not recognize all of the ingredients you see.  So, let’s start with some of our most innovative ingredients. 

What’s in Enlighten Plus Under-eye Concealer?

The first star of this show is called Albizzia Julibrissin, otherwise known as Persian Silk Tree Extract.  We use it because it acts as a barrier that protects our collagen and elastin.  I love this ingredient because it helps prevent something called glycation, which occurs when sugar builds up in our collagen and elastin fibers, making them rigid and degrading their integrity.  That’s something we never want to happen to the skin under our eyes. 

The next ingredient is one you might expect more at the breakfast table than in your concealer.  Quinoa Seed Extract is a flowering plant that is part of the genus Chenopodiumfamily.  Typically used for food, most people don’t know that it is rich in essential fatty acids that restore the skin barrier function.  It is also loaded with Vitamins C and E, which protect the skin from free radicals. These vitamins produce a brightening effect that makes them great for reducing dark circles. 

Another unusual ingredient is Lactobacillus Ferment, which is a probiotic.  This microorganism can actually increase the skin’s ability to defend itself from aggressors; not to mention that it soothes and balances the skin beautifully.   

Now let’s look at a beneficial but often misunderstood ingredient: Dimethicone.  Dimethicone is a silicone that we use to give our new Enlighten Plus its smooth, silky consistency.  Many people do not realize that Dimethicone has been prescribed by doctors for years as a treatment for skin irritations and dryness.  It softens and moisturizes skin without feeling heavy or clogging pores and it gives the under-eyes a gorgeous, smooth appearance.  It works perfectly for a hydrating concealer.

At the end of the day, what many people really want from a concealer is good coverage.  This is where our traditionally effective ingredients come into play, Iron Oxides.  Available in a variety of intense and rich tones, this ingredient helps cancel darkness and brightens the under-eyes beautifully.  The really cool thing is that we grow them in laboratories rather than mining them from the ground.  This ensures they won’t contain heavy metals and that the color will be exact and pure.     

Discover Clean Beauty with Enlighten Plus Under-eye Concealer from jane iredale

Enlighten Plus Under-eye Concealer from jane iredale

The most important thing to remember about any jane iredale ingredient is that we do extensive testing on all of them to make sure they meet the quality and safety standards that have made our brand the top choice of skincare professionals around the world.  We do these tests voluntarily because the cosmetics industry is still self-regulating, and we choose to hold ourselves to a higher standard.  We’re proud to set the benchmark for “clean” and we’re excited to move forward as a positive influence in the beauty industry and a trusted resource for our bright-eyed customers.

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